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How I Started My Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic by qag20156


									    How I Started My
 Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic
                                                         Authored By: Alex King
           Contemplating retirement from      eficial when combined with sufficient
my nursing career, a good friend of           nutrient and fluid intake as well as exer-
mine, Carol, wanted to introduce me to        cise. Clients report that they have more
colonics.                                     energy, clearer skin and eyes, relief
           “Carol I don’t know a thing        from painful menstruation, improved
about colonics and am not interested.” I      digestion, reduced cravings for sugars        to create a décor personifying a holis-
responded.                                    and starches, relief from the discomfort      tic atmosphere. My colonics room,
           “Besides I want to travel when     of colitis and other gastro-intestinal dis-   sanitized and freshly cleaned was
I retire.” Carol wouldn’t take no for an      orders, enhanced mental clarity,              equipped with the necessary equip-
answer. For weeks she continued to            improved nutritional absorption, weight       ment. Supplies were in and stored;
discuss colonics with me.                     loss and relief from gas – all increasing     cases of good nutrition were stocked
           “I know you would be good at       the general feeling of optimal health.        in my cupboard. The office was large
colonics” Carol urged, “just come with                   Noticing progress in my own        enough to house a consultation area.
me this once and I’ll not mention it          health, colonics combined with nutrition      All the furniture was in its place. I sat
again.”                                       made an astonishing improvement               down to congratulate myself on a job
           I finally succumbed to her         regarding my skin. I became fully aware       well done. I looked at the idle com-
pressure, and was pleasantly surprised.       that I am solely responsible for my own       puter, fax machine and spoke to the
I was introduced to the flow of toxins,       well-being! As well, I experienced hav-       telephone.
gas and yeast irrigated out of the body.      ing more energy, a better sleeping pat-                 “Come on telephone, ring! My
The client reported feeling no discom-        tern, and a trimmer waistline. Humbly, I      new appointment book is blank.” There
fort whatsoever during the procedure          recalled my previous energy level. I was      wasn’t a client in sight.
and exclaimed how cleansed and light          constantly exhausted; I needed a nap                    My sister came to visit from
she felt after the colonic; a definite dif-   after lunch and dinner on my days off.        Ontario. She informed me that the fam-
ference from the bloated constipated          Now, I had a new life!                        ily was routing for me and the general
feeling from before.                                     I continued my nursing profes-     consensus was: If Willie is giving up a
           I was so stimulated by what I      sion part time. Now inspired by colon         stable income and career, and doing
saw that I wanted to experience it for        hydrotherapy, I wanted to learn more. I       that, she must really believe in it. She
myself. For many years, I suffered with       took courses in iridology, ozone therapy,     became my first client.
skin eruptions that were treated med-         foot care, blood life analysis, and reflex-             My first year was slow. I visited
ically but continued to reappear month        ology. I studied every piece of literature    health practitioners and promoted my
after month. I wanted to see if my skin       on bowel care that I could lay my hands       business. Referrals started coming in.
would improve with colonics and signed        on. Books of Dr. Bernard Jensen were          Often clients commented that they did-
up for a series of colonics.                  my favorite. His books seemed to put          n’t know of anyone who would want to
           This introduction to colonics      everything in perspective for me. His         do this for a living.
more than sparked my interest. My             views regarding colon hydrotherapy                      My business has grown
enthusiasm escalated as I recalled my         consolidated mine. I found my niche!          immensely; mainly from client referrals
in-law’s sluggish discomfort in their old                It didn’t matter what I was        and by word-of-mouth. I work at it full
age, obtaining temporary relief by using      doing, my thoughts were constantly on         time, loving every minute. As well, I
laxatives. Even in my nursing profes-         colonics.                                     provide colon hydrotherapy appren-
sion, there was no emphasis placed on                    “The bowel is the most neg-        ticeship training and employ an office
regularity or bowel care. Regularity          lected part of the body. It is such a sen-    assistant.
could comprise of once a day, every           sitive subject; no one discusses                        “Thanks to all my clients and
three days or once every three weeks          colonics as freely as they do their hair,     health practitioners for the successful
for some, and was just known as ‘their        nails or massage appointments.                business I have today. I couldn’t have
pattern.’                                     Perhaps it’s because most are unaware         done it without you!”
           “Wow!” I thought, “This proce-     of colonics and its benefits. When any              Wilhelmina (Willie) Van Maurik,
dure could benefit so many!”                  reference is made about the bowel, it is                is a Registered Nurse (RN),
           I enrolled in a colon hydrother-   with embarrassment, as a joke regard-              Certified Colon Hydro Therapist
apy course and learned that colonics is       ing gas or the odor associated with it.”                  (CCHT), and a Member of
not a new practice. Artifacts and                        As I folded fresh sheets from               International Association of
records show that people did cleanse          the dryer in the clinic where I worked, I                     Colon Hydro Therapy.
their bodies historically. Up to the late     visualized folding my own sheets in my
1920s, many medical doctors had               own clinic.                                              Website:
colonic machines in their offices. I was                 As always, when events are                    Email:
amazed to learn of the benefits of            meant to transpire - doors opened for
colonics. Colon hydrotherapy is a safe,       me and things just seemed to fall into                For more information and/or
effective method for removing waste           place. I opened my own clinic, July                  to make an appointment call:
from the large intestine and is most ben-     2000. I enjoyed decorating, and tried             403-266-1797 in Calgary, Alberta.

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