I joined Quixtar business a couple years ago, and by qag20156


									I joined Quixtar business a couple years ago, and my life unbelievably changed in
positive way since then. I met phenomenal people with integrity and accountability;
people, who really care about my personal life and my financial future. People, who do
everything to help me to build my business and to support me in any situation. I got
fantastic business education, and I became a man who can take care of my life, not a
whiny, who I used to be. If you just saw me before I started the business.
I highly appreciate that FTC is looking at the direct selling marketing and giving us an
opportunity to say that Quixtar has the best business opportunity. I looked through a few
regulations, FTC is considering enforcing, and I believe that some of them will hurt
honest entrepreneurs.
1. I believe the waiting period of seven days should be eliminated, at least for Quixtar
     opportunity where a prospect can get his/her money back if not satisfied. Personally,
     I started the business within 5 days after I saw the business plan first time; and I
     never had any problems with it. I believe this seven day period can hurt not only
     honest entrepreneurs who try to kick start their business, but also their downlines
     who wants help other people too.

2. I believe the requirement of providing 10 IBO references need to be eliminated as
   well because it will interfere with privacy of the business owners. Also, it is possible
   that Independent Business Owners from the reference list will be glad to sponsor the
   prospect by themselves. We have Open Meetings in Madison, WI and in other
   locations where prospects always invited to meet other Independent Business
   Owners. I believe it is even better than reference list because prospects can meet
   more than 10 Independent Business Owners and ask as many questions as they

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