Mergers and Acquisitions - Structuring the Deal by jpo51691


									Mergers and Acquisitions - Structuring the Deal
This one-day workshop provides practical, hands-on examination of the key components of
M&A transactions. While theoretical concepts are presented and discussed, the emphasis is
on empirical methods of cash flow analysis, cost of capital, valuation, and financing
structures. Excel is used during the workshop for quantitative analysis.

Targeted Audience

This course is suggested for financial analysts/managers, bankers, strategic planning
professionals, corporate finance lawyers, corporate finance accountants, financial
management consultants, market regulators and professionals interested in applied M&A
analysis and valuation.

Special Offer

Clients who register for this course will receive a complimentary 3 month subscription to the
Financial Times and The Financial Times is the world's most respected financial
newspaper, providing a broad assessment on finance, business and the industrial sector.
Subscriptions will start within 6-8 weeks of the application process and are limited to one per
client. For questions about your subscription, call 800-628-8088 or email U.S. enrollees only. (All non-U.S. enrollees will receive a subscription
to only.) Lunch included for all students taking day classes.

Advance Preparation

No advance preparation required.


Participants should have a solid knowledge of financial statement analysis, the basics of
corporate finance, such as TVM, cash flows, and discounting, as well as ExcelTM.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:
. Acquire practical skills in the procedures and techniques of M&A.

. Gain different M&A perspectives of buyers and sellers.

. Apply transaction model for deal evaluation and planning.

. Recognize appropriate financing for an acquisition.

Alumni Comments

"The course gave very useful insights as to what is obtainable in structuring and doing a

"Practicality and depth of the course"

"Real life, not only theoretical content"

Level: Intermediate

CPE Credits: 7.0

Instructional Method: Group-Live

Detailed Outline

 Morning Session                                        Afternoon Session

 Overview of M&A Market                                 Valuation by Multiples
                                                        . Basic P/E multiples
 Corporate Finance Essentials                           . Using multiples for valuation
 . Risk and Return                                      . Comparing market values and
 . Beta                                                 intrinsic values
 . Industry Betas
                                                        Financing the Acquisition
 Capital Structure                                      . Financing mix
 . CAPM                                                 . Consideration
 . Cost of Capital, WACC                                . Methods of payment
 . Optimal debt ratio
 . Estimating value drivers and hurdle rates for the
 . Risk premiums

 Valuation of Acquisition Target
 . Establishing intrinsic value
 . Discounting Forecasted Cash Flows

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