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With all of the attention Macon by ijp19172

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                                                 of graduating students with the skills and
                                                 credentials needed to meet professional
              ith all of the attention Macon     workforce needs in the region. We have
State receives as we continue to introduce       about 65 promising students who had
new degree programs and grow our                 already completed their core curriculum
enrollment, one characteristic of the            and were qualified to immediately begin
College that we may not talk about quite         their upper-division education courses
as much is simply this: our campuses look        this fall. I am ecstatic about the potential
great!                                           of this program and its positive impact
   Macon State’s recent building and             on Central Georgia.
renovation projects, coupled with the               Many of you, as donors to the Macon
landscaping talent of our Plant Services         State College Foundation, have been
department and the ongoing development           directly involved in the College’s
of the Waddell Barnes Botanical Gardens,         continued success. New facilities and
have created the most attractive and             programs are only as good as the students,
pleasant collegiate environment I’ve             faculty and staff who use them and
experienced in a 28-year academic career.        participate in them, and your gifts help
And our most recent renovation project           us attract top students and faculty and
is one of which we are particularly proud.       enhance the teaching and learning tools
   This fall, Macon State unveiled the           available to them.
results of a $5 million renovation project         As this Annual Report shows, the MSC
– funded by the state Legislature - that         Foundation gets stronger each year. I am
transformed our library into an                  sincerely grateful that you consider its
ultramodern resource for our students,           work on behalf of the College to be a
faculty and staff. The renovation allowed        worthy investment.
us to bring together to one place a variety
of services that enhance learning. Many
of these services are technology oriented,
others involve traditional one-on-one            David A. Bell, President
interaction between students and the staffs      Macon State College
of the Library and the Academic Resource
Center. And it’s all taking place in a bright,
attractive environment that is already
proving popular with students and other
members of the College community.
   The Library renovation is the College’s
fourth major building project since 1998,
so if you haven’t been on the Macon
campus in a while (and if you’ve never
been to the now 2-year-old Warner Robins
Campus), stop by and take a look. You’ll
like what you see.
   Other major news this fall includes the
introduction of the Bachelor of Science
in Early Childhood Education on both
the Macon and Warner Robins campuses.
   As with our other bachelor’s programs,
this degree is central to our core mission
                                               State into what it is today: a highly
                                               regarded, focused baccalaureate            MSC Foundation Board of Trustees
                                               institution with a strong liberal arts
                                               core and degree programs linked to         Officers
                                               the regional economy. Together, we         Waddell Barnes, M.D., Chair
                                                                                          Retired Physician
                                               – the friends, faculty, staff and alumni
                                                                                          Mary S. Edenfield Gibbs, Vice-Chair
                                               of Macon State – have helped build         Owner, Strato, Inc.
                                               community-based educational                James B. Patton, Secretary
                                               resources on beautiful, functional         President and CEO, Patton Albertson & Miller LLC
                                                                                          Levy G. Youmans, Jr., Treasurer
                                               campuses that attract top quality          Vice President for Fiscal Affairs, Macon State College
                                               faculty to our region and enhance
                                               our standard of life.                      Trustees
                                                  On behalf of the Board of Trustees,     David A. Bell
                                               I thank you for investing in Central       President, Macon State College
                                                                                          Charles W. Bishop
                                               Georgia with your gifts to the Macon

