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									                                                           The University of Wisconsin-Stout
                                            Designation as Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University


               Resolution I.1.d:

               That, upon recommendation of the Chancellor of the University of
               Wisconsin-Stout and the President of the University of Wisconsin System,
               the Board of Regents supports the designation of UW-Stout as
               Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University.

03/09/07                                                                          I.1.d.
March 9, 2007                                                              Agenda Item I.1.d.

                            DESIGNATION REQUEST
                          Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University
                           University of Wisconsin-Stout

                              EXECUTIVE SUMMARY


        The University of Wisconsin-Stout is requesting that the institution be designated
Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University. This designation builds on the rich history and
tradition of UW-Stout, designated by the Board of Regents as a special mission university
in 1974. This designation has been thoroughly discussed on campus and supported by
the Faculty Senate, the Senate of Academic Staff and the Stout Student Association.

        This designation is a direct outgrowth of UW-Stout’s comprehensive and robust
strategic planning process. The designation fits within the UW-Stout mission, Governor
Jim Doyle’s Grow Wisconsin plan, and the UW System’s Growth Agenda.


      Approval of Resolution I.1.d., supporting UW-Stout’s designation as
“Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University.”



        UW-Stout requests this designation to move the campus forward and meet its
strategic goals. The designation will:

   •   Strengthen the educational opportunities of UW-Stout students and expand the
       pool of students who may be attracted to the campus. UW-Stout is committed to
       remaining an accessible UW institution, but it also needs to ensure that it attracts
       well-qualified high school graduates in Wisconsin and that its student body is
       diverse. This designation, and the resulting student profile, is a major part of the
       university’s future admission plans.

   •   Enhance UW-Stout’s branding and marketing strategies: this designation will
       elevate the visibility of UW-Stout outside of the Chippewa Valley. A designation
       of UW-Stout as Wisconsin’s polytechnic university — joining a group of about
       100 such universities in the country — would help the university focus its
       branding/marketing and fundraising efforts, eventually leading to a stronger

   •   Bolster the university’s ability to attract outside funding: this designation could
       be used to bolster the ability to raise money from alumni, foundations and
       corporate donors because of the recognition that the designation would bring and
       the opportunities it would afford for an aggressive new advertising campaign.
       This marketing campaign would be aimed at potential new donors. The
       designation also would enhance the ability of UW-Stout to solicit and receive
       research dollars.

Relation to institutional mission

        This is the opening paragraph of UW-Stout’s mission: University of Wisconsin-
Stout, as a special mission institution, serves a unique role in the University of Wisconsin
System. UW-Stout is characterized by a distinctive array of programs leading to
professional careers focused on the needs of society. These programs are presented
through an approach to learning which involves combining theory, practice and
experimentation. Extending this special mission into the future requires that instruction,
research and public service programs be adapted and modified as the needs of society

        UW-Stout has adopted the following definition of a polytechnic university: UW-
Stout is a comprehensive, career-focused polytechnic university where students, faculty
and staff use applied learning, scientific theory and research to solve real-world
problems, grow the state’s economy and serve society.

        It is clear that the definition of UW-Stout as a polytechnic university fits with the
special mission of the university.

Benefits of designation

        UW-Stout will use the designation as an organizing theme for all future decisions
on campus. UW-Stout believes the designation will help attract students from a wider
area, who could benefit from the university’s unique array of programs. It believes the
designation will help build even stronger bonds between UW-Stout and business and
industry. UW-Stout also believes that the designation will challenge its administrators,
faculty and staff, by giving the university a new set of peer institutions. Finally, the
designation will allow it to be more successful in attracting research dollars and raising
money from alumni and other benefactors.

Institutional use

        This initiative is more than a designation. It is a comprehensive organizing theme
for the future of UW-Stout. As such, it includes the following elements:

   •   Program Planning: All new programs and program modifications will fall under
       this definition, including the proposed polymer and computer/electrical
       engineering programs. New minors developed through the UW-Stout incubation
       center also fall under this area. Examples include nanotechnology,
       bioinformatics, cognitive/neuroscience and biotechnology.
   •   Fundraising: A position has been reallocated to represent the university more
       effectively in Washington and to work with the Stout University Foundation on
       government relations and corporate fundraising.
   •   Honors College: UW-Stout will strengthen its honors program so it can become
       an effective recruiting tool for the university and for specific programs.
       UW-Stout will retain its historic focus on access and quality.
   •   Marketing/Branding: UW-Stout is developing an aggressive program, based on
       the designation, to clearly differentiate this university in the increasingly
       competitive arena of higher education both in the regional and national markets.
   •   Campus Physical Plant Plan: UW-Stout is working with the UW System in hiring
       a consultant to complete a campus master plan as part of its strategic plan to move
       forward as a polytechnic university. UW-Stout will analyze the needs of the
       polytechnic university and incorporate those needs into the master plan so there is
       a clear understanding of needs as it proceeds.
   •   Program Alignment: UW-Stout will be reviewing potential program alignment in
       Academic and Student Affairs.

        This designation would become the university’s brand. It would be used as the
central theme of a marketing/advertising campaign.

Relation to other polytechnic universities

       UW-Stout already possesses most of the key characteristics of polytechnic
universities, because the university:
   • Features an array of academic programs in the arts and humanities; education;
       social, natural and human sciences; math; computer science; engineering and
       related technologies; and management. The university has particular strengths in
       the areas of science, technology and engineering.
   • Embraces an applied learning educational philosophy that blends theory and
       practice in the classroom and encourages cooperation with business and industry
       on “real-world” projects that enrich the educational experience for students.
   • Applies technology in all university functions, using technology as a teaching tool
       and providing technology assistance for faculty, staff and students. This “digital
       campus” is dedicated to technology-renewal programs to remain state-of-the-art.
   • Promotes technology transfer programs, business incubators, research centers and
       a technology park — all to help students and foster a close relationship between
       the university and Wisconsin business and industry.
   • Works closely with the Wisconsin Technical College System and other
       universities to create seamless credit transfers, initiate new programs — such as
       the current NanoRite initiative and the proposed NanoSTEM budget initiative —
       and provide outreach programs for those who are place bound and need further

New peer institutions

   The university has adopted a new set of peer institutions. They are:
   •   Arizona State University Polytechnic
   •   California Institute of Technology
   •   California Polytechnic State University – Pomona
   •   California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo
   •   Ferris State University
   •   Illinois Institute of Technology
   •   Indiana Institute of Technology
   •   Massachusetts Institute of Technology (aspirational peer)
   •   Michigan Technological University
   •   New England Institute of Technology
   •   New Jersey Institute of Technology
   •   New York Institute of Technology – Old Westbury
   •   New York Institute of Technology – Manhattan
   •   Polytechnic University
   •   Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (aspirational peer)
   •   Rochester Institute of Technology
   •   Southern Polytechnic State University
   •   Stevens Institute of Technology
   •   SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica – Rome
   •   Wentworth Institute of Technology
   •   Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Resource request

       No new money is being requested for the polytechnic designation.


        UW-Stout’s brand will be that of a polytechnic university, and it will be the
central theme of an aggressive marketing, branding and advertising campaign.

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