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The West Midlands region
       A nation’s Games, a region’s opportunity
help your business

make 2012splash
with London
                                  The London 2012 Games will be the biggest

                                                                                                            The London 2012 opportunity
                                  sporting event ever staged in the British Isles.

The London 201 opportunity
                                  More importantly for business, it will also present
 02 The London 2012 opportunity   a real opportunity to increase sales and generate
                                  additional profit from a vast array of commercial
 08 What’s happening where?       activities directly or indirectly linked with the
                                  Olympic and Paralympic Games.
 12 A winning formula
    for business                  Here in the West Midlands, the region’s close proximity
                                  to London and its internationally renowned attractions
 16 Relevant to our region        make it well placed to benefit from the Games.

 20 Helping you to compete
                                  Indeed businesses in our region are already winning
                                  new orders and contracts as a result of these activities.

 24 Sector Opportunities          This guide, produced by the West Midlands Business
                                  Council in association with Advantage West Midlands

 32 Ways to get a slice
    of the action
                                  and Business Link in the West Midlands, has been
                                  developed as a simple and practical guide for business
                                  people across the West Midlands region.
 36 Where you can also
    win business
                                  After reading this, you should hopefully not only have

 42 Beyond London 2012            a much better idea about the scope and scale of the
                                  London 2012 Games, but also a clearer idea of the

 48 Where to get more
                                  type of Olympic Games-related business opportunities
    information                   that will arise and how you can find out about them so
                                  that you too can compete and win.

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                                                                     WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS   LONDON 2012
                When the Olympic and Paralympic Games
                open in London on the 27th July 2012, it will
                have been 64 years since the Olympic flame
                has burned in the UK.

                Top athletes from every continent in the world
                will gather to compete at the pinnacle of their
                sports in what is undoubtedly the world’s greatest
                sporting event.
                For “UK plc” this is a once in a lifetime experience.
                The London 2012 Games offers a great opportunity
                for businesses of all sizes in the West Midlands, not
                just in construction and infrastructure, but in many
                other areas too - such as manufacturing, hospitality,
                merchandise, retail, business and financial services,
                media and creative industries.

London 2012 - from dream to commercial reality
                The vast majority of opportunities are to come, but        When the curtain finally comes down on the London
                you do need to make sure your company is fully             2012 Games on the 9th September at the conclusion
                prepared to take advantage of them in the years            of the Paralympic Games, there will be a London
                to follow.                                                 2012 legacy in terms of venues, infrastructure and
                                                                           economic growth.
                The economic potential of the London 2012 Games
                is huge - it is estimated that many billions will be       For businesses, that legacy will be in the shape of
                spent on transport infrastructure alone. The various       investment, improved skills and stronger balance
                bodies tasked with organising the Games (see page          sheets. Translating the 2012 dream
                6 for a “who’s who”) have been specifically tasked to       to commercial reality starts now.
                ensure that it is not just the larger companies who will
                benefit from the additional business generated in the
                preparation for and the actual staging of the Games.

                                                                                                        The London 2012 opportunity
There will be an estimated 75,000 future business opportunities covering
direct contractors and their supply chains.
Over 9,000,000 tickets will be available to spectators.
26 Olympic sports will take place in 31 venues, with 20 Paralympic
sports in 21 locations.
10,250 Olympic athletes and 4,000 Paralympic athletes will compete.
20,000 Accredited international press and media will attend.
Source: London 2012

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                                                                 WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS   LONDON 2012
London 2012 – Who does what?
                    A number of agencies are essential to the planning
                    and the delivery of the London 2012 Games.
                                                                               Details of how the London 2012 tender process
                    Here’s a quick guide to the main bodies involved.
                                                                               will work and how companies – large and small
                    The London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic               - can compete for contracts allocated by the
                    Games are delivered by two key organisations,              organisations above, are outlined in this brochure.
                    sharing the London 2012 brand:-                             The Nations & Regions Group (NRG) has been
                         The London Organising Committee of the                 set up by LOCOG to make sure the whole of
                         Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG)             the UK is involved with, and benefits from, the
                         is responsible for promoting and staging the           London 2012 Games. It is made up of senior
                         2012 Games.                                            representatives from each of the English regions,
                                                                                plus Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
                         The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) is responsible
                         for building the new venues and infrastructure         In this region, the West Midlands Task Force for
                         needed for the 2012 Games and beyond.                  the London 2012 Games will keep businesses
                                                                                updated on procurement and other business
                    Working with LOCOG and the ODA to stage the
                                                                                opportunities. The Task Force main members
                    2012 Games and to ensure a lasting legacy are the
                    London 2012 Stakeholders:-
                         The British Olympic Association (BOA).
                         British Paralympic Association (BPA).
                         The Department for Culture, Media and
                         Sport (which has a dedicated Government
                         Olympic Executive).
                         The Mayor of London on behalf of the Greater
                         London Authority (GLA) group, including the
                         London Development Agency and Transport
                         for London.

                                       The London 2012 opportunity
                                       Page 7
a wide range of
   in which to shine
                                                                                                         What’s happening where?
                              The Olympic Park is located in East London and will be
                              one of the country’s largest ever regeneration projects.
                              It will be home to many of the sporting venues for both
                              the Olympic and Paralympic events, including the Olympic
                              Stadium itself.
                              The Olympic village, a private sector development located
                              next to the Olympic Park, will be the location for the
                              athletes’ village, Stratford International Rail Station, a
                              1.8 million sq.ft retail site (of equivalent scale to
                              Bluewater), an office complex (of equivalent size to
                              Canary Wharf) and housing.

What’s happening where?
The focus of the London       There is already a huge amount of activity taking place
2012 Games will be the        on the site to get it ready for the construction work that
                              will start in earnest from the Summer of 2008 onwards.
Olympic Park in East
                              The five London Boroughs - Newham, Tower Hamlets,
London, which will house      Waltham Forest, Hackney and Greenwich - within which
the new sporting venues       the majority of the Games will take place - all plan
being specially constructed   significant infrastructure improvements and developments.
for the XXXth Olympiad.       The scale of the project in transforming the village site
                              means that there will be demand at every level of the
                              supply chain, from main contractor downwards for every
                              conceivable type of product and service imaginable.

