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									                                                          October 2007
NASA research indicates oxygen on Earth 2.5 billion years ago
    NASA-funded astrobiologists           and uranium. The quantity of these                 Earth's atmosphere deepens our ap-
have found evidence of oxygen pres-       metals in oceans and sediments                     preciation of the complex interaction
ent in Earth's atmosphere earlier than    depend on the amount of oxygen in                  between biology and geochemistry,"
previously known, pushing back the        the environment. The other research                said Carl Pilcher, director of the NASA
timeline for the rise of oxygen in the    group, led by Alan Kaufman of the                  Astrobiology Institute at Ames, which
atmosphere. Two teams of researchers      University of Maryland, College Park,              co-funded the study. "Their results
report that traces of oxygen appeared     Md., analyzed sulfur isotopes. Its dis-            support the idea that our planet and
in Earth's atmosphere from 50 to 100      tribution also relies on the abundance             the life on it evolved together."
million years before what is known as     of oxygen.                                             One possible explanation for the
the Great Oxidation Event. This event         "Studying the dynamics that gave               Great Oxidation Event is the ancient
happened between 2.3 and 2.4 billion      rise to the presence of oxygen in                  ancestors of today's plants first began
years ago, when many scientists think                                                                                continued on page 6
atmospheric oxygen increased sig-         Hopkins outlines NASA’s
                                          Media Communications Policy
nificantly from the existing very low
    Scientists analyzed a kilometer-          NASA wants to tell its story accu-             Oct. 18, in the main auditorium, Rob-
long drill core from Western Australia,   rately and unfiltered and to the widest            ert Hopkins explained NASA's Media
representing the time just before the     audience practicable was the message               Communications Policy and stressed
major rise of atmospheric oxygen.                                                            the importance of open communica-
They found evidence that a small                                                             tion throughout the agency.
but significant amount of oxygen                                                                  “NASA, a scientific and techni-
was present in Earth's oceans and                                                            cal agency, is committed to a culture
atmosphere 2.5 billion years ago. The                                                        of openness with the media and the
                                                                                             public that values the fee exchange of
findings appear in a pair of research
                                                                                             ideas, data and information as part
papers in the Sept. 28 issue of the                                                          of scientific and technical inquiry,”
journal Science.                                                                             Hopkins said.
    "We seem to have captured a piece                                                             “Consistent with NASA statutory
of time during which the amount                                                              responsibility, the agency will provide
of oxygen was actually changing                                                              for the widest practicable and appro-
-- caught in the act, as it were," said                                                      priate dissemination of information
Ariel Anbar, an associate professor at                                                       concerning its activities and the results
Arizona State University, Tempe, and                                                         thereof,” Hopkins added.
leader of one of the research teams.                                                              Hopkins said the policy was devel-
    The goal of both research teams                                                          oped at the direction of NASA Admin-
                                                                                             istrator Michael Griffin, who wanted
was to learn more about the environ-
                                                                                             all employees to understand the policy.
ment and life in the oceans leading                                                                                    continued on page 4
up to the Great Oxidation Event. The
researchers did not expect to find evi-
dence of oxygen earlier than what was                          NASA photo by Dominic Hart
                                           Robert Hopkins, NASA’s chief of communica-
                                                                                              On the Inside . . .
previously known.                          tions strategy, is seen here during his recent     Page 2 - NASA Mars Rover Software Leads
    "The core provides a continous         visit to the center where he outlined the Media             to Virtual Globetrotting
record of environmental conditions,        Communications Policy for NASA.                    Page 3 - Taking a Tour Inside the NASA
analogous to a tape recording," ex-                                                                    Ames Protective Services Office
plained Anbar. He and his research        delivered to Ames employees by the                  Page 5 - Ames 2007 CFC Kick Off
                                          agency's chief of communications                    Page 12 - Ames Ongoing Monthly Events
group analyzed the amounts of the
                                          strategy.                                           Page 13 - Classifieds
trace metals molybdenum, rhenium              Addressing an All Hands meeting
NASA Mars rover software leads to virtual globetrotting
     Now, anyone can virtually search
Earth close-up, zooming into pebble-
size objects, the same way scientists
have explored Mars, but in more
detail. Scientists have examined Mars
scenes after special NASA software
joined many overlapping martian im-
ages and enabled researchers to study
the resultant panoramas of the red
planet and even zoom into extreme
close-ups of martian soil.
     A spin-off of that NASA software
creates ”GigaPan” panoramas for the          An example of a panoramic view from the Gigapan Web site. The view is a result of a compilation of
Internet, containing lots of pictures        consumer digital photos pieced together. Gigapan is a spin-off from NASA software technology.
made of billions of tiny dots of light
(pixels).                                  is associate professor for Robotics at                    Team members from the "Global
     GigaPans are very high-resolu-        Carnegie Mellon University in Pitts-                  Connection Project," which includes
tion images stitched together from         burgh, Pa.                                            people from Carnegie Mellon, vari-
hundreds, potentially thousands of             Amateur photographers from                        ous other universities, NASA Ames,
overlapping ordinary consumer digi-        distant parts of the globe also can con-              Google and National Geographic
tal camera photos. Each wide picture       tribute their views of our home planet                magazine on-line collaborated to pro-
is also stepped into, with closer and      by uploading big digital pictures taken               vide a GigaPan robotic camera mount
closer images taken for each wide          by consumer cameras to the Web. "It is                for consumer digital cameras. It will
view. The resulting mammoth, on-line       increasingly important to give people                 help photographers take hundreds of
panoramas permit people to globetrot       a broad view of the world, particu-                   overlapping images for panoramas
via the Web and to zoom deep into          larly to help us understand different                 that use the new software - developed
big, wide pictures of locations like       cultures and different environments,"                 in two years by Carnegie Mellon and
Argentina, Rome's skyline and market       Sargent explained.                                    NASA Ames.             continued on page 11

