Thank you for being a loyal AMPLIFY member! It by vev19514


									Thank you for being a loyal AMPLIFY member! It is because of you and your
trust in us that we continue to grow. We work hard to provide you with quality
financial products and services in a convenient and friendly environment.

In this age of electronic information, we also make extra efforts to protect your
information to ensure your privacy and maintain your trust.

AMPLIFY has developed and continues to maintain, physical, electronic, and
procedural safeguards, meeting or exceeding Federal regulations, to protect your
non-personal information.

AMPLIFY does not sell any nonpublic personal information you share with us.
The nonpublic personal information we collect about you comes from sources
such as applications and other forms, which provide us with your name, address,
social security number, assets, and income. Other sources of information are
transactions with us and our affiliates, and consumer reporting agencies.

While AMPLIFY will not sell any nonpublic personal information about you to
anyone, we may disclose nonpublic personal information about you to the
following third parties: financial service providers (such as mortgage bankers,
security broker-dealers, and insurance agents) and non-financial companies
(such as statement printers, credit/debit card processors, check/share draft
processors, and consumer reporting agencies). In all cases, AMPLIFY restricts
access to your nonpublic personal information to those employees and affiliates
who need access in order to provide the financial products
and services that you have come to expect from AMPLIFY.

We consider the opportunity to meet your financial needs a great privilege — one
that comes with considerable responsibility. In addition to serving your financial
needs, it is also our job to safeguard your sensitive and confidential information.
This is our commitment to you!

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