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                                                                WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS     LONDON 2012
    CASE STUDY                                                The focus of the London 2012 Games will be the Olympic

    Capital doors open for                                    Park in East London , which will house the new sport venues.
                                                              However, many other venues both within and beyond the
    eco-kitchen specialist                                    capital will play their part in hosting the London 2012 Games.
    When Wolverhampton-based Chamois Eco

                                                              London and beyond
    Kitchens heard that the regeneration of Stratford,
    London was to be as “green” as possible, they
    immediately sensed a business opportunity.
    The company specialises in the manufacture
    of kitchens made from panels that contain 100%
    recycled timber - the only UK company to do so.                             In London, the Central Zone - which includes
                                                                                Earls Court, Hyde Park and Regents Park,
    In what represents their biggest contract in the
                                                                                Lords Cricket Ground and Horse Guards
    capital to date, Chamois is now busy installing
                                                                                Parade - will all feature as Olympic venues.
    over 150 kitchens into Stratford Eye, a 19 storey
    skyscraper which overlooks the London 2012 site.                            The River Zone venues such as The O2 Arena
    The building, which will provide 62 homes for sale                          (formerly the Dome), ExCel, Greenwich Park
    and 100 for shared ownership or affordable rent, is                         and the Royal Artillery Barracks will host a
    being developed by Wates Living Space, for whom                             diverse range of disciplines such as Gymnastics,
    Chamois is a preferred supplier, and the London                             Equestrian, Boxing and Basketball.
    and Quadrant Group.                                                         Away from London, football stadia in Glasgow,
    “We are not a huge company” admits MD, Andy                                 Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff
    Jones-Dutt, “but we won this contract in conjunction                        will jointly host the Olympic Football tournament,
    with Wates who share our eco-friendly ideals. To be                         whilst Weymouth and Portland on the South
    involved in a project of this scale has not only raised                     Coast will be the base for all Olympic Games
    our profile but has opened new doors for us.                                 sailing events.
    “London and Quadrant is a major housing                                     Each venue and activity is sure to generate
    association, who are currently undertaking                                  many incremental business opportunities, both
    extensive refurbishment elsewhere in the city. Now                          directly and indirectly, both locally and beyond.
    that they have seen what we can do, there are real
    opportunities for us in London. It’s undoubtedly an
    exciting time for the business and it was all
    triggered off by the Games!”

London 2012 venues

                                                                          What’s happening where?
• Wembley
• Lord’s Cricket Ground
• Regent’s Park
• Hyde Park
• Horse Guards Parade
• Wimbledon
• Velodrome
• BMX Circuit
• Hockey Centre
• Sports Arena
• Aquatics Centre
• Olympic Park
• Media Facilities
• ExCel
• O2 Arena
• Greenwich Arena
• Royal Artillery Barracks
• Greenwich Park

Regional venues
A Hampden Park, Glasgow
B St. James Park, Newcastle
C Old Trafford, Manchester
D Villa Park, Birmingham
E Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
F   Weymouth and Portland
G   Eton Dorney, Royal Berkshire
H   Weald Country Park, Essex

                                                                          Page 11
I   Broxbourne, Herts

                                   WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS   LONDON 2012
previous events have
                 the baton
     passedthe track ahead
       and shown
  The experience of Sydney

                                                                                                                A winning formula for business
  2000 demonstrated how         Sydney 2000 also showed that the Games provided an
  staging the Olympic and       opportunity that continued in the build up to, during and
                                after the Games itself.
  Paralympic Games can
                                Studies carried out in the aftermath of the Sydney 2000
  provide a unique platform
                                Games showed that business in New South Wales won the
  for businesses to raise       equivalent of £400m in contracts for the Games, with over
  their profile and reputation   £115m going to regional companies. More than 55,000
  on a global scale.            people also received employment-related training.

A winning formula for business
                                Hosting the 2000 Games remains the most significant
                                event in the history of Australian tourism, bringing in
                                an additional 1.6 million visitors who among them spent
                                £2.5 billion.
                                Sydney 2000 also saw some £125m in new foreign direct
                                investment into the New South Wales economy, with an
                                estimated £2bn made by Sydney from tourism in 2001
                                as a direct result of the previous year’s Games.
                                Importantly, nearby States like Queensland (at a greater
                                distance from Sydney than the West Midlands is from
                                London) played an important role in meeting the specific
                                demands of the Games.
                                Queensland played a major role in the run up to the
                                Games as more than 124 teams from 15 different
                                countries were based at training camps in and
                                around Brisbane.
                                Source: NSW Department of State and Regional Development (DSRD)

                                                                                                                Page 13
                                                                         WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS   LONDON 2012
                 Commonwealth Games
                 generate common wealth
                 The XVII Commonwealth Games in Manchester was the most
                 significant multi-sport event to be held in the United Kingdom
                 since the Olympic Games of 1948. It was the largest in the history
                 of the Commonwealth Games in terms of participating nations.
                 The successful hosting of these multi-sport games demonstrated
                 to the world that the UK was more than capable of hosting events
                 of such magnitude and this played a significant part in securing
                 the 2012 Games for the city of London.
                 As well as raising the international profile of Manchester, the Games
                 generated significant commercial opportunities both in the North
                 West and beyond. Just some of the key business benefits included:-
                   The development of sports delivering £191m in additional
                   investment, creating a concentration of sports facilities of
                   international standard to which local people have access
                   (The City of Manchester Stadium is now home to Manchester
                   City Football Club).
                   Commercial developments in East Manchester including a
                   regional retail centre, a four star hotel, offices and new housing
                   developments supporting some 3,500 jobs.
                   Through trade development and supply chain initiatives,
                   approximately 250 companies realised an additional increase
                   of £27m in their turnover, as a result of the Games.
                   Tourism spend from Games participants and visitors was
                   estimated at £22m for Manchester.
                 And with the 2014 Commonwealth Games to be held in Glasgow,
                 there will be further business potential for West Midlands-based
                 firms after the dust has settled on London 2012.
                 Source: 2003 Commonwealth games Legacy

A winning formula for business   Page 15
                                       LONDON 2012
                                       WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS
    West Midlands...
making our mark
      with the London 2012 Games
             The West Midlands is a diverse and vibrant region

                                                                                            Relevant to our region
             that has the unique benefit of being located at the
             heart of the UK.