                                           George Takei, who portrayed Star Trek’s
places around the world.
     "It's like having a pair of binocu-
lars that you can use to explore the
panoramas," said Randy Sargent, a se-      “Lieutenant Sulu,” speaks at Ames
nior systems scientist at Carnegie Mel-         George Takei, of Star Trek fame,
lon University West, located at NASA       spoke at the center on Oct. 11, in
Research Park at Moffett. "When you        honor of Ames’ first observance of

                                                                                                                                                  NASA photo by Dominic Hart
pack a billion pixels into a panorama,     National Coming Out Day. The NASA
you can explore it for hours and still     Ames Office of Diversity and Equal
find new things. It's like being trans-    Opportunity, the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sex-
ported," Sargent added.                    ual and Transgender (LGBT) Advisory
     Carnegie Mellon created a Web site    group and the Asian American-Pacific
located at http://gigapan.org, where       Islander Advisory group hosted the
the public can explore many GigaPans       event.
and can upload huge, panoramic im-              Takei was the keynote speaker and
ages.                                      is the charismatic actor who portrayed
     "GigaPan is a significant achieve-    "Lieutenant Sulu" in the original "Star
ment because it allows everyone to         Trek" television series and a number of
create, at a very low cost, panoramas      the "Star Trek" feature films.
that previously could only be made by           Takei has been an outspoken advo-
specialists using systems costing tens     cate for the LGBT civil rights move-
of thousands of dollars," said Terry       ment since he came out as a gay man
Fong, director of the Intelligent Robot-   in 2005.
ics Group at NASA Ames.                         There was also an introduction to                   George Takei was the keynote speaker during
                                                                                                    Ames’ first observance of National Coming
     When Sargent was a staff member       National Coming Out Day by Ardel
                                                                                                    Out Day on Oct. 11, 2007.
at Ames, he helped to develop soft-        Thomas, chair of the Queer Studies
ware to sew together images that the       Department at the City College of San
NASA Mars Exploration Rovers took          Francisco. Thomas had the privilege                   LGBT civil rights movement that com-
on Mars. That is when Sargent and          of participating in the first march                   prised the origin of National Coming
partner Illah Nourbakhsh thought of        on Washington, D.C., for LGBT civil                   Out Day, which occurred 20 years ago,
the "GigaPan" concept. Nourbakhsh          rights, a milestone in the ongoing                    on Oct, 11, 1987.
Astrogram                                                                                                                             October 2007
Taking a tour inside the NASA Ames Protective Services Office
    What do law enforcement, coun-          fast or rolling through a stop
terterrorism, export compliance,            sign. But many people know
locksmith services, international visits,   little about what Protective
employee and visitor badging, fire          Services actually does.
protection and emergency response                Former Secret Service
planning have in common?                    agent Ken Silverman leads a
    All these areas, and more, are part     team of 12 civil servants and
of the NASA Ames Protective Services        approximately 90 contrac-
Office (PSO), Code JP, in the Center        tor employees whose job is
Operations Directorate.                     to protect life and property

                                                                                                                 NASA photos by Dominic Hart
                                                                             NASA Ames Protective Services Office employees--in the Ames
                                                                             badging office (left); on site at Moffett/NASA Ames (top right);
                                                                             and at the front gate (below)--keep NASA Ames a safe and secure
                                                                             place to work.

