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									Montgomery College

                         for Admissions
                                                                Montgomery College                                                          Programs of Study
                           If your transfer major or area of concentration does not appear in the Programs of Study list, select General Studies as appropriate. To receive
                           appropriate advising, please select the code which most closely reflects your Montgomery College and/or eventual transfer major.

                             Germantown                                                        Germantown                                                              Germantown
                                Rockville                                                         Rockville                                                               Rockville
                                   Takoma Park/Silver Spring                                         Takoma Park/Silver Spring                                              Takoma Park/Silver Spring
                                      301    Accounting                                                 209         TV Production Certificate                                          Hospitality Management
                                      167         Accounting Certificate                                       Computer Applications                                            347A        Food and Beverage Management
                                      351    American Sign Language                                     311B        Information Technology                                      347B        Management/Supervision Concentration
                                      220         American Sign Language Certificate                    311E        Database Systems                                            347C        Meeting, Conference, and Event
                                      344    Applied Geography                                          238         Database Systems Certificate                                                   Planning Concentration
                                      184         Cartography and Geographic                            213         Information Technology Certificate                          055         Food and Beverage Management
                                                         Information Systems Certificate                       Computer Gaming and Simulation                                                      Certificate
                                      183         Geographic Education Certificate                      606A        Gaming Programming                                          233         Hospitality Supervision and
                                             Architectural and Construction                             606D        Game Art and Animation                                                         Leadership Certificate
                                                   Technology                                           606E        Game Production and Design                                  237         Meeting, Conference, and Event
                                      302         Architectural Technology                              343    Computer Publishing and Printing                                                    Planners Certificate
                                      203         CAD for the Building Professional                                 Management                                                  814         Food and Beverage Management
                                                         Certificate                                    197         Electronic Imaging Prepress Certificate                                        Letter of Recognition ‡
                                      303         Management of Construction                            176         Printing Technology Certificate                             813         Hospitality Supervision and Leadership
                                      142         Management of Construction Certificate                       Computer Science and Technologies                                                   Letter of Recognition ‡
                                             Arts and Sciences                                          108         Computer Programming Certificate                            815         Meeting, Conference, and Event
                                                  Art                                                   107         Computer Science                                                               Planning Letter of Recognition ‡
                                      003         Art                                                   109         Information Systems                                         356    Information Systems Security
                                      060         Art Education                                         314    Criminal Justice                                                 242         Information Systems Security Certificate
                                      059         Art History                                                  Education                                                               Interior Design
                                                  Specialized Art Certificate                           315         Early Childhood Education Technology                        224         Advanced Interior Design Certificate
                                      211A        Drawing                                               177         Early Childhood Education Certificate                       225         Design Industry Partnership Certificate
                                      211B        Painting                                              604         Teacher Education Transfer Program-                         306         Interior Design/Paraprofessional
                                      211C        Printmaking                                                               Early Childhood                                     102         Interior Design/Preprofessional
                                      211D        Ceramics                                              601         Teacher Education Transfer Program-                         226         Introductory Interior Design Certificate
                                      211E        Sculpture                                                                 Elementary                                          328    Landscape Technology
                                      211F        Jewelry and Metalsmithing                             605         Teacher Education Transfer Program-                         140         Landscape Technology Certificate
                                      062         Studio Art                                                                Mathematics                                                Liberal Arts and Sciences
                                      212         Studio Art Certificate                                603         Teacher Education Transfer Program-                         045         Arts
                                                  School of Art and Design                                                  Physics                                             152         International Studies
                                      900A        Studio Arts                                           602         Teacher Education Transfer Program-                         054         Music
                                      902A        Graphic Design                                                            Spanish                                             204         Music Certificate
