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                                                    Newsletter of Glenhaven Football Club

                                                                               Week 6, 15th May, 2010

Ground Setup
The whole season roster is on our web site, as well as instructions on what needs to be done at each field - (under Service) in the Grounds Duty section. A few things to remember.
Grounds have to be set up 30 minutes before the first game so have to be ready by 8am. At Holland you
need 3 to 4 people to set-up at Glenhaven 5 people. Be at the grounds allowing 45 mins for set-up. Most
teams will have ground duty once during the season.

Match Reports

Remember submission of Match Reports (Please use the Match Report Template) is 5pm Mondays to
Wayne Wilson Submission is by email ( so if you don’t have internet access
maybe someone in your team can help. Interesting gossip and player info is always welcome. Also Player-of-
the-Year points to be submitted, along with your Match Reports.

The newsletter can be viewed online after Tuesday and can be downloaded and printed to keep and for
those in your team without access to the internet.

Club Meetings
These are held on the last Tuesday of every month and it is mandatory that a representative from EACH
team attends. 7.30pm at the Glenhaven Community Centre – be there!

so please remember to get your match reports in on time, this is how we judge the winners.

                                          This Weeks award goes to:

                             15th May – Under 9-3 & Under 12-4

You will need to advise Paul Hodkinson by phone 040 317 7733 (m) as to the number of players you have.
You can collect your vouchers from the canteen at Glenhaven Oval on Saturday.

Call McDonalds Dural on 9651 2188 to arrange a celebration time.

Week 6, 2010                                                                                            Page 1
U6 – Orange

U6 – Red
Glenhaven Under 6 Red Vs Hills Hawks
Won 12-0

With Max and Cooper out sick today the four remaining boys were in for a good warm up on a freezing cold
morning. Dan was really strong today, following the ball and sending it flying, he managed an amazing
header and then followed it in to score! Dan easily baffled the opposition with his pull backs/footwork and
really tried hard with his passing to his team mates. He did an awesome job today; he was so good the
Hawks actually had to physically hold him back. Dan scored 5 goals. Dylan was the best defender today. He
was always looking to mark up his opposition and always had his eyes on the one kid on the other team who
actually knew anything about getting into position; Dylan scored our first goal and ended up with a total of 3
for the game. Will was once again keen and eager and tried to run with the ball, Will did some nice passes
and good follow ups, Will scored 4 goals, good job. Lastly Ryan, wow he tried so hard to score but was just
unlucky, they kept going around, to the side or over and the last attempt was only stopped as Hawks seemed
to have a “goalie” just to try and stop us from scoring. These guys are just amazing and work very well as a
team, every week we concentrate on team work and passing, they ALL do some really good passes and
assists, and it really shows in how well our boys are doing against every other team so far. Great Job guys !

U6 – Yellow B
Lost 6-0 vs West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook B
MVP – Dylan

This week’s man on the match goes to Dylan. Dylan had an exceptional game today in both attack and

This week the team showed a huge improvement and were very unlucky not to come away with a goal being
close on several occasions. A couple of unlucky own goals went against us early on but the kids tried hard.

Tyler showed us his suburb dribbling skills in attack and in defence even saving a certain goal from the

Marcus and William were rock solid in defence and their determination was etched on their faces.

Brontie was pumped and came out firing attacking the ball and trying hard as always.

Jack was away this week but we welcome him back next week for another great game!!

Better Luck next week.

U6 - White 15/05/2010
Glenhaven Vs Hills Grammar
Another Home Game advantage for the Whites with a 9.15am kicks off.

Glenhaven was short a player and the team pulled together for a fast first half.

Jack & Robert made some great kicks up the middle to see us attacking early.

Kye and Oscar contributed with some great passing.

The oranges and water were a welcome sight at half time by all.

Week 6, 2010                                                                                             Page 2
James made a blazing start to the second half with some great attacking and an even better

The girls from Hills Grammar made some fantastic saves to make it a very close match!