                                                                                          hotel, universities and military estab-
                                                                                          lishments on site, in addition to the
                                                                                          NASA Ames research campus, Ames/
                                                                                          Moffett is much like a city of several
                                                                                          thousand people. And, it faces many
                                                                                          of the problems of a small city: traffic
                                                                                          issues such as speeding, vehicle acci-
    "Since 1994, the                                                                      dents and failure to stop for stop signs,
Protective Services                                                                       theft, vandalism and a variety of other
Office has provided                                                                       criminal offenses.
NASA Ames with pro-                                                                           The law enforcement team in-
fessional security and                                                                    cludes four primary groups of em-
emergency services,"                                                                      ployees:
said PSO Chief Bob                                                                            • Security officers (light blue
Dolci. "Our job is to                                                                     shirts) control access to Ames at each
provide a safe, secure                                                                    of the center's five gates. Undoubtedly
environment for the                                                                       the best known security officer is the
Ames staff so they                                                                        late Johnny Green.
can do their work and                                                                         • Vehicle inspectors search incom-
help NASA achieve its                                                                     ing vehicles on a random basis for the
mission." Deputy Divi-                                                                    presence of weapons, contraband or
sion Chief Phil Snyder,                                                                   other potentially dangerous items.
and Assistant Division                                                                        • Security police officers (dark
Chiefs Ken Silverman                                                                      blue shirts) perform law enforcement
and Ann Sullivan, round out the man-        and preserve peace and order at Ames,         services at Ames, including patrol,
agement team.                               the NASA Research Park and Moffett            crime prevention and enforcement of
    Security management is probably         Field. Silverman's team also is re-           the traffic management plan. Secu-
the most recognizable of Protective         sponsible for international programs,         rity police officers have federal arrest
Services' functions. We see the guards      program security, personnel security,         authority.
and the vehicle inspectors at the gates,    technical security and investigations.            • Emergency dispatchers take
and some us of know about the of-               With commercial companies, retail         reports of emergency and non-emer-
ficers who ticket us for driving too        shops, restaurants, a bank, housing, a                                    continued on page 11

Astrogram                                                      3                                                                October 2007
Hopkins outlines NASA’s Media Communications Policy
continued from front page
     Issued by NASA Headquarters in         their area of expertise and identify            Ames Center Director S. Pete
October 2006, the policy establishes        themselves as contract employees.          Worden, who introduced Hopkins,
clear areas of responsibility and coor-         Employees are to notify their          said that NASA wants to disseminate
dination methods intended to improve        supervisor about upcoming media            information to the public and will as-
NASA's communications process.              interviews and coordinate with their       sist researchers to ensure their papers
These procedures govern the release of      public affairs officer in advance of the   are published.
public information, which is defined        interview whenever possible.                    “The point is to get your stuff out,”
as information in any form provided             Public affairs officers' role is to    Worden said. “I think the message
to news and information media, espe-        “attest to the content of the interview,   here is that if there are problems let
cially information that has the poten-      support the interviewee and provide        us know and we'll work to get them
tial to generate significant media or       post-interview follow-up with the me-      fixed.”
                                                                                                          by Michael Mewhinney
public interest or inquiry. The policy      dia as necessary,” Hopkins explained.
is available online at http://www.
     According to a Government                Sally Ride Festival inspires girls
Accountability Office (GAO) report                The Sally Ride Science Festival
issued in May 2007, the director of the      was held at NASA Ames recently.
Office of Science and Technology Pol-        Hundreds of girls attended the
icy cited NASA's media communica-            event, which was aimed to inspire
tions plan as a model for other federal      girls from 5th - 8th grade to study
agencies to consider when developing         math and science, in the hope that
their own communications policies.           this will help the next generation of
     The policy does not include scien-      women be active participants in our
tific and technical reports, Web post-       technical society.
ings designed for technical or scientific         The event was similar to a street
interchange, or technical information        fair, and consisted of hands-on ac-
presented at professional meetings or        tivities, booths, food and music. As-
in professional journals.                    tronaut Sally Ride gave the keynote
     Hopkins also is the assistant           address at the event.
administrator for the Office of Com-
munications Planning, which provides
long-term strategic communications                                                                   Astronaut Sally Ride gives her
messaging and planning and coordi-                                                                   key note speech at the festival.
nates outreach activities throughout
the agency. He served previously as                                                                Angela Phillips Diaz, director,
the senior advisor to NASA Deputy                                                                  Strategic Communications and
Administrator Shana Dale.                                                                          Development Directorate at Ames,
     Describing his duties as “the ulti-                                                           (center left in blue suit), visits
mate cat herder,” Hopkins said one of                                                              one of the science stations at the
the things he does at Headquarters is                                                              recently held Sally Ride Science
                                                                                                   Festival at Ames.
trying to improve communication by
“making sure everyone is talking to
each other so that everyone is on the
same page.”
     Hopkins stressed the importance
of employees working with their pub-
lic affairs offices to coordinate media
interviews and dissemination of infor-      Right photo: Girls
mation to the news media.                   learn Newton’s
     NASA employees are allowed             Laws of Motion as
                                                                                                                                  NASA photos by Dominic Hart

