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									Fordham University

             November 2008
              Shaya Phillips
           What is a Portal ?
• A portal is a single web interface that provides
  personalized access to information, applications,
  business processes and much more. With portal
  technology, an organization can lower
  development and deployment costs and
  significantly increase productivity. You can
  aggregate and integrate information within a
  particular working environment, application or
  service, or use a single interface to target an
  individual users' needs and interests.
• Portals help to harmonize content, commerce and
  collaboration with business goals, enable
  collaborative work and manage large amounts of
  disparate content.
  What does the Portal Mean to Fordham?
• Meet institutional strategic objectives of a seamless integrated
  environment between the Banner Student Information System (INB),
  Banner Self Service (Webreg), Network login and files, email, the
  library, Blackboard Learning Systems and other core enterprise
• The Fordham portal will provide a single point of access to web-
  based services, improve productivity and communications,
  individualize the Fordham online experience, and expand the
  capabilities of faculty course content online.
• In addition to the integrated environment of applications, the portal
  should be able to provide:
    – The ability to access information required by a user with no more than 3
      mouse clicks
    – Single sign-on to the major enterprise applications used by students,
      faculty and staff
    – The ability to communicate to targeted audiences throughout the
    – The ability for each user to personalize the portal to the maximum
      extent possible
                 Phase I
• A development server has been set up to
  test software; explore proposed uses of
  the portal and train staff and advisors.
• Implement a demonstration portal which
  can provide a platform to demonstrate all
  the options available to Fordham
• Role-based access to information for
  faculty, staff and students in the
  production Portal
                  Phase I
• e-mail links
• integration with Banner INB and Self Service
• Webfocus reporting
• MyFiles
• Search Function: directory – fordham – the web
• News feeds and “channels”
• Campus wide announcements
• Links to Fordham web resources (library,
  Blackboard,, Oasis, Postini)
• Bookmarks
                      Phase II
• Expand the functionality:
  – Integrate other Fordham web resources into the portal
    rather than just links
  – Users of the portal will be able to personalize the look
    and the content to have the portal be the main entry
    point for all their daily activities.
  – Targeted announcements (by school, department, or
    other Fordham defined role)
  – Shared calendaring
     • Includes populating calendars with course and schedule
       information from Banner
  – Integration of Banner information
                          Phase III
• Content Management System
  – Allow departmental and role based publishing to the portal
  – Material to be posted to all college authorized web sites can be
    submitted through a central approval process with pertinent
    material being archived in a timely manner and stale material
    being automatically deleted by the system.
  – Full portal and content management functionality.
  – Link up the course management systems and learning systems:
      • Blackboard and Course Studio
      • student web sites and blogs
      • Bulletin boards and chat rooms as well as news feeds and other
        popular options.
      • Faculty and staff will have all their daily functions presented
        including Banner and Reporting, e-mail and calendars and
        department specific applications.
      • Students will have their course links, e-mails and calendars as well
        as targeted announcements.
Description                        Portal     Web Redirect

• MyFiles/Xythos                   Deployed
• Student Self Service             Deployed   Deployed
• Banner INB                       Deployed   Deployed
• Reporting                        Deployed
• Group Studio
         Discussion Groups         Deployed
• Alumni access                    12/01/08   12/01/08
• inCircle                         12/01/08
• Web Client/Powerfaids            12/01/08
• Netpartner/Powerfaids            12/15/08
• Directory (White Pages)          02/02/08
• Faculty Advisement               02/02/09
• Campus Calendar                  02/02/09
Description                       Portal        Web Redirect

•   Student Email/Mirapoint       01/12/09
•   Targeted Announcements        02/02/09
•   Library Home Tab              03/01/08
•   Degreeworks                   March 2009
•   Employee Email/Lotus Notes    05/2009
•   GBA Intranet                  Summer 2009
•   Class Studio                  Spring 2009
•   Blackboard integration        Fall 2009
•   Employee Self Service         2010
•   Content Management            TBA
               Next Steps
•   Create artwork
•   Best Practices
•   Extend Portal Task Force
•   Owners of targeted announcements
•   Intranet services
•   Blackboard/academic integration
•   Training for users

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