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                                ISSUES UPDATE
                                                                                                                  December 18, 2007

    Information for dairy farmers and industry partners in British Columbia                                                Vol. 3, Issue 5

President’s Message                                                                                               Other topics:
                                                                                                                  The Results are in! Is        2
                     As 2007 draws to a close I      During 2007 two
                     look back at a very busy and    new initiatives     Are you looking to                       Anaerobic Digestion
                                                                                                                  Feasible in BC?
                     eventful year in the dairy      were brought         buy a computer?                         Dairy Information Now         3
                     industry.                       in to better
                                                                        Find out how to access a unique           Available on InfoBasket
                                                     p r o t e c t
                                                                        offer to dairy farmers on page 5.
                      The BC Milk Producers          consumer                                                     UBC Dairy Research            4
                      Association worked on          health, and                                                  and Education Centre
                      your behalf to deal with       these will affect
                      several issues and crisis.     the cattle industry.                                         Agricultural Plastics         4
                      The discovery of a second      Federal regulations came into effect for the                 Recycling
                      BSE case in a BC dairy cow     disposal of Specified Risk Materials and the
                                                                                                                  Cheaper Computers for         5
                      was alarming and we worked     province enacted new provincial Meat Inspection
                                                                                                                  BC Dairy Farmers
                      closely with the producer      Regulations.
and Canadian Food Inspection Agency to minimize                                                                   News Flash!             5
any public reaction and to assist the producer       In coordination with the rest of Canada the                  Environmental Farm Plan
in handling the situation. Fortunately we had        Canadian Quality Milk program will have a
very little media attention and the situation was    mandatory implementation date. The good news                 Forage Fest is Back           6
resolved.                                            is that there are many more producers signing
                                                     up now. In the fall we ran a very well attended              2008 Western Canadian         6
                                                                                                                  Dairy Seminar
The record snow pack in the Fraser River             seminar in the Fraser Valley on the use of livestock
headwaters was a serious concern to BC Ministry      medications in dairy cattle. Environmental Farm              First Ever Livestock          7
of Agriculture and Lands and the Province.           Planning financial assistance will be continued              Medication Education
Government made detailed plans in case of a          into 2008.                                                   Seminar a Great Success
flood in the Fraser Valley. The Association set up                                                                CQM Advisory Committee 7
the Dairy Industry Emergency Operations Centre       On the national scene the Dairy Farmers of Canada            Meets in Charlottetown
to take care of any affected dairy farmers. If the   (DFC) is heavily involved in the WTO negotiations.
river had risen to the predicted levels it would     Even though these negotiations seem to go on                 Pacific Agriculture Show 8
                                                                                                                  is Just Around the Corner
have flooded farms with at least 10,000 cows.        forever we have to plan that at some point there
Through DIEOC, individual farm evacuation plans      will be resolution which could result in negative
were developed and homes found for all heifers       changes for our industry. For this reason DFC set
and cows. We even managed to find host farms         up the Montebello Group made up of provincial
nearby in Washington State and to work with the      dairy industry leaders to brainstorm and plan for
Canadian and United States governments to open       the future direction of the industry. It is better
the border to Canadian cows. Also, we worked         to be ready with forward strategies than to wait
with BCMAL to develop a financial compensation       for surprises.
package for any dairy farmer who would have to
move. In the end we were all very fortunate that     As you know there is a great deal of
the cool spring weather coupled with less rain       interest in the anaerobic digestion
than predicted resulted in a slow snow melt that     business to convert manure and
averted the flood threat. At least we now have       other organic material into biogas.

a detailed emergency plan for the future and         With government assistance the
we have strong working relationships with key        Association participated on a tour
government bodies.                                   of successful biodigeters in Europe.                               PRODUCERS
                                                                                                                        A S S O C I A T I O N

                                                                                     Continued on page 3...   1
                            The Results are in! Is Anaerobic
                            Digestion Feasible in BC?
                            By Paris Thomas, Director of Communication & Planning

