PPT - Preparation of the training by maclaren1


									      Preparation of the training.
• Contents/methodics:
  - short description of the exercise.
  - where to start?
  - where to score?
                  * dribbling over a line
                  * normal/small goals
                  * a pass into an empty goal
• Formation of both teams
• Methodics:
  When it is going well/wrong:
  - space. Longer/shorter, wider/smaller
  - time: scoring within 10 to 20 sec/scoring within 6 passes.
  - majority/minority in numbers.
  - offside will be penalized yes or no.
   Preparation of the training II
• Organization:
       - drawing of the exercise (measures)
       - formation
       - goal/lines
       - required materials: (balls, cones,
         shirts replaceable goals.
• Corrections to be expexted:
       - technique ( passing, dribbling, heading etc)
       - insight (coming to the free space, making
         yourself available, when to squeeze,
         marking, covering etc etc.
* Communication (main players, moment, between the
  lines, relation giver/receiver etc etc.

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