Agenda for Nov 19th Organizational committee by inthefire


									Minutes for Nov 19th Organizational committee meeting

Present: Sherry Hooker, John Robinson, Bill Biliouris, Maria Rier, Julie Talmage, Bob
Fitzgerald. Absent: Hillary Deane

   1. News from the Academic Committee
       The committee has met once.
       Current members have been given assignments to recruit needed members.
       No response so far to fill faculty position on committee.
       They will meet again on the 26th November.
       Pam has received the following response from the mailing asking for parent
        volunteers: Parent member - Judy Macomber

   2. News from the School Culture Committee
       They have met once.
       Response to mailing: Parent volunteer member Tina Bonnevie
       Class officer : Jen Cote, senior class (need one from each class)
       James McLamb (sophomore)

   3. Issues filtered:
         a. What is the impact of the new bell schedule? What would the faculty as a
            whole like to recommend to the school board?
          This will be sent to the Academic Committee.

         b. Revisit Academic advisor period issue. (From 10/15 agenda: Reconsider
            academic advisory or come up with some meaningful activity.)

         The Culture Committee will be asked to recommend possible changes to the structure
         of Academic Advisory period.

         c. Why was consumer science cut?
         This issue needs to be rephrased as a proposal or statement that would elicit a
         recommendation from the community. Julie T. will come up with a referral form that
         will help people draft their proposals for the Organization committee.

         d. Proposal: Consider whether administration should be required to maintain a
            complete collection of current policy documents in each building so that they
            may be readily referenced by staff.

         This issue will be sent to the Culture Committee.
4. Other items
             John R. has suggested that the Culture and Academic committees vary their
               meeting times so that members who are outside of the school system (i.e. parents,
               school board members) can attend at least ½ the meetings. (Some after school,
               some in the evenings)
             No response yet to fill vacancy on Organization committee.

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