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45. Smoke Alarm by vev19514


									Housing SA

45. Smoke Alarm
                                                     (Mains Powered Photoelectric (Optical) with
The installation of smoke alarms in your             built in 10Yr+ Rechargeable Lithium Cells)
home will comply with the required
standards.                                           9 volt battery operated smoke alarm
All homes have smoke alarm installed.                Some houses still have 9 volt battery
Currently Housing SA is in the process of            smoke alarm with replaceable batteries
replacing units that have replaceable                and these always come with a flip down
batteries, with units that DO NOT NEED               front, hinged at on one side for ease of
THE BATTERY TO BE CHANGED. The                       changing the battery and where possible
new types are either:                                lithium (long life) batteries have been used
                                                     which do not need changing each year.
9 Volt Battery - Battery powered alarms
                                                     Some smoke alarms have alkaline batteries
Powered - 10 Year Lithium Batteries.
                                                     and these do need changing each year.

                                                     Home Fire Escape Plan - Be prepared

                                                     If you have a fire in your home you must
                                                     know how to get out safely.
                                                     All the people in your home should talk
                                                     about the plan and how to evacuate by
These smoke alarms come with a non                   normal exit routes.
removable battery that has an operating
life of at least ten (10) years. It has a test       How many smoke alarms should I have
and a hush button and a low battery                  in my home?
warning. It is sealed and can not be
opened.                                              If all bedrooms are in close proximity to
                                                     each other and are accessed by a common
OR                                                   passage way one alarm is sufficient.
240v hard wired (sealed) smoke alarm                 However, depending on the sleeping areas
These smoke alarms are sealed, with an               Housing SA will provide smoke alarms to
inbuilt non-removable Lithium battery, on            suit the accommodation needs. Please
charge at all times as they are connected            contact Maintenance Centre on 131 288.
to the main electricity supply. It has a test
and a hush button and a low battery                  Hearing or Speech Impaired
warning. These smoke alarms can not                  If you are deaf or have a hearing disability
be opened therefore DO NOT FORCE                     Housing SA can install a vibralarm or
THE COVER as the inbuilt battery does                strobe as an alternative to their regular
not need changing (hard wired).                      smoke alarms.
                                                     Simply provide Housing SA with a copy of
                                                     your last hearing test (audiogram).

                                                                                         Postal Address
                                                            Housing SA – GPO Box 1669 Adelaide SA 5001
                                                                              General enquiries – 131299*
                                                                          Maintenance enquiries – 131288
                                                                                    M 5/2010
                                                 Email –

                                                         * Calls from mobile phones will attract higher call charges
This will assist Housing SA to identify which      contact the Maintenance Centre on
type of smoke alarm would best suit you.           131 288 immediately.
Housing SA will also accept the advice of          Test the alarm regularly by holding the test
your hearing specialist or health care             button in for about 5 – 20 seconds or until
worker.                                            the horn sounds. If the alarm is on the
                                                   ceiling and you can’t get to it easily or
If the alarm sounds
                                                   safely, use a broom handle to push the test
If the alarm horn sounds a loud continuous         button.
sound and you are NOT testing the unit,            It may take up to 20 seconds before the
the alarm has sensed smoke in the air.             horn sounds.
Too much exposure to the horn at close             If the alarm tests correctly, do nothing.
range can be harmful to your hearing.
                                                   Do not stand close to the alarm for long
The alarm horn is warning of a possibly            periods when it is sounding. The alarm is
serious situation. It requires your                loud so that it will wake you during an
immediate attention.                               emergency.
Using the silence feature
                                                   If the alarm fails a test or continually chirps
Your smoke alarm unit has a silence                or regularly false alarms contact the
feature that will temporarily quieten the unit     Maintenance Centre on 131 288.
if the alarm is caused by cooking fumes.
Press the ‘hush’ button on the alarm cover         How to take care of the smoke alarm
to silence the nuisance alarm.                     unit
The unit will ‘chirp’ once a minute for 5 – 10     The smoke alarm unit has been designed
minutes to remind you that the silence             to be as maintenance free as possible. To
feature has been activated and the alarm           keep the alarm in good working order you
has been silenced.                                 must:
Open a window or fan the air around the            •   test the alarm regularly
alarm to get rid of the smoke. The alarm will
return to normal operating conditions after 5      •   vacuum the cover externally with care at
– 10 minutes and the chirping will stop.               least twice a year using a soft brush
                                                       vacuum attachment so that the smoke
If the smoke alarm unit ‘chirps’ once a
                                                       alarm is not damaged or removed from
minute for longer than 15 minutes this
                                                       the ceiling
means the alarm unit (or the battery if a
battery powered unit) needs changing.              •   test the alarm after cleaning

If you have any concerns at any time that          If the alarm needs a service
the alarm does not work properly, please
contact the Maintenance Centre on                  If the alarm does not work properly, phone
131 288.                                           the Maintenance Centre on 131 288.

Testing the smoke alarm
Test the alarm regularly – this is the only
way to be sure that the alarm is working
correctly. If the alarm fails to test correctly,

                                                                                  M 5/2010

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