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Inspection Report Inspection Report

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									Inspection Report                                              

          Inspection date:                18-11-2008

          Inspection type:                AA VEHICLE INSPECTION - comprehensive


          Your AA Vehicle Inspection report is enclosed, which provides our qualified engineers assessment of the
          vehicle. If you have any queries about this report please contact

          Your sincerely,

          Andrew Strong

          Chief Executive

          AA Road Services

                                              Automobile Association Developments Limited.
                               Head office: Fanum House, Basing View, Basingstoke, Hampshire. RG21 4EA.

                                                 Registered number 1878835 England

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Inspection Report                                            

                             AA VEHICLE INSPECTION - COMPREHENSIVE
                                                                        Contact details:




          Inspection date:              18-11-2008                     Inspection time:             MID

          Location of vehicle:

          Vehicle details:

          Registration:                        Make/Model/Colour:         KIA SORENTO CRDI XS AUTO -

          General Information:

          Vehicle identification number:

          V5/Registration document available:                   Yes

          MOT certificate available:                            Yes

          MOT Expiry date:

          Vehicle excise expiry date:                           NONE

          Mileage Reading:

          Start of inspection:                                  66083 miles

          End of inspection:                                    66094 miles

          Lighting:                                             NATURAL

          Weather:                                              FINE

          Ramp available:                                       No

          Summary Report:

          Essential & advisable repairs required - not suitable for purchase unless all essential repairs are
          undertaken and advisable repairs, if any are planned and budgeted for

          Key for points in following sections

          S                             Satisfactory for age and recorded mileage

          --                            Could not be checked


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Inspection Report                                             

                                     Essential repair requiring immediate attention

          A                          Advisable repair should be budgeted for prior to purchase

          N/A                        Not applicable

          Y                          Yes

          N                          No

                                     Please note: Right = Off side (O/S) and Left = Near side (N/S) as
                                     viewed from the driver's seat.
          Bodywork Exterior:

          1. Rear bumper:                        S           2. Rear panel:                               S

          3. Tailgate/boot:                      S           4. Roof:                                     S

          5. Nearside rear wing:                 S           6. Nearside rear bumper corner:              S

          7. Nearside rear door:                 S           8. Nearside underside/sill:                  S

          9. Nearside front door:                S           10. Nearside front bumper corner:            S

          11. Nearside front wing:               S           12. Bonnet:                                  S

          13. Grille:                            S           14. Front panel:                             S

          15. Offside front wing:                S           16. Offside front bumper corner:             S

          17. Offside front door:                S           18. Offside underside/sill:                  S

          19. Offside rear door:                 S           20. Offside rear bumper corner:              S

          21. Offside rear wing:                 S

          Minor blemishes, which are acceptable fair wear and tear for the vehicle's age, recorded mileage and type,

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Inspection Report                                             

          are not recorded and you should satisfy yourself in this regard.
          Whist checking the vehicle structure, this inspection has not looked closely at the bodywork/paintwork as
          this type inspection is designed for someone who is comfortable with the cosmetic appearance of the
          vehicle. Therefore any purchasers should satisfy themselves in this respect.

          Evidence of bodywork repair:              Yes

          Bodywork clean and dry:                   No

          Interior & Bodywork Additional Comments:

          The cars paintwork was wet from light rain prior to the inspection.
          The cars paint depths where checked and found to be original depths with the exception of the RR quarter
          panel and door. The RR quarter panel has received repair and filling to an area below the window adjacent
          to the tailgate aperture.
          The rear trims that form part of the wheel arches on the rear doors have corroded on their insides causing
          the paint to flake.
          Minor stone chips and scratches are evident to the paint surface consistent with the cars mileage.
          Minor dents and paint blemishes in the door shuts caused by the doors being closed on the seat belt

          Body Exterior:

          Glass:                                    S           Body damage:                              No

          Body panels:                              S           Door locks/operation:                     S

          Corrosion:                                No          Bonnet catch:                             S

          Fuel filler cover/cap:                    S           Mud flaps:                                S

          Bonnet hinges:                            S           Panel condition/alignment:                S

          Paintwork:                                S           Exterior trim/grille:                     X

          Bumpers / No plates - Ft/Rr:              S           Soft top / Hard top:                      N/A

          Engine Compartment:

          Engine Type:                     Diesel

          Number of cylinders:             4

          Coolant level/condition:                  S           Power steering oil level:                 S