to speak to the media and the pub-          they launch water
lic about their work, but that only         rockets at the science
designated NASA spokespersons are           festival.
authorized to speak for the agency in
an official capacity regarding NASA
policy, programmatic or budget is-
sues. He said contractors are allowed
to speak to the media, but only about

Astrogram                                                                                                                October 2007
Nellie Lutcher, a famous musical legacy, remembered
    NASA has been a part of my life                was her love and, by age 23, she was                                          radio for the March of Dimes telethon.
for 27 years and until recently I did              off to Los Angeles, the big city, to try                                          Nellie played for the Queen of
not know why I'm here and what mo-                 her luck.                                                                     England, the BBC in London, the
tivated me to work and care for this                    She landed a job the first week                                          Apollo Theather in Harlem, Café
                                                   earning $2 a night. Until then, she had                                       Society in New York, on the Ile de
                                                   been paid $2 a month, at home playing                                         France cruise ship and all over the
                                                   for the New Sunlight Baptist Church                                           United States. When I was growing
                                                   in Lousiana. Work was steady, but                                             up, she was a regular at Disneyland
                                                   it took her 12 years to be discovered.                                        in the New Orleans section. Mr.
                                                   Working at the Dunbar Hotel in 1935,                                          Disney would ride her around in a
                                                   she knew them all: Duke Ellington,                                            horse-drawn carriage. She cut duos
                                                   Count Basie, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson,                                       with Nat "King" Cole and had over a
                                                   Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Lena                                              dozen hit singles. In her later years,
                                                   Horne, Langston Hughes and W.B.Du                                             when her music was less popular, she
                                                   Bois. They all stayed at the Dunbar                                           became the first African-American
                                                   and listened to Nellie play night after                                       woman to be on the board to the Musi-
                                                   night. Her best friends were Billie                                           cians' Union. She was a part of the
                                                   Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah                                            class action law suit with the record
                                                   Vaughan. She played from 8 p.m., in                                           companies to change the way they put
                                                   the evening to 2 a.m., in the morning,                                        musicians under contract. In her day,
                                                   then moved onto the breakfast clubs                                           the standard contract gave you $.01
                                                   to play until 5 a.m. or 6 a.m., in the                                        per record, a half cent if you recorded
 Nellie Lutcher, first African-American woman
 to be on the board to the Musician’s Union. She   morning. However, she was discov-                                             a duo. She made millions for others,
 also performed with Nat “King” Cole and made      ered in 1947 after performing on the                                                                  continued on page 7
 numerous hit singles.

agency with such passion. That was
given to me by my ancestors. I have                                Ames kicks off CFC campaign
met presidents of the United States
                                                                                                                                                 The Combined Federal
and dignitaries from all over the world
as part of my duties for NASA Ames.                                                                                                         Campaign (CFC) kick-off
I have represented NASA on many oc-                                                                                                         meeting was held at the
                                                                                                                                            center in early October.
                                                    NASA photos by Dominic Hart

