S A F ET Y G U I D E L I N E S & E M E R G E N C Y P R O C E D U R E S :
           • EARTHQUAKE
           • FIRE
           • SHOOTER ON CAMPUS
                                                              1000 West Foothill Boulevard, Glendora, CA 91741-1899 •

EARTHQUAKE                                After the Earthquake                           Minor Fires
Before the Earthquake                     • Make sure you and those around               • If a fire appears controllable, access
• Plan ahead - Earthquakes give no          you are safe. Assess your immediate          the nearest fire extinguisher. Initiate
  obvious warning before they occur.        conditions.                                  the PASS system:
  Locate potential safe areas: under a    • Be prepared for aftershocks.                   • Pull the pin.
  desk, inside doorways and in halls        Evacuate structures only after a safe          • Aim at the base of the fire.
  are structurally safe locations. Stay     exit route has been explored. Watch            • Squeeze the trigger while
  away from windows, unsecured              out for broken glass, exposed                     holding the extinguisher upright.
  bookshelves and file cabinets.            electrical wiring and potential                • Sweep the extinguisher from side
• Know the location of fire                 falling lighting and other ceiling                to side.
  extinguishers and first aid kits and      fixtures.
  how to use them. For fire               • Assist the injured and those with            Other Fire Situations
  extinguisher training, contact the        disabilities to exit the building            • Be smart. If a fire does not appear
  Environmental, Health and Safety          safely. If they are unconscious or             to be containable, evacuate the
  Office (EH&S) at 8704.                    you are unable to assist, report their         building.
• Plan your immediate action with co-       condition and location to                    • Immediately activate the fire alarm
  workers in the event that shaking         Emergency Responders. Make every               system.
  starts. Review the Citrus College         effort to account for the location           • Call 9-911.
  Emergency Preparedness Plan –             and status of people in your                 • Call Campus Security at 8611.
  Volume One.                               immediate area to members of the             • When the fire alarm sounds,
                                            Crisis Action Team (CAT). The                  everyone must leave the building.
During the Earthquake                       phones may be out; use wireless                Stay calm. Leave doors unlocked.
• Duck - Move away from possible            communication systems or cell                • Whenever possible, assist anyone
  falling objects: books, small office      phones. If necessary, assign                   with a disability or with injuries to
  equipment, knick-knacks, unsecured        messengers/runners.                            exit the building. In the event of a
        bookshelves and file cabinets.    • Listen for additional information.             fire, no one is to use the elevators
• Cover - Tables and desks provide          The Emergency Broadcast System                 including those with disabilities.
  protection from falling objects and       (EBS) for Los Angeles County can             • Once outside, move at least 150 feet
  glass. Hallways are structurally          be found on AM frequencies KFI                 away from the building. Keep
  more secure than open office areas        640, KNX 1070, KWKW 1300Kh.                    streets, fire lanes, hydrants and
  and will have less flying debris.                                                        walkways clear for emergency
  Doorways also provide good              FIRE                                             vehicles and crews. Do not return to
  structural support, but watch out       Fire Extinguishers                               an evacuated building until cleared
  for swinging doors on fingers.          • Know the location of fire                      to do so by Campus Security or the
• Hold - In a violent earthquake,           extinguishers in your area and how             Emergency Responder in charge.
  things will be moving. Get on the         to use them. For fire extinguisher           • If you are unable to assist the
  floor; hold onto                          information and training, contact              injured or people with disabilities
  your desk. Brace yourself in a hall       the EH&S Office at 8704.                       out of the building, be able to tell
  way or doorway. Remain calm and         • Know the location of the nearest               Emergency Responders the location
  ride out the shaker.                      fire alarm breaker.                            and condition of those remaining
• Outdoors – move away from                                                                inside.
  buildings, utility poles, trees and
  other structures if you can.                                                           Continued on next page
Other Fire Situations Continued           • Do not reopen doors unless               In the event you are outside when this
• If you become trapped in a building       instructed to do so by staff or          event occurs, take the following ac-
  during a fire and a window is             authorized personnel that you            tions:
  available, place an article of            recognize by sight or voice. Public      • Move away from the danger area to
  clothing, (shirt, coat, etc.) outside     safety responders may enter the            a safe area and notify the Campus
  the window as a marker for rescue         room using a master key or by              Security Office (8611).*
  crews. Stay calm.                         providing positive identification.       • Proceed to assigned class or an in
• If there is no window, stay low to      • If an instructor observes imminent         door secure area unless otherwise
  the floor where the air will be less      danger near a room, immediately            instructed by the building
  smoky and toxic. Make noise or            secure the room and notify Campus          administrator or department head. If
  shout at regular intervals to             Security of the danger via telephone,      the assigned class is not accessible or
  alert rescuers to your presence and       radio system or runner.                    is unsafe, proceed to the nearest safe
  location.                               • Brief students that the building or        classroom. Or seek shelter in the
                                            the college has been placed on a           safest place available if it is unsafe
SHOOTER ON CAMPUS                           heightened security status as a            to enter a campus building.
                                            response to an apparent crisis           • If the decision is made to leave the
If You Are Informed There Is a              situation. Advise students to remain       campus for a safer location, inform
Shooter on Campus                           quiet until more can be learned            Campus Security, the Emergency
• Keep all students in the classroom        about the situation.                       Responder or your supervisor of this
   for their safety until more            • Calmly and quietly review                  off-campus location and the names
   information is provided. Lock or         emergency evacuation procedures in         of students/employees at that
   barricade classroom doors if             the Emergency Response flipchart           location. Notification should occur
   possible. Move students away from        with students to prepare them for          as soon as it is safe to do so.
   doors and windows. For situations        possible evacuation.
   involving the potential discharge of   • Until the situation has been assessed,   *If using a cell phone, contact
   firearms, give a Drop, Cover and         recommend that students remain in        Campus Security by calling 914-8611.
   Hold command. Instruct students to       the classroom unless authorization
   stay down until subsequent               to leave is received from proper
   instructions are given.                  authorities.

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