             The West Midlands comprises the counties of Shropshire,
             Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire; the
             unitary authorities of Herefordshire, Stoke-on-Trent,
             Telford and Wrekin; and the seven metropolitan districts
             of Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull,
             Walsall and Wolverhampton.
             As the UK’s best connected region, with highly developed
             manufacturing supply chains and professional service
             networks, the West Midlands is perfectly placed to benefit
             from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

London 201 - Relevant to our region
             There are also a number of key regional assets - such as the NEC,
             the NIA, the Bullring and Birmingham International Airport, which
             will all play a major part in attracting international visitors and other
             Olympic Games-related investments.
             The West Midlands is the birthplace of the Modern Olympic
             movement, with the Wenlock Olympian Games held regularly
               in Shropshire since 1850. Founded by Doctor William Penny
                   Brookes, these Games are widely credited with influencing
                     Baron de Coubertin to found the Modern Olympic Games.
                      The West Midlands Olympic pedigree continues, with
                       Villa Park in Birmingham set to feature as a venue for
                       the London 2012 Games.

                                                                                            Page 17
                                                  WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS      LONDON 2012
                                     It was in 1850 that the first ever Olympian Games were
                                     held in Much Wenlock.

                                     The brainchild of Dr Brookes, the Games were originally designed
                                     “to promote the moral, physical and intellectual improvement of
                                     the inhabitants of the Town and neighbourhood of Wenlock”.
                                     In 1890, the French born athlete, poet and educator Baron Pierre
                                     de Coubertin visited the Shropshire town to witness the Wenlock
                                     Games. During his visit to England he was much impressed by
                                     the way British schools regarded sport as an integral part of a full
                                     education, referring to the combination of athletic endeavour and
                                     culture as “the wedding of sport and art”.
         Dr William Penny Brookes

the birthplace of the modern games
                                     Over subsequent years this concept inspired individuals and
                                     sporting organisations throughout Europe - inspiration that            The Wenlock Pentathlon Medal
                                     without doubt made a significant contribution to the rebirth
                                     of the Modern Olympic Games in 1896, founded by Baron
                                     Pierre de Coubertin.

          For the first time, Dr William Penny Brookes was able
          to make sport accessible to “People of every grade”.
                                     Today, the Wenlock Olympian Society is devoted to preserving
                                     the ideals of Dr William Penny Brookes, the founding father of
                                     the Modern Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Society is still
                                     based in Much Wenlock, Shropshire, where the annual games
                                     are held during the second week of July. In 2009 this beautiful
                                     home town of Dr Brookes will be the centre of celebrations to
                                     mark the bicentenary of his birth.
                                     For further information

                                                                                                                                  Relevant to our region
         Thomas Sabin of Coventry,
         winner of the Three Mile Bicycle
         Race in 1877 and 1878

                                                                                                                                  Page 19
Archive material and images supplied by kind permission of the Wenclock Olympian Society   WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS   LONDON 2012
help along the

road to success
for your organisation
                                                                                           Helping you to compete
           Regional Development Agencies throughout the UK,
           including Advantage West Midlands, have set up and
           funded, in conjunction with London 2012, a dedicated
           Tender and Business Support service called “CompeteFor”.

Helping you compete in London 2012
           A key part of the London 2012 Business Network, CompeteFor
           is an electronic brokerage service created to give businesses
           unique access to procurement opportunities.
           The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic
           Games (LOCOG) and the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) have
           chosen CompeteFor as the channel through which they will
           publish and encourage their supply chains to publish all contract
           tender opportunities arising from the London 2012 Olympic and
           Paralympic Games.
           London 2012 will procure up to approximately 7,000 contracts
           directly and estimates that there will be some 75,000 opportunities
           for supplying contractors on London 2012-related works.
           CompeteFor is designed to help West Midlands-based businesses
           like you, take full advantage of the direct and wider business
           opportunities available around the London 2012 Olympic and
           Paralympic Games. Networks of advisors and support are in place
           to give your business the necessary assistance to be in a position
           to secure business from the Games.
           To access this free service, visit and
           register your organisation and start competing for business success.
           For further information

                                                                                           Page 21
           Source: London 2012
                                                   WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS    LONDON 2012
                      Businesses of any size can use the CompeteFor brokerage service
                      as a buyer or supplier of Games-related goods and services.

“Business Dating Agency” for London 2012 opportunities
                      Described as a “Business Dating Agency” you will first need to register the
                      basic details of your organisation. This will allow you to view opportunities
                      and gain access to Games-related business news and events. You will also
                      be able to post opportunities as a buyer.
                      To apply for contracts listed on CompeteFor as a supplier, you must complete
                      and publish a full business profile. Once your profile is published, you will also
                      be able to track your activity and search for other suppliers with whom you may
                      wish to partner.
                      In addition to CompeteFor, there are a number of other various government
                      websites and other useful online resources. These are detailed below:-
             can provide practical help and support for SMEs to
                      prepare for forthcoming opportunities.
             is a government backed service designed specifically
                      to give companies easy access to lower value contract opportunities (typically
                      worth under £100,000) offered by the public sector.
             has all direct and indirect tenders from
                      the Games and enables regional firms to team up free of charge with other
                      Midlands firms.
             is a site operated by Lend Lease and is designed
                      for firms who wish to become a supplier in the development of the athletes’
                      village in East London.
                      Other useful resources, including contact details of county Olympic co-
                      ordinators, are listed on page 51 of this booklet.

                                                                                              Helping you to compete
Getting your business
into shape to compete
Whilst the London 2012 Games will provide many business
opportunities, there will be a lot of competition too so it is vital to start
thinking about getting your business into the right shape, right now!
If you are planning to take part in the tendering process, you will need
to explain how your business addresses certain key issues such as
value-for-money, and health and safety. The ODA will also want its supply
chains to be environmentally friendly and ethical, so you will need to be
able to demonstrate these credentials too.
It is also worth bearing in mind that a contract is unlikely to be awarded
if its value exceeds a certain percentage of your company’s annual
turnover. It is therefore important to look for contracts for which your
company is suitably qualified.

                                                                                              Page 23
                                                 WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS         LONDON 2012
  target sectors

  set to score
  business success

    A safe and secure Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 is a key

                                                                                                           Sector Opportunities
    objective for the London 2012 Organising Committee and the Olympic
    Delivery Authority. Working with Government and law enforcement
    agencies, this involves not only planning for Games-time, but also building
    security into the designs for the Olympic Park and venues.