casions, produced events on behalf of
NASA Ames for thousands of people                                                                                                           NASA Ames has tradition-
and yet I was never more moved than                                                                                                         ally been a leader among
the experience I had this past month.                                                                                                       Bay Area federal agencies in
    We all have a story to tell. How                                                                                                        our generosity and support
we got here, who our people were and                                                                                                        of the Combined Federal
what makes us who we are. Someone                                                                                                           Campaign (CFC). The Ames
once said, "Only the strong survived                                                                                                        campaign theme for this year
the passage from Africa to the Ameri-                                         David Goronja, from Philippine Children’s Fund of Ameri-
                                                                                                                                            is '2 Minutes 2 Make a Differ-
cas, and I am a descendent of the                                             ca, spoke at the recent CFC kick-off meeting at the center.
strongest. I didn't feel very strong, nor                                                                                                           ence.' The campaign
do I now; but I feel very proud of my                                                                                                               this year runs from
ancestors, because I know it was not                                                                                                                Oct. 10 through Nov.
easy for them to survive and thrive."                                                                                                               16, 2007. Representa-
    This is the story of one of my rela-                                                                                                            tives from two Bay
tives, my aunt Nellie Lutcher, born                                                                                                                 Area charities within
Oct. 15, 1912. She died June 8, 2007.                                                                                                               the CFC spoke dur-
She was born in Lake Charles, La.,                                                                                                                  ing the event. There
one of 10 children, my father's oldest                                                                                                              was training follow-
sister. She was born into a musical                                                                                                                 ing the meeting for
family and everyone played some-
                                                                                                                                                    the CFC captains and
thing. She played the piano from age
8 in the church and, by age 13, she was                                                                                                             key workers.
playing for the likes of Ma Rainey. My
grandpa had a band, and they played
                                                                 Anthony R. Gross, 2007 chairman of the Ames CFC, during the
weekends and holidays all around                                 kick-off meeting.
town, with Nellie at the piano. Jazz

Astrogram                                                                                         5                                                            October 2007
  ‘GREEN Team’ holds environmental symposium at Ames
       A seminar entitled 'Global Re-         support, astrobiology, planetary           ronmental (clean-tech) activities
   search into Energy and the Environ-        science, systems engineering               outside of NASA, the GREEN
   ment at NASA (GREEN) Sympo-                and aerodynamics be applied to             Team is planning a series of events.
   sium' was held on Oct. 19, 2007, at        energy and environmental prob-             These events will include lectures
   the center.                                lems? Do we need a new 'Apollo-            by scientists, engineers and policy
       The event was a first in a series      like' program to focus attention on        makers followed by in-depth
   of seminars that will consider how         these problems? If so, what role           discussions with the audience. The
   the tools and expertise developed by       should NASA play in such a pro-            audience will include both NASA
   NASA for the exploration of space          gram? What role should NASA                personnel and invited participants
   can be applied to problems associ-         Ames play?                                 from academia, national labs, and
   ated with sustainable energy and               To address these issues and            the private sector.
   clean technologies on Earth.               inform the NASA Ames com-
       Can lessons learned from life          munity about energy and envi-