                                                  Health Enhancement, Exercise                                 Engineering Science                                                          Science
                                                         Science, and Physical Education                408         Aerospace Engineering                                       412D        Chemistry and Biochemistry
                                      600A        Aging Studies                                         411A        Bioengineering                                              412E        Environmental Science and Policy
                                      157         Exercise Science/                                     406         Chemical Engineering                                        412A        Life Science
                                                         Health Fitness Leadership                      407         Civil Engineering                                           412B        Mathematics
                                      186         Health Education                                      409         Computer Engineering                                        412C        Physics
                                      191         Personal Training Certificate                         402         Electrical Engineering                                                  Theatre
                                      159         Physical Education Teacher                            403         Fire Protection Engineering                                 128         Dance
                                                         Preparation/Coaching                           410         General Engineering                                         011         Theatre Performance
                                      307    Automotive Technology                                      413         Materials Science and Engineering                           014         Theatre Technical
                                      162         Automotive Electrical Systems                         404         Mechanical Engineering                                             Management
                                                         Specialist Certificate                         405         Nuclear Engineering                                         145         Management Certificate
                                      160A        Engine Performance Specialist                         241    Ethnic Social Studies Certificate                                805         Supervisory Management Letter of
                                                         Certificate                                    816    Ethnic Social Studies Letter of                                                     Recognition ‡
                                      161A        Powertrain Specialist Certificate                                         Recognition ‡                                              Network and Wireless Technologies
                                      163A        Undercar Specialist Certificate                       346A   Fire Science and Emergency Services                              354A        Wireless Technologies
                                             Biotechnology                                                                  Management                                          354B        Microsoft
                                      334         Biotechnology                                         811         Emergency Medical Technician –                              354C        Cisco
                                      219         Biotechnology Certificate                                                 Basic Letter of Recognition ‡                       210         Microcomputer Technician Certificate
                                      308    Building Trades Technology                                 180         Fire and Arson Investigation Certificate                                Network Engineer Certificate
                                      236         Building Remodeling and Repair                        240         Fire and Emergency Services                                 215A        Microsoft Windows System Administrator
                                                         Certificate                                                        Management Certificate                              215B        Cisco Certified Network Associate
                                      810         Building Trades Technology –                          129    General Studies                                                  227         Wireless Technology Certificate
                                                         Carpentry Letter of Recognition ‡              129A        Biological Sciences                                         817         A+ Microcomputer Certification Qualification
                                      807         Building Trades Technology –                          129B        Chemistry                                                                      Letter of Recognition ‡
                                                         Electricity Letter of Recognition ‡            129C        Economics                                                   341    Paralegal Studies
                                      808         Building Trades Technology –                          129D        English and Literature                                      804         Legal Analysis Letter of Recognition
                                                         HVAC/R Letter of Recognition ‡                 129E        Foreign Languages and Literature                            156         Paralegal Studies Certificate
                                      809         Building Trades Technology –                          129F        History/Political Science                                   342    Photography
                                                         Plumbing Letter of Recognition ‡               129G        Mathematics                                                 193         Electronic Photography Certificate
                                      179         Building Trades Technology Certificate                129H        Philosophy                                                  194         Photographic Techniques Certificate
                                      006    Business                                                   129J        Physical Sciences                                           196         Photography Master Certificate
                                      149         International Business                                129K        Psychology                                                  172         Portrait, Fashion, and
                                             Communication Arts Technologies                            129L        Sociology/Anthropology                                                         Photojournalism Certificate
                                             Advertising Art                                            129M        Hospitality Management                                      192         Studio and Location Photography
                                      175         Computer Graphics:                                    129N        Undecided                                                                      Certificate
                                                         Art and Animation Certificate                  304A   Graphic Design                                                   910    Studio Art
                                      239         Graphic Design with Digital Tools                            Health Sciences                                                  143    Technical Writing Certificate
                                                         Certificate                                    243         Polysomnography Technology                                  234    Transfer Studies Certificate

