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        Coach Handbook


    2009 SEASON
             Useful Websites

                             P O BOX 791 ROTORUA

                                   ELECTED OFFICERS

President:          Gavin Voss           345 5432(after 8pm)
                                 Or      021-872464
Treasurer:          Mala Black           347 8314
Secretary:          Sharon Goodall       345 3174


Central United      Greg Moore           3485131
Eastlake            Robin Parr           0212570980
Eastlake            Roger Gurnsey        021776138
John Paul College   Steven Bloomfield    3322487
Kaharoa             The Principal           
Kaharoa             Jo Clark             3457507
Mamaku              Catherine Dolman     3325726
Mamaku              Rachel Watchorn      3325802
Ngongotaha          Matthew Sherman      3457650
Ngongotaha          Paul Grocott         3503037
Ngongotaha          Jo Kapua             3488090
Otonga/Valley       Mark Buckley            
Otonga/Valley       Ian Southgate           
Rotorua City        Bryan Rakei             
Rotorua United      Gary Benfell         0212029197
Rotorua United      Sue Hunter              
St Mary‟s           Denis Marriner       3453798
Westbrook           Wendy Applegate      345 5339
Westbrook           Vicki Mahuika        3490667

                                        LIFE MEMBER
Tracey Te Kiri
          Football Rules & Guidelines For 2009 Season
Welcome to another season of Football. This information brochure has been prepared to help the games and
season run as smoothly as possible so that all involved, whether player, coach, official or spectator, has a
great time. So have fun, give it your best but remember the Fair Play Code of Conduct:

                          Give it heaps but don’t get ugly!

Sadly every season there have been many instances of offensive behaviour from the sidelines (much of this
reported from junior games) where the referee has been verbally abused. This is almost always when a
coach or parent is acting as the referee and doing his or her best. They should not be harassed!

Please note that the following is the Rotorua Junior Football Management Committee Refereeing Policy for
the 2009 season:

   Each team for 5th – 7th grades are required to referee half a game each. Please encourage both teams to
    play and coaching by the referee is allowed
   Each team from 8th – 11th is required to nominate a trained referee (Junior Referee course minimum) who
    will be allocated to the home game. This referee has control of the whole game. If a trained referee is not
    available for that team and the away team has a trained referee, they will officiate the whole game. If
    both teams do not have a trained referee then the teams will share a half each.
   Each team 12th – 15th grades are required to nominate a CBR qualified referee (minimum qualification)
    who will be allocated to home games as detailed above.
   Only if the allocated referee is unable to attend can each team referee half a game each
   Home team is the team listed first in the draw
There is to be no coaching while refereeing, except for 5th – 7th grades. The home team referee has sole
responsibility for the game. Unless the rules in this guideline state otherwise, FIFA rules apply to games. A
laminated copy of the rules is located in the equipment shed for reference purposes only.

Coaches, team management, spectators etc are reminded that a referee – whether qualified
or not – has the same rights and obligations as an appointed official and any abuse of any
referee will be dealt with severely. The absolute authority is vested in any referee of all
games and shall be protected from abuse by the FIFA Laws of the Game and NZ Football
Rules and Regulations.
All coaches are responsible for ensuring their players have the correct equipment to play football. Each
player is required to have as a minimum, shin guards and football boots. Shin guards must be worn on the
inside of the socks with the socks pulled up to cover. This is a mandatory FIFA requirement and is
required for the player’s safety. Failure to have this equipment will result in a player being refused entry
onto the field.
Shirts shall be tucked into shorts. No peak caps shall be worn by outfield players in any grades.
Referees are instructed to check sprigs and shin guards before the start of a game. Referees can refuse entry
to the field for any player deemed to have dangerous equipment. The referee must provide an explanation to
the player and coach should any player be refused entry to the field.

The duty club will distribute the nets and flags at Puarenga Park and it is the responsibility of the first two
teams playing that day to set up the nets and corner flags.
A duty team will distribute the nets and flags at Arawa Park and it is the responsibility of the first two teams
playing that day to set up the nets and corner flags at each field. The duty team will be separate to the club
setting up Puarenga Park and will be designated on the draw.
It is the responsibility of the last 2 teams playing to remove the nets and corners flags and return them to the
equipment/storage shed.
The Duty club will be responsible for checking the fields and ensuring all equipment is locked away in the
equipment shed.
Two equipment shed keys are held by each club/school. In the event of club keys being lost, replacements
are obtainable from the RJFMC Secretary. (Note: a C1 key is used for gates and toilet block. A numbered
key is required for the equipment shed)

5th To 11th GRADES:

Grade                     5/6th         7th         8th          9th          10th         11th
Field size              30m x 20m.   35m x 25m   40m x 30m.   60m x 40m.   60m x 40m.   70m x 50m.
No. of players            5v5          5v5         6v6          7v7          7v7          9v9
Playing time per half      15           15          20           20           25           30
Ball size                   3           3            3            4            4            4
Offside                    No           No         Yes*          Yes          Yes          Yes
Throw-ins                  No          Yes          Yes          Yes          Yes          Yes
Corner Kicks               No          Yes          Yes          Yes          Yes          Yes
Retreat to halfway         Yes         Yes          Yes          Yes          Yes          No
Score card required        No           No          Yes          Yes          Yes          Yes
* blatant only
12th To 16th GRADES:

Grade                               12th           13th            14th            15th             16th
No. of players                    11 v 11         11 v 11         11 v 11         11 v 11          11 v 11
Playing time per half                35             35              40              40               45
Ball size                            4               4               5               5               5
Offside                             Yes             Yes             Yes            Yes              Yes

Goalkeepers are not allowed in 5th, 6th and 7th grades and players should be encouraged to not stand in front
of the goals. In ALL grades it is an offence for an attacking player to deliberately stand in front of, or
obstruct the goalkeeper, when the goalkeeper is kicking or throwing the ball from their hands. The
goalkeeper is deemed to have control of the ball if he has at least one hand on it.
A Goal can be scored directly from a „Kick-Off‟.
The opposition must stand at least 3m away.
Offside will be refereed in all grades above 7th and FIFA rules apply. This is probably the hardest rule for
players and spectators to understand especially in the younger grades, so give feedback during the game if it
is apparent they do not understand.
In 8th grade the players are starting to get an idea of offside so do not penalise if they are slightly in front
during an attacking move. The referee can talk to the players and advise them they are standing offside, then
penalise if they do not make an attempt to move back. Penalise the blatant offside but allow the players to be
slightly in front of the offside line.
All grades except 5th and 6th have Throw-Ins and FIFA rules apply. In the 5th and 6th Throw-Ins are replaced
with Kick-Ins. A goal cannot be scored direct from a Kick-In.
For the 10th grade and below, the opposition must retreat to their own half of the field and only encroach
once the goal kick has been taken.
Goal kicks are taken from the following for each grade:
                        5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th grades, taken from the edge of the goal box.
                        8th grade, taken anywhere on penalty line
                        11th grades and above, taken from the edge of the goal box and FIFA rules apply.
For 7th to 11th grades the opposition must stand at least 5m away. All corner kicks shall be taken from the
corner of the field.
Penalty Kicks are to be taken from the Penalty Mark or from midway between goal line and the 9 metre
Penalty line.
There are no penalty kicks during the game in 8th grade; all penalties are direct free kicks outside the box. If
an offence occurs inside the box, bring the penalty to a place outside the box, in line with where the offence
occurred. Exceptions to this occur during tournaments, when a penalty is taken from the edge of the box
directly in line with the centre of the goal.
For players to qualify to play within an age group the player must be the same age as the appropriate grade
before December 31 of that year i.e. 8th grade players must be 8 or less before December 31 of the
competition year. For the 2008 competition this means players born 2000 or later will be eligible for the 8th
Female footballers qualify automatically to play one year less than their actual age.
All applications for dispensation must be received by RJFMC prior to the player taking part in a match
below their age appropriate grade. RJFMC decisions are final.
All dispensations to be lodged on the form attached to the 2008 Regulations document with the RJFMC
secretary and approved by the RJFMC.

Dispensated players must be pointed out to the opposition coach and identified on the team card
before play starts. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the forfeiture of the match.

Any team not ready to start within 10 minutes of the official kick off time will default the game, unless
previously agreed with the opposition coach or manager. Games kicking off late must be completed
within the allocated time. The next game has the right to request the immediate end to game if over the
allocated starting time for next game. Failure to end the game may result in a RJFMC disciplinary hearing.

Player numbers are listed on page 3 for each of the grades. For the 8th to 11th grades one less player may be
played by agreement between coaches. The listed number of players for each grade may not be
exceeded. If a team arrives short of player(s) and you have too many, why not lend one or two of your
players to make the teams equal.


Scorecards are required from 8th grade up and must be handed in at the close of play on the day in the box
provided secured to the Equipment Shed door. Player‟s names must be filled in legibly on cards. Cards can
be sent direct to the results officer.
Opposition coach at the end of the game must counter sign scorecards. If the opposition is unwilling to sign,
please note the scorecard accordingly.
Defaulted scorecards must be counter signed before game starts. Failure to fully complete legible
scorecards will result in no points being awarded.
For all grades, the referee must be notified before any player enters the field. No substitution may be made
until play has been stopped and must take place at the halfway line. Rolling substitutes are permitted and a
player may return to field after being substituted.
For 8th grade and above, all substitutes must be named on the scorecard prior to kick off.
For 11 aside games, teams in the junior league shall be capped at 16 players. If there is a differential of more
than three (3) players between teams at a match, then there is a limit of three (3) substitutes per team, as per
FIFA rules.