Player of the Week was James, who had plenty of energy all match and also scored a great

Once again well done Whites!!! Keep up the good work.

U6 - Yellow A
Glenhaven V Redfield Lions
Loss 3-5
MVP Louis

Another early start for our boys, but I think everyone is getting used to it now. The boys all seemed keen to
get out there & play soccer, so off we started & before anyone knew it Redfield had scored the 1 goal and
then the 2nd goal, but not to be out done Joel kicked a beautiful ball that just rolled in to the goals & we could
feel we were going to even the score.
We had a very vocal opposition today which seemed to put out boys of their game a bit but to their credit,
Aaron, Marcellus, Tommy & Liam kept on trying, Louis it must be said had an absolute blinder of a game &
came so close on so many occasions but that elusive goal just didn't happen. In fact the amount of near
misses we had today was hugely frustrating.
In the 2 half all the boys came out ready to go again & Tommy collected another 2 goals to add to his tally
but unfortunately time wasn't on our side for us to even the score.
Our presentation at the end of the game was a very long awaited one for Louis who has patiently waited &
waited to get the trophy & today he truly deserved it!!!
Well done Louis & well done Boys you are improving every week & we the parents are loving every minute of
your entertaining games.

U7 – Green

U7 – Red
Glenhaven Vs West Pennant Hills A

Glenhaven got off to a great first half.

The girls - Sofia, Elena and Estelle combined well with some great passing.

Jack & Daniel made some great saves to send the ball back up the middle for the girls to

Cameron did a fantastic job of attacking as well as defending.

Congratulations to Player of the Week Jack, who made some great clearing kicks in defence.

Well done Reds. You are really pulling together and playing well as a team.

U7 – Red B

U7 – White A

U7 – White B

U7 – Yellow A

U7 – Yellow B

Week 6, 2010                                                                                                 Page 3
U8 – Red B
Glenhaven B V Glenhaven A
Win 5-1
MVP James

Finally our match up against the other Glenhaven team had arrived, & we were ready to go.
Coach Mimmo was back from his overseas jaunt & you could tell he was back, all the boys were listening &
warming up like the little professionals they all are.
James, Jamie, & Saxton showed their impressive skills throughout the game with some fantastic passes,
along with some great defence work from Tristan, Nick, Will & Zack. Jarrod & Sam were constantly in there
giving it their best go & Zain had a game in goals with only 1 getting past him.
But the play of the day from both sides must go to our fantastic coach Mimmo who some of you may know
plays in the O35/2 Blue Ducks side.
During the 1 half the ball from the main field drifted onto our game, & Mimmo thought rather than interrupt
our game he would get the ball out of there, so onto the field he ran & he launched that ball right back to the
main field & then landed flat on his backside in the middle of our field!!!
So thanks Mimmo for the great entertainment you bring to our matches week in & week out we can't wait to
see how you will top our match on Saturday though.

Well done boys another great game from you all & great skills from our coach too!

U8 – Orange
Lost 7 - 2 vs. West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook B
MVP James

This week the MVP award goes to James. James had a fantastic game today always in the right position at
the right time and played beautifully setting up our first goal of the game. Well done James.
Jordan scored our 2        goal of the game always in on the action and thinking quickly.
In goals today we had Sam in the first half who saved quite a few goals and Aiden in the 2            half who also
had his work cut out for him saving quite a few goals.

Hayden had a great game today saving a certain goal from the opposition and his defence was as strong as

Luke and Lachlan were great in running the ball up the line always attacking and trying to set up the pass
for their forwards to score a goal.
Jesse, Brooklyn and Ben’s defense in the 2             half was outstanding attacking the ball when needed and
passing to their teammates.

Everybody played well today thinking about their passing and generally combining well with there

Great Game Boys!!!