NASA research indicates oxygen on Earth 2.5 billion years ago
continued from front page
to produce oxygen by photosynthesis.        train a new generation of astrobiology       continental drilling projects of astrobi-
However, many geoscientists think           researchers. The institute's Astrobiol-      ological significance, especially those
organisms began to produce oxygen           ogy Drilling Program is an interna-          concerning Earth's early atmosphere.
much earlier, but the oxygen was            tional program aimed at coordinating                           by Michael Mewhinney
destroyed in reactions with volcanic
gases and rocks.
    "What we have now is new evi-
dence for some oxygen in the environ-        Disability rights proponent speaks at Ames
ment 50 to 100 million years before the
                                                 Kathy Martinez, executive
big rise of oxygen," Anbar said.
                                             director of the World Institute on
    "Our findings strengthen the no-
                                             Disability (WID), recently shared
tion that organisms learned to produce
                                             some of her personal experi-
oxygen long before the Great Oxida-
                                             ences and stories that provided
tion Event, and that the rise of oxygen
                                             a glimpse into the mosaic and
in the atmosphere ultimately was
                                             diversity that is the disability
controlled by geological processes."
                                             community. She spoke at Ames
    The international project brought
                                             in honor of National Disability
together researchers from Arizona
                                             Employment Awareness Month
State University, the University of
                                             this month.
Maryland, the University of Washing-
                                                 Martinez is an internation-
ton, the University of California, River-
                                             ally recognized disability rights
side and the University of Alberta. The
                                             proponent who specializes in
project received financial support from
                                             employment, asset building,
the NASA Astrobiology Institute and
                                             independent living, international
the National Science Foundation. The
                                             development, diversity and gen-
Geological Survey of Western Austra-
                                             der issues.
lia provided logistical support.
                                                 At the Oakland-based WID,
    Founded in 1998, the NASA As-                                                                                  NASA photo by Eric James
                                             Martinez provides influential
trobiology Institute is a partnership                                             Kathy Martinez, executive director of the World Institute
                                             leadership in the areas of advo-
between NASA, 16 U.S. teams and five                                              on Disability (WID), spoke recently at Ames for October’s
                                             cacy, training and public policy.    National Disability Employment Awareness month.
international consortia to promote,
conduct and lead integrated multidis-
ciplinary astrobiology research and
Astrogram                                                                                                                     October 2007
Acquisition Division names COTR of the Year awardees
    On Sept. 20, the Ames Acquisition                     Sobeck, COTR for the Kepler Project;           20 years ago in recognition of that fact
Division hosted an informal ceremony                      William Thigpen, COTR for the NASA             that, as the acquisition process grows
to present letters of appreciation to                     Information Technology Research,               ever more complicated, it becomes
three contracting officers technical                      Development and Operations for Sci-            increasingly important for the people
                                                                                    entific Comput-      in the technical organizations and the
                                                                                    ing contract; and    Acquisition Division to work closely
                                                                                    Irving Statler,      as a team.
                                                                                    COTR for the             At the close of each fiscal year,
                                                                                    Integrated Safety    the Acquisition Division attempts to
                                                                                    Data for Strategic   recognize three or four COTRs who
                                                                                    Response (ISD-       have been committed to that teaming
                                                                                    SR) contract.        relationship which is so vital to suc-
                                                                                        These indi-      cessful contract management.
                                                                                    viduals were                                   by Gary heaGy
                                                                                    selected by the
                                                                                    Division for their
                                                                                    attentiveness and     Kaufhardt Award
                                                                                    while perform-        winners named
                                                                         NASA photo ing their COTR            On Sept. 11, 2007, the Ames
  FY 2007 ‘Contracting officers technical representatives (COTR) of the Year’       responsibili-         Acquisition Division hosted the
  awardees, left to right, Charlie Sobeck, Bill Thigpen and Irv Statler.            ties. This dem-       annual Leslie A. Kaufhardt Acquisi-
                                                                                    onstrates their       tion Peer Awards ceremony pre-
representatives (COTRs) who were                          commitment to customer satisfaction             senting awards of appreciation to
this year’s ‘COTR of the YEAR’ award and proactive contract management.
winners.                                                                                                  three of their peers. This honorable
                                                          The COTR awards were initiated by
    The recipients were Charles                           working level contract specialists over         award, created by members of the
                                                                                                          Acquisition Division 21 years ago,

Training available Nellie Lutcher
                                                                                                          allows individuals in the Acquisi-
                                                                                                          tion Division a chance to recognize

for NOMAD                                           continued from page 5
                                                                                                          and reward their non-management
                                                                                                          peers for special achievements and/
                                                    but saw very little for her efforts.                  or contributions made to the Acqui-
    NOMAD (NASA Operational Mes-                        Nellie was her own woman until
saging and Directory) is a new collab-                                                                    sition Division, NASA Ames and the
                                                    the end of her 94 years. Her nine
orative messaging system being rolled               sisters and brothers were successful                  agency.
out across the agency. NASA Ames                    because of her help. She leaves one                        The FY 2007 winners are Joanne
has begun the migration and you will                son, one granddaughter and a host of                  Comstock, Pat Hudson and Mari-
be migrated soon--if not already!                   nieces and nephews, of whom I am                      anne Shelley. These individuals
    Please participate in instructor-led            one. I am her brother James' daughter,                were selected for their dedication
training on Nov. 7 in the Main Audi-                one of five who are proud to say we                   and concerted efforts in making
torium (N-201) with Entourage (Mac)                 came from the strongest.                              significant contributions toward the
from 9 a.m. to noon and Outlook                         In October 2007, Nellie was hon-
(PC) from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. We’ve also                                                                     achievement of Acquisition Division
                                                    ored with the re-naming of a street                   goals and their support of other staff
tentatively scheduled instructor-led                near where she lived as a girl. The
calendar training on Nov. 28. Please                                                                      members.
                                                    mayor gave the family a proclama-
visit the Web site below for details.                                                                         The Acquisition Peer Award
                                                    tion and we were given the keys to
     Training is critical to a successful           the city. A wonderful museum exhibit                  is named in memory of Leslie A.
migration and will prepare you for                  of her life's work was premiered, as                  Kaufhardt, an exceptional contract
this change in your work environ-                   was a one-act play telling her story. I               specialist who worked at Ames in
ment. You are strongly encouraged                   was proud to attend with many of my                   the 1970s, 80s and 90s and whose
to participate in one or more of the                cousins representing our fathers and                  quality of work, positive attitude
training resources available. See the               mothers during this four-day event,                   and spirit have set the standard of
Training section of the NOMAD Web                   put on by the city of Lake Charles, La.               excellence for the Acquisition Divi-
site for more information (http://no-
mad.arc.nasa.gov).                                      by Sheila lutcher JohnSon-heacock                 sion.
                                                                                                                                by Gary heaGy