          Turbo/supercharger:                       S           Coolant leaks:                            No

          Clutch fluid:                             N/A         Fuel pump/pipes:                          S

          Antifreeze*:                              S           Brake fluid:                              S

          Accelerator linkage:                      S           Radiator/cap:                             S

          Engine oil level:                         S           Cold starting:                            S

          Hoses/pipes:                              S           External leaks (upper engine):            No

          Fast idle (cold):                         S           Drive Belts:                              A

          Engine mountings:                         S           Noise level (cold):                       S

          visible water pump                        S           fuel injection                            S

          Excess fumes/smoke:                       No

          Note -To ensure future serviceability, it is important that the engine camshaft belt, also known as a timing
          belt (if fitted) is replaced at intervals specified by the manufacturer. It is in your best interests you ensure

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Inspection Report                                              

          that this is carried out. * Antifreeze only has a 2/3 year life span and requires its strength adjusting after
          this time or replacing as per manufacturers specifications.
          Turbocharger (if fitted), if this has been assessed as being satisfactory (S). This relates to its performance
          only, please note that on many vehicles this unit is hidden by shields/covers and potential oil leaks may not
          be visible. If the unit or its associated pipes are leaking oil, this will be recorded as oil leaks elsewhere
          Engine numbers are not checked.

          Electrical / Controls

          Starting system/ignition lock:            S           Sidelights/running lights:                 S

          Controls/switches:                        S           Battery condition:                         S

          Battery voltages normal: 12.15            S           Battery voltages starting: 10.10           S

          Battery voltages charging: 14.55          S           Rear & number plate lights:                S

          Instruments:                              S           Battery voltages:                          S

          Stop lights:                              S           Horn:                                      S

          Indicator/hazard lights:                  S           Windows/sun roof:                          S

          Reverse/fog lights:                       S           Wipers/washers:                            S

          Auxiliary lights                          S           Headlamp wash/wipe                         N/A

          Headlights                                S           Interior/panel lights                      S

          Mirrors (electric):                       S           Radio/Aerial:                              X

          Heater / Fan controls:                   S           Air Con operation:                         S
                                                                                                                      - Air
          conditioning system (if fitted) - This must be used frequently throughout the year including winter months in
          order to help prevent unit failure and gas leakage. A/C systems require annual servicing. Ensure that this
          has been carried out in the past. You are advised to have the system serviced prior to purchase if no recent
          servicing has been undertaken.
          We are unable to verify dash panel light and switch back lighting operation due to the daylight conditions.
          Please note that electrical components listed above are assessed by switching them "on or off" only.
          Accuracy of instruments cannot be assessed.
          The battery performance and charging system have been tested, but you should note that older batteries
          can fail gradually or instantly without prior warning. A typical battery service life is 3 to 5 years depending on
          usage. Battery life cannot be predicted.
          It is important to check if the airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners (if fitted) are due for specialist checking or
          replacement. This may vary, but replacement at 10 years is sometimes necessary. Please consult the vehicle
          handbook or contact the Manufacturers.


          Number of seats:                  5

          Seat adjustment:                          S           Internal mirrors:                          S

          Boot/tailgate lock:                       S           Seatbelts:                                 S

          Rear/parcel shelf/load cover:             S           Steering Wheel/Adjustment:                 S

          Seat upholstery:                          S           Carpets/Mats:                              S

          Door trim panels:                         S           Door fittings/operation:                   S

          Door seals/hinges:                        S           Interior sills:                            S

          Headlining/visors:                        S           Sun roof:                                  S

          Dash panel (condition):                   S           Cigarette lighter:                         S

          Luggage area trim condition:

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Inspection Report                                        

                                              S         Illumination light:                          S

          Tool kit:                           X         Hard/Soft top (operation):                   N/A

          Tonneau cover:                      N/A

          Front Suspension / Steering / Under Frame:

          Engine underside leakage:           No        Wheel hubs/bearings:                         S

          Sub-frames/mountings:               N/A       Steering & ball joints:                      S

          Springs/suspension units:           S         Suspension arms/mountings:                   S

          Steering rack/box:                  S         Pipes/hoses:                                 S

          Tie bars/anti roll bars:            S         Chassis members:                             S

          Dampers (condition/leaks):          S         Corrosion - floor/chassis:                   No

          Power steering (operation):         S         Gaiters:                                     S

