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									                                                                 Oct / Nov ‘04 Edition

                                          Bonjour iMac G5
                              New Mac Debuts Apple Expo Europe
•Bonjour iMac G5             by Monte    Ferguson

•GRAMUG Meeting              T   HIS PAST SUMMER APPLE DID
                                 some thing unprecedented. They actu-
                             ally pre-announced
                                                                              Was this basically a flat panel iMac with
                                                                              a G5 stuck in there. Or would this be a
                                                                                                            totally new
Highlights                   a product. This was                                                            iMac? Would
Page 2                       huge news. Apple,                                                              it be more
                             under Mr. Steve                                                                evolutionary
•Product Review:             Jobs, has kept a very                                                          or revolution-
Airport Express              tight lid on new                                                               ary? Other than
Page 3                       product announce-                                                              Apple’s initial
                             ments. Apple went                                                              press release,
•iMovie 4 in the             so far as to say they                                                          the company
Viewfinder                   had messed up.                                                                 was mum on
Page 7                       That’s right, Apple                                                            the subject.
                             officially admitted                                                                The silence
                             it was coming out                                                              was lifted at
•Buying a Laptop Bag
                             with a new product                                                             the Apple
Page 9
                             and had messed up.                                                             Expo Paris.
                             Apple had gone on                                                              Phil Schiller
•Product Review:
                             to explain that prob-                                                          Executive VP
Stuffit Deluxe 8             lems getting G5 chips                                                          of Marketing,
Page 12                      from IBM had been                                                              standing in for
                             worse than expected.                                                           the recuperat-
•Getting to Know             Therefore, the release                                                         ing Steve Jobs,
Apple Mail’s Spam            of the iMac G5 had                                                             officially took
Filter                       been delayed. Worse yet, with the before         the wraps off of the new iMac.
Page 14                      school buying season in full swing, Apple            This iMac once again moves computer
                             was running out of the current flat panel        design forward in a spectacular way. Like
                             iMac models.                                     it’s predecessor’s, this modem inspires
•Specials & Deals
                                 Wondering minds were curious what            strong opinions both for and against. The
Back Cover
                             Apple had up it’s sleeve. For Apple to go so     new iMac truly pushes the concept of the
                             public it risked creating expectations that it   all in one computer to its next logical step.
                             might not be able to live up to. No sooner       The whole computer is mounted right
                             had the announcement been made than the          behind the LCD flat panel. They even man-
Get Info is a publication    web was full of discussion of the upcoming       aged to put the power supply in the back of
of the Grand Rapids Area     G5 iMacs. Everyone wanted to know what           this thing. No power brick mars the design
Microcomputer Users Group.   these machines were going to be made of.         at all. It is all of 2   Continued on Page 4
GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
by Monte    Ferguson
                                                                 Thanks to
   M    any folks think that user group meetings are for         Katie Weller
computer wizards and geeks. That the conversation will           we had direc-
be way over their heads. While others have no idea what          tions.
such meetings have to offer. I have showcased several
recent gatherings below. As you can tell from these ex-          July
cerpts, a user group has something to offer nearly every-
one no matter what their skill level.                            July saw us
                                                                 come together
June                                                             for another
There have been other things going on behind the scenes.         NON meet-
One of them has been working out a new location for              ing at the
the group to meet. (With Howard’s retirement we could            Urban Mill
no longer get the same room without paying a per meet-           It’s a Grind.
ing charge.) I’m pleased to announce that the General            Though the
Manager @CompUSA has welcomed us to meet in one of               turn out
their training rooms. I would like to thank him, and Dave        was a bit
DeCanio (our Local Apple Representative) for making this         smaller than
                                                                                 One of our May giveaway winners, Mr.
possible.                                                        last time, no Stanley Ward, is shown with his prize
                                                                 doubt due       the Little Digital Camera Book.
New Treasurer                                                    to vacations,
Howard’s retirement also left us looking for a replacement       we all had a
for his duties with the group. I am pleased to announce          good time. There was lots of good conversations going on.
that Duane Weller has stepped up to the task. Feel free to       We also took turns sharing thoughts and exchanging tips.
thank him for taking over the job. Just don’t rush him all at    One of the tips I had recently run across helped a couple
once. We don’t want to overwhelm him, just let him know          of people at the gathering. TIP: If you have a Titanium
we appreciate his hard work. Duane has all of Howard’s           Powerbook with flaking or missing paint, pick up a couple
information regarding membership and dues. If you have           of metallic sharpies. They almost exactly match the silver
any questions about membership or dues, he’s the man.            of the Powerbook. We also took time to try to figure out
June is not a time that the group meets. Basically our meet-     why one members laptop lost the time zone’s for most
ing location has not been available in the summer. Besides       of North America, and wouldn’t stay synched to EDT.
most folks are out on vacation. However some of the              We finally managed to get it to synch but the why was a
members, announced that they were getting together at a          head scratcher. All in all a really fun time. No structure, no
local coffee shop in downtown GR. Just a social gathering.       demo’s, just people getting together.
Not a GRAMUG meeting. A number of people attended
the get together. We had a good time. Of course talk did
veer to computers, or Apple, or technology. Let’s face it,
One of our May giveaway winners, Ms. it’s bound to
                                                happen. But
Juliet Kauffman, with her prize Web             we talked
Design on a Shoestring                          about other
                                                things too.
                                              Just general
                                              stuff. It was
                                              nice to get
                                              together like
                                              that. In fact it
                                              worked out
                                              so well there      GRAMUG meets monthly, throughout the school year, at
                                              is going to        the Grand Rapids CompUSA. Meetings are held on the
                                                                 Thursday of the fourth full week. Meetings begin at 7pm.
                                              be another
                                              get together.      You can also learn more about the group by going to our
                                              It was at          web site:
                                              Urban Mill
                                              Its a Grind.
Product Review:                                                                                   •Print Wirelessly
                                                                                                  I have a studio where I print
Airport Express                                                                                   invoices on my Epson C80
                                                                                                  for customers. But my printer
by Bryan     Schultz                                                                              is at my desk and I’d rather
                                                                                                  print without having to drag
                                                                                                  my laptop from my studio

     T FINALLY CAME! AFTER ORDER-                                                                 setup over to my desk just for
     ing in mid-June and realizing about                                                          one page.
     a week later that shipment would
not occur until July, my excitement level                                                         •iTunes
has been on hold until I saw the little                                                           Thanks to technology and
brown box appear on my desk at work.                                                              my best friend’s wife Katie
Surprisingly, The “APEx” was shipped                                                              (Weller), I have become
directly from “TW” (Taiwan I think) on                                                            “enamored” with playing my
July 15th – And was sitting on my desk on                                                         music from my laptop. (This
the 16th. Ahhh, technology and transport                                                          is a “gimme” that I know will
advancement!                                                                                      be rewarded, too)
    So, here I sit. At my desk anxiously
waiting for work to finish to see how this          What you get:                             •Range Extension
little baby is going to help my home network.       You get the Airport Express unit itself Putting “holes” in a wall is so
                                                    , and a cd to set it up.                “passé” for networking now.
First Glance                                        Price: $129                             But, I need just a little more
Tightly wrapped corrugated cardboard sur-                                                   range on my existing 802.11g
rounds the box. I carefully cut away the ship-      System Requirements                     Belkin Base Station to get a
ping box to reveal a flat white and baby blue       A Macintosh computer with an            good signal to my bedroom.
box that is no bigger than the standard Apple       AirPort Extreme Card or AirPort Card Whether this will work, I do not
mouse box that came with the wireless mouse         A PC with a Wi-Fi-certified IEEE        know. But, we’ll find out soon.
I purchased this spring. I tip the box and let       802.11b or 802.11g wireless card
the instructions and APEx slip into my hand.                                                       Finally! I’m home! Now for
(Of course I gleefully smell the “woosh” of          Users with Mac OS X v10.3 or later        the good stuff. I immediately
“new-gear-stink” as the APEx slips out. Not          can:                                      remove the AirPort from it’s
quite as overwhelming as the “new-gear-stink”                                                  packaging. I then plug in my
you get from a new laptop coming out of the          •Access an AirPort Express wireless speakers and my Epson C80
box – But enough that it will hold me until my network                                         Printer straight away (Boy, I
“next big purchase!”)                                •Set up an AirPort Express Base           hope the directions say to do
   The unit itself is slightly larger than a stan- Station                                     this first!!). I pull the “install”
dard white adapter “brick” that’s been ship-         •Use AirTunes to play music               CD hastily from the package
ping with new Macs recently by perhaps a half •Share a USB printer                             and “place”(cram) the “CD”
inch or so. The APEx is easily transported in        •Use Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)         (Installation to Freedom!) In my
a briefcase or backpack for trips to the office      ( Users with Mac OS X v10.2.7 can:        12” 1Ghz PB drive. The drive
and beyond. At this point, I’m ready to throw Access an AirPort wireless network               whirrs to life and the folder
caution to the wind and in standard “geek”           Share a USB printer)                      pops open and I’ve already
fashion I toss the instructions aside. Not being                                               clicked the install icon before
able to plug it in here at work is frustrating! So, I pick the                                 my PB even slows down.
manual back up. I leaf carefully through the instructions         Installation is 30 Megabytes. Mmmmm. Bigger than I
looking for one thing that’s been on my mind. Sure I want         thought but not unmanageable. Installation ends after
to print and play music through the APEx. I know it will          about 2 minutes. I burrow to the utilities folder and dou-
do that. But, the one question I want answered from the           ble click on the “easy setup” icon for the Airport Express
quick glance through the instructions yields no answer            (I DID read this part whilst glancing through the instal-
for me. “Will the APEx work with a wireless router that is        lation instructions). After a few questions, the installer
not an AirPort Extreme base station? We’ll find out. If not,      finds the Express and asks what I’d like to name it. I tap in
for me – just being able to run around the house and print        my “typical” funny names (LittleBearNetwork) and click
and listen to my music without being tethered is reward           “continue”. A few more routine questions and the installer
enough for the purchase.                                          disappears and I’m “left alone” with my new found “free-
What I want                                                           So, I go for Safari. Hmmm… Doesn’t seem to connect
I bought this little wonder because I want to do three            to the internet. (?) I go back to the utilities folder and
things:                                                           click on the               Continued on Page 5              3
                                                Cover Story Continued inches thick.         on the
                                                From Page 1           It weighs 15          ad-just-
                                                                            pounds less     able
                                                than the flat panel G4 did. They even       display
                                                managed to put in a slot loading opti-      issue.
                                                cal drive, mounted vertically, in this      The pre-
                                                Mac. Apple says the iMac G5 is the          vious
Security Update 2004-05-03                      world’s thinnest desktop computer. I        model
Released                                        for one don’t doubt them.                   had an
Apple seems to enjoy releasing security            Apple says that they used the            articu-
updates on Monday afternoons. This week,        iPod as the aesthetic model for this        lated
the company unveiled Security Update            new iMac. Apple is playing that con-        arm that
2004-05-03, a 4.2 MB package that               nection for all it’s worth. If you’ve       let you
updates the AFP Server, CoreFoundation,         checked out their web site you will         move the
and IPSec components of the operating           note a headline that reads: “From the       display
system, and includes the components of          creators of the iPod. The new iMac          in pretty
the earlier Security Update 2004-04-05.         G5.” If you view the two products           much
For owners of Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar, the         side by side you’ll instantly be struck     any
update provides the same new compo-             by the resemblance. Both units sport        direction. This new iMac allows
nents, but in a 9.8 MB download. No other       the sleek and spare lines that have         you to vertically move the display
details were available at press time. Both      come to define Apple’s design style.        between -5 and 25 degrees on the
updates are available via Software Update;      You will also see that Apple is hop-        aluminum base. No moving it, the
standalone downloads will likely be avail-      ing that the success of the iPod will       display, up and down. Nor can you
able by the time you read this. [JLC]           inspire people to contemplate switch-       pivot the display from side to side,
<                  ing to a Mac.                               unless you want to move the entire
downloads/>                                                                                 base. However, the iMac G5 does sup-
                                                Features                                    port any VESA compatible mounting
iMovie 4.0.1 Improves                           All of the ports on this Mac are on the     option. Which means you could even
Performance                                     back, behind the right hand side of         mount the computer on the wall, sans
Apple has released iMovie 4.0.1, which          the computer. Starting with the new         the base.
improves performance in long projects           headphone jack that’s also a mini-
and fixes a few bugs in the video editing       optical plug. So you can watch DVDs         Attention to Detail
application. The update corrects problems       and listen to them in 5.1 surround          Apple is justifiably known for its
when launching the program and adding           sound. You’ll also find a passel of USB     attention to detail in all of it’s prod-
titles to the timeline, and better handles      2.0 and FireWire 400 connectors for         ucts. You get the feeling that every-
projects that used third-party plug-ins         your camera, camcorder or gamepad.          thing about an Apple product has
which are no longer present. It also            Or if you want to connect your iMac         been thought through. That they real-
includes fixes for pixelated video, corrupt-    to your TV or a digital projector, the      ly considered the person when they
ed Ken Burns (pan and zoom) clips, and          mini-VGA port gives you the option.         made it. The iMac G5 is certainly no
audio loss after emptying the trash. Apple      The line in jack lets you record an         exception. It posed the daunting task
recommends upgrading to QuickTime               electric guitar into GarageBand. The        to its designers of being an all-in-one
6.5.1 and, if you use an iSight as your video   iMac G5 offers Ethernet for wired net-      computer. The further challenge was
input source, iSight 1.0.2. The iMovie 4.0.1    working as well as a modem for dial-        to fit it all in and make the who prod-
update is a 1.2 MB download, and is also        up Internet. Your modem can also            uct flow together as a cohesive unit.
available in Software Update. [JLC]             double as a fax machine. The power              The iMac has for the last six years
<                  button is also on the back, along the       championed the idea of getting rid of
downloads/imovieformacosx.html>                 same line as the ports are. Which           cables. The first models only required
                                                could make it difficult to find. Apple      four cables, if you count the keyboard
Beating a Path to Path Finder 3.2               thought of that. The power button is        and mouse. This new Mac takes that
The folks at Cocoatech have released            the only thing that is raised above the     ideal to a new level. If you have a
version 3.2 of their flagship Finder replace-   surface, it’s curved like a mini dome.      bluetooth, wireless, keyboard and
ment, Path Finder. With Path Finder, you         You will find that it’s easy enough to     mouse you don’t even have to hassle
can navigate your hard disks, see invisible      track down by touch alone.                 with attaching any cables. Similarly,
items, sort in many ways (including “smart”         This new iMac is quiet. It is said      if you have a wireless network setup
sorting, which distinguishes applications,       that, at idle, the noise it gives off is   you won’t need to hook up any wires
folders, and packages from normal files),        rated at 25 decibels. To compare that      to get on the ‘Net. (If you do need to
make a new file or folder (without its           consider a whisper is usually rated at     attach cables, the base Apple supplies
jumping around the window!), list files into     30 decibels.                               with the iMac has a nicely designed

