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JOBEAR’s New (JOBEAR’S Project) CD Reviews:

Dallas, Tx

1. When I first heard about the CD I was skeptical, but after I put
the CD on I was very surprised to here such a well put together album.
The songs are good, the music and lyrics hit home, especially the
wedding song. I couldn't wait to tell my co-workers about it. I have
already put in my request for one of the first copies as soon as the
CD becomes available. LaShombe ( Wells Fargo bank) age 30

2. The whole CD is tight, the production is high quality, I like the
way Jobear attacks the tracks with feeling and heart. When I first
heard him, I was reminded of so many top singers, but at the same time,
he has his own unique sound. and that's what I feel the edge is on
this CD, he has his own sound. Rodney Williams (Producer/ writer) age 29

3. I loved the whole CD, and my wife loved it, the CD has that old
school flavor but at the same time it has that funky up to date sound.
The lyrics are clean, but adult, something grown folks can enjoy, a
man can kick back and listen with his lady and she can do the same, I
can't Wait for my copy. Ed Huff ( High School English teacher / football coach)
Age 34

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