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					IR 5.0:SUSSEX: 2004: UBIQUITY?
19-22nd September 2004

     Last update 9 September – 10:00

     Sunday 19.9
     9.00-12.00           Pre-conference workshops 5-6 (see web site)
     12-13.30            Lunch
     13.00-14.15         Birds of a Feather opening network sessions
                         Game Studies, Mia Consalvo
                         Feminists and Queers Doing Internet Research, M White
                         AoIR Journal, Monica Murero
                         Any Anthropologists? Mario
                         Communications and Transportation, John Laprise
                         Internet Studies in 3 Minutes, Tarleton Gillespie
     Academic Discipline?         Pevensey lecture theatre 1A7 [Sun-A-1]
     Gaston Heimeriks   Digital Disciplinary Differences: Field Differences in Computer
                        Mediated Science [abstract]
     L‫ב‬szl‫ ף‬Ropolyi     Four fundamental contexts for the Internet [abstract]
     Brian Loader       Can Community Informatics/Networking ever be an academic field? [abstract]
     Denise Rall        Exploring the breadth of disciplinary backgrounds in internet scholars
                        participating in AoIR meetings, 2000-2003 [abstract]

     Presence          Pevensey lecture theatre 1A6        [Sun-A-2]
     Rebecca Bond        Determination of "presence" within virtual space [abstract]
     Holly Kruse         Communication technology and co-presence in wired markets [abstract]

     Mobile Phones and Wireless Access Pevensey seminar room 1A3 [Sun-A-3]
     Kakuko Miyata     The Internet use through mobile phones [abstract]
     Gitte Stald       You‟ve got the whole wide world in your hand - or do you? [abstract]
     Lisa Lee          Mobility, Connectivity and the Need (or Otherwise) for Ubiquity:
                       The Case of Public Wireless Internet Access Hotspots [abstract]
     Wendy Robinson    Euro-American Ubiquitous Mobilization: Considering Internet Access
     David Robison      through Mobile Phones in Europe and the U.S.A. [abstract]

     Terror and Hate    'Chichester Lecture Theatre'         [Sun-A-4]
     Maura Conway      From FARC to the Far-Right: A Comparison of Terrorist with Hate Web
                        Sites [abstract]
     Cassandra Van Buren Animating Orientalism: Post-9/11 Web Cartoons [abstract]
     Heather Gorgura   The War on the Terror Consensus: Anti-War Blogs as an Online
                       Sphere of Dissensus [abstract]
     Daniel D. Meir    Trafficking in Nazi Collectibles on the Internet:
                       What is Being Auctioned, and How on [abstract]

     Perceptions of Time and Responsiveness Pevensey seminar room 2A12 [Sun-A-5]
     Yoram Kalman       Response times in email correspondence [abstract]
     Stine Gotved       Ubiquity Double Up – Time in Cybersocial Communication [abstract]
     Jennifer Kurkoski  Email communication and "infusion" of responsibility [abstract]
Sunday 19.9 14:30-16:00
Privacy/Surveillance       Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS1 [Sun-A-6]
Stephanie Coopman Resistance is Futile: Assimilating into the Surveillance Workplace
Myria Watkins Allen,  [abstract]
Joy Hart
David Phillips       Wireless E9-1-1: a case study of an infrastructure of surveillance
                     and visibility [abstract]
Rivka Ribak          The Meanings of Privacy: On the Cultural Inflections of Surveillance
                     Discourse [abstract]

Community Computing          Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS2 [Sun-A-7]
Cecelia Merkel    The Civic Nexus Project: Putting community computing in context
Nadezhda Kaneva   Constructing Communities and Identities Online: Toward a Conceptual
Edward Lenert     Framework for the Study of New Media [abstract]
Andrew Cox        Virtual community and occupational identity [abstract]
Helen Kennedy     Affective, effective production? The World Wide Web and self-advocacy
Andy Minnion       in learning disability communities [abstract]
Jan Fernback      Information Technology, Networks, and Community Voices: Inclusive
                   Strategies for Urban Regeneration [abstract]

Everyday Life             Arundel 1 b: seminar room [Sun-A-8]
Patrik Hernwall        Virtual Society – The emergence of everyday life in cyberspace.
Claudijo Borovic,      [abstract]
Annica Johansson,
Arvid L‫צ‬fberg
Deborah Fallows        Integration of the Internet in Everyday Life [abstract]
Caroline Haythorn-     CMC: Revisiting Conflicting Results [abstract]
Anna Nielsen
Jocelyn Williams       Everywhere, with everyone: The implications of Internet presence
Frank Sligo PhD,       in novice user settings [abstract]
Catherine Wallace

The Role of the Ordinary in Online Research        Pevensey seminar room 1A1 [Sun-A-8]
Kate Orton-Johnson The Role of the Ordinary in Online Research [abstract]
Kris Cohen           The Role of the Ordinary in Online Research [abstract]
Jenny Sunden         The Role of the Ordinary in Online Research [abstract]
Sunday 19.9
16.00 - 16.45        Break
16.45-18.15          Ted Nelson Keynote Session [Ted Nelson], Designer,
                       Generalist, Contrarian, Poet, Philosopher and Rogue.
                       Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute.
18.30                  Conference Reception
                       Downs Restaurant, Bramber House
Monday 20.9

Commerce (1)
Pevensey lecture theatre 1A7 [Mon-A-1]
Vytautas Kedaitis Web commerce: the definition, the buyers, the barriers [abstract]
Benjamin Bates    Searching for a Viable Copyright in a Digital World: The Social Economics
                   of Digital Rights Management [abstract]
Katherine Hughes E-loyalty in e-commerce [abstract]
Eleftheria        Introducing email in organisations: appropriating settings and reinforcing
Vasileiadou       structures [abstract]
Politics and E-Democracy (1)         Pevensey lecture theatre 1A6 [Mon-A-2]
Anne-Marie           No More Looking At The World Thru Rose-Colored Glasses.
Oostveen             Five non-technical reasons why remote electronic voting is not desirable.
Peter van den        [abstract]
Zizi Papacharissi    Campaigning online: The American Presidency meets the Internet
Endre Danyi          Critical Mass and the Mass of Critical Citizens: The structure of e-
Szilvia Altorjai     democratic attitudes in Hungary [abstract]