     Continued on Page 5
                                                 This new iMac takes a different view
                                                                                                 Continued on Page 6            4
                                                        Airport Contʼd from Page 3                The C80 still has the little excla-
                                                                                                  mation point by it so it’s not
                                                        “Configure AirPort Router” icon.        recognized. Strange. So I select
                                                        It finds “LittleBear” and I go to the   the printer list pull down menu
                                                        configuration screen. (Wow, this        and under the Rendezvous Setting
                                                        thing is really a complete AirPort      – The C80 shows up. I select print.
                   Continued                            BaseStation in a tiny little pack-      BAM – My document prints.
 a text file, copy a pathname, accumulate files         age. There’s settings for everything    Impressive! So, for 5 minutes
 from many locations to be moved or copied to           just like it’s bigger siblings). In     worth of setup – I can now surf the
 a single location (the “Drop Stack”), get exten-       perusing the settings I find one        net, print documents, and listen to
 sive information about items on disk, and loads        VERY interesting thing that isn’t       my music all without leaving my
 of other things you wish you could do from the         found on the standard AirPort           easy chair. No wires. No fuss. No
 Finder. There are also many power user features:       Base Stations. “Use this AirPort        problem. I’m in Love!
   you can examine files in hex, get a class            to:” And there’s two questions:             One last test. Howard Jones
 dump or symbol table of an application, sample         1) “Create a Wireless Network”          is still playing through iTunes
 (profile) a running application, launch multiple       or 2) “Join an Existing Wireless        (And quite loudly I might add
 instances of an application, launch as root, access    Network”. So, I select the latter. It   – Incidentally the volume control
 the command line, and so forth. In addition to         asks the name of my ‘already cre-       DOES work within iTunes); I need
 numerous bug fixes, this version augments the          ated’ network. I type in the “typi-     to print something. Something
“Swiss Army Knife” quality of Path Finder, adding       cally funny name” (BearsDen) and        BIGGER. So, I open my 2003 tax
 the capability to burn a CD, take a screen shot,       save the configuration.                 return! (OK, I don’t do the whole
 connect to remote servers, and more. Many                   At this point the APEx appears     thing) I select the first 5 pages
 popular utilities, such as LaunchBar, DragThing,       to disappear from my configura-         – full of text and start to print. And
 and Zinng, support Path Finder. Try it; you might      tion. That’s strange. So, NOW it        I lean to the speakers to listen for
 never bother with the Finder again. Path Finder
 3.2 is a free update for registered users of ver-
 sion 3.0. It is a $10 upgrade from earlier versions.
 Otherwise it costs $35. It requires Mac OS X
 10.3 Panther. A feature-complete 21-day demo is
 available. [MAN]

