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									                                                             The Products
                                                             Customized testing and exclusive customized supplementation
                                                             Ideal Health was the first to offer nutritional products that keep you healthy based on
                                                             scientific testing of specific biochemical pathways.
                                                             The customized vitamin formulation that is created
                                                             from your test results is unlike any other vitamin
                                                             supplement available today. Many drugstore brands -
                                                             and even health food store brands - may not provide
                                                             the nutrition that you need. In the vitamin world, you
                                                             truly “get what you pay for” and many ingredients in
                                                             cheaper brands are in the hard-to-absorb forms or
                                                             contain ingredients that are isolated from their syner-
The Company                                                  gistic nutrient partners, greatly reducing their
Ideal Health Overview                                        effectiveness.

What do over 2500 doctors know                               In contrast, utilizing a database of over 100,000 patients and over 30,000 scientific
that your doctor may not?                                    nutrition studies, a team of PhDs and clinical nutritionists was specifically commis-
                                                             sioned to develop the unique and highly-effective customized blends that are offered
“Shortly after starting on the Custom Essentials I felt      exclusively through Ideal Health, based on your individual test results.
 a significant difference, something I had never felt
 before on any other supplement I had taken through-         As science evolves, Ideal Health's Research and Development team continues to
 out the years. I've taken the Custom Essentials for         add new products, ranging from diet and fitness aids to products that support
 3 1/2 years now and would not ever choose to stop           digestion, sight, mind function, urinary health, and much more. In addition to their
 taking them.”                                               flagship custom supplement, Custom Essentials, Ideal Health currently offers over
                                                             35 unique nutritional blends, targeting the major health concerns of today.
               – Dr. Karolen Bowman (Medical Doctor)
                                                             And, as you can see from the previous comments of forward thinking healthcare
“I am seeing amazing results with this very special
                                                             professionals, the results of customized nutrition are incredible!
 product, better results than I've had with any nutri-
 tional product in my twenty years of practice as a          The Markets
 family doctor.” – Dr. John J. Kelly (Medical Doctor)        Over 180.8 million take supplements daily, according to USA Today. The health –
                                                             nutrition products market is estimated at $160 billion annually, and is expected to
Comments like these are commonplace from the
                                                             triple in the next 5 years. Seventy-six million affluent Baby Boomers, aged 30-50
visionary group of healthcare providers who have
                                                             who are increasingly concerned about health, vitality, and maintaining a youthful
discovered the incredible effectiveness of customized
                                                             appearance, are fueling growth in the nutrition arena.
nutrition in their practices. And, now, through Ideal
Health – the only true custom health company in              The Opportunities
America – you can discover the power of customized                     As a Customer
nutrition in your life and in the lives of those you love.             Realize the improved health benefits of taking the highest quality
Since 1996, through a strategic alliance with the                      customized nutrition and natural supplements in America.
same premier clinical laboratory used by over                          And
2500 of the world's most progressive functional-                       Enjoy the financial rewards of providing America's first affordable
medicine physicians, Ideal Health has been changing                    customized testing, the finest vitamins and nutritional supplements, to the
lives through nutritional testing and customized                       people who need and want them. Receive free products and substantial
supplementation.                                                       discounts while building your customer base.
                                                                       As a Marketer
                                                                       Earn a substantial income and achieve financial independence by building a
                                                                       local, regional, or national sales organization. Independent Marketers base
                                                                       their businesses on products offered by Ideal Health, and can qualify for
                                                                       substantial commissions based on the sales within their organizations.
                                                             Our Gift
                                                             Ideal Health is extending to all, the gift of health and prosperity at levels they never
                                                             thought possible.

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