                                                                                          Chairman, Bibb County Board of Commissioners
                                               State College Foundation and for           Homer N. Childs
                                               your ongoing commitment to the             Certified Public Accountant, Homer N. Childs, CPA
                                                                                          Sue B. Chipman
              y friends, we have               future of the College. The Foundation      Executive Director, Macon State College Foundation
invested wisely. By choosing to                Board of Trustees remains dedicated        John D. Christy
support Macon State College, we are            to serving as conscientious stewards       Attorney at Law
                                               of your gifts and representatives of       Mary A. Comer
contributing to the remarkable growth                                                     Community Volunteer
and progress of one of our                     your investment.                           Isaac J. Culver, III
community’s greatest educational                                                          President and CEO, Progressive Consulting
                                                                                          Technologies, Inc.
and economic assets.                                                                      A. Donald Faulk, Jr.
   As citizens of Central Georgia, we                                                     President and CEO, Central Georgia Health Systems
each have a vested interest in the             Waddell Barnes, M.D., Chairman             & Medical Center of Central Georgia
                                                                                          Waldo Floyd, III, M.D.
continuing advancement of Macon                MSC Foundation Board of Trustees           Physician
State. The availability of top quality,                                                   Jackson R. Harshbarger
affordable higher education to the                                                        Assistant Vice President, GEICO
                                                                                          Robert F. Hatcher, Sr.
residents of our community impacts                                                        President and CEO, MidCountry Financial Corp.
all of us. Since the vast majority of                                                     J. Milton Heard, IV
Macon State graduates remain in                                                           President, Hart’s Mortuary
Central Georgia, we benefit directly                                                      Dwight C. Jones
                                                                                          President, Ocmulgee Fields, Inc.
from the knowledge and talent they                                                        June G. Lowe
bring to local business, industry,                                                        Executive Vice President, Museum of Aviation Foundation
healthcare and now – with the                                                             Edward D. Lukemire
                                                                                          Judge of Superior Court, Houston Judicial Circuit
inauguration of the new education                                                         Charlotte E. McMullan
program – our schools.                                                                    Certified Public Accountant, McMullan & McMullan, LLP
   Your generosity and commitment                                                         Buckner F. Melton
                                                                                          Attorney at Law, Sell & Melton, LLP
have been key to shaping Macon                                                            Tommy C. Olmstead
                                                                                          Manager of Public Relations/Governmental Affairs,
                                                                                          Bibb County
                                                                                          Anita J. Ponder
   MSC Office of Development                                                              Assistant Executive Director, Tubman African
   and Alumni Affairs                                                                     American Museum
                                                                                          C. Warren Selby, Jr.
   Sue B. Chipman, Director of Development and                                            President, Warren Associates, Inc.
    Alumni Affairs                                                                        F. Tredway Shurling
   Beth T. Byers, Associate Director of Development                                       President, Shurling & Company
   Wendy A. Clark, Development Coordinator                                                Daniel T. Slagle
                                                                                          General Manager - Business Services,
   100 College Station Drive                                                              Cox Communications
   Macon, Georgia 31206-5145                                                              Joe E. Timberlake, III
   478-471-2732                                                                           Retired Businessman
   Fax 478-471-2846                                                                       Lawrence C. Walker, Jr.
                                                                                          Attorney, Walker, Hubert, Gray & Byrd
                                                                       teacher education. Beyond this, Invest in Success funding has
                                                                       provided support for the Waddell Barnes Botanical Gardens
                                                                       project, helping to make the Macon State campus one of the most
        hanks to the enthusiastic support of many faculty, staff,
                                                                       attractive learning environments in the University System, an
alumni, foundations, businesses and friends, Invest in Success has
                                                                       asset to Central Georgia and an appropriate reflection of our
been not only the largest comprehensive fundraising campaign in
                                                                       beautiful community.
the history of the Macon State College Foundation, but,
                                                                          In the coming years, funding from Invest in Success pledges
overwhelmingly, its most successful, exceeding the $6 million
                                                                       and your ongoing support will continue to fuel Macon State’s
goal set at the launch in 2003.
                                                                       expansion and enhance its impact on the region. The College is
  As a primary source of well-educated professionals who remain
                                                                       one of the fastest growing institutions in the University System
in this community to live and work, Macon State is strongly
                                                                       of Georgia, having this fall exceeded a milestone enrollment of
committed to expanding and enhancing its curriculum to meet the
                                                                       6,000 students. What we have been able to do through Invest in
ever-changing needs of the local market. Invest in Success resources
                                                                       Success is only the beginning of the benefits the Campaign will
have funded programs and initiatives specifically designed to
                                                                       have on Macon State College, and, ultimately, Central Georgia.
address some of Central Georgia’s most pressing challenges, most
                                                                         The Macon State College Foundation is grateful to all individuals,
notably in the areas of nursing and healthcare, education, economic
                                                                       families and organizations that supported Invest in Success and
development and business outreach. A significant portion of IIS
                                                                       welcomes this opportunity to provide an update on the dividends
monies have been earmarked to endow student scholarships,
                                                                       generated by their investments. Thank you for recognizing Macon
nursing faculty development, professorships, faculty chairs and
                                                                       State College for what it is: one of our region’s most valuable
scholars. Additional campaign monies have gone to support faculty
and professional development, for library enhancement, and, in
fall 2005, to help launch the College’s newest degree program in