Apple Releases Faster iBooks and
Apple refreshed its entire laptop line last week
with the release of improved iBooks and
PowerBooks. The entry-level 12-inch iBook, at
$1,100, contains a 1 GHz PowerPC G4 proces-                 Airport Express and Extreme base stations side by side.
sor, 512K of L2 cache running at 1 GHz, 256             hits me. OH HO! I pull down the         “artifact”. Not a problem. Sound
MB of RAM, and a 30 GB hard drive. A 14-inch            wireless settings on my laptop and      quality doesn’t even burp. Well,
model, at $1,300, shares the same specs as the          rejoin the standard “BearsDen”          the wait is over. I have my toy.
12-inch, with the exception of a 40 GB hard             network. I try Safari and it kicks      Now what do I do?!
drive (and the larger screen, of course!). The          in. Awesome! But, what about
high-end 14-inch iBook, at $1,500, features a           iTunes. I’d heard that you simply
1.2 GHz PowerPC G4 processor, a 60 GB hard                                                      Conclusion
                                                        open iTunes 4.6 and you’ll see a        Excellent quality (in my impres-
drive, and AirPort Extreme built in (AirPort            small icon selection in the lower
Extreme is available as an option on the other                                                  sion). Solidly built. Impressive
                                                        right for what set of speakers you      Features. Stellar packaging Easy
two iBooks). All iBooks include an ATI Mobility         want to use. I do see it and I select
Radeon 9200 graphics processor with 32 MB of                                                    setup. Must be an Apple!!!
                                                        “LittleBearSpeakers”. Suddenly,            Initial setup was very easy. Less
video memory, along with a Combo drive (DVD-            Howard Jones “Hide & Seek”
ROM/CD-RW); the two 14-inch models offer a                                                      than 10 minutes in fact. The unit
                                                        Springs to life from my speakers:       has many selections for setting the
build-to-order option for a SuperDrive (DVD-            “FROM ACROSS THE ROOM!!!!”
R/CD-RW), which runs at 4x speed (compared                                                      Express up as a main router. But,
                                                        NO WIRES! (This is really getting       in my configuration the Express
to previous 2x SuperDrives for laptops). The            cool now!)
iBooks can now also support up to 1.2 GB of                                                     integrates seamlessly into an exist-
                                                            But, what about printing? I         ing (and partial PC) network.
RAM, versus the 768 MB limit of the previous            quickly open Word and type some
generation.                                                                                     Essentially, the unit with a few
                                                        ridiculous sentence just for some-      selections turns itself into a print
<>                           thing to print. I select ‘Print…’       server/music speaker server box.
                   Continued on Page 6
                                                        from the file menu and…. Hmm…
                                                                                                    Continued on Page 8           5
                                                  Cover Story Contʼd whole through         to play stereo sound. The challenge
                                                                     which you can         was how to integrate the speakers
                                                  from Page 4
                                                                          thread your      without compromising the simplic-
                                                  cabling. Reducing unsightly cable        ity or the cleanness of the iMac G5
                                                  clutter.)                                design. Their solution was towards
                                                       Another nice touch is the easy to   the bottom of the enclosure and have
          Continued                               remove back of the computer. It just     the grills on the bottom edge of the
The PowerBook line leapfrogs the previous         has three screws, that won’t fall out.   computer. Which makes the sound
generation’s speeds with 1.33 GHz PowerPC         Apple says it is the most upgrade        down-fire and bounce up towards
G4 processors on the two 12-inch models           and maintenance friendly iMac            the user.
and one 15-inch model, and 1.5 GHz proces-        they’ve produced. In fact you can
sors for a second 15-inch configuration and       easily access memory, hard drive,        Performance
the still-enormous 17-inch model. Starting        optical drive, and Airport card bay.     This iMac definitely has a pretty
at $1,600, the 12-inch PowerBook includes         Once you take off the back you will      face. But can it handle the tough
256 MB of RAM, a 60 GB hard drive, and a          also note four diagnostic LED’s          stuff? Can it really do what you
Combo drive; for $200 more, the other 12-         that can help you trouble shoot a        want it to do? The short answer is
inch configuration adds the 4x SuperDrive.        hardware issue, or you can read off      heck yeah. The longer answer will
They also include Nvidia GeForce FX               the status of the LED’s to a trained     take some time to develop. We will
Go5200 graphics processors with 64 MB of          Apple Care technician for help in        need to be patient until everyone
video memory, and a FireWire 400 port. The        diagnosing a problem.                    gets their initial orders and bench
15-inch Combo drive model, at $2,000,                 Heat dissipation isn’t a sexy        mark tests can be run. For now what
adds a FireWire 800 port, the ATI Mobility         feature to tout to potential buyers.    we have to go on are Apple’s initial
Radeon 9700 graphics processor with 64             But it became a critical issue when     performance numbers. (Keep in
MB of video memory, and a 4x SuperDrive.           you deal with tight spaces, like the    mind these are based on a compari-
Moving up to the top of the 15-inch pile,          2 inch thick iMac G5 enclosure. As      son of the iMac G5 against the G4
the $2,500 configuration features 512 MB           you might expect, the PowerPC G5        Flat panel iMac.)
of RAM, an 80 GB hard drive, and the now-          inside this Mac can get hot. Apple
famous backlit keyboard. For $300 more,            took an interesting approach to         •Three times more frames per sec-
the 17-inch model offers the same specifica-       solving that issue. First, there are    ond in Unreal Tournament 2004
tions as the top 15-inch model, but with a         three variable speed fans that cool     •Almost three times more frames
who-cares-about-plasma-displays beautiful 17-      down the process, hard drive, and       per second in Halo
inch screen. All PowerBooks feature built-in       logic board. Cooler air is pulled in    •71% more software instrument
AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth,                     through the speaker grills, facing      tracks in GarageBand
512K of L2 cache, and now use 333 MHz              the bottom edge of the computer,        •56% faster at Adobe Photoshop CS
PC2700 memory across the board. [JLC]              and pulled upward through a slit        •67% faster rendering of DV content
                                                   on the upper back edge of the iMac.     in Final Cut Express 2
eMacs Get Speed Bump, Price                        The whole process is practically        •46% faster at Keynote and iMovie
Drop                                               invisible to the computer owner as
Last week, Apple Computer also revised            they sit down with their iMac G5.        Based on those numbers, and some
the eMac, its most affordable Macintosh               Audio output presented anoth-        anecdotal evidence, this Mac is no
computer. The eMac still sports a white,          er challenge to the iMac design          slouch. Apple has been very clear
all-in-one design with a 17-inch CRT-based        team. Greg Joswiak, Apple’s Vice         that this iMac has been designed to
display capable of resolutions up to 1280 by      President of Hardware Product            work really well with the iLife suite.
960 pixels (leaving it the only picture tube in   Marketing, said that a goal for this     With a fast processor, fast memory,
Apple’s otherwise all flat-                       design was to remain true to the         and a much improved main memory
screen lineup). But Apple’s revved up the         all in one concept. In the previous      bus, you can really get things done.
internals: the eMac now sports a 1.25 GHz         design they had to break that con-       The only major criticism of its
G4 processor, 333 MHz PC2700 RAM, an              vention by using external speakers       performance I’ve heard was from
ATI Radeon 9200 graphics controller with                                                              dedicated gamers. Their
32 MB of video memory, three USB 2.0                                                                  main beef is with the rather
ports, and either a 40 GB hard drive and a                                                            middle-of-the-road graph-
32x Combo drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW) or                                                                    ics card, the nVidia 5200FX,
an 80 GB hard drive and an 8x SuperDrive                                                              that comes with the iMac
(DVD-R/CD-RW). The revised eMacs are                                                                  G5.
available immediately starting at $800 for                                                                The new line, which
the Combo drive model, and $999 for the                                                               will be available in mid-
SuperDrive-equipped model; eMacs are also                                                             September, offers 17- or 20-
available at reduced prices to education cus-                                                         inch active matrix wide

Continued on Page 7                                                                          Continued on Page 16            6
                                                     iMovie 4 in the Viewfinder
                                                      by Jeff   Carlson

tomers in the U.S. and Canada through Apple’s
                                                     W       HEN I WROTE ABOUT
                                                             imovie 3 last year, I was less
                                                     than enamored of Apple’s digital
                                                                                                frames you wish to remove from
                                                                                                   The only exception to the advan-
Store for Education, along with a bare-bones         video editor (see “iMovie 3 Tips           tages of Direct Trimming is if you
model with no optical drive. Build-to-order          and Gotchas” in TidBITS-697_). It          empty iMovie’s trash: iMovie
options include AirPort Extreme wireless net-        was slow, buggy, and frustrating.          rewrites the media files stored
working, an internal Bluetooth module, up to         Apple released iMovie 4 shortly            on disk to match the edits you’ve
1 GB of RAM, and larger hard drive capacities;       after this year’s Macworld Expo in         applied, deleting the footage you’ve
eMacs ship with Apple’s iLife ‘04 collection of      San Francisco, and I’m happy to            hidden. (I recommend not empty-
digital media applications, AppleWorks, Quicken      report that the new version is much        ing iMovie’s trash at any point
2004, WorldBook Encyclopedia, and Tony Hawk’s        improved -not to the extent that I’d       while editing; if you need more
Pro Skater 4. [GD]                                   prefer, but iMovie no longer feels         disk space, you’re better off buying
<>                         like it was rushed out the door.           an inexpensive external FireWire
                                                         Peachpit Press has just released       hard disk and moving your project
Apple Posts $46 million Q2 Profit                    the third edition of my book on            there.)
Apple Computer announced a $46 million               iMovie, which not only includes
profit for its second operating quarter of 2004,     almost 100 new pages of material           Keystrokes Make Editing Easier
based on revenue of $1.9 billion and sales of        (thanks in part to the addition of         Using keystroke shortcuts doesn’t
nearly 750,000 Macs and over 800,000 iPods.          iDVD coverage) but also has the            sound like a sexy new feature, but I
International sales accounted for 43 percent of      longest title of anything I’ve pub-        rely on them to speed up my work
the quarter’s revenue, and gross margins were        lished: iMovie 4 & iDVD 4 for Mac          and reduce the amount of mous-
a still-substantial 27.8 percent. The quarterly      OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide (I           ing I do. iMovie 4 added a few
profit takes into account a $7 million restruc-      get tired just typing it). In this short   keystroke shortcuts that I use con-
turing charge; Apple will likely incur restructur-   article, I want to share some worth-       stantly.
ing charges next quarter as well, as the com-        while tips and iMovie improve-
pany announced plans to further streamline           ments. I’ll look at iDVD 4 in a            * Press Command-E to switch
processes by shutting down its Sacramento,           future article.                            between the Clip Viewer and the
California, manufacturing facility and moving                                                   Timeline Viewer (the two timeline
those operations to a supplier in southern           Direct Trimming                            views that occupy the same space at
California. Nonetheless, Apple remains in good       iMovie gains an important structur-        the bottom of iMovie’s screen).
financial shape, having completed its third quar-    al overhaul in version 4. Apple calls
ter of double-digit revenue expansion, keeping       it Direct Trimming, but video edi-         * In the Timeline Viewer, press
$4.6 billion in cash on hand, and having no cor-     tors know it better as non-destruc-        Command-Option-P to scroll to
porate debt. [GD]                                    tive editing. In earlier versions of       where the playhead is located, or if
<           iMovie, you trimmed a video clip           a clip is selected but currently off-
14results.html>                                      by lopping off portions that you           screen, press Command-Option-S to
                                                     didn’t need - the last 10 seconds,         jump to that clip.
Eudora 6.1 Adds Google Searching                     for example. If you later realized
Qualcomm has released Eudora 6.1, the latest         you need to use that footage, the          * Also in the Timeline Viewer, press
version of their venerable email client. New in      only ways to retrieve it were to use       Command-Option-Z with a clip
Eudora 6.1 is a toolbar-based Search Bar that        Undo (but only if the edit was made        selected to zoom in on just that clip
enables you to search either within Eudora or        within the last 10 actions), or by         so that it takes up most of the time-
in Google via your Web browser; you can also         restoring the entire clip to its origi-    line. For a quick way to zoom out to
Control- or right-click a word and choose it from    nal state.                                 see your entire movie without leav-
the contextual menu that appears to search               With Direct Trimming, that             ing the keyboard, press Command-
for it in Google. Another new feature (though        deleted footage is always available.       A to select all clips in the timeline,
a more-limited version appeared in Eudora            If you decide you want your clip to        then Command-Option-Z to zoom
6.0; see “Eudora 6.0 Slams Spam, Concentrates        be two seconds longer, you simply          to the selection.
Content” in TidBITS-696_for more on that             grab the right edge of the clip in
release) is Transfer to Selection, which enables     the Timeline Viewer and drag it to         * Press Command-B to create a
you to Control- or right-click a word in Eudora      the right to expose the footage you        bookmark, a marker used only
and choose a similarly named mailbox into which      want. When trimming clips down,              for your own navigational use.
the message will be transferred. IMAP synchro-       just drag the right edge of the clip       Press Command-[ or Command-]
                                                     and move it to the left, hiding the
   Continued on Page 8                                                                            Continued on Page 10           7
nization has been improved with the capability to         Airport Cont’d           An excel-      grated within every piece of elec-
synchronize specific IMAP mailboxes on mail checks        from Page 5              lent invest-   tronic hardware ever made) and
and easier resynchronization of entire mail folders.                               ment even      the AirPort Express will “tandem”
Eudora 6.1 provides more control over content             without range extension. There          with your Existing AirPort to
concentration, which it uses to hide quoted and           are password settings for access        make the range go further. When
o t h e r                       less relevant text        to the peripherals attached and         I decided to try this with my
appearing  Continued            in the preview pane.      encryption is also available.           router at work, The APEx crashed
Lastly, and perhaps the most welcome (if depress-             I didn’t notice any difference      and I had to “hard reset” it with
ing) feature is the addition of Junk mail statistics to   in sound quality while printing.        the “pen-press” reset button.
the Statistics window. It’s harsh being shown that        I also looked very carefully at            Overall, I imagine if you really
61 percent of my mail is spam overall, and that the       what I had printed. There was no        ‘READ THE DIRECTIONS’(!)
percentage is more like 75 to 78 percent for the          change or artifact in the printed       installation will occur without
day or week.                                              page as well. There is no differ-       incident. But, if you’re a ‘geek’
<>                            ence in your results and your           like me – You’ll have this unit up
art=07342>                                                output acts as if your computer         and running in no time as well. I
                                                          were attached to the peripherals        will really enjoy using this little
  Eudora 6.1 is available in Paid mode for $50;           themselves. Very nice.                  wonder for a long time.
Sponsored (with ads and no support) and Light                 One word of caution. This unit         If you like the freedom of
(reduced features and no support) modes are free.         will not extend a network that          wireless technology, this unit will
If you’ve purchased or upgraded Eudora within the         does not use a REAL AirPort as          deliver the “final piece” to your
last 12 months, the upgrade is free; if you purchased     it’s primary router. (I edited some     puzzle to make your computing
or upgraded more                                          of my exploits because I DID try        / printing / listening experience
than 12 months ago, but less than 24 months ago,          the APEx at work for a moment!)         truly care-free and enjoyable.
the upgrade costs $40; and if you last paid for it        There is a setting if you want to
more than 24 months ago, you have to pay the full         extend your network where you           GRAMUG RATING
$50 again. Eudora 6.1 is a 6 MB download for              may enter a “MAC address” (An
either Mac OS X or Mac OS 9. [ACE]
                                                                                                  5 of 5 – Highly Recommended
                                                          absolute unique number inte-

