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									         Become a Home Based Travel Agent

      Partners in Travel Host Agency Spotlight Interview on

                              Paula Davenport
                            Operations Manager
                             Partners in Travel
                           1-931-484-2326 (fax)
                    A Division of ProQuest Travel Group

Who owns Partners In Travel and how long have you been a host?

We are part of the ProQuest Travel Group division of Travel Acquisitions Group
(formerly Carlson Leisure Group) and have been a host since 2002. Travel
Acquisitions Group is composed of more than 1,700 travel agency locations,
along with loyalty travel fulfillment and call centers, in the United States and
Canada, and serves millions of individual corporate and leisure travelers. Other
powerful travel brands within TAG include All Aboard Travel, Cruise Specialists,,, Cruise Holidays, Travel Leaders, and
Results Travel. Being part of the large TAG organization allows us to provide our
agents with fantastic supplier relationships and superior commission structures
What sets you apart from other host agencies?

We get to know all of our Partners and provide personal support to each of
them. Most of our support team members have all been travel agents, so they
personally know and understand the issues that travel agents face today.
Partners In Travel also offers training opportunities for our agents throughout the
year such as our annual convention, hosted Fam trips and ongoing webinars on a
variety of topics. Another benefit that sets us apart is our ability to sell exclusive
cruise package products from All Aboard Travel which encompasses special group
rates on cruise, air, car, hotel and tours. Other agents are not able to sell these
unique travel packages.

What is your commission split program and fee structure?

We offer a commission split program of 70, 80 or 90 percent, or our Partners can
choose to keep 100 percent of their commission by paying an all-inclusive
monthly fee.

Commission Split Program Options:

  · 70/30% commission split- $39 a month for one agent, $10 per month for
each additional agent on their contract
  · 80/20% commission split - $69 a month for one agent, $10 per month for
each additional agent on their contract
  · 90/10% commission split - $139 a month for one agent, $30 per month for
each additional agent on their contract
  · 100% Commission Program - $299 a month for one agent; $50 per month
for each additional agent on their contract

We charge a one time initial set up fee of $149 when an agent joins our
commission split program and a one time initial set up fee of $349 when an agent
joins our 100% program.

What services do agents receive for their monthly fees?

Our monthly program fees include access to all of our agent technology, support
staff, continuing education programs, and of course, our tremendous buying
power, top commissions and incentives.

Do you assist your Partners with marketing?

Yes, we provide customized flyers and four color brochures filled with our
exclusive cruise and tour specials for our agents to customize and market to their
clients. Through our agent education program, we also offer a variety of
informational seminars focused on marketing ideas and tips.

Can you describe the technology you offer your agents?

We offer several robust technology programs to meet the needs of today’s
productive agent. Our new proprietary reporting system, TravelConnect,
manages clients, bookings, commissions, groups, financials and much more.
TravelConnect allows agents to report their bookings, generate invoices and
produce sales and commission tracking reports. Agents also have optional access
to Revelex, an online cruise booking engine that provides real-time inventory,
pricing and booking capability for major cruise lines. In addition, we provide all of
our agents with their own hosted web site that they can customize to their

How often do you pay commissions?

We pay our Partners commissions every two weeks via direct deposit.

What is Partners In Travel’s goal?

                          Travel Partners Networking

To help our Partners truly succeed at selling travel from home! We provide our
agents with all of the tools and resources they need to set-up and grow their
home-based travel business. Our support staff cares about each of our Partners
and gets very involved in how we can help them attract new clients through
continuing to offer better training, marketing support, and technology.

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