  ‘Invest in Success’ Campaign Gifts and Pledges

    $1,500,000 - $2,000,000                        $50,000 - $99,999                      $10,000 - $24,999
    Charles H. Jones Family Foundation, Inc.       BB&T Charitable Foundation             Myra and Albert Abrams
      Charles H. Jones                               David Lanier                         Burgess Pigment Company
                                                   Waldo Floyd, III, M.D.                   Malcolm S. Burgess, Jr.
    $1,000,000 - $1,499,999                        L. Kenneth Hammond                     Mary A. and John D. Comer
    City of Warner Robins                          Robert F. Hatcher, Sr.                 Community Foundation of Central Georgia
    The Peyton Anderson Foundation, Inc.                                                  Elliott Machine Shop, Inc.
                                                   $25,000 - $49,999                        A.V. Elliott
    $500,000 - $999,999                            Waddell Barnes, M.D.                   The Farmers Bank
    Central Georgia Health System                  E. J. Grassmann Trust                    Thomas G. Weber
     A. Donald Faulk, Jr.                            William Engel                        Houston Healthcare
                                                   Security Bank Corporation                Frank J. Aaron, Jr.
                                                     H. Averett Walker                    Joan B. Huffman
    $100,000 - $499,999                                                                   The James H. Porter Charitable Trust
    BellSouth Foundation, Inc.                     Shurling and Company
                                                     F. Tredway Shurling                    SunTrust Bank
    Coliseum Health System                                                                  W. Stephens Lamb, Jr.
      Allen Golson
    JET Foundation, Inc.                                                                                          Continued on next page
    Robins Federal Credit Union
      Board of Directors
L. E. Schwartz & Son, Inc.                    MidSouth Federal Credit Union           Mr. and Mrs. James B. Patton
  Melvin and Steve Kruger                       Claude E. Garrett                     Anita J. Ponder
The Macon Telegraph                           Dee B. Minter                           Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.
  Pamela J. Browning                          Progressive Consulting Technologies       Carol Jenkins Barnett
Mary Allen Lindsey Branan Foundation            Isaac J. Culver, III                  John F. Rogers, Jr.
Larry F. Mobley, G. Scott Sell and            Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Ragland            SCANA Energy
  Mary Lee Sell Watts                         The Samuel T. Mercer Foundation, Inc.     Helen Stembridge
National Endowment for the Humanities           SunTrust Bank                         Mrs. William P. Simmons
John W. Ramsey                                  W. Stephens Lamb, Jr.                 Sonny’s Real Pit Bar B Q
Sherri and Ronnie Rollins                     Barbara and Larry Stinson                 Brad Fink
Tana and Warren Selby, Jr.                    Utility Services Company, Inc.          Helen and Guy Starling
Jimmy Spinks                                    Carl Cummings                         State Farm Companies Foundation
Street Home Medical, Inc.                     Larry Walker                            Strato, Inc.
  Ron Street                                  Jackie and Larry Warnock                  Sebie Lacey and Greg Edenfield
SunTrust Bank, Middle Georgia and Trusco      Kim Ragland Wheeler and                 James Q. Whitaker, M.D.
  Capital Management                            Jon S. Wheeler                        Janis and Eddie Wiggins
  Mardie Herndon                              One donor wishes to remain anonymous    Youmans Chevrolet
Wachovia Bank, N.A.                                                                     George E. Youmans, Jr.
  Chuck Harmon                                $1,000 - $4,999                         Joan and Levy Youmans, Jr.
Wachovia Foundation                           119 Design
  Ben Boswell, Jr.                              Donna B. Jackson                      $100 - $999
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Youmans                Virgil L. Adams                         Byrd and Company, LLC
                                              Baldschun, Cable and Jones, LLC           Mark Byrd
$5,000 - $9,999                               Bank of America                         Children's Friend, Inc.
Aramark Corporation                             Louis Holloway                        Colonial Bank
  Janet Walker                                Oliver Bateman                            John McSween
Dee and Patrick Bartness                      Chase Broadcasting, Inc.                Bonnie L. and Michael A. Dirr
David A. Bell                                   Gordon Van Mol                        William H. Epps, Jr.
The Boeing Company                            Guy C. Cheatham, Jr.                    E. Jerry Harrell
  Obie Jones                                  Mr. and Mrs. John D. Christy            Mr. and Mrs. William A. Lane
Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corporation      Jeanie Enyart and Mark Doyle            A. W. Lee and Company
  Dan Snyder                                  Gannett Foundation, Inc.                Alexander Burton Lee, III
Beth and Bill Byers                           Mary S. Edenfield Gibbs                 Marion “Brother” Liles
CB&T Bank of Middle Georgia                   Rita and Michael Hale                   McNair, McLemore, Middlebrooks and
  R. Gary Bishop                              J. Milton Heard, IV                       Co., LLP
Sandra E. and Homer N. Childs                 Knight-Ridder, Inc.                     Monty W. and Susan S. Rogers
Sue and Ron Chipman                           June G. Lowe                              Foundation, Inc.
Cox Communications                            Edward D. Lukemire                        Susan and Monty Rogers
  Michael Dyer                                Macon State College Women's Caucus      Nottingham, Brook and Pennington, Inc.
Cox Communications, Business Services         Martin Snow, LLP                          Charlie E. Pennington
  Daniel Slagle                                 E. Jerry Harrell                      Sharon and Morris Purcel
Harriet Murphey Durkee and                    Martin Foundation, Inc.                 Barbara A. Shaheen
  Sally Murphey Heard                           T. Baldwin Martin                     Thompson, Davis and Hogan
Flint Energies Foundation, Inc.               Mr. and Mrs. William M. Matthews          Bob Thompson
  Susan B. Poole                              Thomas H. McCook                        Menlia M. and Robert T. Trammell
Barbara J. Frizzell                           Lynn W. McCraney                        Dr. D. T. Walton, Jr.
Griffith Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.   Tommie and Buck Melton
  Benjamin W. Griffith, III                   New Southern Bank
Sara Jackson Hertwig                            Mark Stevens
McMullan & McMullan                           Tommy C. Olmstead
  Charlotte E. and V. Fain McMullan
                                                 College that hasn’t benefited from
                                                 gifts to the Annual Campaign.”
                                                    Typically, Annual Campaign funds
            s a pivotal educational and
                                                 are targeted toward three general areas:
economic resource for Central Georgia and
                                                 student scholarships, faculty and staff
its residents, Macon State College is
                                                 enrichment programs, and
committed to playing a strong, active role
                                                 collaborative community projects.
in our region. Your gifts to the MSC
                                                 Annual Campaign donors support
Foundation Annual Campaign help support
                                                 faculty research, and help provide the
initiatives and activities that make the
                                                 College with resources to take
College a more vital institution and
                                                 advantage of innovative teaching and
strengthen its connection to community.
                                                 learning opportunities, as they arise.
   Although the state of Georgia provides
                                                 In addition, gifts to the Campaign
the funding to meet the primary needs of
                                                 enable the Foundation to sponsor the
Macon State College, it is the responsibility