Games (1)            Pevensey seminar room 2A12            [Mon-A-3]
Jonas Smith          Playing dirty – understanding conflicts in multiplayer games [abstract]

Claudijo Borovic     Informal Learning in Online Games [abstract]
Daniel Pargman

Methodology (1)
Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS1        [Mon-A-4]
Carolyn Wei          Developing methods and tools for online experiments [abstract]
Jen Barrick, Jan
H. Spyridakis
Lisa Byers           Strategies for Researching Sensitive Topics on the Internet [abstract]
Blair Nonnecke
Dorine Andrews
Adam Joinson         Personalization, Power, and socially desirable responding to Internet-
Ulf-Dietrich Reips   based Questionnaires [abstract]
Monica Bouaru-       User Trace Employed For E-Commerce [abstract]

Inter/National       'Chichester Lecture Theatre'           [Mon-A-5]
Systems (1)
Bojana Lobe          Adopting e-business in slovenian companies 1996-2002 [abstract]
Vasja, Vehovar
Vinita Agarwal        Silent songs in a quiet place: Voices from cybermohalla. [abstract]
Oren Livio           Web of Meanings: Dilemmatic Aspects of Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Women‟s
Keren Tenenboim      Discourse Concerning the Internet [abstract]
Marta Torres         The use of the Internet for the linguistic revitalization: the case of the
                     Catalan Language [abstract]
Monday 20.9
Discourse Analysis and Uses, Collaborative Writing, Wikis (1)
Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS2 [Mon-A-6]

Yaron Ariel         Web Site interactivity and gratifications expectations among users
Susan Herring       Collaborative Authoring on the Web: Quality vs. Democracy? [abstract]
Will Emigh
Moon-Ki Hong        Interactivity; is it for Readers or Composers?
Youngrak Park       A Content Analysis of Online Versions of Korean and U.S. Newspapers

Roundtable          Pevensey seminar room 1A3         [Mon-A-7]
Julien Masanes      Research without trace? Importance of archive for internet research.

Internet Relating: Presentation of Self and Communication in Therapeutic and Intimate
Relationships Online         Pevensey seminar room 1A1 [Mon-A-8]
Kate Anthony        The Therapeutic Relationship Between Counsellor and Client When
                    Working with Email, Chatrooms and Texting [abstract]
  Andrea Baker      The Expression of “Love” After Meeting Online University USA
                                                               Ohio [abstract]
Monica Whitty       Paying for love: An examination of some Australian‟s experiences of using
                    an online dating service [abstract]

Links, Search (1)   Arundel 1 b: seminar room        [Mon-A-9]
Lina Hellsten       Re-Writing the Past: How Do Search Engines Construct Time? [abstract]
Loet Leydesdorff,
Paul Wouters
Anne Beaulieu       Sociable Hyperlinks: an ethnographic approach to connectivity
Judit Bar-Ilan      The ease or difficulty of locating non-English documents on the Web
Esther              [abstract]

Monday 20.9
10.30 - 12.00
Commerce (2)
Pevensey lecture theatre 1A7      [Mon-B-1]
Daphne Raban        An Experimental Investigation of Information Sharing [abstract]
George              Efficient web sites can foster consumers to trust e-commerce [abstract]
Adreas Veglis
Angele              Statistics of the Internet: what is going on in Europe? [abstract]

Politics and E-Democracy (2) Pevensey lecture theatre 1A6 [Mon-B-2]
Mattia Miani      Electronic Democracy in Co-operative enterprises [abstract]
Jakob Jensen      Towards a theory of deliberative democracy online [abstract]
Ildiko Kaposi     Online Petitions in Democracies New and Old [abstract]
John Kelly        Political Discourse Online: The Role of Selective Exposure [abstract]
Monday 20.9
10.30 - 12.00
Games (2)            Pevensey seminar room 2A12            [Mon-B-3]
Drew Ross            How 'woof woof woof' and 'quack quackity quack' create pseudo-
                     community: online gaming without the fringe benefits [abstract]
Tim Jordan           Online Play: cyberpower, heidegger and mmporgs [abstract]
Ren Reynolds         Is it wrong to cheat on-line ? [abstract]

Methodology (2)
Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS1         [Mon-B-4]
Bruce Mason          The Hype and the Hope: Assessing the possibilities for hypermedia in
                     virtual Ethnography [abstract]
Kylie Greene         Online GIFT: How to Prepare Your Students to Interview Millions
Shing-Ling Sarina    [abstract]
Chen, Mark D.
Claire McAvinia      Are they receiving us – and how would we know? Towards a methodology
Dr Martin Oliver     for evaluating university websites [abstract]

Inter/National       'Chichester Lecture Theatre'          [Mon-B-5]
Systems (2)
Eunjung Sung         What causes diffusion of broadband?: A comparison study of adoption of
Jang Hyun Kim,       broadband between the U.S. and Korea [abstract]
George A. Barnett
Gorny Eugene         Russian LiveJournal: The national specifics in the development of a virtual
                     Community [abstract]
Michael Dahan        The Political Economy of CMC and ICTs in Israel and Palestine [abstract]
Alejandro            Real Internet Ubiquity: "Cacerolazos" as the end of vacuum in the
Artopoulos           information age and the start of a new kind of development in Argentina