Version 5.1: A DragThing of Beauty
TLA Systems’s DragThing, a launcher and Dock
replacement that we’ve been covering since its
inception, has been upgraded to version 5.1. The
big change here is that DragThing’s docks are now
documents: you can now open and close them
individually, and they can be exported completely
as XML. This makes things much easier when you
develop a one-off or specialized dock that needn’t
be present all the time. You can also have “work-
spaces” (dock sets), read-only docks, and stationery
docks. The Desktop Trash feature is also much
more flexible, and there are many cosmetic and
functional improvements and bug fixes. DragThing
5.1 requires Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar or better and
is a 3.2 MB download. It costs $30; this is a free
upgrade for DragThing 5 users. [MAN]

NoteBook 1.2 v180 Beefs up HTML
Circus Ponies Software has released NoteBook
1.2 v180, a minor upgrade to their elegant snippet
keeper and information manager, which I’ve found
handy for maintaining to do lists and taking notes
on complex procedures. This version adds an option
to export only changed pages to HTML, preserves
text styling in HTML, and automatically converts a
series of multiple spaces to a non-breaking space
   Continued on Page 9                                                                                                          8
                                                             Buying a Laptop Bag
                                                        by Jeff   Carlson

character. You can also now choose the format
                                                        U     NLIKE BUYING A DESK-
                                                              top Mac, purchasing a
                                                        PowerBook or iBook often means
                                                                                                  Backpacks are also popular,
                                                                                              especially among students and
for images pasted into Notebook. Circus Ponies          purchasing a bag of some sort to      travelers who prefer to keep their
also fixed a number of bugs, including an annoy-        carry it in. But buying a laptop      hands free when carrying their
ing one with the licensing system that could cause      bag can involve as much, if not       gear. Like briefcases, you can find
a crash on the first launch after restarting your       more, consideration than buying       backpacks that hold little more
Mac. NoteBook 1.2 v180 is a 7.7 MB download             the computer itself. What sort        than the laptop and its power
that’s free to registered users; new copies cost $50.   of cushioning will protect your       cord, as well as beefier models
[ACE]                                                   investment? How much should           with enough room for your acces-
<         the bag carry? How often will you     sories, a few changes of clothes,
oducts>                                                 be carrying it? And what other        and maybe even a very small con-
                                                        features should you look for?         sultant.
Security Update 2004-04-05 Released                        For this article, I originally         For the minimalist, laptop
Apple posted two versions of Security Update            wanted to review a few specific       sleeves have begun to gain
2004-04-05 for Mac OS X today. The update               bags, but because there are so        popularity. Sleeves hold only
for Mac OS X 10.3.3 Panther replaces the Mail,          many types of bags and ways that      the laptop itself, sometimes also
OpenSSL, libxml2, and CUPS Printing components          people use them, I’m going to         including an outside pocket for a
and is a 3.7 MB download. The update for Mac OS         take a broader approach instead       few sheets of paper or a couple of
X 10.2.8 Jaguar includes only the CUPS Printing         and look at some of the factors       CDs, though not a power adapter
up-date, but also incorporates Security Update          you should consider when buying       and cord. Sleeves are often used
2004-01-26 and is a 4.8 MB download. No other           this essential laptop accessory.      in conjunction with other bags (of
details were released; the updates are available                                              all sorts, not just computer bags)
from Software Update or as standalone downloads.        Types of Bags                         to further protect the laptop.
[JLC]                                                   In general, you can find four             That said, hybrids and varia-
<                types of laptop bags. For the         tions abound - some bags can be
securityupdate_2004-04-05_(10_3_3).html>                traditional business look, you        carried like a briefcase, slung over
                                                        can opt for a briefcase shape that    the shoulder like a messenger
Retrospect 6.0.193 Released                             sports one handle and possibly a      bag, and also include straps you
Dantz Development has released Retrospect               shoulder strap. Briefcase bags        can extract to carry the bag like a
6.0.193, a minor update to the company’s power-         range from slim slabs of leather      backpack. The specific type of bag
ful backup program (see “Dantz Ships Panther-           to bulky expandable contraptions      is usually a personal choice based
Compatible Retrospect 6.0” in TidBITS-714_).            that offer more concealed pockets     on your likely usage patterns; I
Retrospect 6.0.193 is designed to address a num-        than you may ever need. The           own two bags I use regularly: a
ber of annoying bugs and incompatibilities. It fea-     largest of the briefcase-style bags   Timbuk2 messenger bag for when
tures a workaround for a change in Mac OS X             even feature wheels and handles       I ride my bicycle to work and a
10.3.3 that prevented tape autoloaders and fibre        for pulling through airports. (As     Tom Bihn Brain Bag backpack
channel tape libraries from working, and offers bet-    far as I know, none yet feature       for when I’m traveling or need
ter performance for duplicates and restores during      their own motors, but never say       to carry more than my minimal
the Closing phase. This version also works better       never!)                               complement of gear.
with pre-6.0 backup sets: freezes and errors when           Bike messenger-style bags tend    <
accessing pre-6.0 backup sets have been addressed;      to be larger than briefcases, with    catalog/categories.t2?categoryId
it now allows New Media backups to pre-6.0              a strap that goes over one shoul-     =1>
backup sets; and you can now restore data from          der and across the chest. A second    <
pre-6.0 Internet backup sets. Also important is the     strap that connects to the main       page/001/PROD/100/TB0104>
included Retrospect Driver Update 5.2.101, which        strap is sometimes included to
solves crashes when backing up to VXA and DAT           improve stability (such as when       Essential Advice
drives, fixes a problem with the magazine being         riding a bike, naturally). Some       No matter which bag style you
ejected from a desktop autoloader after clean-          messenger bags consist of just one    choose, keep the following factors
ing, and eliminates a crashing bug that could occur     large pocket where you store          in mind while you’re shopping.
during device scanning if more than 2 GB of RAM         everything, laptop included, but          Weight is extremely impor-
was installed. Retrospect 6.0.193 is a free update      you can also buy modified mes-        tant. My 15-inch PowerBook G4
to registered users of Retrospect 6.0; it’s a 23.8 MB   senger bags that include padded       is pretty svelte at 5.6 pounds