U8 – Yellow
This week Under 8 Yellow put up a great fight. With Ethan W and Aden S scoring a goal each. Man of the
Match went to Ethan K for his effort in nearly kicking in a few goals, the Macquarie Dragons' goalkeeper was
a worthy opponent. We lost the match by 7-2.

U8 – Purple
Win 9 - 3 vs. West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook
MVP – Jordan

We had the late game at windy Meadowbank against WPHC and the Purple team was in full attendance.
From the kick off the pace was on with no attention to field positions and it was all out attack (don’t tell coach
Trevor – we wasn’t there).

Week 6, 2010                                                                                                   Page 4
We were quickly 2-0 up after goals to Hannah (following a great pass from Emma) and Jordan. As the team
started to tire WPHC levelled the scores as Reagan (from 8 Blue) arrived.

The attacking nature of the game left some defensive gaps that kept Gerard busy in goals, as usual he made
some great saves. For those of you who have not seen our star goal keeper in action, for him the ball is a hot
potato – as soon as he has it in his mitts, he punts it back down field in a split second. With the wind behind
him, each punt went over half way to the Purple Power Girls (Hannah and Emma) waiting for opportunities.
This lead to Emma on the ball in front of goals, only to trip and let the ball dribble wide.

When the referee went A over T in the first half we should have had a closer at the ground. She went down
with a squeal but bounced back up without any damage and the game went on. A few minutes later Jordan
was in space with just the keeper to beat and he disappeared down a hole in the field, all was left was the
ball rolling along. The Meadowbank minefield strikes again.

A free kick a minute before the break was slotted by Jordan with aplomb (3-2).

The half time rest and regular player rotation freshened up the Purple team and they kicked on with goals to
Emma (1), Reagan (3) and Jordan wrapped up the game. Thomas L ran for the first half and kept goals in
the second making some good saves, Maree was involved and made a particularly good run done the wing
and had one unsuccessful shot on goals. Liam and Thomas M were reliable in the midfield.

Jordan with 4 goals attacked and defended with plenty of energy, had a great game and was our well
deserved most valuable player.

Well done kids and thanks to Reagan for playing a team game and for his 3 goals.

U9 – 1
Win 1-0 V. All Saints Hunters Hill
MVP POINTS 3 Rocco, 2 Reagan, 1 Harrison

There are no easy games in this competition. All Saints fought very hard but what was magnificent was the
fact that the team listened to Coach Craig this week and put into place exactly what he told them to do at

Easily the best game for a number of players and the opportunities came thick and fast. The goals will start
to roll in if they boys listen to the coach like they did this weekend.

A very good game for Rocco who played the ball nicely and quickly.

Reagan coming back from illness had some good runs and great corners were taken.

Hassy and Kai at the end saved the day with a scramble in the box which protected our 1-0 lead given by
Will with an excellently taken penalty. Wills play in the centre was also very good.

Declan and Luke had strong games whilst Ben was very versatile in a number of roles.

Zach had a good game in goal and played the ball well at times when out on the field.

Tom had a dependable strong game as did Charlie with a number of good runs.

A little less ball watching next week and keeping to Coach Craig’s game plan will see the goals start to come.
Well done boys a great defensive effort as usual. 10 goals for and 1 against … not bad at all.

U9 – 3
Draw 2-2 vs. Gladsville Ravens
MVP – Dylan

A top of the comp ladder tussle this week and we kicked off with the daunting task of playing on a larger field
than we would usually play on. However, the larger field gave Glenhaven much more room to move and
kick some solid passes and longer range shots. We needed a little more speed to get from one end of the
field to the other and the 1st half got off to a flurry of kicks up and down the field. Once the boys settled into

Week 6, 2010                                                                                                  Page 5
the match the passing settled down and we began to take control of the ball. Good passing through our
midfielders Ben, Jordan, Nick, and Reilly to maintain a strong presence for Glenhaven. However, a long
range kick from a Raven’s midfielder that landed nicely for one of their forwards who was positioned in our
back-line produced their 1st goal of the match.