                            The long awaited feasibility study entitled              can develop an action plan to address them and
                            “Anaerobic Digester and Gas Processing Facility          hopefully overcome them.
                            in the Fraser Valley” was released on November
                            29, 2007 by Electrigaz Technologies Inc. a               According to the study, “The energy potential of
                            Quebec based company hired earlier this year             readily available organic material in the Fraser
                            by a BC Bio Products Association Steering                Valley is estimated at 30MW electric, equivalent to
                            Committee. The Committee was comprised of                400,000 barrels of oil per year, enough energy to
                            a number of government representatives and               power over 30,000 BC homes.” Today, a significant
                            industry associations, including BC Milk Producers       fraction of the non-agricultural organic waste
                            Association.                                             produced in the Fraser Valley is land-filled due to
                                                                                     a lack of alternative disposal outlets. “Anaerobic
                            The report outlines the benefits and barriers to         digestion is not the be all and end all solution to
                            the implementation of anaerobic digestion in             BC’s energy problems,” says Camirand, “but it is
                            the Fraser Valley. It evaluates the overall biogas       definitely a step in the right direction”.
                            energy potential in BC, based on information
                            collected via surveys and                                                    Part of the overall study
                            interviews with a large number                                               included a feasibility report
                            of industry representatives,       “The energy potential                     on a dairy farm, selected
                            local government officials, and                                              from a number of applications
                            other stakeholders from the        of readily available                      received by the BC Milk
                            private sector. This is the first  organic material in                       Producers Association following
                            study of its kind in Canada,                                                 a call of interest earlier this
                            as it addresses both the
                                                               the Fraser Valley is
                                                                                                         fall. The reason for doing
                            economical feasibility as well     estimated at 30MW                         this was to analyse cash flow
                            as the political environment       electric, equivalent                      projections based on current
                            regarding policy barriers to                                                 energy resell prices (at $0.081
                            the implementation of the          to 400,000 barrels of                     per kWh) and scenarios of
                            technology.                        oil per year, enough                      higher energy prices required
                                                                    energy to power over                 to make the operation of an
                            Eric Camirand, President of                                                  anaerobic digester sustainable
                            Electrigaz Technologies Inc.,          30,000 BC homes.”                     on dairy farms without relying
                            noted the difficulties he faced                                              on gate fees or subsidies.
                            in collecting information on
                            current volumes of waste products. Part of             As observed by members of the committee that
                            the reason for that was people’s perception of         attended the European digester tour this summer,
                            byproducts. For example, food waste is often           the technology is mature and proven, and can
                            thought of as disposable rather than thought of as     thrive under the right market conditions. Increased
                            a resource. As a result of this, industry associations jobs, improvement of agriculture’s image,
                            did not always have or feel confident disclosing       environmental benefits and economic returns are
                            this information. To some people involved in the       just some of the positives that anaerobic digestion
                            process the study became a symbolic breakthrough       has to offer if it is done right. The feasibility study
                            announcing that what was once thought of as a          was merely a start to a longer road leading to the
                            cost of doing business, can now be considered an       successful development of a facility in BC. Now
                            opportunity for further processing into a much         the challenge that lies ahead is to overcome the
                            needed commodity – energy.                             political and economic hurdles in order to make
                                                                                   it possible to have a sustainable biogas industry.
                            At the risk of sounding pessimistic the results        However for the moment, as Camirand put it, “If
                            of the feasibility study, which many of you have       you want to have an industry that’s ticking on its
                            eagerly been anticipating, is that anaerobic           own, you need at least 14.5 cents.”
                            digestion under the current political and economic
                            context is NOT feasible in British Columbia.           A copy of the report is available on the BC
                            But don’t toss your copy of the BC Milk Blast in       Bio Products Association website at www.
                            the fireplace just yet. The Steering Committee The results will also be
                            members knew exactly what they were getting            presented by Mr. Eric Camirand at the upcoming