                                      305         Illustration                                          530         Pre-Diagnostic Medical Sonography*                                 Web Careers
                                             Communication and Broadcasting                                                 (Degree or Certificate)                             353B        Web Programming
                                                  Technology                                            550         Pre-Health Information Management*                          353D        Web Design
                                      207         Broadcast Journalism Certificate                                          (Degree or Certificate)                             353E        Web Development
                                      214         Digital Multimedia Production                         560         Pre-Mental Health Associate*                                232         Internet Games and Simulation
                                                         Certificate                                    570         Pre-Nursing*                                                                   Certificate
                                      309         Radio                                                 580         Pre-Physical Therapist Assistant*                           229A        Web Design Certificate
                                      208         Radio Production Certificate                          520         Pre-Radiologic (X-Ray) Technology*                          231A        Web Development Certificate
                                      310         Television                                            590         Pre-Surgical Technology* (Degree or Certificate)            230         Web Programming Certificate

                           * If you plan to apply to a Montgomery College selective admission program in the Health Sciences, you may elect a pre-health science/general studies major while your application to the
                             selective program is pending. Your interest in a health science program will be recorded; however, your actual major will be in general studies until you are officially admitted to the selective
                             program. Refer to the Montgomery College Catalog for specific admissions requirements for these programs. Use the “pre” code associated with the program, e.g., 570 Pre-Nursing or 580
                             Pre-Physical Therapist Assistant, or you may choose any other Montgomery College major while your application to a health science program is pending. If unsure, contact a counselor for advice.
                           † Students planning to transfer to a four-year degree program in nursing are advised to check with the desired transfer institution to determine the requirements of the institution.
                           ‡ Refer to the Montgomery College Catalog for specific information regarding letters of recognition. Students seeking only a letter of recognition and not planning to pursue a certificate or
                             associate’s degree are considered nondegree seeking and are not eligible for financial aid.
Get a Local Education—with a Global Reputation.
Dear Prospective Montgomery College Student:

Montgomery College and the Universities at Shady Grove would like to extend our congratulations
to you on making a personal commitment to higher education.

When you start your education at Montgomery College, you can explore more than 100 curriculum
options at our three campuses in Montgomery County. You can also join a club, play a sport,
enroll in an honors program—and attend classes with students from all around the world. We
hope you’ll explore the endless possibilities Montgomery College has to offer.

After Montgomery College, you can apply for admission at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG),
an excellent next step toward completing your bachelor’s degree. USG offers more than 60
undergraduate and graduate degree programs from nine of Maryland’s top public universities—in
one location off Shady Grove Road in Rockville. All of the undergraduate programs at USG begin
at the junior and senior levels because all of our students have taken their first two years of college
at other locations. When you are ready to transfer, we want to talk with you.

Montgomery County is a very special place in which to live—and in which to receive an outstanding
education. Our institutions pride themselves on their statewide, national, and international
reputations. Through Montgomery College and the Universities at Shady Grove, you will benefit
from outstanding educational programs, knowledgeable professors, and caring staff—all of which
will prepare you for future success.

We wish you the best of luck at Montgomery College, and we hope you continue your
education at the Universities at Shady Grove.


         Hercules Pinkney, Ed.D.                                Stewart Edelstein, Ph.D.
         Interim President                                      Executive Director
         Montgomery College                                     The Universities at Shady Grove
            Today’s Possibilities Lead to Tomorrow’s Successes
                                       CHOOSE AMONG THE 40 BEST UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE AND
                                       CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS FROM ACROSS THE STATE

                                       TOP FACULTY, AND PERSONALIZED STUDENT SERVICES

                                       ATTEND ROCKVILLE CAMPUS WITH THE OPTION OF FULL- AND
                                       TIPS FOR A SMOOTH TRANSITION TO USG FOR YOUR
                                          1.   Meet with a Montgomery College (MC) counselor to determine what
                                               curriculum or major best suits you and your career goals.
                                          2.   Determine, with the counselor, if a program at the Universities at Shady
HEALTH SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT                      Grove (USG) would be right for you, or meet with a USG academic advisor.

                                          3.   Explore the Transfer Access Programs (TAP) offered by some University
HOMELAND SECURITY MANAGEMENT                   System of Maryland institutions. TAP guarantees early admission to the
                                               participating institution and while at MC, the student receives other
HOTEL & RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT                  benefits as well, such as access to academic advising, scholarship
                                               opportunities, and tuition discounts.

LABORATORY MANAGEMENT                     4.   Follow the transfer program of study for your selected major.
                                               For a smooth transfer, make sure you meet the admissions criteria
NURSING                                        and you take the right courses during the first two years.