A safe and well advised Games
                         With thousands of athletes and support staff, not to mention
                         the world’s media and spectators, converging on the capital,
                         the London 2012 Games will undoubtedly present a security
                         challenge - and meeting that challenge will provide a wealth
                         of business opportunities.
                         The creation of an ‘island site’ in the Olympic Park will include
                         perimeter fencing, vehicle mitigation and waterway closure.
                         Required security systems will also include access control,
                         CCTV, security lighting and intruder detection systems.
                         Once the Games are underway, there will be a daily requirement
                         for screening all spectators visiting the 35 competition venues.
                         This will entail command, control and integration as well as a
                         significant demand for security personnel, with implications for
                         uniform, equipment and training procurement.
                         Professional services - everything from accountancy, taxation,
                         legal services, creative and media - will also be much in demand,
                         with opportunities right through the supply chain.
                         For further information

                                                                                                           Page 25
                                                                 WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS      LONDON 2012
          The construction industry
          will play a central role in
          the London 2012 Games.

         Building towards London 2012
                                        The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) has published a ‘Supplier
                                        Guide’ to help businesses hoping to compete for London 2012 contracts.
                                        The Guide (see offers clear information
                                        on what the ODA will be looking for from its main suppliers for Games
                                        venues and infrastructure and how businesses of all sizes can get ready
                                        for upcoming tenders.
                                        The ODA is required by law to open up most of its contracts to competition
                                        and has its own policies to ensure it does this in a fair and transparent way.
                                        For some contracts the ODA will use its own tendering processes, which
                                        differ according to the value of the opportunity.
                                        In other cases the ODA may choose to use the framework and contractual
                                        arrangements with approved suppliers and contractors that are available
                                        through the various government frameworks established by the Office
                                        of Government Commerce (OGC), English Partnerships and other
                                        Government Departments.

                                        For further information
                                       Sector Opportunities
                                       Page 27
                                       CASE STUDY a vital part in the preparation for the
                                       Transport plays
                                       2012 Games About 250 words to come here
                                       Potteries skills bring tube
                                       station tiling up to scratch
                                       A tile-making specialist from The Potteries is
                                       confident that the London 2012 Games are set
                                       to increase an already busy workload on the
                                       London Underground.
                                       Stoke-on-Trent-based H E Smith, who specialise
                                       in high quality ceramic wall tiles, appointed an
                                       agent five years ago to generate work associated
                                       with the underground network.
                                       “We recoginsed that there was huge scope for
                                       us there for refurbishment and maintenance work,”
                                       explained Sales Manager Phil Keen. “It involves
                                       maintaining and matching tiles which are up to
                                       100 years old - an area in which we have plenty
                                       of expertise.”
                                       The company, which itself dates back to 1926, has
                                       since been responsible for wall tile refurbishment
                                       at over 30 London Underground stations with
                                       requirements ranging from straightforward signage
                                       to decorative tiling
                                       and murals.
                                       Phil Keen says “We’re very proud of the work
                                       we’ve done on the Underground already and you
                                       can certainly say that, as far as new potential work
                                       is concerned, we’re ready and raring to go!”

          Transport will play a vital part in the London 2012 Games,

                                                                                                           Sector Opportunities
          with half a million spectators expected daily.

Transport - keeping the Games moving
          Many billions will be invested by Transport for London (TfL) and the
          ODA to install or upgrade transport capacity and infrastructure in
          readiness for the Games, with work already underway on a number
          of projects.
          Travel to events will be by public transport, cycling or walking, with
          travel by car to be restricted to designated park and ride schemes
          well away from Olympic venues.
          Key transport projects will include:-
           The introduction of over 100km of “Olympic” lanes to, from and
           around Olympic sites.
           Transport improvements in the five host Boroughs.
           London-wide transport improvements including a new “Javelin”
           high speed shuttle link between central London and Olympic Park,
           upgrading of rolling stock on the Jubilee Line and other Underground
           improvements and a new extension to the Docklands Light
           Railway (DLR).
           Thames Gateway transport links and the opening of the new Channel
           Tunnel Rail Link and Eurostar terminal at St Pancras.
          Whilst the vast majority of spend will be on transport projects in and
          around London, this level of spend will provide significant commercial
          opportunities for many West Midlands-based firms in a diverse range
          of areas.
          For further information

                                                                                                           Page 29
                                                                    WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS   LONDON 2012

   Radford scores a victory
   in the West Indies
   When the West Indies was announced as the venue for the 2007
   Cricket World Cup, a small Worcestershire company saw their
   opportunity to break into the tricky Caribbean market.
   Radford Ezy Net, run by former England and Worcestershire
   cricketer Neal Radford, produce portable and demountable
   cricket netting systems and a range of artificial sports surfaces.
   The company knew that their products were suitable for cricket at
   the highest level and were delighted when they won the contract to
   supply over 100 lanes of netting to the nine World Cup test venues
   and 19 practice areas following a competitive tender.
   “It was not simply a question of getting the product right”
   explained Neal. “One of the stipulations of the contract was that
   local people should be used to carry out all installation work so
   we had to manage all that, as well as organise the sheer logistics
   of getting our product from Pershore out to the Caribbean and to
   the right venues at the right time. It was very testing work but an
   amazing experience for us as a company.”
   Furthermore the company is still continuing to reap the rewards.
   As a result of the World Cup, they have gained ICC accreditation;
   awareness of the product has sharply increased including positive
   feedback from the players themselves.
   Neal is the first to admit that his own background as an
   international cricketer helped to open doors for the company: “But
   no more than that. If our product wasn’t first class, we wouldn’t
   get any further” he says. “I’d say to any company, however small,
   have a good think about how you can get involved in these major
   sporting events because the benefits are huge. You owe it to your
   business to try. After all, that’s what sport is all about - endeavour.”

                                                                                                                         Sector Opportunities
                                   Operational technology will be central to the way scores, timings
                                   and performance in the sports competitions are captured. Inside
                                   the venues, technology will feed back information to officials,
                                   spectators, venue staff and volunteers.
                                   Business technology will be instrumental in the planning, procurement
                                   and other business activities in the run up to the London 2012 Games
                                   - from the way information is shared with multiple stakeholders to
                                   modelling data such as pedestrian flows in the Olympic Park.