             Continued on Page 10
                                                        compartments for laptops and
                                                                                              Continued on Page 11
download. [ACE]                                                      (the bracket        to a QuickTime movie, for example, I
                                     iMovie 4 Contʼd from Page
<>                                              keys) to            needed to move all the other clips off
                                     7                               jump to the         the timeline before exporting, a real
LaunchBar 3.3 and 4.0b1                     previous or next bookmark.                   hassle. In iMovie 4, simply select the
Released                                                                                 clips you want to export, choose
Objective Development last week             * iMovie 4 features timeline snapping:       Share from the File menu (or press
released both LaunchBar 3.3, the            as you drag the playhead through the         Command-Shift-E), and click the check-
latest version of their slick keyboard-     movie, it snaps to the nearest edit point    box labeled Share Selected Clips Only.
based application launcher, and             (helpful when matching audio and
LaunchBar 4.0b1, a public beta of the       video clips). You can turn this option       A Word about Performance
next major version (see “Tools We           on or off in iMovie’s preferences, but       I mentioned earlier that iMovie 4 is
Use: LaunchBar” in TidBITS-671_).           there’s a better way: keep it turned off     improved, but not as much as I’d like.
LaunchBar 3.3 distinguishes itself by       in the preferences, and hold down Shift      One thing about iMovie (and, it seems,
scanning address books for phone            as you drag the playhead to temporar-        all of the iLife applications except
numbers, which are displayed in large       ily enable snapping.                         iTunes) is that they greatly benefit from
type when accessed via LaunchBar.                                                        faster hardware, but even then perfor-
Most of the other changes are rela-         Catch a Wave(form)                           mance can vary between similar Macs.
tively minor, though undoubtedly wel-       iMovie 4 finally adds visible waveforms      Some people export movies with no
come to                                     to audio clips, so you can see the peaks     problems, while others tear their hair
specific users (for instance, you no        and valleys in the sound. Waveforms          out due to audio problems or stuttery
longer need to press Command to             are especially helpful when you’re           playback. In my experience, iMovie
move the LaunchBar window, and              trying to line up a song or sound clip       4 has been quite stable on my 1.25
Unix aficionados can now navigate           to match action in the video. To turn        GHz PowerBook G4, though it’s a dog
the search results list with Emacs key      on waveforms, go to iMovie’s prefer-         when running on my older 400 MHz
bindings). It’s a 269K download and is      ences and enable the Show Audio Track        PowerBook G4 Titanium.
free to registered users; new copies        Waveforms checkbox. It helps to zoom             I can’t offer a sure-fire solution, but
cost $20 for home use or $40 for            in on a clip to see more waveform            I can point you to a great resource: Dan
business use.                               detail. You can also press the up and        Slagel’s “Unofficial” iMovie FAQ. For
<              down arrow keys in a selected audio          other information, I also maintain a
launchbar/releasenotes.html>                clip to raise or lower waveforms tem-        companion Web site to my book, where
                                            porarily to see them better (this changes    you’ll find iMovie-related news, tips,
     LaunchBar 4.0b1, though, brings        only the waveform display, not the           and links to other resources. And lastly,
major features to the application,          audio levels themselves).                    you might want to check out a recent
including a new configuration inter-            Unfortunately, you can only view         TidBITS Talk thread, which was
face, a multithreaded indexing engine       waveforms on audio clips, not video          spurred by the latest iMovie 4.0.1
that scans in the background, new           clips, even though in iMovie the video       update.
scanners dedicated to specific types        clips also include an audio track. To
of data (such as music in iTunes,           view the waveforms for a video clip,         <
pictures in iPhoto, Web browser his-        you must extract the audio (press            iMovie/>
tory, Watson tools, Sherlock channels,      Command-J with a clip selected,              <
and more), built-in Web searching,          or choose Extract Audio from the             imovievqs/>
an Open With command, access to             Advanced menu).
recent documents for any application,                                                    This article orginally appeared in
and execution of AppleScript scripts          iMovie 4 also added the capability to      Tidbits Magazine issue #729, pub-
and Unix executables. It’s a beta, so       scrub audio, which plays audio as you
if you’re not willing to take the usual     drag the playhead, not just when you         lished 5/10/04. It is reprinted with
precautions, stick with version 3.3. It’s   play back the movie in real time. Hold       the permission of the Author.
a 450K download. [ACE]                      down Option, then drag the playhead
<              to scrub. However, this feature is such
launchbar/index4.html>                      a performance drain that I find it unus-
                                            able: the playhead lags behind where
Panorama V 4.9.6 Released                   I’ve dragged.
Back in September 2003, we noted
in TidBITS-697_ that ProVUE                 Sharing Is Caring
Development had released a public           One last nifty feature before I roll cred-
preview version of Panorama, their          its is the capability to export selected
long-standing database program.             clips from your movie, rather than the
Although Panorama V retains its             entire movie itself. In earlier versions,
preview status, it’s working well
   Continued on Page 11
                                            if I wanted to export a specific scene
                                               Laptop Bag Contʼd             (2.5 kg),    the bag off your back or shoulder?
                                               from Page 9                   but I also   This is especially important if you’re
                                                                             carry an     a frequent air traveler, because you
                                                extra power adapter, an assortment        need to extract your laptop as you’re
                                                of cables, Palm organizer, iPod, and      going through airport security (at least
                                                other stuff that adds up - I don’t need   in the United States; I haven’t had the
         Continued                              more weight added by the bag itself.      pleasure of visiting another country
in Mac OS X and ProVUE continues                Although a rich leather exterior looks    lately with my computer gear). For
to add features quietly while moving           sharp, I prefer to carry something         this reason I like a bag with conve-
toward a major release. New in the just-       made of lighter materials.                 nient access from the top. In contrast,
released Panorama 4.9.6 is a feature               Speaking of materials, other than      I actively avoid briefcase-style cases
called Channels that links data in             leather you’ll commonly find bags          that require you to unzip most of the
                                               made of materials such as ballistic        bag, then undo a pair of Velcro straps
Panorama to the outside world in               nylon and Cordura (a durable fabric        which anchor the computer into
abstracted ways, initially via dialing         manufactured by DuPont). They’re           place. That approach might hold the
the                                            resistant to tears and scuffs and pro-     PowerBook more snugly, but it’s sim-
phone and sending email; a Channel             vide some level of water-resistance        ply too much work. And, of course,
Workshop wizard helps develop new              - though be wary of companies claim-       perhaps the most important factor is a
channels. Another new feature, “generic        ing their bags as being “waterproof.”      bag that will protect your laptop from
fields,” helps you link Panorama databases     Cordura or nylon alone won’t keep          the inevitable indignities that accom-
with similar information, and to link a        the liquid out over time, and zippers      pany everyday use.
database with external software such as        and seams are often not properly
Mac OS X’s Address Book. More minor            sealed or treated to keep moisture out.    Damage Control
improvements include scroll wheel sup-         If you really need a waterproof bag (if,   Although a bag gives you a better
port, additional options for elements like     say, you bike to work in Seattle every     way to carry your laptop than tucked
checkboxes and radio buttons, support          day throughout the year), look into        under your arm, it should also offer
for building AppleScript scripts on the fly,   getting a dry bag with a roll-down         protection from bumps, jostles, and
and the capability to run procedures in        opening, such as those made by             environmental nasties. Just how much
the background. The upgrade is free to         Ortlieb. For the ultimate in rough         depends on your comfort level.
registered users of the preview version;       knocks durability, look for something         At the least, the bag should have
anyone who wants to give Panorama V a          like Matias Corporation’s Laptop           some sort of padded pocket for the
spin can download the 7.4 MB file and          Armor case, which has a hard outer         laptop. If it doesn’t, such as with a
use it with up to 250 records. [ACE]           shell and a padded foam interior.          single-pocket messenger bag design,
<              <>                  get a padded sleeve that holds the
PanoramaV/Introduction.html>                   <>                  computer. Even better are bags or
                                               <                  sleeves that incorporate some sort
iChat AV 2.1 Adds                              laptoparmor/>                              of air cushion in addition to padded
Videoconferencing with                                                                    material. For example, the Tom Bihn
Windows                                           Also consider the bag’s appearance      Brain Cell sleeve that I use suspends
If you’ve been wanting to participate          - not just its color or how fashion-       my PowerBook in a sling -if I acci-
in video or audio chats with Windows-          ably it’s cut, but whether the bag is      dentally drop my bag a couple of
using friends, last week’s release is what     appealing to thieves. Too many bags        inches, the laptop may not even hit
you’ve been waiting for. iChat AV 2.1          scream, “Laptop inside!” and make          the ground.
enables videoconferencing between              for good targets. (TidBITS contributor     <
you and a friend using AOL Instant             Gideon Greenspan took the idea of          001/PROD/TBP/TB0300>
Messenger 5.5 for Windows. Apple lists         concealment to one extreme when he
no other changes in the free update,           embarked on a trip through Asia with          Just as important, however, is
which requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later          his PowerBook sheathed in a padded         protection from accidental spills and
running a Mac with at least a 600 MHz          FedEx box; see “Off the Beaten Track”      other mishaps. A problem with many
PowerPC G3 processor. (Mac OS X 10.2           in TidBITS-508_.) Backpacks are good       bags is that their architecture doesn’t
Jaguar users remain locked at iChat AV         because they can just as easily hold       provide support for keeping them
2.0, which costs $30.) The update is a 4.3     textbooks or papers, and may not be        upright. The weight of a computer
MB download and is available via               worth a criminal’s attempt.                and related gear causes the bag to tip
Software Update or as a separate down-            The next consideration is access:       over and disgorge its contents. This
load. [ACE]                                    can you grab your laptop with one          may not be a big deal when you’re sit-
<>                  hand? Are the buckles, clips, or straps    ting on the floor at the airport waiting
                                               easy to fasten and release (and can        for a flight, but if you set the bag on a
Adobe Discontinues                             those be done with one hand)? Can          table and it tips the wrong way,

    Continued on Page 16
                                               you get to the laptop without taking
                                                                                           Cont’d on Page 12                 11
                                                PowerBook snugly and includes        has put a great deal of thought into
Laptop Bag Cont’d from Page 11
                                                 hidden backpack straps for          size, placement, and accessibility.
                                                 traipsing around New York City
that three-foot drop could cause seri-
                                           during Macworld Expos, but because        It’s in the Bag
ous damage. The construction extends
                                           it includes a clever pocket on the out-   If at all possible, try to obtain some
to zippers and clips, too. A friend of
                                           side flap that’s exactly the right size   hands-on time with the bags you’re
ours lost his PowerBook because the
                                           for stowing airline boarding passes or    thinking about purchasing. Computer-
zipper on his bag slid loose and the
                                           folded-up maps. (The SaddleBag Pro,       supply stores tend to have a moderate
laptop (with some help from grav-
                                           which I haven’t used, also includes a     selection; Apple retail stores carry a
ity) pushed itself out into the open
                                           Junk-It drawer - a plastic slide-out      several brands and types; and travel
air. We’ve seen bags with zippers that
                                           tray at the bottom where you can          and luggage stores are good sources.
extend almost
                                           store cables and other small miscella-    A visit to Macworld Expo is also an
the entire way around the bag, which
                                           neous items.) One unusual pocket you      excellent way to compare bags from a
seems like a nice idea for full access,
                                           might appreciate is an external water     number of manufacturers in person.
but it also makes certain types of acci-
                                           bottle pocket; being forced to carry a    It’s always worth asking your laptop-
dents far more likely if the zippers
                                           water bottle inside the bag with his      toting friends, who can give you their
aren’t closed properly.
                                           laptop and other gear always makes        hard-won advice on what to look for
                                           Adam nervous.                             or avoid in a particular case.
Store, Organize, Access
                                           <              Whatever you choose, keep mind
With the basics of protection out of
                                           2513.html>                                that the state of laptop bag design is
the way, make sure the bag will hold
                                           <          continually advancing, and you may
the other gear that’s bound to tag
                                           2226.html>                                find yourself wanting a new bag in a
along, and make it easily available.
                                                                                     few years anyway. Or you may need a
Cables are notorious space-wasters, so
                                                However, be careful of bags with     new, larger bag to hold Apple’s forth-
look into buying a separate carrying
                                           too many pockets: in my experience,       coming 20” PowerBook G5 (kidding!).
case for them; heavy-duty ziplock
                                           more pockets invite you to carry more     tb 725 april 5 2004
bags also work. Nearly all bags
                                           stuff, which makes you need a bag
come with some type of pockets for
                                           with more pockets, until ultimately       This article orginally appeared in
pens and pencils to help prevent ink
                                           your idea of a portable computer case
exploding in the bag. Specialized
                                           is one with wheels that hitches to the    Tidbits Magazine issue #723, pub-
pockets are also a bonus. Adam has                                                   lished 3/29/04. It is reprinted with
                                           back of your car. It’s more important
used a Kensington SaddleBag for
years, not just because it holds his
                                           to find a bag with just the pockets you   the permission of the Author.
                                           need, especially when the designer

Product Review:

