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					                                        Bio Poem Rubric
Name _________________________________                                                  Date _________________

Class/Hour _____________________________

 CATEGORY 4                   3               2               1                 Score
Followed   Student followed Student followed Student followed Student did not
Directions all directions for most directions a few of the    follow directions
                 the bio poem.       for the bio         directions for the for the bio
                                     poem.               bio poem.          poem.

Capitalization All capitalization Most                 Several                 Many mistakes
                 is correct.         capitalization is mistakes in             in capitalization
                                     correct. There is capitalization.         in the bio poem.
                                     only 1 mistake. There are 2-3

Punctuation      All punctuation     All punctuation     Most                  There are more
                 is correct and      is correct, but     punctuation is        than 2 errors in
                 consistent in the   there is some       correct. There        punctuation.
                 poem.               inconsistent        are 1-2 errors.
                                     patterns in
Content          Content shows       Content shows       Content shows         No creativity
                 a high level of     some creativity     little creativity     and little use of
                 creativity and      and good word       and some good         good word
                 originality.        choices             word choices.         choices.
                 Excellent word      throughout most
                 choice              of the poem.
                 throughout the
                 entire poem.
Spelling         All spelling is     Most spelling is There are two            There are more
                 correct.            correct. There is spelling errors.        than two
                                     one error.                                spelling errors.

Neatness         Poem is neat        Poem is neat,       Poem is neat          Poem is not
                 and pleasing to     but may be          but is difficult to   typed or is very
                 read. Font          difficult to read   read because of       difficult to read
                 choice, color       because of poor     two of the            because of poor
                 choice, and size    choice of font,     following             choices of font,
                 choice are          color or size.      choices: font,        color and size.
                 outstanding.                            color, or size.
Total Score