Taking technology to a new level
  Technology will play a bigger    Communications technology will transform the way people engage
  part in the London 2012          with the Games. Digital channels such as the web and mobile
                                   phones will be the prime way for everyone to access, share and
  Games than ever before, be
                                   interact with the London 2012 Games experience.
  it on an operational, business
                                   One of the key ambitions for the London 2012 Games is to be the
  or communications level.
                                   first ‘sustainable’ Games, setting new standards for major events.
                                   This will involve a commitment to maximise sustainability through all
                                   of the phases of the Games - building the venues and infrastructure,
                                   staging the Games themselves and then beyond London 2012.
                                   With five key areas in focus - combating climate change, reducing
                                   waste, enhancing biodiversity, promoting inclusion and improving
                                   healthy living - environmental technologies are set to make a
                                   major contribution.
                                   With the proximity of the West Midlands to London, the region has
                                   a real opportunity to deliver technology to the London 2012 Games.
                                   For further information

                                                                                                                         Page 31

                                                                               WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS      LONDON 2012
huge demand for
      products andbusiness
        whatever the size of your
                                                                                                                 Ways to get a slice of the action
                           Most of the opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises are
                           likely to come from the supply chains that will surround the major contracts,
                           with a host of opportunities for sub contracting “through the tiers”.

Ways to get a slice of the action
The ODA will be a          Types of supply needs are likely to include:
so called “thin” client,    People - core staff, supported by a very wide range of professional,
directly buying and         technical and advisory consultants. Some of these employment contracts
managing a relatively       will be large framework contracts that will last for many years. Others will
                            be for shorter, task or project specific activities.
small number of
agreements with             Olympic Park - contracts for the Olympic Park will be a mixture
                            of site-wide and zone-specific.
main suppliers - or
“Tier One Suppliers”.       Venues - this encompasses work on the permanent venues, including
                            support facilities for all Olympic and Paralympic sports inside and outside
                            the Olympic Park. It will also include the entire transport infrastructure
                            and may include other supporting facilities.
                            Non-Olympic venues - there will be a host of tenders involved in new
                            buildings in Stratford City, shopping centres etc.
                            Operations - LOCOG’s needs will focus on the staging of the Games
                            themselves, so its procurement requirements are likely to cover goods and
                            services such as sponsorship, sports equipment, venue seating, security,
                            venue IT/score systems, catering, staff/volunteer uniforms and official
                            merchandise. Many of these will rely on the services of smaller firms.
                            Legacy - this will relate to the dismantling of the temporary Games
                            infrastructure, the conversion of Games infrastructure to long-term
                            legacy use, and the delivery of the long-term legacy development.
                           For further information
                 , and

                                                                                                                 Page 33

                                                                          WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS   LONDON 2012
                                              The International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Partnership
CASE STUDY                                    (“TOP”) Programme grants exclusive worldwide sponsorship rights

Pipe and Tube quick                           to selected companies. Each Games Organising Committee (for the London
                                              2012 Games this is LOCOG) is also permitted to enter into sponsorship
off the mark                                  agreements covering their specific Games.
As soon as London’s 2012 success

was announced, the Pipe and Tube
Group’s Midlands branch saw plenty of
opportunities for sub-contracting work.
“A few individuals got together and formed
a special working group” explained sales      The London 2012 sponsorship programme gives companies a once in a lifetime
consultant, Mike Freeman. “It might not be    chance to access powerful business benefits associated with helping to stage the
as glamorous as the IOC but it is certainly   Olympic and Paralympic Games.
reaping the rewards for the business!
                                              The London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG) has a £2bn budget, almost all of
“We get together on a regular basis to look   which has to be raised from the private sector. As well as receiving income from the
at opportunities for London 2012-related      International Olympic Committee, LOCOG will be generating its own income from sales
work. As steel stockholders with a wide       of tickets, merchandise and, most importantly, a domestic sponsorship programme.
customer base, we have found there is
                                              LOCOG will receive a share of the broadcasting revenues that will be generated from
plenty of scope. We’ve already supplied
                                              the sale of TV rights to the Games to broadcasters around the world. The Committee
both the tube for the rollers used in the
                                              will also receive a share from The Olympic Partners (TOP) programme - a programme
conveyor systems which were used to
                                              made up of the companies who have worldwide marketing rights of association with
remove the rubble created whilst clearing
                                              the Olympic movement. The TOP sponsors signed up for 2012 are: Coca-Cola, Acer,
the sites, and the tubing supplied to the
                                              Atos Origin, GE, McDonald’s, Omega, Panasonic, Samsung and Visa.
concrete pumping machines used in the
ground stabilisation works - and this is      The three main areas where LOCOG will generate income are sponsorship, ticketing
only the beginning!”                          and merchandising programmes. Merchandising income will be primarily generated
Mike knows why Pipe and Tube were             after the Beijing Games in 2008 and will include sales of official mascots, coins,
so quick off the mark when it came to         stamps, clothing and pin badges.
London 2012 opportunities: “We certainly      Whilst this undoubtedly provides opportunities for companies around the country, strict
have a culture of being ‘tuned in’ to the     legal safeguards are in place for all London 2012 sponsors which will protect the rights
big events. Our parent company, Benteler,     of those companies paying to stage the Games.
a German steel producer, supplied some
of the steel for the 2006 World Cup.”         For further information

                                                                                 Ways to get a slice of the action

Black Country skills create the
wow factor in Turin
A Black Country company’s expertise in the field of simulation
attractions put them right at the heart of the Winter Games in 2006,
thanks to Coca Cola.
Simworx of Kingswinford was approached by sales agency, IMG, on
behalf of Coca Cola. One of the sponsors of the Turin Winter Games,
Coca Cola wanted to create an activity with ‘wow’ factor which could
be heavily branded.
Simworx designed and produced two mobile simulators which
featured downhill skiing, bob-sleighing and snowboarding. Strongly
branded with the Coca Cola logo, they were used during the run up
to the Winter Games, following the torch relay around Italy. During the
Games they were positioned in the Athletes’ Village, gaining a captive
audience of around 4,000 people a day and providing Coca Cola with
a highly visual presence.
“The Turin Games was a
fantastic experience for us.
Coca Cola were delighted
with the presence it gave
them but it really raised our
profile too” says Simworx
MD, Terry Monkton.
“We got plenty of press
coverage and as a result
have worked for a number
of big names since!”