          Corrosion protection:               S

          Rear Suspension / Under Frame:

          Springs/suspension bars:            S         Location rods/fixings:                       S

          Sub-frames/mountings:               S         Anti roll bar:                               N/A

          Bump stops/gaiters:                 S         Chassis members:                             S

          Dampers/bushes:                     S         Wheel hubs/bearings:                         S

          Corrosion - floor/chassis:          No        Suspension arms/fixings:                     S

          Pipes/hoses:                        N/A       Corrosion protection:                        S

          Clutch / Transmission:

          Clutch/transmission type:     4x4-Automatic

          Number of gears:              5

          Fluid/oil leaks:                    No        Casings:                                     S

          Backlash:                           S         Cables/adjustments:                          N/A

          Mountings:                          S         Gaitors:                                     S

          Hydraulic system:                   N/A       Drive shaft assembly:                        S

          Propshaft(s)/fittings:              S         Linkage (wear):                              S

          Universal/sliding joints:           S         Bearings/supports:                           N/A

          Exhaust System:

          Manifold:                           S         Silencer:                                    S

          Pipes:                              S         Heat shields/mountings:                      S

          Catalytic converter(s):             S         Joints/couplings:                            S

          System condition:                   Limited

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Inspection Report                                            

          exhaust has been identified as having a limited life because, although there is no leakage present, there is
          some external corrosion present. The inside of the system may also be corroding but this cannot be
          inspected internally.
          Catalytic Converter. If this has been assessed as being satisfactory (S). This relates to confirming its
          external condition, gas tightness and security. The engineer is unable to confirm its internal condition or
          effectiveness as this requires exhaust emissions testing, which is beyond the scope of this inspection.

          Fuel System:

          Tank:                                    S          Fuel lines:                                S

          Evidence of leaks:                       No         Tank fixings:                              S

          Breather pipes:                          S


          Master cylinder security:                S          Flexible hoses:                            S

          Handbrake op/adjustment:                 S          Fluid leaks:                               No

          Pipes/connections:                       S          Handbrake mechanism(s):                    S

          Servo/power system:                      S          Discs/s (if visible):                      X

          Pedal & pad/linkage:                     A

          Note - If the vehicle is fitted with brake drums the internal parts including linings are not visible. Brake
          fluid should be replaced at the manufacturers specifed intervals.
          Brakes can be effective even when badly worn. As the road wheels are not removed during this inspection,
          an accurate measurement of the linings, drums, discs and pads cannot be given. Therefore, it is advised
          that the road wheels be removed and a general brake wear and serviceability check be carried out prior to
          purchase. Ensure all components are within manufacturer's wear specification and replace any worn or
          badly corroded parts.

          Wheels & Tyres:

          Wheel type:                     Alloy

          It is recommended tyres are replaced when the tread depth reaches 2mm. If uneven tyre wear is noted,
          this may indicate incorrect geometry, which can result in excessive and rapid tyre wear. A full steering and
          geometry check is therefore recommended.
          Wheel rims:                     S

          Wheel trims:                    S

          Tyres:            Make:                 Size:           Type:               Min tread
          Front RH:         PIRELLI        255/55 R 18      Radial                    8 mm              S
          Front LH:        PIRELLI         255/55 R 18      Radial                    8 mm              S
          Rear LH:         PIRELLI         255/55 R 18      Radial                    8 mm              S
          Rear RH:         KUMHO           255/55 R 18      Radial                    5 mm              S
          Spare:           KUMHO           245/70 R 16      Radial                    6 mm              S
          It is not possible to comment whether the tyres fitted to this car          are the actual tyre
          specifications as recommended by the manufacturer.

          Road Test:

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Inspection Report                                            

          The road test has been undertaken within the speed limits and prevailing traffic conditions in the locality of
          the inspection. If a road test has not been carried out, please refer to the engineer's comments page.