                                                 annual President’s Awards to recognize      2005-2006, the Foundation awarded 155
of the College, as it is for all institutions
                                                 Macon State faculty and staff for           scholarships totaling more than $90,000.
in the University System, to acquire
                                                 outstanding teaching and service.           Besides these awards, another 91 students
through private donations the additional
                                                    Annual Campaign funds also allow the     received “Stick Around” Scholarships,
dollars needed to enhance and enrich the
                                                 Foundation to bring important educational   established several years ago by the
quality of educational experience for its
                                                 activities to campus, such as the Georgia   Foundation to encourage MSC associate
students. Securing and overseeing the
                                                 Science Olympiad Regional Tournament,       degree graduates to continue on at Macon
proper stewardship of donor contributions
                                                 the Young Authors Conference, the           State in pursuit of their bachelor’s degrees.
on behalf of the College is the role of the
                                                 Regional Math Olympics and the Southeast    In the past five years, 450 students have
MSC Foundation.
                                                 Model African Union Conference.             earned “Stick Around” Scholarships,
   “Annual Campaign funds are so valuable
                                                    But perhaps the most important way the   totaling in excess of $136,600 – completely
because they give us the financial flexibility
                                                 Foundation is able to use Annual Campaign   funded by Annual Campaign supporters.
to take advantage of emerging opportunities
                                                 funds is in support of scholarships to
in support of the College,” said Sue B.
                                                 Macon State students who have
Chipman, MSC Foundation executive
                                                 demonstrated academic promise. For
director. “There’s hardly an area of the
                                           E. J. Grassmann Trust                   University System of Georgia Foundation
   The Summit Society                        William V. Engel                      Larry Walker
                                           Robert F. Hatcher, Sr.                  Mr. and Mrs. George E. Youmans
   Recognizes donors whose
                                           JET Foundation, Inc.
   cumulative lifetime gifts total         Mary Allen Lindsey Branan Foundation    Silver Circle ($2,500-$4,999)
   $100,000 or more                          Wachovia Bank, N.A. Trustee           Myra and Albert Abrams
                                           National Endowment for the Humanities   AOC Educational Foundation
   BellSouth Foundation, Inc.              The Peyton Anderson Foundation, Inc.      Dixie Crow Chapter
   Central Georgia Health System           Robins Federal Credit Union             David A. Bell
     A. Donald Faulk, Jr.                    Board of Directors                    Bry-Mel Homes, Inc.
   Charles H. Jones Family                 Sherri and Ronnie Rollins                 Jackie and Larry Warnock
     Foundation, Inc.                      Security Bank Corporation               CB&T Bank of Middle Georgia
     Charles H. Jones                        H. Averett Walker                       R. Gary Bishop
                                                                                   The Farmers Bank
   City of Warner Robins
                                           The President’s Circle                    Thomas G. Weber
   Community Foundation of Central
                                                                                   Houston Healthcare
     Georgia                               Recognizes donors who contribute          Frank J. Aaron, Jr.
   E. J. Grassmann Trust                   $1,000 or more annually                 Joan B. Huffman
      William V. Engel                                                             L. E. Schwartz & Son, Inc.
   JET Foundation, Inc.                    Gold Circle ($5,000-$9,999)               Melvin and Steve Kruger
   The Peyton Anderson Foundation, Inc.    Waddell Barnes, M.D.                    MidSouth Federal Credit Union
   Robins Federal Credit Union             Burgess Pigment Company                   Claude E. Garrett
     Board of Directors                      Malcolm S. Burgess, Jr.               Publix Super Markets Charities
   University System of Georgia            Mary A. and John D. Comer               Utility Service Co., Inc.
                                           Cox Communications, Business Services     Carl S. Cummings
                                            Daniel T. Slagle                       Wachovia Foundation
The Founders Society                       PK Ebert                                  Ben Boswell, Jr.
Recognizes donors who contribute           Flint Energies Foundation, Inc.         Warner Robins Supply Company, Inc.
                                             Susan B. Poole
$10,000 or more annually                   GEICO
                                                                                     Mark Bayer
                                             Jack Harshbarger
BB&T Charitable Foundation                 The Macon Telegraph                     Bronze Circle ($1,000-$2,499)
 David Lanier                                Pamela J. Browning                    13 WMAZ
Central Georgia Health System              Parrish Construction Group, Inc.          Dodie Cantrell
 A. Donald Faulk, Jr.                        Dave Cyr                              Virgil L. Adams
Charles H. Jones Family Foundation, Inc.   John W. Ramsey                          Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Amerson, Jr.
 Charles H. Jones                          Reynolds American                       Baldschun, Cable and Jones, LLC
Cherokee Brick & Tile Company                Dan Snyder                            Bank of America
Coliseum Health System                     SunTrust Bank, Middle Georgia             Louis Holloway
 Allen Golson                                Mardie R. Herndon, Jr.
Community Foundation of Central Georgia                                            Continued on next page
Bronze Circle continued                      Rivoli Bank                            Combined Federal Campaign
                                               Ed Loomis                            Dr. and Mrs. Brad N. Ford
Dee and Patrick Bartness                     Vicki M. Rogers                        Mary S. Edenfield-Gibbs
BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc.           Shurling and Company                   Sara Jackson Hertwig
  Terry D. Smith                               F. Tredway Shurling                  Knight-Ridder, Inc.
Denise and Alan Bickford                     Patricia B. Simmons                      Nancy Ashton
Beth and Bill Byers                          Dr. and Mrs. William H. Somers         A. Burton Lee, III
Guy C. Cheatham, Jr.                         Sonny's Real Pit Bar B Q               LJL Truck Center Inc.
Sandra E. and Homer N. Childs                  Brad Fink                              Tim Leskosky
Sue and Ron Chipman                          Jimmy Spinks                           MaconPower
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Christy                 Steel Services Company                   Daniel D. Gibson, Jr.
Coca Cola Company                              Ronald T. Binner, Jr.                Beverly B. Martin
  Kelli Finch                                Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey V. Stewart, III   Charles R. Matson
Sandra K. Couch                              Barbara and Larry Stinson              Harry G. McAlum
Steven M. Davis                              Elizabeth G. Tripp                     Middle Georgia Claims Association
Lenda B. Dillard                             Tim Vick                                 N. Wayne Yarbrough
Elliott Machine Shop, Inc.                   Wal-Mart Store #2890                   Larry Mobley
  A. V. Elliott                                Keith Rhinehart                      Monty W. and Susan S. Rogers
Merry and Don Faulk                          Janis and Eddie Wiggins                  Foundation, Inc.
The Fickling Family Foundation               Youmans Chevrolet                        Susan and Monty Rogers
  Roy H. Fickling                              George E. Youmans, Jr.               Tommy C. Olmstead
Barbara J. Frizzell                          Joan and Levy Youmans, Jr.             Parts Central, Inc.
Amy and Peyton R. Glore                      One donor wishes to remain anonymous     Milton Butler