                                                                                 Page 35
                                          WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS   LONDON 2012
is your business
 on target
       for commercial success?
                                                                                                             Where you can also win business
                                From the closing ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Games, the UK
                                commences its “Cultural Olympiad”, a developing, four-year period
                                of cultural activity to celebrate the Olympic spirit throughout the UK.

Where you can also win business
  The London 2012 Olympic       The Cultural Olympiad will showcase British talent and innovation and will
  Games and Paralympic          reflect the key themes of the London 2012 Games.

  Games are not just about      LOCOG has restated its determination that the London 2012 Games and
  sport. They will offer a      the celebrations leading up to them will not just take place in the many
                                communities of London, nor just through the big national institutions.
  unique opportunity for the
                                This means spreading the benefits as far as possible across the UK
  British people to engage
                                over the four years from Summer 2008 and the Cultural Olympiad
  with and participate in a     is likely therefore to encompass thousands of local and regional
  major cultural celebration.   events, providing an important opportunity for many businesses and
                                organisations in the cultural, creative and tourism sectors.
                                For further information

                                                                                                             Page 37
                                                                  WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS    LONDON 2012

    Flame fires young
    Tamworth-based Learn by Design know all
    about the benefits of Sport’s associations.
    Chaired by former Olympic high jumper,
    Geoff Parsons, the company provides
    education programmes through a range of
    interactive workshops designed to impart
    curriculum, personal and business skills to
    Learn by Design have worked with the
    British Olympic Foundation [BOF] and
    uniquely are permitted to work on behalf of
    the BOF delivering a range of BOF branded
    education programmes. One of the most
    popular workshops at the moment is one
    which uses the “Olympic” theme to explore
    entrepreneurship and enterprise. The
    company is confident that as the London
    2012 Games draw nearer, the interest and
    enthusiasm of students will increase further,
    providing more educational opportunities.
    “We have no doubt that our relationship
    with the British Olympic Foundation has
    given us credibility and opened doors for
    us which in turn has enabled us to develop
    our business further”, says Geoff Parsons.
    “I would urge any business who senses an
    opportunity to associate themselves with
    this event to go for it”.

                                                                                                          Where you can also win business
        In the run up to London 2012, it is estimated that the 23,000 athletes
        and officials from more than 200 competing countries around the world
        will need a location to prepare for the competition in the UK.

Training camps for London 2012
        In 2007, the United States Track and Field team announced that they will be basing
        themselves in Birmingham during the build-up to the London 2012 Olympic and
        Paralympic Games.
        This will mean many visits to the city over a number of years in the run up to London
        2012. For business, there will be varied demands to service the needs of these athletes.

        “It is possible for the first time to get a real understanding of what the
        Government’s insistence that the Olympics will spread benefit across the
        country is likely to mean in practice.” - Birmingham Post, March 2007

        Sports medicine facilities and services, transport, accommodation and entertainment
        are among some of the sectors that could benefit.
        A total of 33 venues across the West Midlands region have been approved
        by LOCOG to serve as training camps. The highly specific dietary requirements
        of athletes both in terms of quantity and variety represent further opportunities
        for SMEs.
        For further information and

                                                                                                          Page 39
                                                                 WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS     LONDON 2012
                                       Being within easy reach of the capital makes the region very attractive to potential
                                       leisure and business visitors who seek alternative accommodation and visits during
                                       the London 2012 Games.
                                       The West Midlands can boast a visitor offer that is of world-class quality and is uniquely
                                       diverse. There are areas of outstanding natural beauty, quintessential English shires and
                                       the peace and beauty of rural life, combined with vibrant cities and the birthplaces of many
                                       cultural icons including William Shakespeare, Josiah Wedgwood and the Industrial Revolution.
                                       Much Wenlock also can rightfully claim to be the birthplace of the Modern Olympics.

Tourist trail leads to the West Midlands
        Thanks to its close            To ensure that your business is well placed to gain from the Games, keep in touch with the
        proximity to London,           latest developments through the well established network of tourism partnerships.

        the West Midlands is           Tourism West Midlands (TWM) is co-ordinating the region’s marketing and development
        set to benefit from a           plans to maximise opportunities available from the Games, working closely with sub-regional
                                       partners and VisitBritain at national level.
        multi-million pound
        tourism boost from the         In the first instance, if you are interested in learning more about how your business can
                                       benefit from the Games and the opportunities available, contact your local Destination
        London 2012 Games.
                                       Management Partnership.

                                       For further information

                                       Marketing Birmingham
                                       Black Country Tourism
                                       Visit Herefordshire
                                       Destination Worcestershire
                                       Staffordshire DMP
                                       Shakespeare Country

                                                                                  Where you can also win business

Leading the way for tourists
It’s not only big companies who can take advantage of the London
2012 Games. One of the first people in the West Midlands to seize
the initiative was Roger Bailey, a Blue Badge tourist guide
from Coventry.
When tourist guides in London enrolled on training courses in London
2012 “venue endorsement” Roger decided he’d go along too.
“I attended the course because I was confident that there would be
demand in this region - both from people wanting to see the London
2012 Games-related venues in the West Midlands and requesting
daytrips to London to view all the sites under development there.”
Roger emerged from the course as the only guide outside London
qualified via the Institute of Tourist Guiding to conduct guided tours of
London 2012 Games venues both inside and outside the capital. And
his instinct about demand has already been proved right:
“I’ve done some work already with universities and colleges who are
running sports degrees” he says. “It’s only a little to start with but I’ve
paid for my course already and the interest is steadily growing!”
Roger’s “Olympic” guided tours will now include many of the
potential training camps in the West Midlands, Aston Villa Football
Club - one of the London 2012 Games venues; Much Wenlock in
Shropshire, birthplace of the Modern Olympic movement and even
the picturesque Cotswolds.
“The London 2012 Games are a really exciting event - not just
for London but for the whole country” says Roger. “I would really
encourage every business in our region just to have a think about
how they could take advantage - it’s certainly not just for big business
- after all you don’t get any smaller than me!”