We struck back reasonably quickly and our forwards Julian and Mark got their opportunity to break away and
nearly scored with some good ball control. Ravens played the ball back out to their midfielders and again
another long range kick that landed nicely in front of their key forward who again was positioned
“comfortably” in our back-line and with plenty of free space Raven’s scored another goal. Who needs a
side-line ref with the flag up for an off-side call? We all saw it!! We picked our jaws up off the ground.
Anyway, 2 nil down we battled on and with Glenhaven lifting their heads high we scrambled around with a
few loose passes and Ben from a right-side midfield position got on the end of a kick from a Ravens back
and cracked a 12 metre shot at Ravens goal clearing the goalie’s head and straight into the back of the net.
What a kick…..…..and we needed that goal.

The 2nd half got off to a good start with our defending backs Dylan, Ethan, and Liam holding their line and
tackling with plenty of determination. Some great tackling from Liam. Ravens tried many times to get
through our backs but Glenhaven gave them limited opportunities and any attacks that got through our
goalie, Jayden, cut them off. On a few occasions coming out of the goal area to scoop up the ball and then
quickly kick it back up the field for our midfielders. Great enthusiasm from the team to get the ball back up
into Ravens’ half and this time we were in amongst the action and Mark got on a loose pass from a Ravens
defender and scored a great goal to even up the match. No additions to the score in the last 10 minutes but
plenty of hard work up the middle of the field from both teams.

A tough match for Glenhaven this week but a good test of patience and not giving up when the scoreboard’s
not in our favour. Well done Glenhaven and good work Dylan in defence this week.

U9 – 4
Result 1- nil
MVP-Adam Perran

Another great win from the U9/4 boys –the score could’ve been much much higher if not for the efforts of
MCS’ very capable goalie.

Great defensive work by Adam, James S, James R and James F top team work up front from Ollie Mark &
Aaron and Andrew.

U9/4 you are all champions and deserve to finish in the top two of the league-congratulations on a great
2009 season!

U9 – 7
v. Macquarie Dragons Lost 1-2

To escape the mid table masses, the Glenhaven Warriors needed to slay the Macquarie Dragon. The
opposition came out breathing fire early because this game was too important to lose. This was a battle
        nd       rd
where 2 and 3 on the table were battling for the clear no. 2 position as we approach the half way point of
the competition.

The game went end to end, it was smite for smite in a very even contest. Glenhaven took an early blow
through a lack of organisation defending a corner and the Dragon’s tail flicked in a loose ball. Unbowed the
Glenhaven Warriors battled on through great attacking by the Fearless Forwards Rohan and Spencer. There
were a few chances for Mark our Warrior on the Wing but it was Prince Vinson who levelled the scores just
before the break.
The 2 half seemed to go for the Middle Ages as the Warriors and Dragon battled it out, every thrust was
met by a solid defence. As the Dragon’s fire was on the collective Glenhaven belly, Fearless Defenders
Thomas, Alex L and Joshua did their best to shield Gallant Gatekeeper Michael from a mortal blow. On the

Week 6, 2010                                                                                               Page 6
battlefield Joshua left a Dragon on the ground with a crunching tackle but their reinforcements swiftly joined
the battle.

Courageous midfielders Simeon, Alex M and Maid Emma felt the heat as the Dragons surged forward, and
with minutes to go they struck a blow to take the lead. Arrgghhh!

With the sun clock shadow slipping away, Rohan unleashed a run displaying the strength of Shrek and the
footwork of Puss in Boots. He was on a mission and unleashed a flaming ball of fire, straight and on target….
the gate keepers hands had no time to move, he simply wore it where his helmet should have been.

Alas there was no fairy tale ending, the ball rebounded clear, the gatekeeper is still asking what happened –
he saved the win for the Dragons.

Simeon was our Medieval Man of the Match, he ran all game (who needs horses!)

