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					My BCIS 340 Presentation

       Tim Hackbarth
     BCIS 340 Section 10
        Spring 2007
              Chapter 12
• Back to Low Tech Case Study

• United Airlines
• Denver International Airport (DIA)

• A case study about the world’s most
  advance baggage handling system.
   Denver International Airport
• Planned to open in October 1993
• United Airlines agreed with the city of
  Denver to take over management of the
• The airport opened for business in
  February of 1995.
 About the Computerized Baggage
         Handling System
• Designed by BAE Automated Systems Inc.
• The system consisted of a network of PCs
  communicating with thousands of remotely
  controlled carts
• The carts carried the baggage on a 21-
  mile underground track, also equipped
  with wireless communication equipment,
  linked to the PCs
 About the Computerized Baggage
     Handling System Cont.
• The PCs kept track of every bag’s current
• The carts carried the bags from check-in
  counters to sorting areas where their bar-
  code tags were scanned
• Baggage handling at the DIA was
  supposed to be fully automatic and highly
Problems with Baggage System
• The system could never process baggage
  of arriving flights
• The system failed and stopped functioning
• The software occasionally misidentified a
  bag’s destination, and the conveyor
  sometimes crushed bags
  Problems with Baggage System
• When the system failed, bags had to be
  handled manually, causing flights to be
• Also, many bags were not on the same
  planes as their owners
• United Airline’s mishandling ratio at DIA
  was higher with the system than at airports
  where baggage was handled manually
         Fixing the Problem
• At Denver the mishandling ratio was 12.4
  bags per 1,000, with the system constantly
  failing, in San Francisco the ratio was 6.1
  per 1,000 without the system
• The system was supposed to save labor
  and in return lowering cost
• Instead the system cost United Airlines a
     Fixing the Problem Cont.
• United Airlines decided to switch back to
  manually handling the baggage at the DIA
• This decision saved the airline $1 million a
• Had the system worked properly, it would
  have been deployed in may airlines
• Since it failed, no one besides United
  Airlines even tried it
Outcome of Removing the System
• United Airline’s executive said the main
  reason for switching back to manual
  handling was not to save cost but to
  improve customer service
• Getting rid of the system would save
  maintenance cost and also the cost of
  compensating customers for lost and
  misrouted bags
•   1. In what year was DIA opened?
    a. 1993
    b. 1995
    c. 2002
•   2. Which company created the advanced baggage handling
    a. United Airlines
    b. DIA
    c. BAE Automated Systems Inc.
•   3. How much did United Airlines save by removing the system?
    a. $1000000 per month
    b. $1 thousand per month
    c. $10000 per year