Discourse Analysis and Uses, Collaborative Writing, Wikis (2)
 Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS2 [Mon-B-6]
Simeon Yates      Digital discourses: The limits of inter and multi disciplinary work in Internet
                  research [abstract]
Jennifer Stromer- Coherent Argument or Fragmented Flaming: Comparing Entertainment
Galley            and Political Chat Online [abstract]
Anna M.
Eli Dresner       Visual Space and Interactive Written Discourse [abstract]

Net Governance and Information Policy (1) Pevensey seminar room 1A3 [Mon-B-7]
Andres Gallo     An empirical reappraisal of icann/udrp decisions [abstract]
Jay Kesan
Richard Collins  Internet Governance in the UK. A fourth way? [abstract]
Sandra Braman    The Processes of Emergence: Global Information Policy Regime
                 Formation and Features [abstract]
Timothy W. Luke Alternative "E"s in E-Science: Neither Everyone or Everything in the
Jeremy           European Science Policy's Conception of Citizenship on the Internet
Hunsinger        [abstract]
Monday 20.9
10.30 - 12.00
Sout East Asia      Pevensey seminar room 1A1 [Mon-B-8]
Ian Weber           Handing over the Internet to the Corporations:
                    China‟s Strategy for Controlled Commodification [abstract]
Kavita Karan        Cyber Communities in Rural Asia: A Comparative study of seven Asian
                    countries [abstract]
Shyam Tekwani       Terrorism and the Internet - Ubiquity along Parallel Lines. [abstract]
Wai Peng Lee        Uncertainty as a Motivator for Online Health Information Search and Use
                    among Singaporeans [abstract]

Links, Search (2)
Arundel 1 b: seminar room [Mon-B-9]
Gordon Fletcher     Contemporary Culture and Web Search Terms: one in the same?
Elizabeth           New Media? The Political Economy of Internet Search Engines
VanCouvering        [abstract]
Mike Thelwall       Hyperlink Analysis: Merton & Garfield vs. Malinowski & MacRoberts

12.15 -13.30
                    Sara Kiesler Keynote Session Professor Sara Kiesler                   is
                    with the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon
00:11-03:01         Birds of a Feather
Monday 20.9
Identity Online
Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS1 [Mon-C-1]
Maria Simone        Technology or context? A comparison of identity presentation across
Jan Fernback,       online and offline contexts    [abstract]
Andy Mendelson
Eimi Lev            The Presentation of Self in Online Life:
Lewinsky Anat       The Importance of Nicknames in Online Environments. [abstract]
Miguel Sicart       The Other Self: Layers of the Subject and Internet Ethics [abstract]
Lori Kendall        The Narrated Self: Self-Presentation and Image Management on Live
                    Journal [abstract]
Naomi Baron         You Are What They Post: Third-Party Identity Construction on the Internet

Politics and E-Democracy (3)      Pevensey lecture theatre 1A6 [Mon-C-2]
Danielle Wiese    The Rhetorical Construction of Cyber-Politics: Reading the 2004
                  American Primaries [abstract]
Roman             Differences in E-Democracy Traditions Between the US and the UK:
Gerodimos         How Internet Research and Practice Mirrors a Country's Political Culture
Jenny Pickerill   Interaction, participation, mobilisation: Inventive strategies in on-line
                  activism [abstract]
Andrew Clement    Everyday Internet(s): Situating Internet Use and Value [abstract]
Tracy Kennedy,
Ana Viseu,
Jane Aspinall

Games (3)           Pevensey seminar room 2A12 [Mon-C-3]
T.L. Taylor         Raising the Stakes: The Professionalization of Online Gaming [abstract]
Daniel Pargman      Law and order in online games [abstract]
Thomas Malaby       Ethical Code: Engagements and Evasions in the Design of Virtual Worlds
Monday 20.9
Linguistics         Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS2         [Mon-C-4]
Janez Strehovec     The Internet Verbal      [abstract]
Raquel Renno        Logcam - [abstract]
Rafael Marchetti

Inter/National Systems (3)
'Chichester Lecture Theatre' [Mon-C-5]
Maria Bakardjieva   The Internet in Central and Eastern Europe: The Case of Bulgaria
Mahmoud Eid         The Arabic Internet Features: Challenges and Satisfactions [abstract]
Eran Toch           A Single Fa‫ח‬ade? SHIL – Consistent Service for Multicultural Audience
Asmaa Ganayem       [abstract]
Anna Przybylska     Municipal websites in Poland: prospects for more partcipation of citizens in
                    political communication? [abstract]

Pevensey seminar room 1A1 [Mon-C-6]
Monica Murero       Is Doctor Internet there? Roundtable of the Int. Network of Excellence in
                    E-Health Research [abstract]

Monday 20.9 14.30-16.00
Net Governance and Information Policy (2) Pevensey seminar room 1A3 [Mon-C-7]
Victor Pickard    Who Governs the Internet? State Power, Neoliberal Policy and the World
                  Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) [abstract]
Junhao Hong       China's Internet Policies: Characteristics, Problems, and Implications for
                  Democratization. [abstract]
Rajiv Shah        Theorizing Code: A Recursive Regulatory Model for Code [abstract]
Jay Kesan
Matthew Allen     Towards a governed Internet: Australian regulation of the Internet through
                  discourses of family and nation [abstract]

Online Political    Pevensey lecture theatre 1A7 [Mon-C-8]
Eugenia Siapera     Towards an Online Umma? Varieties of European Islam Online [abstract]
Lincoln Dalhberg    The Fragmentation of the Cyber-Public? [abstract]
Joss Hands          Civil Society, Local Governance and the Web       [abstract]
Tamara Witschge     Talking immigration: An evaluation of online discussions and their
                    democratic Potential [abstract]