Astrogram                                                                   7                                                         October 2007
Ames Partnerships Office reaches out to women in technology
    On Sept. 27 and 28, 2007, the                      and ‘Bringing Innovation to
NASA Ames Technology Partner-                          Market.’
ships Office reached out to over 1,000                       At NASA Ames, the
women at the 13th annual Women                         Technology Partnerships
In Technology International (WITI)                     Office works to form part-
Women and Technology Summit in                         nerships with industry and
Santa Clara.                                           academia in order to de-
    WITI was founded by Carolyn                        velop new technology that
Leighton in 1989 to help women                         supports Mission Director-
advance by providing access to--and                    ate programs. More infor-
support from--other professional                       mation can be found at the
women working in all sectors of tech-                  Technology Partnerships
nology. WITI's mission is to empower                   Office Web site at http://
                                                                   nasa.gov.                                                         NASA photo by Eric James
                                                                        The Technol- Sara Villarreal, left, of the Ames Technology Partnerships Office
                                                                   ogy Partnerships provides information to a WITI Summit participant about the
                                                                                       Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business
                                                                   Office also com- Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs at NASA.
                                                                   mercializes and
                                                                   transfers NASA
                                                                   technology to U.S. indus-          booth promoted possible business
                                                                   try and enhances NASA              opportunities between private in-
                                                                   technology and commer-             dustry and NASA. Small businesses
                                                                   cial objectives through the        benefited from learning more about
                                                                   Small Business Innova-
                                                                   tion Research (SBIR) and
                                                                   Small Business Technology
                                                                   Transfer (STTR) Programs.
                                                                   NASA's SBIR and STTR
                                                                   Programs provide a three-
                                                                   phased approach for small
                                                                   businesses to develop tech-
                                                                   nology in response to a spe-
                                          NASA photo by Eric James cific set of NASA mission-
  Ames Technology Partnership Office staff members at the recent   driven needs, as presented
  13th annual Women In Technology International (WITI) Women       in the NASA SBIR/STTR
  and Technology Summit in Santa Clara. Back row, left to right,   Annual Solicitation.
  Kim Hines, Sara Villarreal and Candice Nance. Front row, left to                                                               photo credit: WITI 2007
                                                                        Under the STTR pro-
  right, Dina Salazar and Paulette Dal Porto.                                                                    Helen Greiner, co-founder and chair-
                                                                   gram, a research institution
                                                                                                                 man of iRobot, at the 13th annual
                                                                   partners with a small busi-
                                                                                                                 Women In Technology International
women worldwide to achieve new                         ness to develop technology based on
                                                                                                                 (WITI) Women and Technology Sum-
possibilities through technology,                      specific mission needs. Visit http://
                                                                                                                 mit recently held in Santa Clara.
leadership and economic prosperity.                    sbir.nasa.gov for more information on
Current membership is over 103,000.                    the NASA SBIR/STTR programs.
     This year's summit focused on the                       The NASA Ames Technology                 the funding possibilities with the SBIR
theme of ‘Innovation,’ featuring inno-                 Partnership Office provided a booth at and STTR programs, while larger cor-
vators and dynamic discussion about                    the Women and Technology Summit,               porations inquired about partnerships
innovation. Speakers included Helen                    with the goal to publicize technology          and licensing agreements with NASA.
Greiner, co-founder and chairman                       partnership possibilities at NASA.                    To learn more about the Women
of iRobot Corporation and Padmas-                      Women-owned, technology-based                  and Technology Summit, visit www.
ree Warrior, executive vice president                  small businesses, as well as women             WITI.org.
and CTO of Motorola, Incorporated.                     in technology-based positions within                                            by candice nance
Workshop topics included ‘Capital                      large corporations, were present.
Strategies for Entreprenuers,’ ‘Power-                       Corporations present at the WITI
ful and Connected: Women Trans-                        Summit included IBM, Oracle, Ray-
forming Technology Environments’                       theon, Intel and Motorola. The exhibit