U10 – 1

U10 – 2

U10 – 6

U11 – 1

U11 – 3

U11 – 6
Win 1/0 v’s Redfield Lions

Round 6 - Our third win a row but the opposition certainly gave us a run for our money. Ben “Mr Dependable”
played his best game of the season by far, he was constantly on the ball and pushing it forward. Connor “Mr
Reliable” another one who stepped up to the challenge today and played a great game in the midfield, he put
his hand up for goal keeper in the second half to give Reece “The Protector” a run. Marcus “The Joker” had a
few shots from way out and was unlucky not to score. Alex “Yoda” played a remarkable game in defense and
cleared the ball well, late in the second half Alex was moved up front and continued to fight for the ball. Guy
“Mysterio” scored our only goal from a pass from Lewis “Flash”. Keep it up boys, slowly but surely we are
progressing up the ladder.

Player of the Match: Alexander Russell

U12 – 1

U12 – 4

U12 – 5

U13 – 1

U13 – 2

U13 – 3

U14 – 3
Draw 3-3 vs. West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook

MVP Lachlan

Week 6, 2010                                                                                               Page 7
U15 – 1

Glenhaven 2 West Ryde Rovers 1

Another 3 points on the board and our march up the table continues. The scoreline didn’t do the pattern of
play any justice as we had close to 20 shots against the opponents 1 or 2, but we unfortunately didn’t
convert enough of them to make the game comfortable. It was the usual set play jitters that let WRR score
an early goal from a corner and we had to up the effort to get back on terms by half time through a Kieran
strike. One way traffic and a much improved performance in the second saw us score from another Jordan
penalty after Josh was felled in the box. In the second half Sanjeet and Matt were solid and industrious in
the middle of the park with Matt having a blinder at left back. Rajarshi had one of his quietest afternoons to
date as the ball rarely came his way, with the backs well on guard and in full control. We are now back in the
mix for the top 4 and need to brush up in a few areas if we want to stay there and challenge the top 2 …
which is our aim.

U15 – 3
GLH 2 WPH/r 4

We had a great start to the game this week and scored 2 goals with a memorable one by Daniel who was
player of the week. Good work by keepers Paul and Jack A who also played with determination on the field.
Our midfielders were very busy with Jack L putting in a lot of effort. The backs Jonathan and Michael worked
well with Cameron on the left always committed to defence and attack and not frightened to take the ball up
the wing. Jay and Aydan great forward work. The team is starting to work together and pass the ball more.
Go for it guys!

Player of the week: Daniel

U16 – 2

U17 – 1

U18 – 2
Loss 1-4 vs. West Pennant Hills

Another slow start with 2 goals down in 16 minutes (although one was very contentious!) Loose marking and
lack of constructive play were always going to be our undoing. When we did pass the ball around on the
ground, we created many chances which led to a wonderfully set up goal. However, our composure let us
down and WPH deserved their win. Now to play the ball on the ground and to OUR players and we will have
a chance at the Pennant. You can do it guys! Solid general play to Tori and Cameron, with Darren having a
great second half.



U21 – 1

AA1 – 1

AA – 2

AA – 4

Week 6, 2010                                                                                             Page 8
AA – 9

AA – 12

AA – 17

AA – 19

AA – 20

O35 – 2R ”Blue Ducks”
1 – 0 loss vs. Gladesville Ravens
MVP – “Corporate Kingham”.

“It’s not a bum bag … its a satchel …. and Indiana Jones has one …”

We arrived after our scintillating 40 minute training session on Thursday rudely interrupted by with cries of
“Pizzas are ready !” from the dynamic duo, Pagano and Lukic from the smokers lounge outside the Glenno
bottle shop. We break into a sprint and find another 4 ducks dressed and well established. We order 6
different pizzas and subject ourselves to the taste test and yep we cant tell one from the other. I quietly slip in
a reheated pizza box complete with some cheese and sauce and this one was voted the most tastiest by our
panel. Col takes the remnants of this one home “ whatya mean.. this will feed my family for a week ?!”..