Stuffit Deluxe 8
by Monte     Ferguson

    N THE EARLY DAYS OF                                                              archives ensures that current files are
    computing, when space on disks                                                   kept on your hard drive. Older, less
    was measured in bytes rather than                                                essential, files are securely backed up
megabytes, it was critical to squeeze                                                to external storage. Compressed files
as much space out of your storage as                                                 also conserve network bandwidth.
possible. There were several compet-                                                 Transferring one larger file is easier
ing programs to do just that. But as                                                 than many small files. Therefore
the 80’s drew to a close only one con-                                               archiving files saves time. Especially
tender was left standing, Stuffit.                                                   when you consider sending attach-
    Stuffit Deluxe grew out of a very                                                ments via email. Not only does com-
efficient shareware program. It’s                                                    pressing a file save you time but it
main purpose was to compress, and                                                    also saves your recipient’s time.
                                           becomes easy to overlook their impor-
decompress, files into archives. In fact                                                 The basic job of compressing files
                                           tance. But compressing files is a part
Aladdin (now Allume), the makers                                                     doesn’t have that sex appeal which
                                           of everyday computing life. We all use
of Stuffit Deluxe, still maintain share-                                             makes for keynote addresses. But
                                           this technology and we all benefit.
ware versions of their software.                                                     it’s one of those under-appreciated
                                               When you compress files you
    Compression, and decompression,                                                  technologies that has made our lives
                                           benefit in several ways. Compressing
technologies are under appreciated by                                                easier.
                                           files saves space on crowded hard
many people. The problem is that the
programs perform their function so
                                           disks. It makes backing up easier.
                                           Organizing your files into compressed
well that they are taken for granted. It                                              Continued on Page 13
Stuffit Cont’d from Page 12               What you get:                               will now burn archives directly to
                                          A thin printed guide, basically gives you   CD or DVD from StuffIt Archive
What’s New                                instructions on installing and pertinent    Assistant. Mac OS 10.2 or later is
 Stuffit Deluxe has been around for       new features. A wealth of well written      required for this feature.
well over 10 years. So what makes         electronic documentation Application
this new version worth your hard          CD, which installs the program, Stuffit     •With StuffIt Express, a separate
earned dollar? Check out some of the      Express PE, Stuffit Standard 8.0, Stuffit   application that comes with the Stuffit
new features and see if at least one of   Drag and Drop applets, Archive Assistant,   Deluxe package, you can create cus-
them is a Must Have for you.              and Archive Search.                         tom drop box applications that auto-
                                                                                      matically run compression and file
•Recently Allume, formerly called         System Requirements                         transfer when ever you drag and drop
Aladdin, updated the venerable Stuffit    MacOS 10.1.5 (10.2 for CD burning and       files onto them. For example, you
(.sti) compression format. They named                                                 can create a StuffIt Express drop box
                                          Archive Via Rename, AVR)
the new version Stuffit X (.sitx). This                                               that compresses files into an archive,
                                          Power Macintosh
new format is now the default format                                                  uploads them to an FTP server (auto-
                                          64MB of RAM                                 matically logging in for you so you
for the program. (Although the older
                                          30MB of Hard Drive Space                    don’t even have to remember your
.sit format is still fully supported in
                                          Price $79.99                                password), and then sends out a
Stuffit Deluxe.) This new format offers
                                          Upgrades: $29.99                            notification Email letting people know
some advantages over the previous
format. Some of the                                                                   where to go to get the files.
advantages are 512bit
encryption of archives,                                                                   •StuffIt Expander automati-
protection against                                                                       cally translates PC file exten-
archive corruption                                                                       sions to Macintosh type and
using an error correct-                                                                  creator codes. This helps your
ing redundancy option,                                                                   Macintosh use the correct appli-
better compression than                                                                  cation to open the files you
the old format, you can                                                                  download and expand.
now create archives that                                                                  StuffIt Deluxe now allows
are over 4Gb in size                                                                     you to access Cabinet archives
(even up to Terabytes                                                                    (.cab) and yEncode encoded
in size).                                                                                files (.yenc). Both formats are
                                                                                         most likely to originate from
•Archive via Rename                                                                      Windows based PC’s. CAB
Returns for OS X:                                                                        archives are most often used
Archive Via Rename                                                                       to store files used by installers
(AVR.) allows you to
                              The main Stuffit window. Shown above is an archive. for Windows software, while
archive files and folders                  •DropStuff now allows you precise            yEncode files are often found in
simply by adding the appropriate          control over exactly what files from a Usenet groups that host binary files.
extension (.zip, .sit, or .sitx) to the   particular folder will be added to an
end of their names. Expansion can be      archive. Using a “Find” type interface Pros
achieved by removing the extension        you can choose which files to add to    Stuffit Deluxe is one of those pro-
from the end of the name. AVR does        your archive based on their name,      grams that you can easily forget
not create a safety copy of the file      modification date, size, and type. To  about. That’s because it does it’s job
or folder being effected. It is always    activate this feature, hold down the   so well. But it’s also because you
recommended to keep backups of            Control and Option keys while drag-    can use it in so many ways. Heck,
important files.                          ging a folder into the DropStuff win-  you don’t even need to launch the
                                          dow.                                   program. You can access most, if not
•StuffIt Archive Assistant TM StuffIt                                            all, of it’s functions from the Magic
Archive Assistant is a brand new part      •StuffIt Deluxe provides Add-Ins for  Menu, a menu bar add on, or via it’s
of the StuffIt Deluxe package. It is      various Adobe applications such as     Contextual Menus. Or you can use
designed to provide an intuitive easy-    Photoshop, and Illustrator, as well    it’s drag and drop mini programs like
to use way to backup all your docu-       as for Microsoft Word. These plug-     Drop Stuff. And of course there is
ments, pictures, music, and personal      ins allow you to “compress” and        always Archive Via Rename, which is
settings. StuffIt Archive Assistant       “compress and mail” your documents one of my personal favorites.
allows you to create and schedule         directly from within the application.      It might not rate up there as a fea-
backup tasks that archive your data,      You can also open documents that       ture to some, but the inclusion of good
and it supports backing up to CD’s,       have been saved to compressed files    documentation is extremely welcome.
DVD’s, FTP servers, and external          using these plug-ins.                  Allume has several well written elec-
hard drives.                                                                     tronic documents that ship with the
                                          •CD/DVD Burning: StuffIt Deluxe            Continued on Page 18               13
             Getting to Know Apple
               Mail’s Spam Filter
 by Joe   Kissell