                                                                                  Page 41
                                        WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS      LONDON 2012
    West Midlands
reaches new heights
        in sport
         London 2012 is just one of many events around the

                                                                                            Beyond London 2012
         world that provide significant commercial opportunities
         for businesses throughout the West Midlands.

Other major events worldwide
         The UK is well known around the globe for its well developed sports
         sector and for being home to iconic events such as Royal Ascot,
         Wimbledon, Six Nations Rugby and of course the FA Cup Final,
         with the English Premiership widely regarded as the best football
         league bar none.
         China hosted the 2008 Olympic Games and will be the host of the 2010
         Asian Games, with 2010 also seeing The Commonwealth Games in India,
         the FIFA World Cup in South Africa as well as the Olympic Winter Games
         in Vancouver.
         Looking further forward, the Cricket World Cup will be staged in the Indian
         subcontinent in 2011, with Euro 2012 slightly nearer to home in Poland and
         Ukraine and the Commonwealth Games right on our doorstep in Glasgow
         in 2014.
         The needs of every event differ, but products and services, advice and
         consultancy and knowledge transfer are all common requirements and
         many UK firms already have an excellent track record. Security is a
         particular area where British experience and expertise is much in demand.
         Help and assistance in this area is notably available from UK Trade &
         Investment, a central government body jointly resourced by the Department
         for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform and the Foreign and
         Commonwealth Office.
         For further information
         or contact your local International Trade Advisor on 0121 607 1021

                                                                                            Page 43
         or email

                                                     WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS   LONDON 2012

    Northcroft clock up third victory
    Northcroft Construction Consultants have built up significant
    Games-related experience since getting involved in the
    Sydney Games in 2000. Associate Director, Phil Sheepy, who
    is based at the company’s Leamington Spa office, explains:
    “We were appointed to undertake the project management
    role, having previously worked with the Obayashi
    Corporation, who were one of the joint venture partners
    responsible for the construction of the main Stadium.
    “Not only was it a fantastic project to work on but the
    experience stood us in good stead for the Beijing Games (risk
    management for the bid evaluation project and main stadium
    and Swimming Centre) and for the London 2012 Games. We
    applied for a number of projects and were awarded the cost
    management services for the slalom canoeing venue.”
    While Phil admits that a global organisation such as Northcroft
    is perfectly placed to scoop major contracts, he is keen to
    stress that the London 2012 offers something for everyone:
    “The main building work in London may be underway but
    there is plenty more to follow - competitor training camps and
    accommodation for example, much of which will be outside
    London. These are major projects but my advice to small and
    medium sized businesses is to take a look at them and break
    them down - see how you could fit in.
    Every product or service associated with this event will have to
    come from somewhere so why shouldn’t it be your business?”.

    The West Midlands Universities Sport Theme Group aims to establish the West Midlands

                                                                                                                            Beyond London 2012
    as a Centre of Excellence for Higher Education, Training and Applied Research in Sport
    Performance. Its primary purpose is to engage with business for mutual benefit, leading
    up to the London 2012 Games and beyond.

West Midlands Universities Sport Theme Group
    The Group is industry specific and aims to             to addressing needs of businesses is provided
    help companies identify relevant expertise and        as each group is made up of personnel from
    contacts in the region’s Universities.                Universities across the region ensuring a controlled
                                                          approach to providing customer performance
    The Universities will contribute to the development
                                                          solutions to deliver that competitive edge.
    of a network with business support agencies and
    sponsors that will increase understanding of the      To access the wide range of expert resources
    capabilities of the Higher Education Sector in the    on offer please contact either:
    sport performance arena.                              Karen Bill
    Newly established as a collective group of            Bob Peapell
    Universities to promote excellence, creativity and    Member Universities include:
    innovation through sport performance, WMUSTG
                                                          Aston University
    is keen to talk to companies to explore working
    together for mutual benefit.                           Birmingham City University
                                                          Coventry University
    Examples of services and solutions that
    Universities have helped to create include;           Harper Adams University College
                                                          Keele University
     Equipment Design and Materials Development
                                                          Newman College
     Talent ID and Development
                                                          Staffordshire University
     Human Sciences
                                                          University College Birmingham
     Performance Measurement Technologies
                                                          University of Birmingham
     Facilities and Sport Development and
     Community Provision                                  University of Warwick

     Sport and Coaching Education                         University of Wolverhampton
                                                          University of Worcester

                                                                                                                            Page 45
    The collective resource of these diverse
    organisations means that a focused approach
                                                                                     WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS   LONDON 2012
                                       Legacy is a key theme for the London 2012 Games, which goes
                                       beyond just the Olympic Park, which will be transformed into the
                                       largest urban park created in Europe for more than 150 years.

                                       After London 2012, the legacy
                                       The Games will leave a key legacy of national benefits in culture, sport,
                                       volunteering, tourism and business.
                                       The worldwide exposure that the Games will bring will provide a
                                       welcome boost in the profile for not just London itself, but the wider UK.
                                       This can manifest itself in many different ways - for instance following the
                                       2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester, admissions of overseas
                                       students to the city’s University rose by 22%.
                                       The knowledge and experience gained in undertaking London 2012
                                       Games-related work, whatever the scale, will put commercial entities on an
                                       even better footing to compete for other business beyond London 2012.
                                       Training and other investments made in servicing London 2012 Games
                                       contracts will allow the targeting of other market opportunities, whilst
                                       supply chain relationships and other partnership arrangements forged will
                                       put businesses in good stead for the future.
                                       The CompeteFor online brokerage service will continue after London
                                       2012 for general government and public sector contracts and, although
                                       somewhat smaller in scale to the Games, Glasgow will host the
                                       Commonwealth Games in 2014.
                                       For further information on the London 2012 Olympic Legacy Action Plan
                                       Source: London 2012 / 2003 Commonwealth Games Legacy


                                                                                                  Beyond London 2012
Going for gold again
Few of the companies hoping for business out of the
London 2012 Games can claim to have been involved
the last time London hosted the Games, but Vaughtons
of Birmingham can.
Located in Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter
since 1819, Vaughtons specialises in the highest quality
commemorative medals and memorabilia. The company
has been supplying medals to the football league since
1911 and regularly provides medals to major sporting
events, the most recent being the 2007 European Indoor
Athletics Championships which were held in Birmingham.
“We normally create our own designs in-house but on
this occasion the organisers had their own designer and
we were very happy to work with her” says MD Steve
Hobbis. “It’s important to have some flexibility when
working for a major event like this.”
While they were proud to be awarded the athletics
contract, Steve believes that London 2012 represents a
huge opportunity for the region.
“I would urge all manufacturing businesses in the region
to seize whatever business they can from the London
2012 Games. There will be plenty of contracts up for
grabs and we don’t want them going abroad - let’s use
them to kick-start our economy!”

