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									AWWA Programs
 and Services
AWWA’s Major Programs: Utility Quality

      QualServe
         Self-assessment – employees view of where you
         Peer Review - outside evaluation of strengths and
          opportunities for improvement
         Benchmarking - measure performance indicators
          to compare
      Partnership for Safe Water
         Treatment plant optimization and award program

      Accreditation
         Under development, standards for utility
          operation and performance
   AWWA’s Major Programs: Online Institute

 Online Institute
   Training, complete with CEU’s online!
         AWWA’s Major Programs:
          Conferences and Events

 AWWA Annual Conference and
 Seven Specialty Conferences
 Three Workshops
 Management Institutes
 Water and Wastewater Leadership
               AWWA’s Major Programs:
            Teleconferences and Seminars:

 Teleconferences
    Satellite broadcast programs, bringing high-quality
     training to our members through section downlink

 Seminar-in-a-Box
   A new program for sections and utilities with a
    catalog of existing classes and experienced
    AWWA’s Major Programs: Small Systems

   Small Utility Network (SUN)
   Capacity Assistance Program
   Small System Compliance Program (CAP)
   Small System Division
         AWWA’s Major Programs: Web Site

 The AWWA Web Site
    Expanding our communication with
     members, the water community, and the
        AWWA’s Major Programs: Publications

   AWWA Publications
      The highest quality publications available for water

         •Standards                    •Journal AWWA

                •Manuals                  •Opflow

         •Books                             •MainStream

                   •Videos              •WaterWeek
          AWWA’s Major Programs

 Government Affairs
 Public Affairs
 Membership
        AWWA’s Major Programs

 WaterWiser

 Waternet &

 WaterStats

 Information Services
      AWWA Membership Programs

 Share the Source
    Club 7 Awards
 Membership CD
 Section Direction
              Related Organizations

 American Water Works Association Research

 Water For People
       Section Management Committee

 The Section Management Committee advises AWWA
  on section issues. They want your input on what
  sections need to grow and develop!
                   Section Services

 This is the team that works with sections to assist them
  with their various activities.
 Each section is assigned a representative to work with.
 Section Services is a chapter relations group.
           Programs for Sections

 Section Bookstore 40% off all publications
 Allotments
    Regular, Associate, & Book
 How-to Guides and Other Information
 Membership Data (database)
 WaterWeek, Alerts and Advisories
 AWWA-in-a-Box
      Programs for Sections (continued)

 AWWA Annual Conference & Exposition (ACE)
    Membership
    Government Affairs
    Officers
    Section Business Forum
    Small Systems Chairs Breakfast
    Education
      Programs for Sections (continued)

 Trainings/Planning Sessions
    Leadership
    Financial and Legal
    Strategic Planning
    Orientations
    Membership Recruitment and Retention
    Working with Volunteers
    And More…
        Programs for Sections (continued)

 Section Planning
     Section Online Self-assessment/Peer Review
      Forum Program
     Planning Meeting Facilitation
     Programs for Sections (continued)

   Help Finding AWWA Staff Speakers
   Membership Promotions
   Use of Copyrighted Materials
   Updating Bylaws
   Seminar-in-a-Box
               AWWA is here to help!

 AWWA is here to help you provide the best service
  you can to your members. Please don’t hesitate to

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