                                          5.   Visit the USG campus. Either attend a recruitment event or
PSYCHOLOGY                                     schedule a meeting with a USG academic advisor. Go to
                                          6.   Apply to the program of choice offered at USG. At the same time,
                                               apply for financial aid and scholarships offered exclusively for
SOCIAL WORK                                    students who attend programs at USG.

            9630 Gudelsky Drive, Rockville, M D 20850 301.738.6000 
              Montgomery College                                                      Admissions Application                                                   1 of 2
Print clearly, in ink; complete both pages. Enclose check or money order for $25 nonrefundable fee; starter checks are not accepted.
Have you ever taken credit or noncredit courses at MC?                      Yes         No Have you previously applied to MC?                        Yes          No

NAME Last                                                                     First                                                       Middle

Previous Name(s)


County of Residence                                                    City                                                            State                   ZIP

Country (if not U.S.)                                          HOW LONG HAVE YOU LIVED AT THIS ADDRESS? Years                                                        Months

HOME PHONE                                                                            WORK PHONE

CELL PHONE                                                                 E-MAIL

EMERGENCY CONTACT Last Name                                                                                                First Name

Phone                                                                         Relationship

PERSONAL INFORMATION                      Not used for admission. Federal regulations require colleges to report enrollment data by racial, ethnic, and gender categories.

BIRTH DATE                                     GENDER                Male       Female        SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER
                     Month / Day / Year                                                       Your Social Security Number is not required for admission. However, if you intend to apply
                                                                                              for financial aid or claim tuition and fee costs on income taxes, you must provide your SSN.

ETHNICITY/RACE Are you of Hispanic or Latino origin?                            Yes         No What is your race? Select one or more of the following categories:
   White[1]         Black or African American[2]                Asian[4]          American Indian/Alaskan Native[5]                      Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander[7]

CITIZENSHIP             U.S.      Permanent Resident              If you are not a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident, complete FOREIGN STUDENT STATUS section.

                                              For resident tuition eligibility, an applicant who is not a U.S. citizen must show proof of status (e.g., employment authorization card or
 FOREIGN STUDENT STATUS                       passport); not all statuses qualify. In the absence of documentation, student is charged out-of-state tuition and fees.

  U.S. Entry Date                                   Immigration Status (I-94)                    I-94 Departure/Expiration Date

  Nation of Birth                                                                       Nation of Citizenship
                                                                                                                                         ** If 2 answered “Yes,” see an international
 1. Do you plan to request an F1 (student) visa while outside the U.S.?                          Yes*           No                student coordinator before submitting this application.
                                                                                                                                    *If 1 or 3b answered “Yes,” complete an additional
 2. Do you plan to request a change of status to F1 while remaining in the U.S.?                             Yes**          No                      application procedure at
 3. Do you have an F1 visa or F1 status through another school?                           Yes         No                                contact an international student coordinator.

  a) If yes, list school on current I-20                                                                             Expiration Date of current I-20
 b) Do you plan to transfer your F1 status to Montgomery College?                           Yes*           No
 c) Do you plan to enroll at Montgomery College as a visiting student and maintain F1 status at your home school?                                           Yes         No

HIGH SCHOOL Name of High School/Home School Organization                                                                                                                                     A D M I S S I O N S A P P L I CAT I O N 1

City                                                     State or Country (if not U.S.)                                          Years Attended from                       to

Anticipated/actual high school/GED completion Month                                         Year                Check one:               Current High School Student

Did you complete a Tech Prep Program?                     Yes         No                                                                 High School Diploma Recipient

Are/were you home schooled?                 Yes        No     If Yes, fill in home school information above, including                   High School Certificate Recipient
                                                              completion month and year.
                                                                                                                                         Maryland GED Recipient
 Office Use Only
                                                                                                                                         Non-Maryland GED Recipient
                                     M- ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____
                                                                                                                                         High School Nongraduate

                                                       Application continues on the reverse side.
                                                             Montgomery College                                                                  Admissions Application                                                  2 of 2
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Takoma Park/
                                            COLLEGE When do you plan to attend MC? YEAR                                                                     CAMPUS                    Germantown             Rockville          Silver Spring
                                            TERM               Fall          Winter/Spring                Summer Do you have an associate’s/bachelor’s degree from a U.S. college?                                         Yes         No
                                            List accredited U.S. college(s) previously attended
                                            Have you completed a college-level English composition course with a grade of C or better at an accredited U.S. college or university?

