Web Services A Framework for B2B Integration

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					Web Services: A Framework for
B2B Integration
             Larry Kerschberg
    Co-Director, E-Center for E-Business
         George Mason University
Panel Questions
 Is current technology sufficiently expressive for
  pure modeling or do we miss something?
     Difficult to determine because most approaches are
     proprietary and closely-held intellectual property.
     Used for competitive advantage.
Panel Questions (continued)
 What are runtime challenges like throughput and
  performance in modeling approach?
    Modeling tools should allow us to express quality-of-
    service issues such as scalability, response time,
    availability, etc. (See ECEB Home Page).
 Why do many projects use programming rather
  then modeling?
    Time constraints, vendor-specific tool kits, lack of
    high-level modeling tools.!
Panel Questions [continued]
   Is it possible to follow a 100% modeling approach for
    semantic B2B integration?
       Why bother with modeling at all?
   Do we have sufficient understanding of B2B
       Of course we do: Web Services to the rescue!
   Web Services allow companies to package their
    Intellectual Property and make it available as a
    service via the Internet.
       Is there a framework for B2B Web Services?
       Yes, Microsoft’s bCentral.com
                   Syndication of Data and Transactions

                    Commercial        Internet        Breadth           Verticals and
                    Aggregators       Utilities      Consultants        Marketplaces

                                  bCentral: .NET Business Services
.NET Services                     User Dashboard and Customization
  Authentication                      Business Process Services

                                   Customer                          Business
   Messaging                                      E-Commerce
                                  Management                        Operations
                                              Shared Services
                                            (Directory, Rules Engine)
   File Sharing
                                                  Data Model
                                  (Products, Accounts, Customers , Employees)
Business Process Services
   Customer Management
      Self Service Web Presence (MS FrontPage); Lead and
      Appointment Management; Customer Tracking and Customer
   E-Commerce
      Catalog Management, Order Management, Marketplace
      Integration, Sourcing and Purchasing,
   Business Operations
      Sales Analysis, Accounting Services, Inventory Management,
      Shipping and Logistics.
.NET and bCentral Services
 Authentication: MSN Passport has 200 Million users.
 Security: Verisign Digital Certificates,
 Virus Protection: McAfee Online Services,
 File Sharing: SharePoint Team Services,
 Business Web Services – domain registration, hosting,
  user e-mail ($259 per year),
 Traffic Builder, List Builder, AdStore, Appointment
 Commerce Manager (24.95/month), Finance Manager
  ($29.95/month), Customer Manager ($29.95/month).
B2B Modeling Methodology Features
  Enterprise Data, Process and Workflow Modeling
  Inter-Enterprise Business Process Integration,
  XML-based data and knowledge interchange and
   adherence to standards, e.g. RosettaNet, ebXML, etc.)
  Business Object Security (SSL, HTTPS, PKI, Digital
  Business service and product specification,
  Registry and discovery of businesses and services
   using multiple attributes including Quality of Service
   (scalability, availability, business scope, etc.).
  Web Service discovery, negotiation and composition for
   creating the Virtual Enterprise.