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					                                                   Fully automatic test function                            recommended to install a smoke alarm on                                                 Testing the alarm
USER’S MANUAL                                      Advanced electronics ensure the best                     the ceiling as well.                                                                    A flashing LED signals accurate operation. A
                                                   possible operating readiness by means of an          l   A smoke alarm shall be installed in the                                                 loud, vibrating sound occurs in case of a
PHOTOELECTRIC SMOKE                                automatic self-test function.                            sleeping area of a caravan.                                                             smoke alarm. A short whistling tone occurs
ALARM                                                                                                   l   For complicated or extensive properties                                                 every 30 to 40 seconds for up to one month
                                                   Battery warning function                                 please request qualified advice from a safety                                           signalling that the battery needs to be
                                                   By means of a warning sound repeated every               engineer or the fire brigade.                                                           replaced.
9 Volt Battery Operated                            43 seconds (for up to one month), the smoke                                                                                                      Test the smoke alarm weekly for your security
                                                   detector signalises that the power supply of         Regarding the installation of single smoke                                                  by pressing the respective button (for at least
Photoelectric Smoke Alarm                          the battery is insufficient and it needs to be       alarms it is distinguished between minimum                                                  2 seconds) until you hear the alarm.
                                                   replaced.                                            and additional protection:
                                                                                                                                                                                                    If the smoke alarm cannot be heard after
                                                   Control button                                                                                                                                   pressing the button or if the LED does not
                                                   Temporarily       increases     the     detector’s                                                                                               flash, please do check the following points:
                                                   sensitivity to test the alarm function.                                                             DINNING
                                                                                                                                                        ROOM          KITCHEN   BEDROOM   BEDROOM

                                                                                                            BEDROOM       HALL         BEDROOM
                                                                                                                                                                                                    l   Is the device damaged?
                                                   Noisy (85 dBA) piezoelectric warning                                                                                                             l   Is the device clean? (For your security
                                                   sound                                                    LIVING ROOM                 KITCHEN                                                         please vacuum the outside cover
                                                   Vibrant warning sound in case of fire alarm -                                                       LIVING ROOM                  BEDROOM
                                                                                                                                                                                                        regularly to remove dust and dirt.)
                                                   high efficiency                                                               FINISHED BASEMENT                                                  l   Is the battery working properly? Are you
                                                                                                                                                     SINGLE-STORY RESIDENCE, APARTMENT
                                                                                                              M ULTIPLE STORY P LAN                  MOBILE HOME                                        using the required battery type? Is the
                                                   This device does not contain any                                                                                                                     battery connected properly? Replace the
                                                   radioactive substances!                                            HOUSE                                          APARTMENT                          battery if necessary.
                                                                                                              Required to meet BSI recommendations
                                                   Function                                                   Recommended for additional protection                                                 If the smoke alarm is still not working, do not
                                                   Smoke caused by fire is very dangerous,                    Smoke Alarms with silence features                                                    attempt to repair it but contact a professional.
                                                   especially because of today’s widespread use         recommended for additional protection
                                                   of synthetic materials in modern homes that                                                                                                      False alarms
Smoke alarms sound their alarm horn when
                                                   might generate poisonous vapours when                 The following locations shall be avoided:                                                  After every alarm, check if there is a fire. In
they detect smoke. Everything preventing the
                                                   burning.                                             l   Next to doors, windows, ventilators etc.                                                case of a false alarm do not remove the
smoke from reaching the alarm obstructs an
                                                   The smoke alarm detects smoke caused by                  where draughts can deviate smoke from the                                               battery, but fan the air around the smoke
early alarm.
