how to start a wellness coaching business

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					how to start a wellness coaching business
learn how to build a lucrative wellness coaching business and move into
non-sweat training…
For many people just doing one on one or group fitness training results in boredom and long-term staleness! To sustain an exciting
career in the health and wellbeing industry, and to ensure your energy levels and enthusiasm remains strong, it is imperative to
keep evolving and developing new skills. Wellness Coaching is an exciting new option for health and fitness experts to develop new
skills and make more money! Wellness Coaching applies evidence based principles and techniques from Health Psychology, Clinical
Psychology and Coaching Psychology to assist clients achieve positive health and lifestyle outcomes through attitude and behaviour
This one day workshop contains everything you need to know about launching a successful wellness coaching business. Learn form a
number of Australia’s leading coaches (health, performance, and executive) and walk away with loads of techniques, tool and tips
to immediately launch a non-sweat coaching business.
                                                                     fundamentals of coaching DVD (valued @ $97)
what you get…                                                        • principles of behaviour change and identifying the main
                                                                       barriers to change
understanding wellness coaching DVD                                  • task setting using the Readiness to Change framework
(valued @ $97)                                                       • effective goal setting and accountability measures
• evolution of the Wellness Coaching industry and what you           • how to target corporate coaching clients
  need to be a successful coach                                      • why you need to charge more for coaching than you
• why in many instances ‘life coaching’ is a dirty word                currently charge for PT clients
• what you need to do to convert current clients to your             • Coaching 101 - what to wear, what to say, marketing
  coaching business                                                    materials and brand
• understanding the difference between coaching and
  mentoring                                                          panel interview
• how coaching is very different to training!                        • learn how Professor Timothy Sharp set up Australia’s
• how to work with allied health professionals and get a               leading executive coaching business and how he markets his
  constant source of referrals                                         business using traditional and creative strategies
positive psychology and happiness (with                              • Fiona Cosgrove has over 20 years experience in the wellness
                                                                       and fitness industry - owning and managing clubs in
Professor Timothy Sharp) DVD (valued @ $97)                            Australia and Asia
Psychology has changed. Rather than focusing on what is              • what Scott Krywulycz has done to quickly build a coaching
wrong, positive psychology focuses on what is right. Despite           business in the lucrative banking and finance sector where
higher incomes, more luxury items and more choices than ever           he charges 5 times more per hour compared to his old PT
before - happiness levels are at an all time low. Choosing the         rates
way you think affects the way you feel; and the way you feel         • learn from some of Australia’s most successful coaches
affects the way you behave. Having more positive thoughts
and less negatives ones has a direct impact on mood,                 resources (valued @ $200)
relationships and performance.                                       • Wellness Coaching eWorkbook - checklists, information
• Learn to control the 50,000 plus thoughts running through            flyers and materials to support you in starting and making
  your head every day                                                  money from wellness coaching
• Learn about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy                            • Wellness Coaching diagnostic - designed to show you how
                                                                       you score in the 4 B’s of wellness coaching – Business,
• The latest research on positive psychology and happiness
                                                                       Behaviour, Brand and Bucks
• How to set realistic, achievable goals
                                                                     • Starting a Wellness Coaching Business eBook
• Have more clarity and purpose by identifying your POT’s
  (Positive Optimistic Thoughts) and learning to deal with
  ANT’s (Automatic Negative Thoughts)                                    … for the special rate of $250 + GST
wellness coaching business in a box is                               5 reasons to buy this program
for the person who wants to …                                        • learn why some potential clients think life coaching is a
                                                                       dirty word and how to avoid this
• kick-start a successful coaching business
                                                                     • you’re already doing some coaching, but want to learn a
• grow their current coaching business and make a lot more
                                                                       whole lot more about behaviour change and goal setting
  money per hour
• add variety to their current skill set and stretch their minds
                                                                     • discover how to market coaching services to your current
• wants to raise their profile and re-brand their business by          client base
  moving away form only doing fitness related training
                                                                     • understand the types of marketing materials you need to
• understand how to grab a piece of the growing wellness               triple the size of your coaching business in 3 months
  coaching market
                                                                     • you want to understand what leading coaches do to charge
                                                                       $750 to $1,000 per hour for their coaching services
program presenters
Andrew May                                                           Prof Timothy Sharp
Andrew May is completing his Masters of Coaching Psychology          Prof Sharp is one of Australia's leaders in the exciting new
at Sydney University and is regarded as one of Australia's           science of positive psychology and happiness. He is highly
leading experts on performance and productivity. He speaks to        regarded in both the academic world (with a number of
groups and individuals across the globe, is published                scientific publications and an appointment at the University of
throughout national and international media, is a regular voice      Sydney), as well as among his clinical peers. In 2008 he was
on 2UE radio and is the resident Performance Coach on                appointed as an Adjunct Professor (Positive Psychology) in the
Channel Nine’s TODAY show. He is the former Physical                 Faculty of Management, School of Business at UTS. Dr Sharp
Performance Manager for the Australian Cricket Team and has          founded The Happiness Institute and also runs Prof Timothy
also worked with the NSW Cricket Team, AFL Teams and                 Sharp & Associates and Sharp & Co. He is regarded as one of
Olympic Athletes in track and field, swimming, basketball,           Australia’s leading Executive Coaches. Prof Sharp appears
netball, hockey and tennis. Andrew coaches a number of               regularly in the media and since early 2008 has been read and
CEO’s and senior managers and charges between $750 and               heard by millions of people every week through his nationally
$850 per hour for his coaching services.                             syndicated column and radio spot.

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