Election Campaigns
Arundel 1 b: seminar room [Mon-C-9]
Carlo Hagemann      The Content of Web sites in the Campaign for the European Elections
                    2004 [abstract]
Janelle Ward        The Internet and Election Campaigns: A Cross-National Comparison of
                    Slovenia and the UK during the 2004 European Parliamentary Elections
Katja Zeljan        Internet and the 2004 EU Parliament Elections in Slovenia [abstract]
AoIR AGM Chichester Lecture Theatre
Conference Dinner Downs Restaurant Bramber House
Tuesday 21.9
Education and Learning (1) Pevensey lecture theatre 1A7 [Tue-A-1]
Rachel Harris     Online learning community research – an interdisciplinary approach [abstract]
Alison Muirhead
Sonia Livingstone UK Children Go Online: National survey findings on the opportunities and risks
                  of internet use [abstract]
Magdalena Bober   Children‟s Voices on the Net: A creative presentation of qualitative findings
                  from the „UK Children Go Online‟ project [abstract]
Barbara           E-Learning as Policy as Practice [abstract]

Inter/National        'Chichester Lecture Theatre' [Tue-A-2]
Systems (4)
Mary Evans            Factors That Differentiate Internet Users and Non-users in Uzbekistan
Carolyn Wei, Jan      [abstract]
Spyridakis, Beth
Thomas Guignard       Internet in Senegal, a paradoxal development     [abstract]
Xianhong Hu           A Case Study: Diffusion, Use and Impact of the Internet in a Chinese Small
                      Town Yima [abstract]
Sunyi Lee             The effects of Internet romance sites on romance novels and women‟s fiction
                      in Korea          [abstract]

Health (1)            Pevensey lecture theatre 1A6         [Tue-A-3]
Sandra Bell           The Nature of Support in Internet-based Self-help Groups for People Living
                      with a Chronic Health Condition [abstract]
Sally McMillan        Ubiquity Extends to Senior Citizens: A Qualitative Exploration of How Seniors‟
                      Use the Internet for Health-Related Information [abstract]
Chris Hagar           Down on the Farm: Internet Support During the UK Foot-and-Mouth Crisis

Gender (1)            Pevensey seminar room 1A1            [Tue-A-4]
Malin                 Young women‟s gender- and identity work in a Swedish Web community.
Sveningsson           [abstract]
Veronika Kalmus       Will the girls catch up? Current trends and perspectives on gender-based
                      digital divide in Estonia [abstract]
Jenny Sunden          Typing Monsters: (Re)production and Consumption of Hypertext Fiction

Blogs, Journals, Diaries (1) Pevensey seminar room 1A3 [Tue-A-5]
Lena Karlsson       “It‟s like a little book club of sorts except it‟s an online journal club”: Acts of
                    Reading Online Diaries [abstract]
Carolyn Miller      The Ubiquity of the Blog: A Genre Analysis [abstract]
Dawn Shepherd
Frank Schaap        Multimodal interactions and singular selves: Dutch weblogs and home pages
                    in the context of everyday life [abstract]
Gregor Petric       Personal web site in the context of late(post) modernity [abstract]
Troels Johansson    Internet Ubiquity in Cybernetic Geography: A Classification of Cyber-Places,
                    or How the Internet Happened to Be Everywhere [abstract]
Tuesday 21.9
Digital Divide, Adoption, Access and Ubiquity (1) Pevensey seminar room 2A12 [Tue-A-6]
Jasjit Sangha       Computer Literacy for Action: Bridging the „Digital Divide‟ with a Learner
Hongxia Shan        Centered Approach to Computer Education            [abstract]
Michael Oden        Beyond the Digital Access Divide: Toward Meaningful Measures of Information
Kathy Rock          and Communications Technology Gaps [abstract]
Ana Vasconcelos     The Internet, Ubiquity and the Right to Choose [abstract]
Shoshana Magnet Ubiquity in Internet Advertisements: Representations of Race, Sexuality,
                    Gender and Ability [abstract]

Space and Geographies (1) Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS1 [Tue-A-7]
Paul Bevan        Symptoms of a Ubiquitous Spatiality? Insights into Web Design Companies
Teodora     Erika Trading flows and internet hyperlinks: A network analysis [abstract]
George Barnett    An examination of the determinants of international internet structure
Seung Joon Jun    [abstract]
Kathleen          The Myth of the Global: Imagined Geographies of Cyberspace [abstract]

Death and Grief
Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS2 [Tue-A-8]
Tasha Buch          Death and grief on - an affirmative webcommunity [abstract]
Louise Holm
Na'ama Shapira      Online Websites in Memory of Terror Victims:An Inter-Cultural Comparison
Tali Ran-Priel      [abstract]
Lisbeth Klastrup    “Damn, I died today”- death and the good life in the online entertainment
                    worlds [abstract]

Social Networks and Online Communities (1)      Arundel 1 b: seminar room [Tue-A-9]
Gilad Ravid       Scale Free and Small Worlds Networks: Studying A-Synchronous Discussion
                  Groups [abstract]
Moses             Evaluating Web Sites of Online Activism [abstract]
Dominik Batorski  Social networks of Instant Messaging communication     [abstract]
Brian Dennis      Analyzing a Network of RSS Subscribers for Social Navigation Clues

Tuesday 21.9
10.30 - 12.00
Education and Learning (2) Pevensey lecture theatre 1A7 [Tue-B-1]
Rebecca Eynon     The use of the Internet in teaching and learning in Higher Education [abstract]
Juliet Eve        Power and Identity in Online Learning Environments [abstract]
Camille Johnson   College Faculty and Internet Use: How online communication is redefining
Steve Jones       teaching, administration, and scholarship in the academe [abstract]
Franz Barjak      On the integration of the Internet into science communication [abstract]
Najib Harabi
Tuesday 21.9
10.30 - 12.00
Inter/National Systems (5)
'Chichester Lecture Theatre'          [Tue-B-2]
Laurence Claeys      Internet use in the daily life of „new internet citizens‟ in Flanders [abstract]
Louise Clark         Participation and Ownership: Farmer-friendly Agricultural Information Systems
                     in Bolivia         [abstract]
Isa Ducke            Use of the Internet by NGO umbrella organizations in Japan, Korea, and
                     Germany – a comparative study [abstract]
Dmitry Epstein       The New Road Map: NGO's in the Internet Age [abstract]
Neide Osada          Satellite of Information in Pipa: the doorway of Technology of Information and
Gilson Schwartz      Communication [abstract]

