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   Human Bondage
   God’s Liberators
Stop the Traffik
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                  Stop The Traffik
                  Call & Response
                    Not For Sale
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Photos by "Kay Chernush for the U.S. State Department."
Answer The Question People Are

   Not: Is there life after death?
   But: Is there life before death?
 The task of the prophet is to say the
 name God correctly, accurately and
  locally – Yahweh, God alive, God
 personal, God present. Here. Now.
 Correctly understanding God in our
culture & context means considering
   our neighbor—here & around the
 (Eugene Peterson, The Jesus Way)
God Hears Humanity’s Cries –
      Their Ze’akah

 The Israelites groaned in their
slavery and cried out, and their
  cry for help because of their
    slavery went up to God.
            Exo. 2:23
 Jesus Heard Humanity’s Cries

Night and day among the tombs
and in the hills he would cry out
  and cut himself with stones.
            Mark 5:5
God Hears Ze’akah

   African Slaves
   Modern Slaves
Because of His Compassion,
   Throughout History
   God Has Raised Up
     to Deliver From
Egyptian        Moses
Human           Jesus
African Trade   Wilberforce
Modern Trade    IJM, VOM, ???
Facts & Figures
$32 Billion
Main trailer
  The fastest growing of the
        TOP THREE
   alongside arms & drugs
• Trafficking is a multi billion dollar industry
• American men are the #1 client in the
  world’s sex trade
• Approximately 17,500 women and children
  are trafficked into the U.S. every year
• Texas is ranked 2nd behind California in
  human trafficking
Excludes those moved from rural
areas to urban centers within their
          own countries
    from rural Appalachia to
Some Major Hubs:

    Las Vegas
    San Diego
Portland & Seattle
Other major cities
In the U.S., victims come
     primarily from…
South and Southeast Asia
      Eastern Europe
      Latin America

Suburbia & Commercial
     Kim Meston’s story:
―The Invisible Slave Next Door‖
   excerpted from the book
         Not for Sale
      by David Batstone
 ―So she suffered in silence, and
no one in the community thought
to ask how she might be faring.‖
• Estimated that 50% of all human trafficking victims
  are minors- starting at 5 yrs. Old
• These children are used for:
   – sex slaves or forced prostitution,
   – sex tourism and pornography
   – forced labor within the cocoa, coffee, diamond, rug, and
     silk industries
   – illegal activities such as begging or selling drugs
   – child soldiers
   – forced into marriage
   – sold out in adoption schemes
   – even murdered for their body parts
 Children are sometimes intentionally
disfigured to attract more money from
The women and girls
used in prostitution
        may be
  exploited 10 to 40
    times a night,
 sometimes keeping
  less than 50 cents
    per encounter.
Young boys and girls
often work from six
in the morning until
 two in the morning
    the next day.

 Some sleep on the
   floor of the
Children are prized in the carpet industry
       for their small, fast fingers.

   Defenseless, they do what they're told,
toiling in cramped, dark, airless village huts
    from sunrise until well into the night.
―Speak up for those
  who cannot speak
 for themselves, for
the rights of all who
    are destitute.
Speak up and judge
 fairly; defend the
 rights of the poor
    and needy.‖
    Proverbs 31:8-9
• Taking people by DECEPTION OR
  VIOLENCE from their homes for

• Taking advantage of those in extreme
  poverty or vulnerability
The villainies of villains are evil;
  they devise wicked devices to
 ruin the poor with lying words,
even when the plea of the needy
             is right.

          Isaiah 32:7,8

• Parents sell children for AS LITTLE AS $30
• Traffickers circle natural disaster sites for
• Trafficking supplies forced prostitution, child
  soldiers, camel jockeys, sweat shops…
• YOUR CHOCOLATE may have come
  from West African cocoa farms, where
  trafficked children are often used
       Adult Slave Labor
 Child Slave Labor (10 million)
Sex Slavery (Forced Prostitution)
         Child Soldiers
Forced & Bonded Labor in
       brick kilns
        rice mills
We ask: God, why don’t you do

 God asks: Why don’t you do
 New Atheism says:

  ―God is not Great‖
(Christopher Hitchens)
 ―The God Delusion‖
  (Richard Dawkins)
Your people say, ―The way of the
Lord is not just,‖ when it is their
   own way that is not just.

          Ezekiel 33:17
Up to 13 million Africans were
    sold into slavery in…

Europe, Caribbean, Americas
Average of about 32,500 per year
      over the 400 years

     100 times that many
           per year:
     3-4 million each year
African slaves were
 valuable property

 Modern slaves are
―disposable people‖
 Like batteries, once the slave
exhausts his or her usefulness,
 another can be secured at no
        great expense
Definition of Slavery
     27 Million
  Switchfoot clips
God about Justice & Mercy
  Now this was the sin of your
   sister Sodom: She and her
daughters were arrogant, overfed
 and unconcerned; they did not
    help the poor and needy.

          Eze. 16:49
And what does the LORD require
             of you?
        To act justly and
       to love mercy and
 to walk humbly with your God.

          Micah 6:8
Let justice roll down like waters,
 and righteousness like an ever-
         flowing stream.

           Amos 5:24
   Is it [true fasting] not to share your
  food with the hungry and to provide
the poor wanderer with shelter— when
        you see the naked, to clothe
him…Then you will call, and the Lord
 will answer; you will cry for help, and
           he will say: Here am I.