We also farewell Lyle whose “off to Las Vegas for a buck’s night”. Hey this could be a good movie. We worry
about our Lyle, dressed for success and seeming to be leading a very nocturnal lifestyle. Mid week he was
ambushed by a rogue fire extinguisher that lay in silence wait for him in a long hallway and pounced causing
him to rick his back when he had to sidestep the deadly threat. We strip the Chemist dummy of all the skins,
pack Lyles little travel bag and give him a six pack of spare batteries for his hearing aid and hope hell be
back in a few weeks. We corner him and hold him down and microchip him so we can track our little lost Lyle
on our sat navs and send him on his way.

Lukic reckons he’s playing Saturday and ready to go, all he needs are some new boots. I join him at Rebel
where he is on first name terms. The sales assistant piles up another 3 pairs and jokingly says “Hey Rob,
you almost have enough boots now for a new pair each game !”. Rob is momentarily stumped but I can see
the brain is in overdrive. “No I don’t … but I hear what you saying … and like what I hear”. “Would you like
matching shin-pads for all your boots ?” she quizzes. “… “You tease …“ he quivers as tears well in the
corner of his eyes.

Game day, Lukic is there as promised, Richie is back, Robbo lines up again. Cruz is almost ready for a good
run. Rolfe still out, consigned to sitting with waitressing for the ladies all game in a blatant effort to grab Blue
Duck Esky votes. McKimm talking to the surgeon this week.

We start against the top of the table Ravens and they press hard and the Ducks, notorious slow starters
hang on and manage to start stringing some passes together. Stewart misses one, GD causes the keeper to
scramble with a shot that just drifted over, Cruz a couple of half chances, Chucky down the other end saving
them from all angles, and patrolling the penalty box well. Roachy, risking life and hair and proving plenty of
nice headers in a serviceable game.

Second half, the Esky sure is looking promising. Lukic changes boots (and shin pads) and leads the Ducks in
a stirring second half. The engine room working well and matching the Ravens, Richard and Robbo ran until
they had no more, Stewart, Col, Licastro all battling hard, control possession and under pressure, some slick
first time passes keeping the Ravens at bay. Jacko breaks down and we hastily reshuffle, the majestic Slug
rises and churns out a fine performance leading the back line up for the remainder of the game. Kingham,
the little terrier runs around all game and produces his finest Blue Ducks performance, resulting in a well
deserved MVP performance narrowly edging out Lukic and Chucky who bother starred today. As the clock
wound down Pagano engineered a fine solo run and keeper just saved the ball from crossing the goal line by
the barest of margins.

Week 6, 2010                                                                                                    Page 9
A fine effort form the Ducks, competent Refereeing kept the teams apart and allowed a fast open game. A
turnover in the box saw the Raven trickle in a last minute winner.

We now sit nicely in the table where we can keep an eye on all the other teams above, and plan our second
half surge.

O35 – 3 ”Blue Ducks”
2 – 1 win vs. Beecroft
MVP – Stewart.

Mid week text - Slugs back from his sunny sojourn and promises another trip to the pizza shop if we train
well. We leave Glenhaven Pizza at closing time and wander home knowing we only have to win or draw to
grab the Premiership after other front runners have fallen away leaving us with a late chance to grab the title.

Decision made to hire “The Wrestler” as a motivational movie and I sit through 2 hours of watching some
aging old overweight bloke, decades past his prime, facing health problems that may end his career for
good. I spend half the movie trying to work out whether she is trying to tell me something, is this what our
poor partners have to contend with every weekend when they watch the Ducks !? Surely not !