                            into, right from the beginning of this process.        Pacific Agriculture Show during the Dairy Expo. For
                            In fact, part of the motivation for conducting         more information please contact BC Milk Producers
                            the study in the first place was to determine the      Association.
                        2   barriers that are currently in place, so that we
                                                                                        ... Continued from page 1
Dairy Information Now                                                                          President’s Message
                                                            Soon after, a feasibility study on the economic
Available on InfoBasket                                     viability and the political realms of the biogas
By Tom Droppo, P.Ag., Dairy and Pork Industry Specialist,   industry in the Fraser Valley was completed, again
                                                            with close involvement of our Association. We now
                                                            have a wealth of information on this industry and
InfoBasket, the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture                are gearing up to transfer this knowledge to all
and Lands (BCMAL) award-winning e-service                   interested dairy producers.
internet portal, is pleased to announce the
recent addition of a Dairy “community”. This                2007 saw a number of personnel changes in the
is the latest addition of the 28 internet portal            industry. The Honourable Chuck Strahl moved to
communities now offered by BCMAL.                           Indian Affairs and Northern Development and was
                                                            replaced as Minister of Agriculture and Agrifood
InfoBasket is a collection of agri-food business            by Gerry Ritz. Long time BCMPA director Louis
and production management information.                      Schurmann was elected to the BC Milk Marketing
It organizes a wide range of documents                      Board and was replaced by Tom Hoogendoorn.
for specific sectors on all aspects of the                  Amy Suess, who has worked part-time for the
industry. The website is intended to be one                 BC Dairy Foundation for several years graduated
of the easiest and most comprehensive sites                 from the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at
for accessing information pertinent to your                 UBC and joined us as Project Coordinator. Amy’s
operation.                                                  expertise is shared between the BCMPA and the
                                                            BCDF, something made possible by the managerial                                  agreement between the two organizations that has
                                                            been in place since 2005.
A working group comprised of members of
the B.C. dairy industry spent the better part               With this newsletter you are receiving our first
of the past two years providing input on the                BCMPA calendar with photographs of BC dairy
type of dairy information they wanted to see                farms taken by our staff and friends. We hope
in a Dairy InfoBasket site. BCMAL industry                  that you enjoy it.
specialists in cooperation with dairy industry
reps designed the site to be user-friendly                  As president I want to thank my Board of Directors
and populated it with a wide range of peer                  for all their time and effort over this past year.
reviewed links and articles from credible and               Also the Board gives its thanks to our dedicated
relevant information sources from around                    staff for all their good work.
the world, including governments, industry,
universities and research institutes.                       On behalf of the Board and staff I wish all of you
                                                            a very happy Christmas and a healthy, prosperous
Dairy InfoBasket compliments existing B.C.                  New Year.
dairy websites presently offered by BCMPA and
BCMMB. A unique feature of Dairy InfoBasket                 Best Wishes,
is its extensive ‘Production’ and ‘Directories
and Contacts’ categories. The ‘Production’
category includes a comprehensive list of
links that includes nutrition, reproduction,                Cornelis Hertgers
genetics, herd management, animal health and                President, BC Milk Producers Association
animal care, facilities and equipment, milking
management, labour, business management,
and dairy research. The ‘Directories and
Contacts’ category contains one of the most
comprehensive listings found anywhere of
website links to key industry contacts.

For more information on the InfoBasket
Dairy community, contact Tom Droppo, P.Ag.,
Dairy and Pork Industry Specialist, BCMAL at
604-556-3144. For general information about
InfoBasket, contact Jayne Simpson, InfoBasket
Content Manager, at 604-556-3043.