Health (2)
Pevensey lecture theatre 1A6         [Tue-B-3]
Maude Frances        Conversations with science and medicine: perspectives of people with
Carla Treloar        hepatitis C. [abstract]
Sarah Stewart        Delivering the goods: an exploration of the implications of the Internet for
                     midwives [abstract]

Tuesday 21.9
10.30 - 12.00
Gender (2)
Pevensey seminar room 1A1         [Tue-B-4]
Joon Lee             Mediated Confession and the Discourse of Sexuality in Korea: Empowerment
                     of Women in Online Communities [abstract]
Catherine Ridings    A Gender Perspective of Virtual Community Use [abstract]
Bonnie Montano
Anoush Simon         Perceptions of access and exclusion in the information society [abstract]

Blogs, Journals, Diaries (2)    Pevensey seminar room 1A3 [Tue-B-5]
K.D. Trammell       Rzeczpospolita blog‫ף‬w: Identifying the uses & gratifications of Polish bloggers
Justyna Hofmokl,    [abstract]
Alek Tarkowski
Lois Scheidt        Addressing the Unseen: The Audience Envisioned for Adolescent Diary
                    Weblogs [abstract]
Christine Ogan      Confession, Revelation and Story telling: Patterns of Use on a Popular Turkish
Kursat Cagiltay     Web Site [abstract]

Digital Divide, Adoption, Access and Ubiquity (2) Pevensey seminar room 2A12 [Tue-B-6]
Margaret            Where Does It End?: Education, Software, and the Digital Divide [abstract]
Liz Sutton          Live Wires: Negotiating Internet Participation and Exclusion [abstract]
Antonia Ivaldi,
Karen Kellard,
Ruth Lister,
Graham Murdock
Ellen Helsper       Lower social status groups and the internet: differences and similarities
Catherine           Should the Internet be Everywhere? Canadian Perspectives on Ubiquitous
Middleton           Internet Access [abstract]
Teresa Ritter,
Alison Powell
Tuesday 21.9
10.30 - 12.00
Space and Geographies (2)       Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS1 [Tue-B-7]
Clifford Tatum   Vancouver Chinatown: An exploration of spatiality online and offline [abstract]
Michael Nentwich Ubiquitous cyberscience? On the limits to the virtualisation of research in the
                 digital Age [abstract]
Laura Forlano    Wireless Time, Space, Freedom: The Social and Cultural Impact of Wireless
                 Technology in Tokyo, Berlin and New York [abstract]
Tau Lenskjold    Digital Unitary Urbanism- Investigating the role of the Internet in the
Nicolas          emergence of mobile and location based technologies in urban spaces
Cederstr‫ר‬m, Rune [abstract]
Huvendick Jensen
Jeremy Shapiro,  Multiple Realities and Multiple Selves Among Users of the Ubiquitous Internet
Linda F. Crafts,  [abstract]
Rick Daniels

Religion, Ethics and Spirituality   Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS2 [Tue-B-8]
Stewart Hoover      Personal Religion Online [abstract]
Lynn Schofield
Heidi Campbell      Postcyborg Ethics: A New Way to Speak of Technology? [abstract]

Tuesday 21.9 10.30 - 12.00
Social Networks and Online Communities (2) Arundel 1 b: seminar room [Tue-B-9]
Scott Golder      Social Roles in Online Communities [abstract]
Judith Donath
Blair Nonnecke    Online Lurking: Current and Past [abstract]
Jenny Preece,
Dorine Andrews
Vladimir Soroka   Can Cultural Capital be Measured in Virtual Communities? [abstract]
Uwe Matzat        The Quality of Information in Knowledge Exchanging Online Groups: A higher
                  User Satisfaction with Online Discussions via Offline Social Networks?

                     Nina Wakeford Keynote Session Professor Nina Wakeford
                     of the Incubator for Critical Inquiry into Technology and Ethnography
                     (INCITE) research centre in the Department of Sociology, University
                     of Surrey.
00:11-03:01          Birds of a Feather

Education and Learning (3)     Pevensey lecture theatre 1A7 [Tue-C-1]
Lari Garrison      iStudy: An Indepth Look at a Student Constructed Online Community of
Micheline Frenette University students‟ appropriation of the internet: An international study – part
                    - quebec [abstract]
Ulla    Johnsson- University students‟ appropriation of the internet:
Smaragdi           An international study – part 2 - quebec [abstract]
John Pryor         Formative assessment, the internet and academic identity [abstract]
Tuesday 21.9
Bridging the two sides of the screen: Online information, production and consumption
Pevensey seminar room 1A1 [Tue-C-2]
Shani Orgad         Making Sense of Information: Breast Cancer Patients‟ Storytelling Online and
                    Offline [abstract]
Elizabeth     Van New Media? The Political Economy of Internet Search Engines [abstract]
Joelle Kivits       Researching information practices and information seekers:
                    Making sense of online health information.      [abstract]
Robin Mansell       Information Provenance, Mediation and the Structuring of the Internet