      Grade 10 and under – play will be stopped immediately for any injury or suspected injury.
      Grade 11 and above – injuries should still be treated quickly, though a few seconds delay to complete
       a phase of play should be considered acceptable in most circumstances.
      Head injuries: In the event of a head injury the player must obtain a medical certificate, and if
       concussion has occurred there will be a mandatory 21 days stand down from playing or training
       regardless of whether it has been diagnosed as “slight” or otherwise. Therefore, before a player can
       return to playing, they must first obtain a clearance (medical certificate) to be lodged with the club
       Secretary. (Refer to the Force Three “Sideline Concussion Check” - Appendix 3).
      All injuries will be recorded and reported to the Club Secretary who will forward this information
       onto the JMC Secretary on the Force Three Season Injury Card (Appendix 4 in the RJFMC

Players must only play for the club they are registered with, at the RJFMC, at the start of the season and may
not play down a grade or division. Players may play upgrades for their own club only.
The new club must register the inter-club transfer of any player with the RJFMC before they can play for
their new club, using the transfer form in Appendix 7 of the RJFMC Regulations document.


All judicial-misconduct issues, unless resolved first between the two teams must be in writing, from both
teams to the secretaries of the two affected clubs with 5 working days seeking resolution. If, no resolution is
forthcoming, both club secretaries of the two affected clubs, are to forward the complaints to the RJFMC
secretary who will forward the correspondence to Waikato Bay of Plenty Football for a binding outcome.
Each application to Waikato Bay of Plenty Football, to be submitted with a payment of $25.00 from the
complainant‟s club.


Players may be borrowed from another team, within the same club, with the following proviso‟s:
        That the borrowing team is genuinely short
        Up to two (2) players may be borrowed for 11-sided games. One player may be borrowed for
          small-sided games. Numbers borrowed greater than these constitute a defaulting of the game.
          Shortened side friendly matches can then take place if both teams consent.
        That the consent has been given by the opposing teams coach or deputy. There will be no redress
          on a decision made prior to kickoff.
        That the players being borrowed are from a lower grade or division.

Cancellations can only be made by the RJFMC. For competitive games, coaches and clubs do not have the
right to cancel games except for health and safety concerns. Cancellations will also be posted on from 07:30am onwards on Saturday mornings.
If games are cancelled keep with the draw. Catch up games will be played at a later date if at all possible.

Central:                            red shirt, red shorts, black socks
Eastlake:                           maroon & white shirt, black shorts and socks
John Paul College                   red & black shirt, black shorts
Kaharoa:                            dark blue & yellow shirt
Mamaku                              royal blue & black shirt, black shorts.
Ngongotaha                          orange shirt, black shorts
Otonga:                             white shirt, blue shorts, white socks
Rotorua City Juniors:               royal blue & white striped shirt, white shorts
Rotorua United:                     white shirt & shorts, white socks
St Marys:                           maroon & blue shirt
Valley:                             black & white shirt & shorts
Westbrook:                          gold shirt, black shorts, black socks

Teams playing at Arawa Park will have to enter the course by the designated entrance only. The entrance is
from Marguerita Street, see website if unsure. Please do not walk across the course at any other point. No
cars are allowed onto the fields, please park in the designated area. We will keep the use of these fields only
by respecting the racecourse and its environs. Please dispose of all rubbish in bins provided and keep the area
clean. A team will be duty team on the draw and will distribute the nets and flags at Arawa Park and it is the
responsibility of the first two teams playing that day to set up the nets and corner flags at each field. The nets
and flags will be stored in the shower room of the toilet block at Arawa Park. The last team on each field
must return the nets and flags to the storage rooms. An RDC C1 key will open the toilet block. There is a
combination padlock on the gate (ask your delegate for the number).


As we enter the football season, please be aware that there is a potential for children to injure themselves by
misuse of or by playing on football equipment such as goal frames.

As a Health & Safety operating procedure at grounds used for RJFMC games, the following requirements
will be strongly enforced.
     No one is to climb on, pull on, or play on or around any goals, equipment, crowd barriers or fence
      If a parent or caregiver feels that any piece of equipment may pose a danger, or it has been left or is
       stored in a manner that it may cause injury if misused or be of danger to children, please move it and
       store it to a safe position and immediately inform a club or RJFMC official.
      Junior players should always be adequately supervised and ultimately this is the responsibility of
       parent/caregiver. Stay with your children and help provide adequate supervision if there is any doubt
       in your mind.
      All geothermal areas are completely out of bounds to children. If a football ball enters these
       areas then adult help should be sought for retrieval immediately. Children do not try to retrieve on
       your own.

As responsible adults we should be aware and alert to dangers to other people‟s children, supervised or not,
and be immediately responsive to preventing a possible accident.

                       Let‟s all have a safe and happy football season.

The Rotorua Junior Football Management Committee would
like to thank the following for their generous contributions:

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