                                                                                                                         A S S O C I A T I O N

                            UBC Dairy Research and                                 Agricultural Plastics Recycling
                            Education Centre Updates
                                                                                   By Amy Suess, Project Coordinator

                            By Amy Suess, Project Coordinator
                                                                                   In light of imminent climate change and pollution
                                                                                   issues, reducing the impact of BC’s agriculture on
                            BC should be proud of the top notch dairy research     the environment has never been as important.
                            facility UBC is building in the heart of the Fraser    The good news is that we are taking steps in the
                            Valley. This was the overwhelming response             right direction to keep agricultural waste out of
                            from participants at the November 21st Advisory        landfills. Recently, the BC Agriculture Council and
                            Committee Meeting for the UBC Dairy Education          the Agriculture Environment Partnership Initiative
                            and Research Center in Agassiz. Students and staff     (AEI) received numerous enquiries from producers
                            from the research centre updated committee             and associations with regards to recycling facilities
                            members and other guests, on current and future        for agricultural plastics. In response to this
                            activities at the Centre.                              interest they decided to organize a seminar to
                                                                                   address opportunities for collecting, packaging
                                                                                   and recycling agricultural plastics.

                                                                                   The seminar, on November 22nd in Abbotsford,
                                                                                   introduced producers and industry staff to several
                                                                                   AEI Agricultural Plastic Recycling Pilot projects
                                                                                   that have been occurring in regions of BC. The
                                                                                   Regional District of Okanagan Smilkameen focused
                                                                                   their pilot project on conducting trials on various
                                                                                   plastics and their suitable markets. Their main
                                                                                   conclusions were that the plastic processing and
                                                                                   manufacturing industries are growing, there is an
                            The UBC animal welfare team gave updates on the        increasing demand for ag-plastics in particular, and
                            funding needs for the next five years and announced    that users of ag-plastics are more than willing to
                            that several industry partners and organizations       recycle. To date the pilot project has kept 115,000
                            have joined forces to provide the necessary            pounds of ag-plastics from entering landfills or
                            means to run their important research programs.        from being burned.
                            As well, they introduced a new project that will
                            aim to benchmark animal welfare standards and          The Fraser Valley hosts a handful of companies
                            practices on BC dairy farms. This project will         dedicated to finding end-markets for plastics.
                            focus on housing and comfort standards and the         These companies are working on their own pilot
                            relationship between cow comfort and lameness,         programs, all with the common goal of generating
                            mastitis and reproductive success in particular.       income from agricultural by-products once thought
                                                                                   of as waste.
                            Scientists outlined a new research program to be
                            initiated in the New Year with researchers from        The pilot program on Vancouver Island began as a
                            UBC’s Department of Civil Engineering designed         grassroots initiative in the horse community. Jill
                            to recover nutrients and energy from animal            Ackerman, a conscientious community member,
                            waste.                                                 was shocked at the amount of hay bale twine
                                                                                   entering the landfill and decided to take matters
                            Results from a research program designed to            into her own hands. She has created a Vancouver
                            investigate fertility in cows and heifers and to       Island Twine Recycling Program where she set up
                            improve management tools to help overcome poor         drop points for bale twine at local feed stores up
                            pregnancy rates in dairy cows compared to heifers      and down the east coast of the island. She picks
                            were also presented to the Advisory Committee.         up the twine from these locations once a week and
                                                                                   sends them off to be processed on the mainland.
                            The UBC team and Advisory Committee noted              Since the program was launched, it has been
                            the need to bridge the gap between producers           expanded to include other ag-plastics from the
                            and research in order to ensure that results are       dairy and horse industries. Jill’s enthusiasm and
                            ultimately applied on dairy farms. A producer          her resulting recycling program is just one example
                            education day, were producers will attend              of a successful pilot program in BC.
                            workshops put on by the UBC Dairy Education
                            and Research Centre staff and students may be          For contact information for various recycling
                            planned for 2008, so stay tuned. Needless to say,      companies around BC please contact the BC
                            the research centre in Agassiz is buzzing and the

                                                                                   Agriculture Council at (250) 763-9790.
                            result is a wealth of beneficial information for the
                            dairy industry in all of Canada.

