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									                                Medical Emergency Procedures
                                   Bedford Recreation Department

If a Recreation Department Staff Member is not present when an emergency occurs, please
follow the procedures detailed below. These procedures should help in most situations; however,
there may be circumstances or situations that are unusual or unique. In these cases, we ask that
you respond in the manner in which you would want yourself or a member of your family

                                    MEDICAL EMERGENCIES:

Serious - Life-threatening or serious injury requiring immediate attention: Child must be taken
by ambulance to the hospital. Call 781-275-1212 (when calling from a cell phone it‟s a quicker
connection) or „911‟ for Bedford Rescue. Unless parents request otherwise, the child should go
to the nearest hospital. Do not send the child alone unless there are absolutely no other adults to
care for the remaining children. PARENTS MUST BE CALLED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Minor injury: Please inform the parents, at pick-up time, of the injury. If the parents do not
pick up themselves, please call them. They must be notified of all details so that they may relay
the information as accurately as possible to the medical professionals if medical attention is
sought. They also must have the information in case the “minor” injury worsens later. For
example, the parents of any child receiving a hit to the head must be informed so that they can
monitor the child and watch for concussion-like symptoms appearing later. Similarly, a
relatively minor cut can easily become infected if not cared for properly. Children can not be
depended upon to relay medical information themselves. In fact, they often do not even mention
“minor” injuries to their parents.

If a child sustains an injury that is not serious enough to warrant an immediate trip to the
hospital, but the child needs medical attention, please call the parent to offer the option of
picking the child up early. Parents might prefer to seek medical attention before pickup time.

Medical/emergency contact information for all children can be found on the Medical Release
forms (completed by parents) that should have all been returned to you. These forms contain
signatures authorizing medical treatment.

In all emergency/injury instances, please report the facts to the Recreation Department as soon as
possible. You may leave information regarding any injuries in our voicemail system. This way,
we will have answers for parents should they call at night or on the weekends. If leaving a
message, please include as many details as possible and also please leave information regarding
how we may contact you to learn more (phone numbers and times that we might reach you).

Recreation Department:
781 - 275 – 1392

Amy Hamilton:
781-775-1392 (mobile)
781-271-0513 (home)

Nick Cacciolfi:
617-710-8440 (mobile)

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