                                                   smouldering at an early stage and warns by               sensor.                                                                                 alarm until the alarm turns off (if necessary
A single smoke detector provides only limited
                                                   means of a loud, vibrant sound, thereby              l   In small or poorly ventilated garages or                                                vacuum the outside cover) . After the alarm
security. Fire in another room will only be
                                                   waking inhabitants up at a point of time when            kitchens where waste gas or vapour may                                                  the device is immediately ready for operation.
detected after smoke reaches the alarm. It is
                                                   a safe escape is still possible.                         cause false alarms.
therefore recommended to install a smoke
                                                   The smoke alarm operates according to the            l   In areas where dust and dirt can interfere                                              Maintenance
alarm on every level of the home if not in every
                                                   scattered light principle. A light source and a          with the smoke alarm operation or cause                                                 Periodic maintenance contributes to a long
                                                   photocell are arranged so as to ensure that              false alarms.                                                                           service life of the smoke alarm and ensures a
                                                   normally no light strikes the photocell. The         l   In areas where insects are likely to trigger                                            failure-free operation.
Inform yourself about fire safety rules and
                                                   light source is activated in short intervals.            the alarm.                                                                              l    Clean the outside cover with a damp cloth
proper behaviour in case of a fire at your
                                                   If the concentration of smoke particles in the       l   In damp or humid areas (e.g. in the                                                          at least every three months (do not use
fire brigade!
                                                   enclosure reaches a certain level, the light is          bathrooms).                                                                                  any detergent!).
                                                   reflected and reaches the photocell. This will       l   In rooms where the temperature may often                                                l    Vacuum the outside cover and vents
Product characteristics
                                                   set off a loud fire alarm.                               fall below –5°C or exceed +38°C.                                                             every three month. Never let the vacuum
                                                                                                                                                                                                         cleaner come in contact with the interior
Photoelectric effect
                                                   Placement                                            Installation                                                                                     parts of the smoke alarm.
This recently developed photoelectric sensor-
                                                   l   As most fires in flats start in the living       l   Attach the mounting bracket to the ceiling or
camber is insensitive to interfering influences.
                                                       areas, it is recommended to install smoke            wall.                                                                                   Please note!
Every device is separately calibrated in order
                                                       alarms between the living and sleeping           l   Install the battery (included).Match the                                                The smoke alarm requires sufficient power to
to avoid false alarms due to, e.g., cigarette
                                                       areas.                                               terminals on the end of the battery with the                                            operate.
smoke. The power supply is electronically
                                                   l   As a minimum requirement a smoke                     terminals on the unit. Match “+” to “+” and “-”                                         l   Please use the appropriate type of brand
regulated, thereby maintaining a constant
                                                       alarm should be installed outside every              to “-.” Push the battery in until it snaps in                                               batteries (Type IEC 6 LR61, 9V).
sensitivity of the alarm.
                                                       sleeping area in a flat. If there are                securely and cannot be shaken loose.                                                    l   Please check the polarity of the battery
                                                       separate sleeping areas a smoke alarm            l   Attach the Smoke Alarm to the mounting                                                      carefully.
Battery operation
                                                       is to be installed outside each sleeping             bracket. Turn the smoke alarm clockwise                                                 l   Please verify that the smoke alarm is
The functioning of the detector is maintained
                                                       area.                                                (right) until it snaps into place.                                                          working properly immediately after
even in case of a power failure. On an average
                                                   l   The minimum requirement for multi-               l   Check immediately after finishing the                                                       replacing the batteries.
the battery’s (standard 9V battery) service life
                                                       storey houses is to install a smoke alarm            installation that the smoke detector works                                              l   In case of the battery warning signal
is 1 year.
                                                       on every floor of the house and outside              properly by pressing the test button for at                                                 replace     the    battery   immediately.
                                                       each sleeping area, e.g. in the hallway              least 2 seconds.                                                                            Otherwise please change it at least once
Signal lamp (LED)
                                                       connecting the sleeping rooms or on the                                                                                                          a year.
A flashing small light (every 43s) signalises a
                                                       stairway leading to this hallway. If there is
failure-free operation.
                                                       a room in the attic, it is strongly