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 Samsung HMX-H205 HD camcorder
 Posted on Mar 5, 10 02:09 AM PDT

 Samsung's latest HMX-H205 HD camcorder has just been announced in the UK, where it sports a brand new
 imaging sensor that is touted to offer crystal clear images despite being in action in low light situations. You can
 store all of your video on its 32GB SSD, while an SDHC memory card will augment it storage capability even
 further. The HMX-H205 comes with a lens that boasts 20x optical zoom, while the camcorder is capable of
 shooting video in H.264 format at 1080i resolution at 60 frames per second. The inclusion of an HDMI port
 ensures you are able to play back your recorded masterpieces over a HDTV just in case you don't want your
 viewers to squint over its 2.7" display. No idea on pricing, but it will arrive this June.

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