                                                                                                  Page 47
                                                           WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS   LONDON 2012
assistance to help you

    give it all
 in the London 2012 opportunity
There are a number of organisations that can provide useful

                                                                                                              Where to get more information
information on how your organisation can make the most of the
London 2012 business opportunity.

Key contacts and Support
Business Link in the West Midlands
Telephone Helpline 0845 600 2012
Business Link in the West Midlands provides an information portal for small
and medium businesses.
It can provide a range of practical support and resources, including a team of highly
experienced business advisers, who can help SMEs to be in the best possible shape to
compete for London 2012-related opportunities.
Advantage West Midlands
Leading the economic development of the West Midlands, AWM works
alongside a wide range of public, private and voluntary sectors partners to
help the region to prosper.
West Midlands Business Council
A single region-wide body, representing the interests of all the major business groupings -
professional organisations and trade associations - the West Midlands Business Council
operates at a strategic level - regionally, nationally and internationally to ensure business
needs are taken on board - and acted on.
Confederation of West Midlands Chambers of Commerce
The Confederation brings together the following Chambers of Commerce: Birmingham
and Solihull, The Black Country, Coventry and Warwickshire, Herefordshire and
Worcestershire, North Staffordshire, Shropshire, and Southern Staffordshire. Its aim is to
provide a comprehensive, powerful and influential voice for businesses in the region.

                                                                                                              Page 49
                                                                      WEST MIDLANDS BUSINESS    LONDON 2012

    For Greek God statues, try the Black Country!
    Many people who witnessed the spectacular opening ceremony of the Athens Games in
    2004 will remember the ‘exploding’ statues of Greek Gods. Few would know however,
    that those giant statues were designed and produced in Wednesbury in the
    West Midlands.
    Rojac Tooling Technologies is well established as a market leader in the manufacture
    of mould tooling jigs and fixtures, master models, patterns and prototypes. In 2003 the
    company was approached by Stage One Creative Services, who had been commissioned by
    Jack Morton Public Events to help organise the opening ceremony of the Athens Games.
    “The enquiry came through our website and was about large capacity five-axis model
    making - a specialist skill which we provide but few other firms can offer” explains MD,
    Duncan Blakemore.
    The enquiry basically asked if Rojac was capable of helping to create the giant statues of
    Greek Gods required for the opening event. Duncan is convinced that it was a combination
    of Rojac’s expertise in a highly specialist area and the company’s commitment to IT which
    landed them the prestigious contract: “IT played a part in us landing the contract through
    the web but was also crucial at every step of managing the project and creating the four
    statues” he says.
    Unlike other engineering companies, Rojac manage all their projects on-line using their own
    web-based software tool, “OPM Creator” which meant that, although the client was often
    in Athens, the ability to check progress and liaise with engineers via the internet meant the
    need for meetings and travel was cut to a minimum. Rojac’s CNC machines were even
    hooked up with web cams to allow the client to watch the manufacturing process live!
    The opening event of the Games was undoubtedly a proud day for West Midlands
    manufacturing. The 15 metre statue stood loud and proud above everything in the water-
    filled main stadium before being exploded into several pieces onto which scenes from past
    Games were beamed. In a Russian doll effect, the next statue was revealed by the explosion
    of the previous one.
    “It was a fantastic moment for everyone involved in the project” says Duncan. “And it proves
    that if a company from Wednesbury can land a deal at the Athens Games, there must be
    hundreds of opportunities for firms in the West Midlands when it comes to London 2012.”

                                                     Regional Contacts

                                                                                                                                  Where to get more information
                                                     For business information and help
Hycontrol strike gold                                Kul Sanghera, Head of Supplier Development,
                                                     Business Link in the West Midlands
in Beijing                                 

Redditch-based level specialists, Hycontrol,         For information on the Cultural Olympiad
                                                     Paul Kaynes, Creative Programmer, Culture West Midlands
are proof that you don’t need to be on the 
doorstep to benefit from an event - the
                                                     For information on tourism opportunities
company have completed a major contract in           Nigel Russell, Policy & Research Manager, Advantage West Midlands
relation to the 2008 Beijing Games.        
Hycontrol supplied over 250 of their Minflex-         For wider information on the London 2012 Games
LR ultrasonic level control units for controlling    Jim Johnston, Business Manager - 2012 Games, Advantage West Midlands
and monitoring water levels at stations
across the Beijing subway network. Beijing’s
transport infrastructure has been a key area for     Sub Regional London 2012 Games Contacts
improvement to cater for the influx of millions of    Birmingham Mike Osborne, Birmingham City Council
visitors. This has involved refurbishment of 70
existing stations and the construction of seven      Black Country Simon Hall, Black Country Sports Partnership
new lines. Hycontrol spotted the potential for
work in the city as soon as the Games were           Herefordshire Steve Ashton, Herefordshire County Council
announced and even opened an office in Beijing
in 2002.                                             Shropshire Rosemary Smith, County Sports Partnership
The contract, which was won against very stiff
international competition involved extensive site    Solihull Clare Rudge, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
trials over three years, during which Hycontrol’s
Beijing-based engineers worked very closely          Staffordshire Chris Kirkland, Staffordshire County Council
with the authorities and main contractors.
                                                     Stoke-on-Trent Vanessa Darlington, Stoke-on-Trent City Council
“This was a simple case of us seeking out an
opportunity, being proactive and beating off stiff
competition with an excellent product” says          Warwickshire Tom Clift, Coventry, Solihull & Warwickshire Partnership
Sales Director Nigel Allen. “The result has been
a major contract for us which demonstrates the       Worcestershire Peter Turvey, Hereford & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce
huge potential which the Games provide for

                                                                                                                                  Page 51
businesses - wherever they are taking place.”

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