Programming .NET Web Services A Comprehensive Hands-On Introduction by vev19514


									    Programming .NET Web Services: A Comprehensive Hands-On Introduction - 4 Days
                                                 Course 2601 Overview

  You Will Learn How To    • Program the full range of .NET Web services with Visual Studio
                           • Create ASMX services for .NET 2.0 and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services for .NET
                           • Integrate RESTful services into AJAX applications with WCF data services
                           • Create WCF Rich Internet Application (RIA) services for Silverlight client applications
                           • Orchestrate long-running business processes with Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) 4 and Workflow
                           • Deploy services with the Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) and Windows Server AppFabric

        Course Benefits   Web services connect isolated data sources to create powerful distributed applications. .NET includes several
                          distinct Web service frameworks that allow enterprise applications to gain online access to critical business
                          information. In this course, you learn to program Web services with C# or Visual Basic that harness each of
                          these frameworks. You gain the knowledge and skills to maximize these technologies for your organization.

     Who Should Attend    Those who want to create Web services using .NET. Programming experience at the level of Course 503,
                          "Visual Basic Programming for .NET," or Course 419, "C# Programming," is assumed.

     Hands-On Training    You gain hands-on experience building Web services with .NET. Exercises, completed in either C# or Visual
                          Basic, include:
                           • Coding ASMX services and clients
                           • Building interoperable and performatory WCF services
                           • Locating services dynamically with discovery
                           • Connecting WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET and AJAX clients to .NET services
                           • Mapping long-running business processes to services with WF
                           • Deploying and managing services with Windows Server AppFabric


        Programming .NET Web Services: A Comprehensive Hands-On Introduction - 4 Days
                                                             Course 2601 Outline

Web Services Overview                               • Integrating diverse data sources:             • Representing service operations and
Web service architecture                              SharePoint 2010, Azure and Excel 2010           ReceiveAndSendReply
 • Dividing responsibilities in n-Tier              • Accessing WCF data services from              • Linking client calls with content-based
   distributed applications                           AJAX clients                                    correlation
 • Determining service and operation
   granularity                                     Developing WCF RIA Services                     Customizing workflow behaviour
 • Comparing operation- and                        Simplifying n-Tier service development           • Ensuring workflow resilience with
   resource-based services                          • Standardizing service design patterns for       persistence
 • Options for serializing data: change set,          Silverlight clients                           • Observing workflow execution with
   simple entities, self-tracking entities, data    • Exposing domain logic with LINQ                 tracking
   transfer objects                                 • Coding a domain service for query and
                                                      update                                       Deploying WCF Services
Web service support in .NET                         • Benefiting from the authentication           Service hosting
 • The spectrum of .NET Web service                   service                                       • Self-hosting scenarios
   toolkits                                                                                         • Benefiting from Windows Process
 • ASMX                                            Integrating Silverlight clients                    Activation Service (WAS)
 • WCF                                              • Enabling rapid application development
 • WCF Data Services                                  with the business application template       Managing services wth Windows Server
 • WCF RIA Services                                 • Retrieving data efficiently with generated   AppFabric
 • Workflow Services                                  domain contexts                               • Manipulating running workflows
                                                    • Validating input consistently with shared     • Monitoring service and workflow
Designing Activity-Oriented Services                  code                                            operations
Coding ASMX services
 • Writing the service class                       Leveraging WCF Features                         Securing Web Services
 • Adding Web references to client code            Ensuring service reliability                     • Security default across the .NET service
 • Hosting ASMX services in IIS                     • Applying transactions to WCF clients to         spectrum
                                                      services                                      • Transfer vs. message security
Programming WCF services                            • Handling downtime with queued services        • Applying SSL and basic authentication
 • Creating the service interface and                                                                 to external services
   implementation                                  Service discovery                                • Authorizing access to service operations
 • Applying attributes to the service and           • Announcing service availability
   operations                                       • Automating dynamic client connection
 • Connecting clients with service                    to services
 • Configuring WCF services and clients            Duplex services
 • Simplifying configuration in .NET 4              • Bidirectional communication
Constructing Resource-Oriented                      • Controlling duplex channels in client and
Services                                              service code
Syndicating WCF services
 • Returning simple XML to clients                 Delivering Long-Running Services with
 • Delivering RSS content feeds from WCF           Workflow
                                                   Employing Windows Workflow Foundation
Leveraging WCF data services                       4
 • Mapping HTTP actions into service                • Mapping business processes to flowchart
   operations                                         workflows
 • Supporting RESTful access to entity              • Designing declarative workflows with
   framework data                                     XAML
 • Partitioning data with projections and           • Exploiting built-in and custom Workflow
   query expressions                                  activities
 • Sharing information with the open data
   protocol (oData)                                Workflows as Web services


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