          Test distance:                   11 miles

          Speed achieved up to:            60 mph

          Final drive operation/noise:            S           Instrument/control function:               S

          Road holding/stability:                 S           Gearbox operation/noise:                   S

          Clutch operation**:                     N/A         General steering/handling:                 S

          Engine performance:                     S           Cooling fan operation:                     S

          Footbrake operation:                    S           Engine noise:                              S

          Steering effort:                        S           Hand/park brake operation:                 S

          Excess smoke:                           No          Hot restarting:                            S

          Suspension noise:                       No          Overheating evidence:                      No

          Warning lights:                         S           Auto changes/kick-down:                    S

          4WD operation*:                         S           Cruise control:                            S            *If
          vehicle is fitted with 4wd transmission then the systems have been checked for security, leakage and
          excessive noise. However, within the limitations of the road test the full functionality could not be checked.
          ** It should be carefully noted that the life expectancy of clutches is uncertain and difficult to predict,
          being dependant on owners driving style, vehicle operation and terrain. The fact that the clutch has not
          been identified as faulty/slipping/juddering/noisy on the report does not and should not be taken to imply
          that the clutch assembly will have a continuing life expectancy from the time of our check. They can begin
          to slip at any time.
          Recall Notices
          You are advised to check if this vehicle is or has been due a Manufacturer’s safety recall, please


          Final Check:

          Oil leaks:                                No         Coolant leaks:                             No

          Uneven tyre wear:                         No

          Vehicle documents & inspection environment notes:

          Registration document (V5):

          The V5/Registration document shows 3 previous keeper(s), the last change of keeper on 06-08-2008


          The engineer recommends that relevant spare and service keys are obtained prior to purchase.


          MOT date is satisfactory, no further action is required.

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Inspection Report                                          

          Servicing: - full service history not checked

          The service history seen, indicated that the last recorded service was carried out on the 31-07-2008 at
          65180 miles. No immediate servicing is necessary. Next service is due as per manufacturer's
          recommendations or as per the vehicles service indicator

          Inspection conditions notes:

          No vehicle hoist/ramp was available at the time of the inspection. A large trolley jack and stands were
          used in order to carry out underside checks. This limits the view of the underside. Some areas could not
          be fully seen. There may be further defects, which may be visible given clear access and view.

          The body/paintwork was wet/dirty/dusty this severely restricts inspection of the paintwork. Please note
          that there may be other defects present, which were not visible due to the obscured paintwork, but which
          may become visible once dry and clean.

          Advice, warnings and recommendations:

          It is understood that the prospective purchaser may not have viewed the vehicle. You must satisfy
          yourself of the cars cosmetic appearance and suitability for your needs and expectations by viewing and
          driving the vehicle yourself, prior to making your purchasing decision.
          This vehicle is fitted with 4wd transmission. The systems have been checked for security, leakage and
          excessive noise. However, within the limitations of the road test the full functionality could not be
          checked. The vehicle was not taken “off road”.
          This vehicle is fitted with a tow bar, please note that the tow bar and its electrics have not been tested.
          We are aware that this vehicle is being taken out of the UK. We can not guarantee that the vehicle will
          pass any inspections outside the UK as we are not aware of the criteria applied to the tests.
          This vehicle has an air conditioning system fitted. This must be used frequently throughout the year
          including winter months in order to help prevent unit failure and gas leakage. A/C systems require annual
          servicing. Ensure that this has been carried out in the past. You are advised to have the system serviced
          prior to purchase if no recent servicing has been undertaken.
          A structurally sound vehicle with no evidence of major accident repairs or significant corrosion. The
          vehicle’s handling and performance and running gear i.e. transmission was considered to be
          commensurate with the age and recorded mileage.

          Essential Repairs:
          It is strongly advised that the essential repairs are investigated and rectified prior to purchase.

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Inspection Report                                           

           Exterior trim/grille - Corrosion to inside of rear door trims, repaint or replace.
           Radio/Aerial - Not extending fully and knocking.
           Discs/pads (if visible) - Rear brake pads friction material becoming thin."worn".
           Although the visible brake disc and pads only show some signs of general serviceable wear, it is strongly
           advised to remove all road wheels and examine the inner brake components which are obscured on this
           vehicle prior to purchase, replacing any worn or badly corroded parts.
           Tool Kit- The wheel nut key could not be found.

           Note that the spare wheel did not exactly match the other wheels. This should be confirmed as suitable
           for the car and used for emergency only.

           Advisable Repairs:
           These should be planned and budgeted for.
           Drive Belts - Worn
           Pedal & pad/linkage - Pedal rubber worn thin on corner.
           The exhaust has been identified as having limited life because, although there is no leakage present,
           there is some external corrosion present and the inside of the system, which may have significant
           deterioration, cannot be inspected internally.

           Vehicle inspection report subject to the terms and conditions of the AA Inspection Service

           Engineer: Colin Butcher MIMI

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