Internet Art (1)
Pevensey lecture theatre 1A6          [Tue-C-3]
Elizabeth Coulter-     Ubiquitous Visions: The Art and Science of the Next Generation Semantic
Smith                  Web [abstract]
Tim Roth               100 Days - 100 Imachinations an exploration of the materiality and the
                       placement of images [abstract]
Caterina Davinio       Beyond Net.Art. Real Things Across the Cyberspace        [abstract]
in collaboration
with 150
Claudia Vieira         transindividualism? problematising the transindividualist cybersoma [abstract]

Tuesday 21.9       14.30-16.00
Sexuality, Gay/Lesbian/Queer         Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS1 [Tue-C-4]
Sharif             Being seen to be gay: User profiles and the construction of gay male
Mowlabocus         identity in cyberspace. [abstract]
Mary Bryson        When Jill Jacks In: Queer Women and the Net [abstract]
Alison Evans       Factors motivating participation in an online survey of sexual behaviour
Dick Wiggins,       [abstract]
Graham Bolding,
Mark Davis,
Jonathan Elford
Kate O'Riordan     Transgender Activism And The Internet: Theories And Practices [abstract]
Susanna            A personal message from Monica Sweetpoo: Power, affect and online
Paasonen           pornography [abstract]

Blogs, Journals, Diaries (3)    Pevensey seminar room 1A3 [Tue-C-5]
Karen Gustafson     Blog Sites and the Creation of Community [abstract]
Paul Hodkinson      Subcultural Blogging? Individual, Community and Communication [abstract]
Jill Walker         Distributed Narrative: Telling Stories Across Networks [abstract]
Sarah       Michele Public and Private on LiveJournal: An Investigation of Bloggers' Opinions and
Ford                Practices [abstract]

Digital Divide, Adoption, Access and Ubiquity (3) Pevensey seminar room 2A12 [Tue-C-6]
Peter Hyland        Two Australian Portals to increase Internet use [abstract]
Adrian Collins,
Sim Kim Lau
Irina Shklovski     From ability to purpose: insights into different uses of the Internet by different
Katherine           populations. [abstract]
Yogesh Dwivedi      Broadband adoption: A UK residential consumers perspective [abstract]
Dr. Jyoti Choudrie
Tuesday 21.9
Teens and Youth Online
Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS2         [Tue-C-7]
Rebekah Willett      „What exactly is a paedophile?‟: Children talking about Internet risk [abstract]
Andrew Burn
Lynn Clark           The Constant Contact Generation: Exploring Teen Friendship Networks Online
Gustavo Mesch        Homophily and Social Networks in Computer Mediated Communication:
Ilan Talmud          A Study of Adolescents in Israel. [abstract]
Victor Thiessen      Internet access inside and outside the home – effects on youth [abstract]
Dianne Looker
Nadia Kutscher       Education versus Inequality on- and offline - The socially stratified virtual
Hans-Uwe Otto,       space
Alexandra Klein,     as a challenge for formative offers [abstract]
Stefan Iske

Collaboration, Open Source, P2P (1) 'Chichester Lecture Theatre' [Tue-C-8]
Andrew Lih         Wikipedia: A Case Study in Networked Collaboration for Participatory
                   Journalism [abstract]
Matt Ratto         Why is this penguin angry? Linux, social values and emotional attachments.
Adrian Mackenzie Java™: the practical virtuality of Internet programming    [abstract]

Tuesday 21.9 14.30-16.00
Social Networks and Online Communities (3)             Arundel 1 b: seminar room [Tue-C-9]
Reuven Aviv         Virtual Neighborhoods Architecture of Online Communities [abstract]
Zippy Erlich, Gilad
Marcus Foth         Working Towards Continuity in a Highly Volatile Community Network
Cristian Bogdan     Neither Young, nor Dead: Sustainability of Internet Communities [abstract]
Daniel Pargman
Mark Gaved          Grassroots initiated networked communities: a viable method of overcoming
Paul Mulholland     multiple digital inequalities within communities of locality? [abstract]
Tuesday 21.9
Mapping the Self Online: A Discussion on Approaches and Practices Considering online
autobiographical narratives            Pevensey lecture theatre 1A7 [Tue-D-1]
Heidi Campbell     the construction of communal identity [abstract]
Stewart Hoover     "Plausible Narrative of the Self" [abstract]
Mia L‫צ‬vheim       the construction of religious identity online in youth on discussion lists in
                  Sweden. [abstract]
Jin Kyu Park      the social and cultural potentials of the Internet for expression / presentation of
                  identity as part of its construction process. [abstract]
Studying Online Conversational Communities: Tools and Techniques.
Pevensey seminar room 1A1 [Tue-D-2]
Marc Smith        Studying Online Conversational Communities: Tools and Techniques.
Jeremy Hunsinger Understanding the Importance of Barriers in Group Development [abstract]
Wes Shumar        Framing A Virtual Ethnography: Studying Teachers at the Math Forum
Tuesday 21.9
Internet Art (2)
Pevensey lecture theatre 1A6      [Tue-D-3]
Jorunn Borgen       Artworks, communication and learning processes among youngsters age 16-
                    22 [abstract]
Jirayu              Fragments of me [abstract]
Daryl Hepting,
Sheila Petty

Online Games
Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS1      [Tue-D-4]
Tetsuro Kobayashi   •gClan•h as a source of trust: Ferment of social capital through involvement
Ken'ichi Ikeda      in an online game [abstract]
Ken'ichi Ikeda      Japanese Lineage Users in Group Context [abstract]
Shimura,Katy Wu,
and Eri
Geun Young          Lifestyles in On-line Game World: The Emergence of Cyber-Behavior Patterns
Chang               in Two Different Cultural Context of Korea and Japan [abstract]
Jee Yeon Kim
Leo Sang-Min        The Comparative Cultural Analysis of On-line Game Addiction: Consuming
Whang               Behavior Psychology of Digital Images in Different Cultural Context [abstract]
Se-Jin Heo

