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									                             Get Involved! Join a Chamber Committee…
                 Thank you for your interest in joining one or more committees of the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce.
                              Joining a committee(s) can further your business’ development and growth.
Please circle the committee(s) that you would like to join and fax it to (504) 835-3828
   Business Development and Growth
   3rd Tuesday of the month, 11:30 AM
   Chair, Manny Silver                                                   Government
   Entergy 504-840-2557                                                  2nd Thursday of the month, 11:30 AM                                                   OMNI Bank
           •    Economic Development                                     Co-Chair, Bob Evans
           •    Workforce Development                                    BCG Engineering
   Communications                                                        504-832-2100 504-304-2500
   2nd Thursday of the month,10:00 AM                          
                                                                         Co-Chair, Michael Mentz
   Chamber Office
                                                                         Hailey, McNamara 504-836-5500
   Chair, Michelle Cullison
   Daystar Digital Development, Inc.
   504-324-1058                                                              •   Local (Parish) / State Government Sub-Committee                                              •   Federal Government Sub-Committee
       •       Newsletter / Calendar of Events                               •   Transportation / Infrastructure Sub-Committee
       •       Advertising Sales for Chamber Publications                    •   Elected Officials Meetings
       •       Website
   Diplomat                                                              Membership
   2nd Tuesday of the month, 8:30 AM                                     3rd Wednesday of the month, 11:30 AM
   Chair, Archie Corder                                                  Odd months – Westbank , Daul Insurance
   C C Sales Co.                                                         Even months—Eastbank, Atmos Energy
   504-455-9864                                                          Co-Chair, Tommy Naquin                                                       Atmos 504-849-4404
                                                                         Co-Chair, Jerry Daul
                                                                         Daul Insurance 504- 362-0667 x18
    4th Tuesday of the month 4:00 PM
   East Jefferson General Hospital
   Foundation Board Room                                                     •   Chamber Challenge Campaign / New Member
   Chair, Mike Palamone                                                          Recruitment
   Urban Systems                                                             •   Commerce Exchange Networking Socials
   504-523-5511                                                              •   Diplomats (retention initiative)
                                                                             •   Retention Committee
   Co-Chair, Valerie Englade                                                 •   Member Benefits & Services
   East Jefferson General Hospital
   504-454-5240                                                     Special Events
                                                                         Dates & times are announced as needed
   Co-Chair, Jessica White                                               Chair, Renee Thomas
   504ward                                                               Coventry Health Care
   504-309-9329                                                          504-834-0840 x2200                                         

       •       Excellence in Education Awards Program
       •       Future Connections Student Conference
       •       Jefferson Job Jam Career Fair
   To sign up:         Please complete the form below and fax to the Chamber office at 504-835-3828.

   Name:                                                            Title: ________________________________________



   City:                                                            State:                              Zip:

   Work Telephone:                                                           Fax:

   E-mail Address:
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