Cheaper Computers for BC Dairy
                                                         NEWS FLASH! Environmental
By Paris Thomas, Director of Communication & Planning    Farm Plan Extension
                                                         By Dave Melnychuk, P.Ag., Environmental Farm Plan
As a result of the disaster recovery efforts of
the BC Milk Producers Association and BC Milk
                                                                                        The deadline for
Marketing Board during Freshet 2007, we made it
                                                                                        cost share grant
a priority to improve on instant communication
                                                                                        applications for
with all dairy producers in BC. So when our staff
                                                                                        dairy producers
got together to brainstorm ideas we thought that
                                                                                        who       have
the electronic age should be harnessed to its full
                                                                                        completed or are
potential. Then the question became one of access
                                                                                        in the process of
to computers and internet connections. How can
                                                                                        completing an
we send an email to a farmer that doesn’t own a
                                                                                        Farm Plan has
                                                                                        been extended
If you fit that description, here is our suggestion
                                                                                        from November
for your New Year’s resolution. We’ve partnered
                                                         30, 2007 to February 28th, 2008. In addition,
up with Dell Canada to get an impressive 10% - 20%
                                                         there has been strong indication from the BC
discount on all computers and accessories such as
                                                         Agriculture Council and senior funding partners
printers, including free shipping to anywhere in the
                                                         that the EFP program may be renewed for at
province (a additional $125 of savings). This offer
                                                         least one more year and probably for another
is open to all dairy farmers with an IRMA number,
                                                         3 to 5 years as part of the new Federal/
required to complete the purchase.
                                                         Provincial Agricultural Policy Framework. More
                                                         details will be forth coming in the New Year.
Dell is unique in that it allows the customer to
customize their computer, desktop or laptop,
                                                         For more information on the Environmental
exactly to the specifications they require. Once
                                                         Farm Plan program, please contact Dave
the order is submitted, it is sent to Dell’s factories
                                                         Melnychuk, P.Ag. at (604) 812-3276 or (604)
in the US for assembly and shipped directly from
there only a couple of weeks later. If you cannot
access an internet connection in order to take
advantage of this opportunity then please pick
up the phone and give us a call. It would be our
pleasure to provide assistance to you!

To make things even easier, we have preselected
four configurations: A desktop and a laptop “skim”
for internet access and basic office applications
such as documents, spreadsheets etc., as well
as a desktop and a laptop “full-fat” for more
demanding users. All configurations use Windows
Vista and come with a basic version of Microsoft
Office 2007.

To access the website and place your order, please
do the following:
• Go to
• Click on Sign In
• Type in the E-mail address
• Type milk2008 in the password field

Once you are logged in, you can either select one
of our preconfigured computers to add to your
shopping cart, or you can create your own. So if
you were looking to purchase your first computer,
or just to replace what you currently own, this is

our way of making things a little less worrisome
for you. Just don’t forget to email us your new
email address when you get set up!                                                                               PRODUCERS
                                                                                                                 A S S O C I A T I O N

                            Forage Fest is Back!
                            By Amy Suess, Project Coordinator

                            Forage Fest 2007 marked the return of a
                            biannual event that has been on hiatus
                            for the past few years. The event was a
                            one day seminar in Abbotsford, organized
                            by the Abbotsford Soil Conservation
                            Association, BC Ministry of Agriculture
                            and Lands and Agriculture and Agri-Food
                            Canada and was widely attended by
                            producers, industry and feed company
                            representatives, and government
                            staff. This year’s theme highlighted
                            “Sustainable Forage Production from
                            Field to Bunk”.