Tuesday 21.9 16.30-18.00
Blogs, Journals, Diaries (4)    Pevensey seminar room 1A3 [Tue-D-5]
Alexander          Linking weblog neighborhoods: between "small pieces" and "winner-take-all"
Halavais           [abstract]
Kaye Trammell      Blogging from a Pedagogical Perspective [abstract]
Richard Ferdig
Taejin Jung        Individaul motivations and self-presentation strategies on hosting weblog
Hyunsook Youn      format Homepage [abstract]

Digital Divide, Adoption, Access and Ubiquity (4) Pevensey seminar room 2A12 [Tue-D-6]
Alison Norris       Library Website Usability Assessment [abstract]
Pille Vengerfeldt   The Role of Information Environment in Internet Adoption and Use [abstract]
Vesna Dolnicar      When the Digital Divide Truly Decreases? New Developments in
Vasja Vehovar,      Digital Divide Measurements [abstract]
Pavle Sicherl

Collaboration, Open Source, P2P (2)       'Chichester Lecture Theatre' [Tue-D-7]
Lee Salter        The Ontology of the Internet: An Open Source Approach to Online Research
David Berry        [abstract]
Thomas Streeter   "Self-Motivating Exhilaration": on the Role of Culture in the Origins of Open
                  Computing [abstract]
Genevi‫ט‬ve Vidal   P2P users : a capacity for ubiquity ? [abstract]
Vincent Mabillot

Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS2        [Tue-D-8]
Ken Hillis          Auctioning the Authentic: eBay and the Superfluity of Memory      [abstract]
Nathan Epley        eBay as Arbiter of Value [abstract]
Michele White       Buy It Now: The Articulation of Objects and Identities through eBay [abstract]
                 Tuesday 21.9 16.30-18.00
Couch Student Award
Arundel 1 b: seminar room [Tue-D-9]
Lee Han          "Race in yberqueer space: Looking at race in online personal
                 advertisements for men seeking men."
Shawn McIntosh   "Moving Fw: Theoretical perspectives on the role of email joke forwarding in
                 maintaining online social relationships."
Justin Goarcke   "Formation and reinforcement of Goth identity online."
Wednesday 22.9 8.30 -10.00
Online News and Journalism/Internet vs. Traditional Media (1)
Pevensey lecture theatre 1A7 [Wed-A-1]
Axel Bruns           Ubiquitous Online News: Content Syndication and the Semantic Web
Sabryna Cornish      Framing of the internet by traditional U.S. mass media [abstract]
David Park           Webcasting‟s Importance to the Radio Underdogs: Noncommercial
                     Radio, Local Scenes, & the Absorption of the Internet-accessible
                     Audience [abstract]
Fernanda Pizzi       The telegraph and the Internet: a history of similarities [abstract]

Metaphors, Phenomenologies, Philosophies and Conceptualizations (1)
Pevensey lecture theatre 1A6 [Wed-A-2]
Tarleton Gillespie   Manufacturing a Principle: 'End-to-End' in the Design of the Internet
Ted Coopman          Ubiquitous Resistance: Complex Systems and the Infrastructures of
                     Dissent [abstract]
Pille Runnel         Lived online environments: conceptualising public and private online
Joost Van            Viral Hauntings: A Phenomenology of Cyberrisks             [abstract]

Domestic Use
Pevensey seminar room 1A1         [Wed-A-3]
Sue Cranmer            Families' uses of the internet: how access at home reinforces existing
                       social inequalities for children and young people [abstract]
Ben Anderson           Just Passing Through – does persistent and transient „domestic ICT
                       poverty‟ mean that the Internet (and the mobile phone) may never be
                       ubiquitous? [abstract]
Tracy L. M. Kennedy    The Domestic Internet: Cyber-Freedom or Virtual Chains? [abstract]

Planning and Space
Pevensey seminar room 1A3            [Wed-A-4]
Christian Sandvig      Hotspot move, countermove: Invisible chess games to price the
                       Internet in public spaces [abstract]
Dawn Nafus             Who‟s got an E-Business? Small Businesses, Innovation Policy and
                       the New Geographic Othering [abstract]
John Monberg           Building Systems: Planning Metropolitan Regions in a Global Context
Rajiv Shah             Delineating the Politics of Architecture [abstract]

Wednesday 22.9         8.30 -10.00
Social + Online Relationships
'Chichester Lecture Theatre' [Wed-A-5]
Ben Oldfield           Loneliness, Social Support and Internet Use
Dennis Howitt           [abstract]
Ronald Rice            The Internet And Social Interaction: Comparative Results From The
Adrian Shepherd,       U.S. 1995 & 2000 And Britain 2003        [abstract]
James E. Katz,
William Dutton
Online Relationships
Stephanie Tuszynski    For Life: Long-Term Emotional Consequences of Online Social
                       Interaction [abstract]
Helen Cho              Asian Women Get Personal: Responses by U.S. men to Personals by
                       subjects depicing 5 Asian Nationalities and 5 goals for personal contact
Wednesday 22.9         8.30 -10.00
Politics, Elections and Campaigns
Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS2         [Wed-A-6]
Steven Schneider       Web Campaigning by US Presidential Primary Candidates in 2000 and
Foot, Kirsten          2004: The Evolution of Strategic Deployment of Online Structure for
                       Political Action [abstract]
Han Woo Park           Political Web linking practice in South Korea [abstract]
Shahiraa Binti Sahul   Online Campaigns he 2004 Indonesian Elections [abstract]
Rameed, Randolph
Moses Boudourides      Evaluating Online Campaigning in the 2004 Greek National Elections

Roundtable - Is There a There There?
Pevensey seminar room 2A12 [Wed-A-7]
Rhiannon Bury         Is There a There There? Perceptions and Conceptualizations of
(Co-organizer)        Cyberspace and Internet [abstract]
Andrew Herman