W. Michael Hale                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. James B. Patton
Jackson R. Harshbarger                                                              Mr. and Mrs. C. Warren Selby, Jr.
J. M. Huber Corporation                      The Blue and                           Helen and Guy Starling
  Harland Archer                             Gold Club                              Benjamin B. Tate
Tracey A. Jensen                             Recognizes donors                      Dr. D. T. Walton, Jr.
Donald M. Leebern, Jr.                                                              Thomas W. Waugh
June and Chet Lowe                           who contribute $100 to                 E. Randall Wright
Edward D. Lukemire                           $999 annually
Macon Supply Company, Inc.                                                          Continued on next page
  D. Frank Gunn                              Scholars Club ($500-$999)
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Matthews             Chase Broadcasting, Inc.
Lynn W. McCraney                              Gordon K. Van Mol
McMullan & McMullan                          Children's Friend, Inc.
  Charlotte E. and V. Fain McMullan
McNair, McLemore, Middlebrooks & Co.
Tommie and Buck Melton
Dee B. Minter
Larry W. Moore
Pam and Joe R. Nemec
New Southern Bank
  Mark A. Stevens
Progressive Consulting Technologies
  Isaac J. Culver, III
Pyles Plumbing & Utility Contractors, Inc.
  S. Brent Pyles
Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Ragland
Riverside Ford, Inc.
  John F. Shoemaker
Honors Club ($100-$499)           Kevin S. Floyd                           Holly T. Morrison                       Martha A. Wilson
Abbott Laboratories Fund          Frances S. Brown-Dodd, Inc.              Pella S. Murphy                         Mary D. Wilson
Larry J. Allen                      Frances Smith Brown-Dodd               Dr. and Mrs. Ralph G. Newton, Jr.       Sheryl H. Winn
Stephany S. Archibald             Lee A. Fruitticher                       Pamela V. O'Neal                        Mary D. Wolfe
Pamela R. Arlov                   Charlene C. Goodwin                      Panaprint, Inc.                         Ginger P. and J. Larry Wolfenbarger
John R. Arnold                    Edward J. Gowen, Jr.                       Wanzie T. Collins                     Janet C. and Paul Woods, Jr.
Jeanette and Marvin Arrington     Linda L. Green                           Robin C. Parkerson                      Dr. and Mrs. William W. Wright
Tina K. Ashford                   Steve E. Greene                          Carmelita B. Parrish                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Wysowski
Vivian E. Austin                  Mr. and Mrs. J. Ellsworth Hall, III      Renee Pearman                           N. C. Yang
Anita L. Bailey                   Joel D. Haywood                          Claudia T. Pecor                        One donor wishes to remain
Elizabeth S. Barnes               Yolanda Headley                          B. Wayne Perry                          anonymous
Jerry Barnes                      William G. Hervey                        Mary Jo Purser
Bearings and Drives, Inc.         Rita M. Higgins                          Putzel's Lighting, Inc.                 Donor
  Andrew H. Nations               Patricia C. Hill                           Terry Barrett                         Recognizes donors who contribute $1
Sandra W. Bevill                  W. Chris Hill                            Monica G. Radcliff                      to $99 annually
Blade Uniforms & Promotions       Brenda F. Hogan                          Carolyn K. Rath
  Terry Long                      Hudson & Marshall, Inc.                  Barbara J. Ratzlaff                     Katherine D. Adams
Pat A. Borck                        Ben G. Hudson                          Marvin E. Reid
                                                                                                                   Charles F. Aiken
James M. Bouvia                   George T. Hunt, III                      Elizabeth A. Riley
                                                                                                                   Carl W. Anderson
Laura M. Bowen                    Dr. and Mrs. Jack L. Hutcheson           Jimmie A. Robertson
                                                                                                                   Jimmy L. Anderson
Carolyn F. Bradley                Barbara E. Hutto                         Gary S. Rogers
                                                                                                                   Donna P. Balding
John C. Bredfeldt                 Patti J. Impink                          Versie J. Rouse
Andrew D. Brown                   Lynnea K. Ingle                          Starlar L. Sanford                      Alvin Banks
Beth Brown                        Jackson Automotive Group, Inc.           Juliane Santiago                        H. Foster Bell
S. Phillip Brown                    James L. Jackson, Jr.                  Nanette B. Sayles                       Beverly H. Bergman
Lynne B. Bryan                    Harriet Ross Jardine                     Manoj H. Shah, M.D.                     Amy J. Berke
Nancy M. Bunker                   Peggy P. and William R. Jerles, D.D.S.   Barbara A. Shaheen                      Boeing Gift Matching Program
Butler Automotive Group           Frank C. Jones                           Earl W. Shinn                             Roy Kaplan
  G. Marshall Butler              June D. Jones                            Mrs. William P. Simmons                 Shaun L. Bohannon
Kevin Cantwell and Betsy Lerner   Rhonda D. Kelley                         David S. Sims                           J. C. Braswell
Andy T. Clark                     Robert A. Kelly                          Sandra K. Skarsaune                     Annie M. Bray
Ronald P. Clay                    Gwen B. Kitchens                         Ronald W. Slade                         Patrick S. Brennan
Charlie E. Cloaninger, Jr.        Stacy L. Kluge                           Donald L. Smith                         Don K. Brown
Colonial Bank                     Mr. and Mrs. William A. Lane             R. Todd Smith                           Melanie J. Brown
  John McSween                    Cathy Q. Lee                             Sheron Smith                            Karen B. Bryan
Clyde T. Conine, Jr.              Sue G. Leslie                            Southland Waste Systems of Georgia      Vylene Bryant
Linda W. Cooper                   Marion "Brother" Liles                     Palmer N. Rolfes                      Jeffrey C. Burne
Lilia D. Corley                   Ann E. Loyd                              Debbie and Grier Sowell                 Robert A. Burnham
Rebecca J. Corvey                 Shirley H. and James R. Macklin          Dolores L. and Martin E. Sparrow, Jr.   E. Denise Caldon
Captain and Mrs. James R. Couch   Macon Communications, Inc.               Robert L. Stephens                      Emmylou Callis
Diane M. Craine                     John McCall                            J. Michael Stewart                      Mary A. Carney
Mr. and Mrs. Parker F. Davis      Richard L. Malone                        Larry K. Stirewalt                      Daisy M. Carracter
B. Samuel Dean                    Jeffrey A. Marshall                      Nancy P. Stroud                         Tina C. Carreker
Gene R. Deffenbaugh               Master Gardeners of Central Georgia      Eric L. Sun                             Nyshona M. Carthon
Adrienne T. Chatfield Dillard       Vivian Skipper                         Bethany L. Sutton                       Sydney H. Chalfa
Robert L. Dixon                   Mathis Akins Concrete Block Co.          Sasha Tomic                             Charles L. Cheek
Roger G. Dixon                      Donald C. Sheffield                    Adam R. Trahan                          Kelli Cheng
Carol E. Doyle                    Edward D. McDowell, Jr.                  Menlia M. and Robert T. Trammell        Carol S. Cheshire
Rosemary B. Dumas                 Michelle P. McKinney                     Wimberly and Marc Treadwell
                                                                                                                   Valerie D. Clark
Wanda M. Eanes                    James H. McNeill                         John M. Trimboli, Ph.D.
                                                                                                                   Tiffany D. Coder
Margaret P. Easterlin             Mid-Ga Trailers                          William E. Upton
Laurence W. Fennelly                Blanche and Martin Presley             Genevieve G. Whitaker
Carol E. Ferrell                  Teresa J. Miller                         Joseph M. White, Jr.                    Continued on next page
James Floyd                       Mary K. Morris                           H. Al Williams
Donor List continued