                                                 Yes          No       If Yes, list college, course number and title

                                            Did you take the SAT or ACT?                         Yes          No      Submit an original score report; faxes and copies are not accepted.

                                            PROGRAM OF STUDY                        Check one box that best describes your current educational goal. Find the 3- or 4-digit code for your major,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Desired Major
                                                                                    located in the Montgomery College Programs of Study list. Enter the code in the Desired Major box to the right.

                                                 1. I plan to earn an associate’s degree at Montgomery College. F1/M1 visa applicants must check this box.

                                                 2. I plan to earn a certificate at Montgomery College.
                                                 3. I plan to transfer/seek a degree from another institution.
                                                 4. I do not plan to pursue a degree; I plan to take courses for personal interest. (Students who select this category are not eligible for
                                                    financial aid. This option is typically limited to students who have been out of high school or its equivalent for at least three years.)

                                                 5. I am a visiting student from another college/university. (Submit permission to enroll from your home institution, including approved MC
                                                    course numbers.)

                                            FAMILY EDUCATION BACKGROUND
                                            Did your mother attend college?                         Yes           No                                        Did your father attend college?                   Yes        No

                                            Indicate highest degree obtained by mother:                              No Degree                              Indicate highest degree obtained by father:                  No Degree

                                                 Associate’s              Bachelor’s               Master’s              Doctoral                                Associate’s              Bachelor’s     Master’s          Doctoral

                                            U.S. MILITARY STATUS                       (if applicable)         Active Duty            Veteran              Dependent of Active Duty Servicemember or Veteran
                                                          Air Force              Army                 Coast Guard                Marine Corps                   National Guard                Navy     Reserves

                                            RESIDENCY FOR TUITION PURPOSES
                                            1. Do you/your parents own/rent your primary residence?                                     No         Yes If yes, list County                                                    State

                                            2. Do you file income taxes?                         No            Yes If yes, filed in County                                                                                    State

                                            3. Do you own a motor vehicle?                          No            Yes If yes, registered in State

                                            4. Are you registered to vote?                       No            Yes If yes, registered in County                                                                               State

                                            5. Do you have a valid driver’s license?                           No           Yes If yes, issued in State

                                            LANGUAGE BACKGROUND FOR ASSESSMENT TESTING                                                                            Most students are required to take placement tests. The Accuplacer test is for
                                                                                                                                                                  students whose first language is American English or those who have attended
                                            Was American English the first language you spoke at home?                                        Yes          No     a U.S. school for 10 or more years. All other students take the LOEP (Levels of
                                                                                                                                                                  English Proficiency) test designed for students who have spoken American English
                                            Have you attended 10 or more years of school in the U.S.?                                     Yes          No         as a second language. Both assessment tests may lead to college-level courses.

                                             SIGNATURE I certify that the information on this application is correct and complete; I understand that falsification may result in dismissal

                                             and/or retroactive adjustment of tuition and fees. I certify that I am aware of Montgomery College’s (MC) policy on drug and alcohol abuse
                                             prevention, and that effective August 1, 2008, MC is a tobacco-free institution and thus prohibits the use of tobacco products on all MC-owned
                                             property. If admitted, I agree to abide by policies and procedures of MC (
                                             Additionally, I understand that I am responsible for all costs including collection costs to satisfy my debts to MC. Upon request by a designated
                                             MC official, I agree to provide evidence of the information on this application for verification.

                                               Applicant Signature                                                               Date                   Parent/Guardian Signature                                              Date
                                                                                                                                                        (required when applicant is under 18 years of age)
                                            Montgomery College is an academic institution committed to promoting equal opportunity and fostering diversity among its students, faculty, and staff.                             AEM 01/09

                                              Office Use Only
                                                                               Initial & Date:                                                                      M- ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

                                            Please submit your application and $25 application fee to one of our campuses: Germantown Campus 20200 Observation Drive, Germantown, MD 20876
                                             Rockville Campus 51 Mannakee Street, Rockville, MD 20850 Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus 7600 Takoma Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912

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