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           ACTIVE SHOOTER                                         BOMB THREAT                                        POWER OUTAGE
■ Seek sanctuary by proceeding to a room            ■ Evacuate the building.                             ■ Move cautiously to a lighted area. Exits
   that can be locked, close and lock all           ■ Do not use cell phones or radios within               may be indicated by lighted signs.
   windows and doors and turn off all lights           300 feet of the area suspected of                 ■ Turn off and unplug computers and other
   OR exit the building if safe conditions exist.      containing explosive device.                         voltage sensitive equipment.
■ Get down on the floor and ensure that                                                                   ■ For information about a prolonged outage,
                                                    ■ Faculty/Staff should check for, but not
   no one is visible from outside the room.            disturb, unusual objects as they depart              check Auraria Campus website at www.
   Call 911 from a campus phone or dial                the classroom or offices. Report these       or the local media.
   (303) 556-5000 from any other phone to              unusual objects to the Auraria Campus
   access the Auraria Campus Police and                Police and Emergency Personnel.
   advise the dispatcher of the events, inform
   him/her of your location, and remain in          ■ Do not enter a building until authorized                     SUSPICIOUS PERSON
   place until the police give the “all clear.”        by Emergency Personnel/Auraria
                                                       Campus Police.                                    ■ Do not physically confront the person.
■ If an active shooter enters your office
   or classroom, try to remain calm. Call                                                                ■ Do not let anyone into a locked building/
   9-1-1 from a campus phone or dial                                                                        office.
   (303) 556-5000 from any other phone,                                 FIRE                             ■ If the individual is inside, do not block the
   and if possible, alert police of the                                                                     person’s access to an exit.
                                                    ■ Activate the nearest fire alarm pull station
   shooter’s location. If you can’t speak,
                                                       and call 911 from a campus phone to               ■ Call 911 from a Campus phone or dial
   leave the line open so the dispatcher
                                                       access Auraria Campus Police or dial                 (303) 556-5000 to access Auraria Campus
   can listen to what’s taking place.
                                                       (303) 556-5000 from all other phones.                Police. Provide as much information
■ If the shooter leaves the area, proceed                                                                   as possible about the person and their
                                                    ■ Evacuate the building.
   immediately to a safer place and do not                                                                  direction of travel.
   touch anything that was in the vicinity          ■ Do not re-enter the building until
   of the shooter.                                     authorized by Emergency Personnel.

                                                                                                                   SUSPICIOUS OBJECT
       GENERAL EVACUATION                              EARTHQUAKES/TORNADOS/                             ■ Do not touch or disturb object.

          INFORMATION                                      SEVERE WEATHER                                ■ Call 911 from a campus phone to access
                                                                                                            Auraria Campus Police or dial (303) 556-
■ In the event of a building alarm or official       ■ If an underground or designated shelter is            5000 from all other phones.
   notification, evacuate the building using            not available, move to an interior room or        ■ Notify your supervisor, faculty or staff
   the nearest exit (or alternate if nearest           hallway on the lowest floor and get beside            member immediately.
   exit is blocked).                                   not under a sturdy piece of furniture.
                                                                                                         ■ Be prepared to evacuate.
■ Do not use elevators!                             ■ Stay away from windows. DO NOT open
■ Take personal belongings (keys,                      windows.
   wallets, etc).                                   ■ Any fire doors in hallways should be closed.
■ Secure any hazardous materials                    ■ Remain in the safe area until all danger
                                                                                                                     SNOW CLOSURES
   or equipment before leaving.                        has passed.                                       ■ Closure options include: Closed for the
■ Follow directions given by emergency              ■ If the facility is damaged, evacuate after            day and evening; Closed for the evening
   personnel and/or Auraria Campus                     the storm passes and stay clear of the               beginning at 4 p.m.
   Police Officers.                                     damaged area. Be aware of fallen debris,          ■ Tune to a local radio or TV station for
■ Gather 500 feet from the building unless             downed power lines and gas leaks.                    closure information and/or call the 24
   otherwise instructed by Emergency                ■ Follow directives of Emergency Personnel/             hour info line at (303) 556-2401 for status
   Personnel and/or Auraria Campus Police.             Auraria Campus Police.                               on snow closures.
■ If it is safe for you to assist persons
   with disabilities or special needs, do
   so. If you are unable to assist, notify
                                                         REMAIN CALM. PROVIDE ASSISTANCE TO OTHERS, IF NECESSARY.
   emergency responders of the location                                                             Auraria Higher
   and number of disabled or special needs                                                          Education Center
   persons located in your area.                                                          
■ Wait to be contacted. Do not return to
   the building or move to another side             To Report a Campus Emergency: DIAL 911 from a campus phone OR
   of the building unless told to do so by
   emergency personnel.
                                                     DIAL (303) 556-5000 to directly access the Auraria Campus Police
                       A u r ar ia Cam p us
                       E m er g en c y
Campus Emergen
Armed Suspect
Call 303-556-2401
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