AGENDA FOR IEP MEETING

   Welcome and introduction(s)
   Determination of those attendees required by law (including agencies responsible for
    transition services)
   Purpose of meeting
   Confirm student's personal data
   Explanation of procedural safeguards
   For parents who indicated that they could not attend the meeting, but who gave
    permission for the meeting to proceed, indicate in the MINUTES that all reasonable
    efforts were made to enlist parent participation.
   Review of educational assessment (if reevaluation)
   Review of current IEP and mastery of goals and objectives
   Decision and discussion of:
     IDEA eligibility
     Educational impact of the disability (Summary of Present Levels)
     Educational strengths and needs
     Supplementary aides and services, personnel support in regular education
     Access to general curriculum
     Intensity of special services needed, if any
     Type of special education setting
     Program determination, including location of services
     Method of reporting progress
     Interest inventory results or results of aptitude testing (beginning at age 14)
     Desired post-school outcome statement
     Transition services and linkages to services
     Participation in state and district assessments
     Requirements for graduation
     Other options if a regular education diploma is not feasible
     Related services, including location and intensity
     Behavioral intervention planning, if necessary
     Consideration of any other special factors
     Extended school year eligibility
     Need for reevaluation
   Responsibilities assigned for follow-up (reevaluations, behavioral assessments,
    personnel support, transportation, etc.)
   Due process notification- obtain necessary signatures or list members present
   Check that all required signatures have been obtained
   Copy given to parent
   Copy sent to Special Services
   All teachers and others as listed in IEP, notified of IEP committee decisions
   All teachers presented with information necessary to provide services

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