     Apple Mail, I had high hopes
that its improved Junk Mail filter, a
                                             happens in these two modes can
                                             confuse the uninitiated. In particular,
                                             many people wonder whether the
                                                                                         junk mail” condition sounds rather
                                                                                         mysterious, but it means that, if true,
                                                                                         Mail’s latent semantic analysis filter
much-touted benefit of upgrading             filter continues to learn if you switch     (discussed just ahead) has assigned
to Panther, would live up to Apple’s         to the Automatic mode. (It does             the message a value beyond its arbi-
hype. After months of diligently             indeed, though Apple’s documenta-           trary threshold for spam. You cannot
training the filter, I was still less than   tion obscures this fact.) Here are the      modify this threshold, but if you later
satisfied with its results. Based on the     details.                                    mark the message as Not Junk, you
hundreds of messages I’ve read on                When a message arrives, Mail runs       decrease the probability that Mail will
Apple’s discussion forums, my expe-          a built-in rule - a rule that does not      consider a similar message to be spam
rience is not unique. Rather than live       appear in the Rules list. In order to       in the future.
with the spam, though (or trade Mail         minimize false positives, this special          The Panther version of Mail added
for another application), I decided to       junk mail rule runs after all other         yet another criterion for spam check-
look into the problem more deeply.           rules. But it doesn’t run if one of your    ing: headers inserted by a spam filter
Armed with an ever-increasing per-           other rules includes the “Stop evaluat-     running on your ISP’s mail server.
sonal collection of many thousands of        ing rules” action, and it applies only if   Many ISPs use server-based spam
spam messages, I experimented with           a given message has not already been        filters such as SpamAssassin or
Mail’s Junk Mail settings, compared          moved or deleted by some other rule.        Brightmail. If such a filter identifies a
it with other filters, and tried to dis-         You can see the special junk rule       message as potentially spam, it tags
cover how it really works -and why it        by opening the Junk Mail preference         it by adding to the message a special
sometimes fails. I discovered that at        pane and clicking the Advanced but-         header, such as X-Spam-Flag. (These
least some of the problems I’d been          ton at the bottom of the window.            special headers are normally hidden,
having were due to a misunderstand-          Depending on the options you choose,        but you can display them by choos-
ing of the application’s design, which       this rule optionally checks to see          ing View > Message > Long Headers
is not as self-explanatory as some of        whether the message’s sender is in          [Command-Shift-H].)
Apple’s applications.                        your Previous Recipients list or your           If a message contains this header,
    I have some good news and some           Address Book, and whether the To            this means your ISP’s spam filter
bad news. The good news is that              field of the message contains your          - which may be more advanced than
Mail’s Junk Mail filter, when properly       full name - since spam often does           the one built into Mail -suspects the
configured, can be a reliable tool for       not. (The Previous Recipients list is a     message to be spam. As long as the
keeping spam out of your In box. The         useful adjunct to the Junk Mail filter,     checkbox Trust Junk Mail Headers
bad news is that even if the Junk Mail       although as I explain in detail in the      Set by Your Internet Service Provider
filter is working as well as it possibly     ebook, incorrect data can easily creep      is selected in Junk Mail preferences,
can, you may still see more spam than        into it, rendering it counter-produc-       Mail marks such messages as Junk
you would like. Luckily, other appli-        tive.) If the answer to any of these        Mail (unless they were exempted for
cations and techniques can make up           questions is yes, the rule stops and        some other reason, such as being sent
for the Junk Mail filter’s deficiencies.     your message is left alone. If all three    by someone in your Address Book).
You’ll be able to make better decisions      conditions are negative, though, it         Some server-side spam filters use
about how to use (or supplement) the         checks one final condition: “Message        other headers besides X-Spam-Flag
Junk Mail filter when you know what          is junk mail.” If this final condition      to identify spam. The only way to tell
happens behind the scenes.                   is true, the filter takes the action you    Mail to look for a different header is
    I’ve distilled innumerable hours         specify: in Training mode, it changes       to edit its preference file manually; I
of research and experimentation into         the color of the message subject to         give full instructions in the ebook.
my latest Take Control ebook, “Take          Brown; in Automatic mode, it moves
Control of Spam with Apple Mail,”            the message to your Junk mailbox.           About Statistical Filtering
from which this article is excerpted.        (This action is one of only two dif-        Because of the constantly evolving
                                             ferences between Training mode and          nature of spam, tools that attempt to
How Mail’s Junk Mail Filter                  Automatic mode. The other is that in        filter out messages based on a fixed
Works                                        Automatic mode, Mail consolidates           list of keywords, patterns, or rules
Mail’s Junk Mail filter has two modes:       the Junk mailboxes for all of your          become less effective as time goes on.
Training and Automatic. (You can
also disable it entirely.) Exactly what
                                             accounts under a single Junk icon in
                                             the Mailbox list. The “Message is           Continued on Page 15              14
 Apple Mail Cont’d          Statistical    other message attributes in order to        - which unfortunately can happen
                            filters        avoid being fooled by spam messages         pretty easily - junk mail filtering stops
 from Page 14
                            address        containing long (but often hidden pas-      working correctly.
this problem by making up their            sages of ordinary prose.                        You can’t repair the LSMMap2 file,
own rules (in a sense) as they process                                                 but you can delete it manually or reset
your mail. The most frequently used        Latent Semantic Analysis in Mail            it by clicking a button on Mail’s Junk
statistical spam-filtering method is       Where Bayesian filters are based on a       Mail preference pane. Doing so solves
Bayesian filtering (found in Eudora,       relatively straightforward computa-         the most serious junk mail problems,
SpamSieve, and SpamAssassin,               tion of word frequency, LSA filters         but also eliminates all the training you
among others).                             go further by identifying spam-like         have given your junk mail filter, so its
   Apple Mail uses a related tech-         words, phrases, and messages based          accuracy will probably be poor until it
nique known as Adaptive Latent             on their similarity in meaning to text      has processed enough new legitimate
Semantic Analysis (LSA). Both meth-        you’ve already identified as spam.          and spam messages to rebuild its
ods compute the probability of a           Instead of assigning simple weights         database.
given message being spam based on          to each word individually, an LSA               What can damage Mail’s junk
an analysis of the contents of existing    filter takes into account the overall       statistics file in the first place? In
spam and non-spam messages. And            context in which a word appears. For        addition to the usual things (such as
both methods become more accurate          example, the word “enlargement,”            crashes while the file is open, direc-
as they are exposed to new samples         when it appears in a discussion about       tory errors, or shutting down improp-
of good and bad messages. Although         photography, would not normally be          erly), LSMMap2 can occasionally suf-
from a user’s perspective Bayesian         an indicator of spam - whereas the          fer damage in the course of ordinary
and LSA filters are similar, they differ   same word in the context of cosmetic        activities such as filing a message or
in some important ways.                    surgery or low- cost prescription           marking it as Junk Mail, if the mes-
                                           medicine would be a very good indi-         sage itself contains certain kinds of
Bayesian Filters                           cator of spam. (Again, this is an over-     errors. Although you can’t prevent
To oversimplify tremendously, think        simplification. For more details on         damage from occurring, you can take
of a Bayesian filter as consisting pri-    latent semantic analysis, see part 2 of     steps to make recovery easier (see the
marily of two lists: “good” words          Francois Joseph de Kermadec’s three-        ebook for more information).
and “bad” words. You build these           part series “The Fight Against Spam”
lists dynamically as you use the fil-      at MacDevCenter.)                           Marking a Message as Junk Mail/
ter. Every time you indicate that a            Like a Bayesian filter, an LSA fil-     Not Junk Mail
message is spam, the filter adds all       ter keeps learning as you use it. This      Because statistical filters increase their
the words in that message to its Bad       assumes, of course, that you diligently     accuracy gradually as you use them
Words list; every time you indicate        correct all its mistakes. In Mail, this     (and because spammers constantly
that a message is legitimate, all its      means marking all spam messages the         learn new tricks to thwart them),
words go onto the Good Words list.         filter misses as Junk Mail, and mark-       spam sometimes gets past the Junk
Of course, most words appear on both       ing all incorrectly identified legitimate   Mail filter and appears to be ordinary
lists, so the filter determines the        messages as Not Junk Mail.                  mail. (This is known in the lingo as a
probability that each word is a spam           On paper, LSA seems to be a more        “false negative.”) You could just delete
indicator based on the proportion of       sophisticated technique that is less        such messages, but if you do, you
times it appeared in bad versus good       likely to be foiled by clever spammers.     actually increase the probability that
messages.                                  In practice, however, Mail’s imple-         similar messages will sneak through
   When a new message comes in,            mentation of LSA leaves something to        in the future. Instead, you must select
the filter calculates the average spam     be desired. In my own tests, it learned     each unmarked spam and manually
score of its words, and if that score      more slowly than Bayesian filters. It       mark it as Junk Mail (choose Message
exceeds a predetermined threshold,         also tends to err on the cautious side,     > Mark > As Junk Mail [Command-
the message is deemed to be spam.          with no way to adjust its threshold for     Shift-J]).
Bayesian filters are highly dynamic,       what it considers spam. And because
adapting themselves not only to the        it looks for patterns of words rather           Note that merely moving a mes-
type of mail each individual receives      than patterns of characters, lots of        sage to your Junk mailbox is not
(since one person’s spam is another’s      seemingly obvious spam messages             enough; only if the Junk Mail flag is
ham) but also to the changing tactics      get through undetected. Mail stores         set, as shown by the “paper bag” icon
of spammers. Although the system           its statistics of good and bad mes-         in the message list, does Mail consider
is not perfect, it means that if next      sage characteristics in a single file:      the message junk mail. When you
month a new scam emerges for selling       ~/Library/Mail/LSMMap2. (LSM,               mark a message as Junk Mail, you
real estate on Mars, a Bayesian filter     by the way, stands for “least square        modify the filter’s statistical lists and
will learn to reject such messages after   method,” a mathematical algorithm           remove the sender’s address from
you manually mark a few examples           used in latent semantic analysis. I          the Previous Recipients list if it
as spam. Most Bayesian filters also        could tell you were wondering about
take into account email headers and        that.) If this file becomes damaged            Continued on Page 17             15
                                                             Cover Story                           tion problems and Apple will be
                                                                                                   able to ramp up iMac G5 produc-
                                                             Continued from Page 6
                                                                                                   tion to meet demand.
                                                              screen LCDs and G5 processors        Conclusion
                                                              running up to 1.8 GHz starting       Apple has managed to outdo
                                                                                                                      themselves with
                 Continued                                                                                            this model. It
FrameMaker for Macintosh                                                                                              is a major leap
 In an unsurprising announcement, Adobe Systems                                                                       forward over
said that it would discontinue the Macintosh version                                                                  its predeces-
of the high-end publishing program FrameMaker as                                                                      sor. I predict
of 21-Apr-04. Support for FrameMaker 7.1 for the                                                                      that this iMac
Mac will continue through 21-Apr-05. Adobe never                                                                      will be a hit. Its
brought FrameMaker to Mac OS X, forcing long-time                                                                     grace and style
users to run it in Mac OS X’s Classic environment.                                                                    will appeal to
The move leaves Macintosh FrameMaker users with                                                                       those who love
several unpalatable options: switch to Windows (or            at US$1,299. Which means these       well designed products. Its raw
Solaris), where Adobe plans to continue developing            new models come in at the same       power will intrigue those who
FrameMaker, or move to InDesign CS, which lacks               price point as the old models.       need powerful machines but are
some of FrameMaker’s features for handling long               Availability is constrained at       on tighter budgets, such as the
documents and XML imports and exports. [ACE]                  the moment. Apple is working         education market and consumers.
<                    hard to meet the initial demand.     To top it off you get a gorgeous
main.html>                                                    Although some folks who pur-         monitor. Toss in the power of OS
                                                              chased stock models have report-     X and you have a winner. I can
iPhoto 4.0.1 Fixes Bugs                                       ed receiving their iMacs already.    see this Mac being used as both a
Apple has released iPhoto 4.0.1, an important bug             Hopefully that means IBM has         desktop and a server.
fix update to the company’s photo management                  largely overcome its G5 fabrica-
program. Although Apple’s release notes are, as usual,
short on specifics, iPhoto 4.0.1 features improved per-
formance, better thumbnail rendering, and numerous            “Just like the iPod redefined portable digital music
bug fixes that Apple claims improve stability. I’ve been      players, the new iMac G5 redefines what users expect
able to confirm that the Trash album now reports its          from a consumer desktop. With the entire system,
size, the Sepia command in the image editing win-             including a gorgeous 17- or 20-inch display, just two
dow’s contextual menu is no longer disabled, Originals        inches thin, a lot of people will be wondering ‘where
folders are now burned to disc properly, and modify-
ing film rolls no longer changes your overall sort order.
                                                              did the computer go?’”       ”
Other bugs remain, such as the one that forgets to
add “copy” to the name of edited photos you dupli-            Philip Schiller
cate. The only new feature I found while checking the         Senior VP of Worldwide Product Marketing
final draft of my iPhoto 4 Visual QuickStart Guide is         Apple Computer
that slideshows now play on the monitor containing
the iPhoto window, assuming you have multiple moni-
<>                          “Windows vs. Mac? These days I’d defi-
     The improved thumbnail rendering requires that           nitely vote for the Mac OS, which is less
 iPhoto upgrade your thumbnails; it’s a slow process          susceptible to crashes and viruses. Win-
 that took an hour for my 6,100 photos. Short of              dows is more popular, but seems perpetu-
 that, iPhoto 4.0.1 has been more stable in my testing,
 although some users on Apple’s discussion boards             ally to be on orange alert. You don’t want
 have reported problems with launching the applica-
 tion and with losing transitions in slideshows. The
                                                              to hear, “A virus ate my term paper.                        ”
 problems appear to be related to permissions within
 the iPhoto application bundle; the usual troubleshoot-
 ing steps may help (repair permissions using Disk
                                                              Peter Lewis
 Utility, delete the file from your    Fortune
~/Library/Preferences folder, reinstall iPhoto, and run
 DiskWarrior to fix directory problems). If those fail,

   Continued on Page 17
                                                  try the
                                                 Apple Mail Cont’d was there.                detailed, practical steps Mail users
                                                 from Page 15      Conversely,               can take to eliminate spam, prevent
                                                                            Mail may         false positives, and solve problems
                                                 incorrectly mark a legitimate mes-          with the Junk Mail filter. The ebook
                                                 sage as Junk (a “false positive”).          includes a great deal of additional
                                                 After all, statistical filters only judge   background information, plus exten-
                Continued                        probabilities. If someone sent you,         sive discussions of add-on filters
user-posted fix at the first URL below.          say, an article discussing the sorts of     and other techniques that go beyond
iPhoto 4.0.1 is a 4 MB download via              words that spammers often use, that         Mail’s built-in anti-spam capabilities.
Software Update; it’s also available for inde-   might tip the scales. (This problem of      If you’ve been suffering from spam
pendent download. [ACE]                          overzealous spam filters has caused         in Mail, I’m confident my advice
<                   no end of problems for TidBITS and          will reduce your frustration level
downloads/iphoto.html>                           the TidBITS Talk mailing list.) So you      and help you avoid wasting so much
                                                 must always mark such messages as           time dealing with junk mail. “Take
                                                 Not Junk (choose Message >Mark >            Control of Spam with Apple Mail”
Timbuktu Pro 7.0.1 Fixes Tab                     As Not Junk Mail) to tell Mail they         costs $5, and as with all Take Control
Problem                                          are legitimate.                             ebooks, purchasers are entitled to
Netopia last week released Timbuktu Pro              Surprisingly, though, marking a         receive all minor updates for free.
7.0.1, which includes a short list of minor      message as Not Junk also adds the           <
fixes and one big one. If a user of version      message’s Sender to your Previous           takecontrol/spam-Apple-Mail.html>
7.0 hit the Tab key while in a remote con-       Recipients list! This guarantees that
trol session that wasn’t sized to full screen,   no message from that sender will
the buttons along the side of the Timbuktu       be marked as spam in the future              [Joe Kissell is a San Francisco-based
menu would become selected. Restoring            (assuming you use the default set-          writer, consultant, and Mac devel-
the capability to type required switching in     tings), which may or may not be             oper who kicked off the Take Control
and out of full-screen mode.                     what you want. This is just one of          series with the best-selling “Take
<                   many surprises I encountered with           Control of Upgrading to Panther.”
support/technotes/software/tb2mac/               the design of the Previous Recipients       His Interesting Thing of the Day Web
latestnews.html#7.0.1>                           list.                                       site returns with daily articles begin-
                                                                                             ning 01-Jun-04.]
    The problem with the Tab key wasn’t          Take Control of Spam with
precisely Netopia’s. The accessibility and       Apple Mail
customization controls in Mac OS X 10.3          I’ve tried to explain the basics of         This article orginally appeared
Panther include one tucked away in the           how Mail’s Junk Mail filter works
Keyboard & Mouse preference pane; the
                                                                                             in Tidbits Magazine issue #731,
                                                 here, but in my full 59-page “Take
Turn On Full Keyboard Access option, in          Control of Spam with Apple Mail”            published 5/24/04. It is reprinted
the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, was the culprit.     ebook, I go much further, providing         with the permission of the Author.
The 7.0.1 update resolves the conflict by