Faculty Support
Arundel 1 b: seminar room         [Wed-A-8]
Nicholas Bowskill      A Virtual Faculty Mentoring Project for Creating Online Curriculum
Maggie McVay-Lynch     The Realities of Technical Implementation and Support for a
                       Worldwide Online Community of Faculty [abstract]
Michael Warner         Building Communication and Support Avenues through Technologies
Steve McCarty          Meeting a Worldwide Need for Community and Faculty Support for
                       Online Education [abstract]

Wednesday 22.9
10.30 - 12.00
Online News and Journalism/Internet vs. Traditional Media (2)
Pevensey lecture theatre 1A7 [Wed-B-1]
Martha McCaughey     Can Unscrewed be Unskewed? Television Coverage of the Internet
Alison Bambridge     State of Play: An Analysis of the Effect of Cyberculture on Lewes Town
                     Football Club [abstract]
John Killoran        resume.html: A Survey of New Practices for an Old Genre [abstract]
Klaus Jensen           Sounding the Internet [abstract]

Metaphors, Phenomenologies, Philosophies and Conceptualizations (2)
Pevensey lecture theatre 1A6 [Wed-B-2]
Maren Hartmann       From the information to the network society: Ubiquitous metaphors?
Christine Hine       Ethnography within ICT-laden cultures and the development of
                     research relationships [abstract]
David Teh            From Utility to Ubiquity: Paul Valery and the Economy of Content
Jacques Ibanez       Esth‫י‬tico - phenomenological approach of bodily involvement in
                     personal Web Sites [abstract]
Wednesday 22.9        10.30 - 12.00
Pevensey seminar room 1A1         [Wed-B-3]
Taso Lagos            Parallel Societies: The Emerging Microsized Online Public Sphere and
                      Its Ramifications in Emerging Politically Deliberative Bodies [abstract]
Andrew Baoill         MoveOn - a postmodern democracy : rethinking public participation in
                      the laptop Age [abstract]
Victor Pickard        Co-opting the Internet to Cooperate: Models of Digital Democracy,
                      Cyber-resistance and Technological Dissent [abstract]
Clifford Tatum        Resistance for the Rest of Us: Apple, File Sharing, and the Transversal
Ted M. Coopman        Paradox [abstract]

Internet Research Ethics
Pevensey seminar room 1A3          [Wed-B-4]
Elizabeth Buchanan    Internet Research Ethics: Theories, Best Practices, Emerging Issues
Maria Bakardjieva     Internet Research Ethics: Theories, Best Practices, Emerging Issues
Mark Johns            The Institutional Review:" Research Ethics, the Law, and Power
                      Politics [abstract]
Caroline              Minding your practices: Exposure and Anonymity in Social Network
Haythornthwaite       Data [abstract]
Jeremy Hunsinger      Privacy? What Privacy?Cultural expectations vs. technological
                      realities [abstract]
Charles Ess           Eastern Perspectives on Human SubjectsProtections: New Challenges
                      for a Global Online Research Ethics [abstract]

Wednesday 22.9        10.30 - 12.00
Pevensey seminar room 2A12          [Wed-B-5]
Camille Johnson       From Computing to Surfing: Tracking the conceptual development of
                      the internet through computer technology advertisements [abstract]
Sabryna Cornish       Metaphorical Framing in Online Advocacy Web sites: Case Study of
Kevin Q. Harvey       Online Universities: The Commoditization of Education [abstract]
Claudia Ivon Rivera   The superhighway to “the Electronic Frontier” and “the Internet
de Blanco             Weather” …
                      How metaphors of the internet fertilize our fears, expectations and
                      experiences of this phenomenon            [abstract]

Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS1 [Wed-B-6]
Henrike Schmidt       Virtual (re)unification? Diasporic culture(s) and their representations on
Katy Teubener, Nils   the Russian Internet [abstract]
Heike Greschke        First and second order localities: Latin American migrants and
                      communicative constructions of identity. [abstract]
Diane Potts           “From literacies to (multi)literacies” Korean youth and Internet in
                      Canada. [abstract]
Shyam Tekwani         The Tamil Diaspora, Tamil Militancy, and the Internet [abstract]
Mei Wu                Re-contextualize the “Chineseness” outside China: Chinese diaspora
                      on the Internet [abstract]
Don Slater            Discussant [abstract]
Wednesday 22.9        10.30 - 12.00
Youth, Cyberactivism, Cybergeography
Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS1      [Wed-B-7]
Robert Ramsay       The Internet and its Geographic Dilemma: Constructing the Digital
                    Divide [abstract]
Jason Gallo         Cross-platform media activism: the 'Bush in 30 Seconds' Campaign
Christine Feldman   The Internet-ional Jetset: Mod Culture Online [abstract]
D. Linda Garcia     Discussant

Engineering 1: lecture theatre AS2     [Wed-B-8]
Daniel Weisberg     The hidden demographics of the Internet: Accounting for race, gender,
                    age and class in netnographic research [abstract]
Han Lee             Race in cyberqueer space: Looking at race in online personal ads for
                    men seeking men [abstract]
Elaine Yuan         The economic and cultural factors in the adoption of the Internet in
                    China [abstract]

Fantasy and Games
Arundel 1 b: seminar room       [Wed-B-9]
Jeroen Jansz        Fan sites for Final Fantasy X and its direct successor Final Fantasy
Mirjam Vosmeer      X/2: Female performance on fan-sites concerning FFX (FFX/2)
Olli Sotamaa        Mapping the contexts of modder agency
Hector Postigo      Of Mods and Modders: Chasing Down the Value of Fan Based Video
                    Game Modifications [abstract]
Mia Consalvo        Get your cheat codes here: Online help, offline play, and the structure
                    of the “support side” of the digital game industry [abstract]