We arrive at North Epping Oval, the home to our biggest ever loss and I swear I can hear the ghosts of long
lost Ducks whispering as we warm up. I sense the Ducks are a little non-plussed this week. Beecroft have
the bare 11 and play a great game and would be a real danger in the comp if they can get some good
numbers playing regularly. Richard opens our account with a deft touch of a pin point Robbo free kick, Cruz
a second from a sweet Robbo corner. Beecroft pull one back with a superb goal, the Ducks seem just
content to run this one out, our minds starting to wander towards the games of the next few weeks. The
game draws to a close, a reasonable hit-out and good practice for the semis. A good sign the Ducks starting
to score of set plays again.

Solid effort from the Ducks, hard to play good football on a concrete like pitch but we stuck to our guns and
finished strongly with many late chances going close. Very good efforts from Jacko and Rolfe both running
sore but putting in for 90 minutes. Richard and Steward both going hard for the whole game in 2 horse race
for the Blue Duck Medal.

O35 - 4
Win 8-0 V. West Ryde Rovers

This match was building up as a battle of old foes … WRR the lowest of the low from 2009 with Fabio et al
being public enemy #1.

It’s amazing what happens from year to year. A bunch of nice blokes in WRR rover uniforms turns up and
allows us to walk in 8 goals virtually unhindered. No niggle, no nastiness … smiles even. So even though
the song still resonates “Gainst who … West Ryde Rovers and sent them homewards to think again”, it
wasn’t the same and we will have to turn our attention to those Kents up the road for this year.

Basically I scored 3 goals, Adrian 2, Tony 2 and Prichy 1. A good team effort and we should be very proud
of our new +10 goal difference.

For this report I left my recorder accidentally running on the sideline. Here’s the part where Tony comes off
and his conversation with Steve.

S:      Howya feeling Tony, back from injury and a big game in mid field for most of the game?

T:       Hang on Steve I have to try and get a bit more air in through my (orifice) … I haven’t run so much
since Trialling For Charlton Athletic 25 years ago. Those were the days, the lads passed me the ball then, I
didn’t have to go looking for it …

Week 6, 2010                                                                                              Page 10
S:      Thanks Tony have a rest.

T:      And can you see ow much sweat is on my shirt, its just pouring out, not to mention the amount of
sweat pouring out my boots right next to my achilles which is a bit sore because I been on the cross trainer
all week .. oh except when I went to the fire brigade, but what about my two goals, I really showed the
selectors this week …

S:      Thanks Tony.

T:       Really whopped it to them. Set up one of Woz’s as well not to mention the speed I was showing,
that cross training even though my calves are aching really helped the achilles. The MRI shows that there’s
no damage and the fact that there’s no pain doesn’t mean it cant be fatal you know, I don’t know how long I
will be able to play at this pace ….;

S:      Thanks Tony.

T:      Inside the tendonitis is really getting to me, but I am working through it. Did you see Lhotka out there
today he is a fullback, always has been always will be. Cant understand why he wants to play in my spot
when for sure and certain he couldn’t have scored two goals like me … really two goals this week not like the
time …..

S:      Thanks Tony

T       Dunno about the formation you playin, I might be better up front, doin me good but, glad I jumped on
the cross trainer …

S:      Woz. Sub! Tony you are on. (Woz comes off Tony on). Sorry Woz have 5 mins I couldn’t stand
Tony in my ear any more … my ears are bleeding.

W:    No worries … hey did you see my three goals. Not feeling too bad …. been on the cross trainer

Any way the match was over a couple of beers then off to the RSL for Ribs and beers and to watch the FA

Result: Prichy ordered out after fallings asleep in a big chair, Steve ordered out because they don’t serve
kids, other notables faded away early. George G had a great game of chess with the lonely old guy and
some missed out by a nose on a couple of sure bets on the dogs. Me I won some money back on Drogba
being the first scorer.

Thanks to the families for trying to keep us company again … don’t do it again Milly.

Did I mention that I scored a Hat trick one with my left, one with my right and one from a corner. ……. Off to
the cross trainer.

O35 - 5b

O35 - 5r

O35 – 6

O35 – 7

O35 – 8

Week 6, 2010                                                                                              Page 11
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