Sharon E. Colley                      Sheryl N. Humphrey               Rodger A. Oren                        Stephen W. Taylor
Sheree S. Collins                     Myra and Craig Jackson           Bonnie L. Parker                      Tiffiany L. Telfair
Olivia J. Cook                        Barbara J. Jolley                Gloria A. Payne                       Bonita T. Tharpe
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       The easiest way to make a contribution       include the Macon State College                  Beth Byers at 478-471-2732 or
    to the Macon State College Foundation           Foundation in your estate plans.       
    is by cash or check. Securities, such as        Common forms of planned gifts are                  However you wish to give, your
    stocks and bonds, can be a beneficial           bequests through your will, life                 contribution is greatly appreciated and
    way to make a charitable gift, especially       insurance, real estate, retirement funds         will continue to enrich the educational
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    To establish a planned gift, simply             For more information, please contact
                                                political science, Kalis is now
                                                public health advisor for the
                                                Centers for Disease Control in
               artin Kalis might never have     Atlanta. He took that position after
become a Macon State College student were       working for Sytex, where he was
it not for a good friend who talked politics    responsible for the planning and
with him.                                       development of a state-of-the-art
   In the early 1990s, Kalis had delayed        emergency operation center for the
going to college for a while and was working    CDC and where he served as a
as a cardiac telemetry technician at the        consultant for the U.S. National
Houston Medical Center in his hometown          Response Team and provided
of Warner Robins. His close friend, Shannon     technical support for the Office of
Williams, had enrolled at Macon State as a      Homeland Security.
political science major.                           Kalis received his degree in
   “We had long conversations about politics,   political science from Macon State in 1995,     in Atlanta with his wife, Hillary, a high school
and that really solidified my interest,” said   then graduated summa cum laude from the         math teacher, Kalis is pleased that Macon
Kalis, 34, who received Macon State’s 2005      University of Georgia with a bachelor of arts   State has become a four-year institution and
Outstanding Alumnus Award during the            in political science/international relations.   continues to provide a high-quality college
annual Alumni Dinner on April 29.                 “When I went to UGA to get my bachelor’s      opportunity for Central Georgia residents.
   “So I became a political science major at    degree, I was pretty much bored to tears in        “I interact with graduates from (top-
Macon State.”                                   some of my political science and social         ranking universities) all the time,” Kalis said,
   The associate degrees earned by Kalis and    sciences classes because I’d already covered    “and my academic experiences at Macon
Williams served them well. Williams, who        that material at Macon State,” Kalis said. “I   and UGA were every bit as good.”
died recently, went on to law school and        was more than prepared by Macon State.”
became an assistant public defender with the       Kalis later received a master’s degree in
Monroe County Towaliga Judicial Circuit.        international affairs from George Washington      Alumni Council
   Combining his interests in healthcare and    University in Washington, D.C. Now living         C. Bruce Clark ‘88
                                                                                                  Lenda B. Dillard ‘75
                                                                                                  Kevin S. Floyd ‘00
                                                                                                  Patti J. Impink ‘74
                                                                                                  Edward D. Lukemire ‘74
                                                                                                  Renee Martinez ‘01
                                                                                                  Debra Z. Sowell ‘77
                                                                                                  William Grier Sowell, Sr. ‘77
                                                                                                  Monica Thomas ‘97
                          MSC Welcomes New                                                        Terry Tripp
                          Development Coordinator