                                                 “In case you know nothing of it, this is, in my
ignoring this setting within the program.
Timbuktu Pro 7.0.1 is a
free 4.6 MB download (a version 7.0 serial
number and activation code is required to        view, an excellent - almost awesome - product.
download the installer). [GF]                    Take, as read, the fact that it outperforms the
                                                 Intel competition by a big factor and that the
tb2macupgrade7_01.html>                          OS is powerful and it supports all important ap-
                                                 plications from office software through to video Better Mac                         manipulation. For many users those factors will
Headlines                                        count in a big way, but there is another factor
As you know, we’re highly selective about        that probably trumps them all: The iMac G5 is
what news we publish in TidBITS, which
makes for quite a job of culling through         phenomenally well designed.                     ”
the press releases we receive and scanning
other sites to see what else is happening
that might warrant coverage. I’ve just come      Robin Bloor, IT-Analysis
across a new site that promises to make          the Register
lighter work of our headline scanning: Started by Tobias Engler,
   Cont’d on Page 19
Stuffit Deluxe 8 Contʼd from             Express and the Archive Assistant         nail it down to one spot. But how
Page 13                                                                            hard would it be to just tell any
                                         are time savers. They definitely          archive window to open below the
program. I scanned through them and      make the whole suite more                 Toolbar? It was annoyance when
found a couple of really useful tips,    valuable.                                 I initially started trying out the
even though I’ve used                                                              program.
Stuffit Deluxe in the                                                                  I have one gripe with Archive
past. I’d especially                                                               Assistant. It won’t let me choose
recommend the Stuffit                                                              which files or folders I want to
Primer for first time                                                              archive. I really like the program,
users.                                                                             it gives you a clean Assistant
    Compression is                                                                 style way of setting up automating
the bread and butter                                                               archiving your files. But, since
                                                                                   I can’t choose what I want to
of this program.                                                                   back up beyond a few preselected
The good news is                                                                   folders, this program never gets
that the new Stuffit                                                               used on my computer.
X compression
format does make                                                                   Conclusion
smaller archives.                                                                   These days, even with our large
It’s not dramatically                                                              hard drives, we have many ways
smaller,than the                                                                   to fill them to overflowing.
older Stuffit format,                                                              Most of us have enjoyed the
more like 10-15%         Shown above is the Archive Assistant. A pretty            ease and convenience of digital
smaller in my test                                                                 photography, video and audio. But
cases. But that can snzzy backup and archiving automation utility.                 all of that digital multimedia takes
still amount to some                    Cons                                       up space, lots of space. Pretty soon
serious hard disk savings if you’re      The program is not a speed king.          you find your hard drive filling
dealing with large digital pictures     I hate to say that. But it is true. It’s up. That’s when you’ll really
of digital video. In my case I took     slower with when compressing               appreciate Stuffit Deluxe. It’s
a 727MB folder full of graphics,        to the Stuffit X format vs the
and text files and managed to           older Stuffit format. Which
shrink it down to around 400MB.         makes sense. slow (especially
Pretty impressive size reduction.       the .sitx format). Panther’s built
Much better than Panther’s built in in archiving capability is much
archiving capability, using the ZIP faster, with the trade off that it’s
format.                                 archives are also much larger.
    A feature that I didn’t mention         Stuffit Deluxe has become a
earlier comes in handy if you           victim of it’s own success. Not
have several Stuffit compressed         only are there many ways to
archives. It’s called Archive           use the program, but some of
Search. This handy tool acts like       the features are only available
the Finder’s own search tool but        from standalone mini programs.
it lets you search inside of Stuffit    I wish that, when you launched Shown above are all of the Drag and
compressed archives.                    the main program, you could
    I like the direction Allume is      have some interface that let           Drop applications that come with
taking with trying to automate          you launch some of those               Stuffit Deluxe.
the program. Features like Stuffit      mini programs, like Archive
                                                 Assistant, directly from          efficient, easy to use, and does it’s
 Shown below is the Archive Search appli- the program. Otherwise                   job well. Even though Apple now
 cation. Using it you can search through         you have to find that little      lets you create archives from the
 archives like any other folder in the Finder. program to run it.                  Finder for free I’d still recommend
                                                    I have one interface           Stuffit Deluxe. The program now
                                                complaint. The toolbar,            has all of the features of it’s Classic
                                                the buttons that come up           version plus some welcome
                                                when you launch the main           additions. It’s so well integrated
                                                program, hovers over any           into the Mac experience that after
                                                archive window obscuring           you install it you might forget it
                                                some files. Sure, I dug in         didn’t come with the system. It’s
                                                and learned you can hide           that good.
                                                the Toolbar or anchor it,                                            18
    News Contʼd from Page 17                       red - ensures that you’re actually record-
                                                   ing sound and that it’s not breaking up at          The Devonian Age Continues
helped translate TidBITS into German               the loudest end. As with Belkin’s previous          Hard on the heels of last week’s review
several years ago, takes the          product, it’s extremely hard to use the             of DEVONthink 1.8 comes version 1.8.1,
standard headline list to new levels. You          iPod’s hold button since it’s partially cov-        offering the capability to index a docu-
can click any headline to view it, of course,      ered by the adapter. [GF]                           ment on disk without also importing it
but more interestingly, you can click but-                                                             into the database; this meets my criticisms
tons next to each headline to email it to a        GraphicConverter 5.0.1 Released                     that the database is unnecessarily large
friend, view similar news stories, show all        TidBITS readers with long memories have             and that deleting an original document to
the headlines from a particular site, and          probably already noted that we tend to              save disk space risks losing the data. Also,
hide all the headlines from sites that don’t       mention Lemke Software’s image process-             DEVONthink now displays the contents
interest you (this last setting is persistent).    ing utility GraphicConverter often in these         of linked files if the format allows (e.g. text,
A Hot Topics listing at                            issues (at least 21 times since 1997, in            RTF, image); unfortunately this removes a
the top of the screen lets you filter the          fact). Largely this is due to the fact that this    feature I liked (you could edit the database
headlines along specific topics, and more          robust shareware application competes on           “text” of a linked file), and searching in com-
general filters allow you to categorize your       almost all fronts with Adobe Photoshop,             ments is broken, so this is actually a step
news views. You can even create your own           the powerhouse of image processing - yet            backwards in my view. It’s a 2.7 MB down-
filters. It’s highly refreshing to see a news      costs a measly $30. But it’s also due to            load and is a free update for registered
headline site that so completely under-            how                                                 users.
stands that it’s a database and make data-         extensive the changes are - and release            <
base-style actions possible - it’s basically a     notes that accompany them - between                 products/devonthink/editions.php>
smart search engine for Mac news. If you’re        revisions. Now, GraphicConverter has
a Mac news hound, check it out. [ACE]              turned 5, gaining a browser search fea-                 At the same time, DEVONtechnologies
<>                         ture, improved handling of EXIF data, the          introduced DEVONthink’s “little brother,”
                                                   capability to export a photo slideshow as          DEVONnote. It is limited to the basic two-
Belkin Offering External                           a movie file, and lots of other enhance-           pane view of the database, with a list of
Microphone Adapter for iPod                        ments and bug fixes (a small 5.0.1 ver-            documents in one pane and the contents
Belkin’s latest iPod add-on lets you plug          sion released late last week fixes an              of the current document in the other. It
in an external microphone for record-              error that cropped up when saving files).          lacks display of images and PDF files; how-
ing audio to your iPod. The Universal              GraphicConverter 5.0.1 runs on Mac OS              ever, it still functions as a text and RTF
Microphone Adapter accepts 3.5 mm                  8.5 and higher, including Mac OS X, and is         editor (and images can be included within
microphones and plugs into the special             a 6 MB download. [JLC]                             an RTF document), it can include links to
headphone/ adapter jack found on the               <                      files on disk, and it can display Web pages.
dock-based iPod series. The adapter                graphcon.htm>                                      DEVONnote lacks DEVONthink’s new
shipped 17-Mar-04 and costs $60 from                                                                  capability to index without importing, and
Belkin; or about $40 from resellers. The           Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.3.3                     the advanced search tools such as finding
adapter records 16-bit audio (ostensibly           Just as we were about to go to press,              similar search terms, displaying word lists,
stereo) at 8 KHz, which is adequate for            Apple released the latest free update to           and supplying keyword lists. But it still has
voice recording but would be sub-par for           Mac OS X 10.3. Version 10.3.3 offers a             DEVONthink’s extremely fast basic search-
live music recording. The adapter has its          long list of enhancements (see Apple’s             ing, along with searching for similar docu-
own headphone jack to replace the one              Knowledge Base article), but one we’re             ments and classifying based on similarity of
it’s using, a level indicator, and a three-posi-   pleased to see is the inclusion of network-        grouped documents. It could be a bargain
tion gain switch to adjust sound sensitivity       mounted volumes in the list of volumes             at $15 until the end of April ($20 after
on the microphone you attach.                      shown in the sidebar of Finder windows             that). [MAN]
<          and Open/Save dialogs. The update also             <
ge.process?&Product_Id=158384>                     incorporates other networking fixes and            products/devonnote.php>
                                                   improvements for cross-platform compat-
      Belkin’s previous offering, the Voice        ibility and AppleTalk; improves .Mac iDisk
Recorder, was a mono recorder with                 synchronization performance and behavior;
relatively low fidelity and no adjustments,        provides fixes for Finder, DVD Player, iPho-
although a reasonable choice for compact-          to, Mail, Address Book, and Image Capture;
ness. In low ambient noise conditions, the         and improves start-up time for some
Voice Recorder performed well. But at              computers that were slowed down by
any distance or with any complex sound             the 10.3.2 update. Mac OS X 10.3 Panther
situation, the recorder lost distinction and       owners may upgrade via Software Update
rendered sound somewhat unintelligible.            (58.8 MB) or download a standalone
By contrast, the Universal Microphone              installer from Apple. [MHA]
Adapter lets you change sensitivity on the         <
fly. The level indicatorwhich displays tones
that range from green through yellow to
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