Silhouette Low Profile ACDC Smoke Alarm by vev19514


									         Connections - October
    1. Silhouette Low Profile AC/DC
                                      CONNECTIONS October, 2008
       Smoke Alarm
    2. AC Powered Smoke and
       Carbon Monoxide Alarm with
                                      October is national fire safety month. Purchase a new, low
       Battery Backup and Silence     profile Silhouette from Kidde for only $49.75 and never
       Feature - MODEL SC6120B        have to worry about dead batteries for the next ten years!
       From BRK Electronics
    3. The DSN Decontactor from
                                      Special pricing of $ 34.75 on the BRK combination smoke
       Meltric                        & carbon monoxide detector.
    4. Pre-Fabricated Box and Cover
       Assemblies from T & B
    5. 4000 Designer Series
                                      Springfield Electric distributes the full line of Meltric plugs
                                      and receptacles. T&B's new line of preassembled units
                                      save you time and money! Wiremold's new, bold design
                                      brings modular wiring into the 21st century!

    Vendor Announces Price Adjustments:

    Ferraz Shawmut       10/2/08           8-10% Range
    Intermatic           11/1/08           7% Average

Silhouette Low Profile AC/DC
Smoke Alarm
• 120V power source
• Innovative low profile alarm design
• Ionization Sensing Technology
• One button design (operates Smart Hush™ and test)
  - Test verifies alarm operation
  - Hush silences nuisance alarms
• Sealed rechargeable battery backup (included) will last the life
of the alarm
• LED indicates alarm condition
• Alarm memory
• Pre-stripped wiring harness with tinned strands                        More Information

AC Powered Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm
AC Powered Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup and Silence
Feature - MODEL SC6120B

Combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm saves time on
installation and materials because only one electrical box is required.
Meets code for both smoke and CO alarms.

• Quick Plug-In Power Connector
• 120 VAC; Interconnectable
• Ionization Smoke Sensor Microprocessor controlled for fewer nuisance
• Low battery and nuisance alarm silence
• Auto-self testing
• Latching Alarm Indicator
• Separate smoke & CO visual and audible warnings

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The DSN Decontactor is a combination of a plug/receptacle and a disconnect switch in the same
device. These devices, which take the form of a plug and receptacle, are horsepower rated and
switch rated to UL Standards 1682, 98 and 508. DSN plugs and receptacles are compact watertight
devices, and perform as true functioning disconnect switches for motors and other inductive loads,
without the need for an electrical or mechanical interlock. As a switch, the DSN is designed to make
and break up to 600VAC and up to one and a half times their rated current, and can make or
withstand a 10,000A short circuit, with a power factor as low as 0.45.

•UL listed 1682/1686; UL 98/508 performance listed as a disconnect switch and manual motor

•Models are available to cover 1/2 to 20HP and 120 to 600 volts.
View the DSN section of the Meltric catalog

Pre-Fabricated Box and Cover Assemblies
   1. This new UL-listed product line extension includes 48              Steel City®: We'll build the boxes
      combinations of popular boxes, brackets and covers that speed      so you can build your business.
      installation because the time consuming assembly work is already
   2. Each assembly comes complete with a 1 1/2" or 2 1/8" deep 4"
      square box with a pre-installed grounding pigtail, and a choice of
      bracket and cover options. Covers are available in both single and
      two device configurations, raised 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4". Available
      brackets allow attachment to steel and wood stud and floor track,
      and include the new Steel City® Support Covers, which combine a
      bracket and a cover in one component.

                                                        Visit us to read more

                                                                   SHAPE THE FUTURE
                                                                   WITH ITS INNOVATIVE PROFILE, GREATER
                                                                   CAPACITY and installation-friendly features, the 4000
                                                                   Designer Series™ raceway helps you do what you do
                                                                   better. Unique downward facing activations deliver a
                                                                   streamlined profile in new designer colors to complement
                                                                   any décor. With one-third more wiring capacity than
                                                                   traditional profiles, it’s the ideal raceway for your newer
                                                                   and larger capacity applications. And it’s easier to install
                                                                   with features that offer flexibility as well as functionality,
                                                                   saving time and labor. The DS4000™ raceway.
                                                                   Everything you want in a raceway. And you want it all.

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