   Wendy Clark joined Macon State College       Foundation where she served as sustaining       be to develop alumni-focused programs and
in August as development coordinator. Clark     gifts officer. Prior to joining Medcen, she     initiatives that engage graduates in the
has 12 years of experience in fundraising       served five years as director of alumni         activities of the College and Foundation.
and development, and she comes to MSC           relations at Georgia College & State
from the Medcen Community Health                University. At Macon State, her focus will
                                                receives Georgia’s Hope Scholarship,
                                                Salter has never had to pay a dime in
                                                tuition and fees.
             nybody who thinks today’s
                                                    “I know people who borrowed
young people have trouble staying focused
                                                money to go to college and they never
should meet Megan Elizabeth Salter.
                                                finished,” Salter said. “So they have
   When she graduated from Warner
                                                debt but no degree. I didn’t want that
Robins High School in 2003, Salter’s plans
                                                to happen to me.”                             A Warner Robins native, Salter said she
were carefully laid out. She would go to
                                                  For the 2005-2006 academic year, Salter   feels lucky that a good regional college
college close to home because she loves
                                                has received a scholarship through the      was available to her so she didn’t have to
living in Central Georgia and she didn’t
                                                Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of Georgia       move, at least not while she is an
want to borrow money to go away to
                                                Foundation. Previously, she was awarded     undergraduate. She is married to Eric
school. She would pursue her first
                                                a Coca-Cola Scholarship and the Jim Bass    Salter, a Houston County sheriff’s deputy,
academic love, English, but supplement
                                                Jr. Memorial Scholarship, given in memory   and has a stepdaughter, Victoria.
it with a solid background in business.
                                                of a Macon State admissions director who       Salter’s future plans include getting a
And she would apply for every scholarship
                                                was a respected community leader and        master’s degree and a doctorate with an
she could think of.
                                                supporter of the arts.                      eye on someday becoming a college
   So far, the plan is paying off handsomely.
                                                   All three scholarships are awarded       professor.
Salter, 21, has already earned an associate’s
                                                through the Macon State College                “More than anything, the scholarships
degree in English from Macon State
                                                Foundation.                                 are like getting a vote of confidence,” she
College and is close to finishing her
                                                    “The generosity of people who give      said. “I’m grateful that I don’t have to
bachelor of science in business. A hard-
                                                money to create scholarships allows         worry about paying for college so I can
working honors student with a 3.9 GPA,
                                                students to go to college who might         focus on my goals.”
Salter’s stellar academic and
                                                otherwise not get to go,” Salter said.
extracurricular record has earned her three
                                                “Without these scholarships, I don’t know
scholarships through the Macon State
                                                that I would be at Macon State College.”
College Foundation. Because she also
2005-06 Scholarships Awarded
Anna M. Nemec Memorial           Flint Energies Foundation          Jo Hammond Memorial               Nursing Class of 1975
  Enas Ahmed Yousef                Sandra M. Barajas                  Darlene Marshall                  Courtney Ann Linn
AOC – The Dixie Crow Chapter       Nobuko Mori Fogarty              Joe E. Timberlake, III            PATHWAYS
  Kimberlyn R. Carter              Stacey Marie Foran                 Jennifer Bonnie Martin            Kimberlyn R. Carter
  Aaron H. Hill                    Wesley Michael Miller            John B. Harris, Jr. Memorial        Estella Marie Dennard
  Stephen Michael Koch             Julia Baye Shadwick                Senobia Marquitta Garrett         Katherine M. Moore
  Tiffany Elaine Richards          Matthew Lloyd Talmage            Louise Y. Lockhart Memorial       Respiratory Therapy
Bobby B. Singley Memorial        Gail Burdsall Cowan Nursing         Ariana Faith Strong                Catherine Theresa Krattli
  Betsy English Haman             Autumn Noelle Anderson            Macon Business and Professional     Joseph David Lee
Coca-Cola                        Gannett Foundation/13 WMAZ         Women’s Club                      Sharon McManus Memorial
  Debra C. Bailey                  Jerome A. Gratigny                Ariana Faith Strong                Darlene Marshall
  Barbara D. Baldree             George F. Mayer Memorial           Mamie Scarborough Burney          Suburban Junior Woman's
  Jennifer M. Benjamin             Darlene Marshall                 Memorial Nursing                  Club
  Cynthia R. Gamboa              Hattie Elizabeth Wilder Memorial     Lindsay Brooks Balkcom            Jennifer Bonnie Martin
  Carrie L. Greco                Nursing                            Matrix                            University System of Georgia
  Shannon M. Griffis              Autumn Noelle Anderson              Hannah R. Marney                Foundation
  Amber D. Haslett               Jacqueline S. Scott                McNair, McLemore,                   Sandra L. Pacchioli
  Bryndon L. Holland               Jennifer Bonnie Martin           Middlebrooks & Company              Penelope L. Price
  Jessica R. Hunt                James R. Couch Memorial               Jacqueline Colson Hogan          Ruth A. Ryals
  Merry N. Yates                 Nursing                            Macon State College Foundation      Nicole R. Stover
Community Foundation               David L. Ruemmele                  Ross C. Babbitt                 Wine & Spirits Wholesalers
of Central Georgia               James T. Bass, Jr. Memorial          Danielle E. Brenner             of Georgia
  Shawna Karen McCallister         Deborah Lynn Barnes                Jacob Scott Cornell               Megan Elizabeth Salter
Emory Greene Memorial              Jessica Tischer Evans              Logan Scott Holland
  Kathryn Leigh Thompson           Laura D. Fortson                  Agon Kabashi
Evelyn Toler Bickford Memorial   Jay Ragland Memorial                 Natalie M. Morofka
  Carrie Ann Burton                Shawna Karen McCallister           Brandi Nicole Thrift
                                                                      Julie Connie Walters
Macon State College Foundation, Inc.
Financial Statements