                            Forage Fest organizers worked hard                    (L-R): Dr. Yousef Papadopoulos, Dr. Michael Casler, Dr. Shabtai
                            to assemble a knowledgeable cast of widely            Bittman, Dr. Joe Harrison, Orlando Schmidt. (Photo courtesy
                                                                                  David Schmidt - Country Life in BC).
                            respected keynote speakers who addressed a
                            number of important topics including improving
                            forage quality through breeding. Dr. Yousef
                            Papadopoulos from Agriculture and Agri-Food
                            Canada, one of five remaining forage variety
                            breeders in Canada, showcased the recent               2008 Western Canadian Dairy
                            progress in developing new forage varieties with
                            favourable traits. Canadian forage breeders strive
                            to advance forage production by breeding for                                 T h e 2 0 0 8 We s t e r n
                            improved disease resistance, persistence, nutritive                          Canadian Dairy Seminar
                            value and forage yield. Dr. Papadopoulos also                                is a packed, four day
                            reported on Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island’s                           event from March
                            efforts to implement effective forage extension                              4-7, 2008 in Red Deer,
                            programs to create strong links between research                             Alberta. The primary
                            and field applications.                                                      objective of the
                                                                                                         seminar is to inform
                            Local researchers Shabtai Bittman, Agriculture                               and challenge those
                            and Agri-Food Canada, and Orlando Schmidt, BC          in the dairy industry to take a leading role
                            Ministry of Agriculture and Lands reported on          in the development of the industry through
                            their research which focuses on implementing           the adoption of the latest technology and
                            improved forage nutrient management strategies         information available. This seminar is designed
                            that reflect BC soil nutrient profiles.                for participants who want to improve their
                                                                                   knowledge and decision-making abilities in
                            During the break, forage researchers paid a special    dairy production and technology. Commercial
                            tribute to the late David Pendray and the Pendray      dairy producers, researchers, agribusiness,
                            family for their dedication to forage research.        service and supply representatives, extension
                            The Pendray farm on the Saanich peninsula has          and education specialists, and anyone
                            hosted numerous research projects and field days       interested in the latest information in dairy
                            supporting sustainable forage production over the      production and technology are invited to
                            years.                                                 attend.
                            It is evident that the future sustainability of our    The seminar will showcase a variety of
                            cropping systems will become the responsibility        speakers and sessions ranging from “Its All
                            of all producers and will require the widespread       About Energy” to “Optimum Nutrition for
                            adoption of whole-farm nutrient management             Optimum Production.” March 4th will include
                            planning principals and tools. The return of Forage    a pre-conference tour of two local dairy farms
                            Fest in 2007 was a huge success and we can look        with a focus on progressive, innovative dairy
                            forward to an equally enlightening program in          managers, two workshop sessions and an
                            2009 that will help the dairy industry work towards    evening Wine and Cheese reception.

                            sustainable forage production.
                                                                                   For more information visit the Western
PRODUCERS                                                                          Canadian Dairy Seminar website www.wcds.
First Ever Livestock Medication
                                                      CQM Advisory Committee
Education Seminar a Great                                                                                          CQM
                                                      Meets in Charlottetown                                   Participation
Success!                                              Source: Dairy Farmers of Canada
CQM program in full throttle.                         In late October, the CQM Advisory Committee             December 2007
By Leslie Thompson, Producer Services Coordinator
                                                      (AC) met in Charlottetown, PEI to discuss
I am happy to report that this past month has been    current issues and future plans for the
a flurry of activity for the CQM program!             Canadian Quality Milk (CQM) program.                                       100%
BC Milk Producers Association and BC Milk             Twenty-five people attended the meeting,                                     90%
                                                      including representatives from every province                                85%
Marketing Board put on BC’s first Livestock
                                                      and thirteen producers. The main focus of the                                80%
Medication Education Seminar at the Rancho in                                                                                      75%
Abbotsford on November 29th. With 190 producers       meeting was to discuss provinces’ experiences
in attendance, the seminar was a great success.       with managing mandatory deadlines. Nancy
Four local veterinarians addressed medication         Douglas from Dairy Farmers of PEI (DFPEI) gave                               60%
use on the farm in relation to food safety. Topics    a presentation highlighting their achievements                               55%
covered included: CQM protocols on the farm and       and challenges in meeting their mandatory                                    50%
livestock treatment records, reducing the use         validation date of August 1, 2007. PEI was the                               45%
of medication, and medication dynamics with           first province to reach a mandatory validation                               40%
focus on off-label use. As well, the BC Ministry of   deadline, and Nancy had some excellent                                       35%
Agriculture and Lands addressed regulations and       advice to share.                                                             30%
                                                                                                             25 %                  25%
testing. The session was extremely valuable to the
industry and greatly received by the producers        Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New                                       20%
                                                      Brunswick also reported on their experiences                                 15%
who attended.                                                                                                                      10%
                                                      with requirement deadlines (e.g. SOPs must
Seeing the industry’s interest on the topic only      be written, water tests must meet provincial
strengthened the notion that producers are            water quality parameters, etc). In addition,
thinking about safe medication use and food           every province reported on their progress. To
safety; both of which are important aspects of        date, 64% of Canadian dairy producers have
the CQM program. A Livestock Medication Seminar       received some level of training on the CQM
                                                                                                              Percentage of producers
will soon be organized in other regions. With the     program, many of those are implementing                  that have completed a
announcement of the August 1, 2008 deadline, the      the program and 3% are registered. Producer                 training session.

