Some Basics of Globus Web Services by vev19514


									Some Basics
of Globus Web Services

          Adarsh Patil

                                GGF-Globus Grid Forum

 GGF4 was formed on Feb 2002
 Globus team and IBM proposed first OGSA
  specification to merge Globus and Web
  Services (globus 2.x to globus 3.x)
 This is a body for designing standards for the

   OGSI-Open Grid Service Implementation

 It is an technical specification for the
  implementation of Grid Services as
  described in the OGSA specification
 Globus Toolkit 3 and 4 are OGSA complaint
  and are Service Oriented Grid Systems
 Grid services are transient and stateful. Due
  to heavy specifications in one and only OGSI
  (too many specification in OGSI) it does not
  fit in web services and xml protocols

       WSRF-Web Service Resource Framework

 Globus Alliance + IBM + HP --> introduced
  WSRF to solve this issue   ( many
  implementations in specification of OGSI)
 WSRF standard promises this effort

                                                          Web Services

 Based on Service Oriented
 Clients are service Requestors
 Servers are service Providers
 XML, http, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, WS-
  Inspection language are used
 Request, Publish, Registry
      WSDL-Web Service Description Language

 It’s a XML based specification
 It is used to describe Web Service
 It describes
   What a service can do?
   Where is its location?
   How to invoke it ?

           SOAP-Simple Object Access Protocol

 It’s a communication protocol for clients
  and servers to exchange messages in XML
  format over http
 It specifies rules, header, body(URI)
 The message contains
   SOAP envelope
   SOAP schema
   XML schema definition

       UDDI-Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration

 Service discovery and registration
 Used to advertise services
 Used to find appropriate services
 Use to publish/obtain services
 Provider, User, Registry - white pages,
 yellow pages , green pages

         OGSA- Open Grid Service Architecture

 Architecture to build service oriented Grid.
 It is based on web services
 It uses protocols such as xml, http
 Concept of Grid Services was introduced in
 It defines various aspect of Grid Service and
  interfaces that are needed.
 OGSA-WG is the work group which works on
  the design of OGSA specification

Text Books
 The Grid 2: Blueprint for a New Computing
  Infrastructure (The Morgan Kaufmann Series
  in Computer Architecture and Design)
 The Grid : Core Technologies
 Grid Computing: Making The Global
  Infrastructure a Reality

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