Consolidated Statement of Financial Position June 30, 2005


  Cash and Cash Equivalents                 $158,708
  Pledges Receivable, Net                   1,908,947
  Investments                               5,407,933
  Land, at cost                             1,901,996

  Total Assets                             $9,377,584


   Liabilities and Net Assets

   Accounts Payable                           $9,605
   Scholarships Payable                       42,725
   Notes Payable                             802,321
   Interest Payable                            1,828

   Total Liabilities                         856,479

   Net Assets
     Designated                             400,000
     Undesignated                           130,619
   Temporarily Restricted                 1,987,574
   Permanently Restricted                 6,002,912
   Total Net Assets                       8,521,105

   Total Liabilities and
   Net Assets                            $9,377,584

   Annual Campaign Gifts
   In Memory of               Ethel Livingston Floyd       Lois and Spartan Taylor       Gabriela and Andrew
                              Jimmy Freeney                Luther C. Whiters, Sr.         DeBonis
   Grandfather of Kym Allen
                              Jessie M. Goodwin                                          Bill Elieson
   Robert L. Allrid
   Caleb Michael Archibald
                              Beverly T. Haines            In Honor of                   Brett W. Lowe
                              Anna M. Nemec                Leigh Ann Avera               Lizabeth L. Mellon
   Dr. Nora Kizer Bell
                              Helen Marie Pease            Dr. and Mrs. Waddell Barnes   Gloria and Jack Ragland
   Evelyn T. Bickford
                              Jay Ragland                  Julie M. Bouvia               David S. Sims
   Mitchell E. Brown
                              Dr. Gwendolyn Sell Sorrell   Leslie L. Brown
   James R. Couch
                              Pearl Stephens               Sue B. Chipman
   Kathryn and Walter Davis
Consolidated Statement of Activities Year ended June 30, 2005

REVENUES, GAINS AND OTHER SUPPORT                                                         Temporarily     Permanently
                                                                           Unrestricted    Restricted      Restricted    Total

Contributions                                                                $137,749        $184,657        $85,910     $408,316
 Contributed Services                                                          11,927            –            –             11,927
 Investment Income                                                              8,080           97,972        –            106,052
 Net Realized Gains on Sale of Investments                                     17,221           60,223       185,839       263,283
 Net Unrealized Losses on Investments Reported at Fair Value                  (15,228)         (75,895)     (247,620)     (338,743)
 Miscellaneous Income                                                            –              55,615         –            55,615
   Total Revenues, Gains and Losses and Other Support                         159,749         322,572         24,129       506,450

Net Assets Released from Restrictions
  Restrictions Satisfied by Payments                                           580,248       (580,248)        –             –
     Total Revenues, Gains, and Other Support                                  739,997       (257,676)        24,129      506,450

 Program Services:
   Scholarships                                                                 72,683          _             _            72,683
   College Support and Enhancement                                                              _             _
                                                                               678,414                                    678,414
   Total Program Services                                                                       _             _
                                                                               751,097                                    751,097

  Supportive Services:
   Foundation Administration                                                    34,170          –             –            34,170
   Fundraising                                                                  26,087          –             –            26,087
     Total Supportive Services                                                  60,257          –             –            60,257

       Total Expenses                                                          811,354          –             –           811,354

 Operating Transfers                                                           149,661        (309,771)      160,110        –

      Change in Net Assets                                                      78,304       (567,447)       184,239     (304,904)

NET ASSETS AT BEGINNING OF YEAR                                                452,315       2,555,021     5,818,673     8,826,009

NET ASSETS AT END OF YEAR                                                     $530,619     $1,987,574     $6,002,912    $8,521,105
These statements are excerpts from an independent audit of the financial
records of Macon State College Foundation, Inc. The audit was
conducted by Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC. A complete report is available
in the MSC Office of Development and Alumni Affairs.
100 College Station Drive
Macon, Georgia 31206-5145
Fax 478-471-2846

Please remember the Macon State College Foundation in your will
or estate plan. And let us know if you do!

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