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Using InDesign CS4
                               HOW TO DISABLE ENGLISH ADOBE AUTO UPDATES
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                               IMPORTANT WHEN USING ADOBE ME SOFTWARE

 Workspace                                      Workspace

    Workspace basics

    Customize menus and keyboard
                                                Manage connections to web services


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    Manage connections to web                        Log into Adobe web services
                                                     Disable automatic extension updates
    Working with ConnectNow
                                                     Manually check for updated extensions
    Setting preferences
                                                     Disable web services
    Recovery and
    Common InDesign error

                                                In Adobe® Creative Suite® 4, the Connections panel lets you manage connections to web
 Working with documents                         services and the locally installed extensions that interact with them. The Connections panel
                                                itself is an extension. Additional extensions installed with Creative Suite applications include
 Text                                           the following:

 Styles                                         Adobe ConnectNow Collaborate with dispersed working teams over the web, sharing
 Combining text and                             voice, data, and multimedia.
 objects                                        Kuler™ panel Quickly create, share, and explore color themes online.
 Typography                                     Search for Help In the upper-right corner of applications, enter search terms to access
                                                Community Help. Community Help includes Adobe product Help, plus additional content
                                                from the design and production communities.
 Long document features
                                                Visit to learn about additional services and extensions.

                                                Log into Adobe web services
 Frames and objects
                                                Regardless of which application you use to access the Connections panel, logging in
 effects                                        automatically connects you to services such as ConnectNow meetings.

 Color                                             1. In Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Fireworks, or Dreamweaver,
                                                      choose Window > Extensions > Connections.
 Color management
                                                   2. Enter your Adobe ID and password. (If you lack an ID or can’t remember it,
 Trapping color                                       click the appropriate link.)
                                                   3. (Optional) To remain logged in when you restart the computer, select
                                                      Remember Me On This Computer.
 Dynamic documents                                 4. Click Log In.


 Printing                                       Disable automatic extension updates
 Color separations                              By default, the Connections panel automatically updates installed extensions. However,
                                                you can disable automatic updates and instead check for them manually.
Sharing content between InCopy and        1. From the Connections panel menu        , select Update Preferences.
InDesign                                  2. Deselect Check For Updates Automatically.
Comparison of PageMaker and InDesign      3. Restart any open Adobe Creative Suite applications.

Keyboard shortcuts

                                       Manually check for updated extensions
notices                                   From the Connections panel menu        , select Check For Updates.

                                       Disable web services
                                       If your work environment disallows online connections, you can disable web services. You
                                       can also use this option to disable your product from accessing online Community Help.
                                       When you disable web services and search for help, the product provides results from the
                                       local help system only.

                                       Note: Local Help includes only a portion of the full version of online product Help.

                                          1. From the Connections panel menu        , select Offline Options.
                                          2. Select Keep Me Offline.

                                          To disable the Connections panel and web services only in Photoshop, deselect Allow
                                       Extensions To Connect in the Plug-Ins section of the Preferences dialog box.

                                       Help and support


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