Canadian Quality Milk Program is in full motion and   participation is up significantly from this time        (up 6% from June 2007)

I am currently booking into January.                  last year.

                                                      The Committee discussed registration system
Time-Temperature Recorders:
                                                      improvements, technical improvements,
Many of you have installed Time-Temperature
                                                      validator consistency, funding and some
Recorders. Please fax your invoice to me at
                                                      proposed projects, such as tracking
1-866-873-7720 and make sure to include your
                                                      administrative costs of the program.
farm contact information and fax number. This is
a requirement in order for us to access your share
                                                      The meeting was a success and it provided
of the funding. Once again, this equipment is not
                                                      provinces with the opportunity to share ideas
mandatory in order to receive CQM certification.
                                                      and concerns and encourage each other to
                                                      continue proactively implementing the CQM
Water Tests:                                          program.
Please note that water tests are no longer being
taken to Vanderpol’s in Abbotsford. If you
currently have bags for sampling, please contact
me and I will arrange to have them replaced
with another lab’s sampling bottles.

If you have not yet contacted me regarding
your CQM training, what are you waiting for?
With one of me and 571 of you it is going to be
a busy 2008!

Leslie Thompson, Producer Services Coordinator,
                                                                                                                    A S S O C I A T I O N

                                                                                     Pacific Agriculture Show is
                            Our Mission:
                            To provide industry leadership in advancing               Just Around the Corner!
                            the legitimate business interests of British
                            Columbia dairy producers.                                    February 14-16, 2008

                            Our Vision:                                           Back again for another successful year.
                            Continue to promote a vibrant, sustainable
                            industry which supplies high quality dairy            This will be the 10th year for the Pacific
                            products to the consumer.                             Agriculture Show, and it will be bigger than
                                                                                                    Dairy Expo

                                                                                  The Meinen Brothers from Agassiz are planning
                                                                                  on displaying their new Lely Robot at their
                                                                                  show booth, and will also be holding a robotic
                                                                                  milk system forum in the dairy room for all
                            Questions? Comments?                                  dairy producers.
                            Your feedback is always welcome
                                                                                  The Pacific Agriculture show is the place
                            BC Milk Producers Association                         to not only see state of the art agriculture
                            3236 Beta Avenue                                      equipment and ideas, but also to meet old
                            Burnaby, BC V5G 4K4                                   friends and make new acquaintances.

                            T. (604) 294-3737                                     So come along and be among the many
                            F. (604) 294-8199                                     friendly people who attend the show.
                            Toll Free in BC 1-877-462-2672

                                     The BC Milk Producers Association
                                     staff and board of directors, wish you a Merry
                                     Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


                        8                                                  Produced by Paris Thomas, Director of Communication & Planning

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