             Isaiah 58:7-9
 20th & 21st century evil—Hitler,
  Stalin, Rwanda, Global Slave
Trade—cannot be fully explained
     apart from dark powers.
…when you followed the ways of
   …the ruler of the kingdom
            of the air,
     the spirit who is now at
      work in those who are
            Eph. 2:1,2
…The powers, instead, imagine they
 are gods and enslave human life.
    They slip the grip of human
   accountability and service to
   creation. Instead of ―holding
 together in Christ,‖ they coalesce
into a system of domination. They
            serve Death.
   (Sojourners, Amazing Grace)
The reason the Son of God
appeared was to destroy the
       devil’s work.
        I John 3:8
He has sent me to bind up the
 to proclaim freedom for the
  and release from darkness
      for the prisoners…
   Isaiah 61:1 & Luke 4:18
Lord, break our hearts with the
   things that break your heart.
         –Bob Pierce (founder of World Vision)
 Face the Reality
That We Must Act
Understand The Roles Of Mercy &

       Mercy – binding up the

     Justice – breaking chains of
Jesus Modeled an Earthy
      Muddy Feet
     Bloody Hands

     (NT Wright)
  Much as we try to get out of it or
find a way around it, there is simply
 no following of Jesus that does not
 involve suffering and rejection and
  death. No exceptions. …suffering
          with & for others.
     (Peterson, The Jesus Way)
Justice is what love looks like in

 (Cornel West, From Call and Response, a
     documentary on global slavery)
 For many of us it is not our politics
that constrains us to say and do what
                 we do…
 It is precisely our relationship with
       God, it is our worship, our
  meditation, our attendance at the
            (Desmond Tutu)
The Eucharist is not fair. Giving
     to those who can't give in
          return is not fair.
Serving those who have no way
    to serve in return is not fair,
    and breaking yourself open
    and pouring out yourself for
     people who may never say
       ―thank you,‖ that's not
...but this is a God who is defined
        by action on behalf of the

       Rob Bell, Jesus wants to
          save Christians
Honest, direct confrontation is a true
   expression of compassion...The
illusion of power must be unmasked,
idolatry must be undone, oppression
and exploitation must be fought, and
   all who participate in these evils
         must be confronted.
         This is compassion.
         (Donald P. McNeill)
  Raise Our
Awareness Level
      Wilberforce was able to tell
  Parliament that ―the nature and all
 the circumstances of this Trade are
          now laid open to us.
We can no longer plead ignorance . .
           . We may spurn it
. . . but we cannot turn aside so as to
            avoid seeing it.‖
 Rescue those being led away to
death; hold back those staggering
toward slaughter. If you say, ―But
  we knew nothing about this,‖
does not he who weighs the heart
           perceive it?
        Proverbs 24:11,12
     Corporate Conduct:
       Sugar & Shirts
       Carpets & Caps
     Chocolate & Coffee
         Coca Cola
Fast-Food Industry & Tomato
Pay Attention To Justice

    No Dirty Gold
   Blood Diamonds
  The Price of Sugar
  Invisible Children
   Get Involved with
         What would you do?
   If your sister was being beaten and raped
             multiple times in a day?

If this was your baby brother working 20 hours a

If this was your mother or father forced to work
                  for nothing?
Bring Spiritual Formation to bear
      on issues of Justice.

         Daily Prayers
As we sit in the midst of your
       many mercies,
We are mindful of so many of
   our brothers and sisters
Who dwell in places short of
     Absent of justice,
Defaulted on the gifts of life.
As you know them and we know
  We pledge in this company
To take these needful people in
      these violent places
     As our call from you.

    (Prayers for Privileged People, Walter
    Father, give us courage to
   confront the systems in our
 society that enslave and demean
 our sisters and brothers. Give us
  hearts of compassion rooted in
your gospel of justice, mercy, and
  peace. Amen. (Moravian Daily Prayers, 8-11-08)
    O Lord, open my eyes that I may see the
needs of others; open my ears that I may hear
  their cries; open my heart so that they need
not be without comfort; let me not be afraid to
 defend the weak because of the anger of the
 strong, nor afraid to defend the poor because
  of the anger of the rich ... And so open my
 eyes and my ears that I may this coming day
  be able to do some work of peace for thee.

        Alan Paton (SoJourners, V&V, 10-23-08)
Hear the Ze’akah (the cries)
       of the oppressed

  If anyone has ears to hear,
         let him hear.
          Mark 4:23
 Do I have to give up all the
        things I love?
No, you just have to ask God to
 change the things you love.

         - Tom Sine
Not for Sale, D. Batstone
   Hungry for Justice
 Poverty & Justice Bible
   IJM bookmarkers
              Web Sites – the movie - Christian safe homes - Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons – Legacy of William Wilberforce – Intl. Justice Mission – Voice of the Martyrs
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2. Stats
3. Biblical 1
4. History, Stats & Stories
5. Action
  • Spiritual Disciplines / Prayers
  • Actions
6. Biblical 2
   For by him all things were
created: things in heaven and on
   earth, visible and invisible,
  whether thrones or powers or
 rulers or authorities; all things
were created by him and for him.
             Col. 1:16
The FBI estimates that the slave
    trade generates $9.5 billion
     in revenue each year. The
    International Labour Office
     estimates that figure to be
     closer to a whopping $32
          billion annually.
women and children …
 800,000 to 4 million
      each year
When you are obedient and care
    for the needy, you ―plumb
   deep untapped reservoirs of
   compassion & generosity.‖
Trafficking happens in more ways
         than prostitution.

Slave laborers ranging in ages from
young to old work hard hours with
          little or no pay.
    I often say to myself that, in our
  religion, God must feel very much
alone: for is there anyone besides God
  who believes in the salvation of the
 world? God seeks among us sons and
 daughters who resemble him enough,
who love the world enough so that he
could send them into the world to save
   it. - Louis Evely, In the Christian
Partner with God & Others to:

Bring his kingdom more fully
           to earth

  Bring a little bit of heaven
            to earth

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