Astrogram                                                                                                                                     October 2007
Ames Commute Alternatives Fair scheduled Oct. 24
    Learn how easy it is to reduce your       scooter power and other fuel efficient    Program (ACAP) - Choose from one
monthly gasoline bill, traffic head-          options.                                  or more Ames alternative commute
aches and carbon footprint.                       • Breathe California (formerly the    services including shuttle, carpool/
    With auto emissions a major               Lung Association) - Gain the health       parking, transit discounts and bike
contributor to greenhouse gases,              benefits of commute alternatives and      locker program.
now is the time to rethink your daily         also spare the air.                            • Ames Bicycling Club - Join the
path to and from work. Attend the                 • Hybrid Test Drives with Sunny-      award-winning club that promotes
Ames Commute Alternatives Fair,               vale Toyota, Larry Hopkins Honda,         bicycling at Ames.
Wednesday, Oct. 24, from 11 a.m. to           Sunnyvale Ford - Experience the ease           • Mountain View Pedestrian
1 p.m., outside the Ames Mega Bites           of switching to a hybrid with onsite      Advisory Committee - Learn about
Cafeteria, King Road side, to learn           test drives during the fair and dis-      the safety programs affecting residents
about money-saving commute alterna-           counts!                                   bicycling and walking in the city.
tives that can make your commute life             • San Mateo County Transit -               • Peninsula Bike & Pedestrian Co-
smoother and more satisfying.                 Learn about the SamTrans bus line         alition (PBPC) - Experience the joys of
    There are many ways you can               and CalTrans rail line options that can   exploring the Peninsula on foot or bike
make a positive impact on the envi-           work for you.                             with this advocacy group.
ronment through your daily commute.               • Altamont Commuter Express                • Valley Transportation Author-
Here is a partial list of participating or-   (ACE) Train - Help ease car congestion    ity - See how Silicon Valley light rail
ganizations available to share informa-       over the Altamont pass and enjoy a        and bus systems options make it easy
tion with you:                                relaxing trip to work.                    to move around and also help ease
    • http://511.org/ - see how                   • Ames Environmental Services         congestion.
easy carpooling is with this efficient        Division - Find out more about en-             For more information, contact
one-stop matching resource that also          vironmental programs underscoring         April Neilson at aneilson@mail.arc.
provides money-saving promotions.             NASA's commitment to environmen-          nasa.gov, ext. 4-6810. Note: NASA
    • Green eMotor Inc. and Electro           tal excellence.                           Ames does not endorse any commer-
Ride Bikes and Scooters - Learn about             • Ames Commute Alternatives           cial products or services.
                                                                                                               by april neilSon

Ames supports reducing pollution to protect the environment
    Green is "in" everywhere these
days and NASA Ames has long been a
proponent of programs to reduce pol-
lution, conserve resources and protect
the natural environment. Supporting
the NASA mission also means sup-
porting viability and quality of life
actions on planet Earth through our
work contributions, personal energy-
use, consumption and waste recycling
    Each day, the average American
throws away 3.5 to 5 pounds of gar-
bage, adding up to a legacy of 90,000         of how much bottled water really costs    four months of driving.
lbs of trash per person over a lifetime;      when the fuel to transport it, produce         To calculate your CO2 footprint,
the bulk of which ends up as ground,          the plastic and recycle or landfill the   use the 'Low Carbon Diet Personal
water or air pollution.                       container is factored in. Carrying your   CO2 Calculator.' For additional help-
    To bring awareness to this growing        own refillable water container from       ful tips for reducing your carbon
environmental problem, the Envi-              home not only spares the environment      footprint, check out the EPA's guide
ronmental Services Division hosted            but also saves costs associated with      to what you can do about climate
an environmental brown bag event              buying bottled water.                     change at http://www.epa.gov/
recently on the topic of green consum-            Using the new ENERGY STAR             climatechange/wycd/index.html;
erism, presented by Acterra, a local          light bulbs (visit http://www.pge.        visit the Acterra Web site listed above;
community organization dedicated              com/res/rebates/lighting/ for more        and consider taking actions like these
to sustainable Earth awareness and            information) is another easy step to      excerpted from David Gershon's 'Low
education. For more information, visit        reduce energy consumption.                Carbon Diet: A 30-Day Program to
http://www.acterra.org/                           Use of these energy efficient bulbs   Lose 5,000 Pounds.' Also visit http://
     The lunch-hour program high-             can reduce production of up to 312        www.empowermentinstitute.net/lcd/
lighted ways to "green your life"             lbs/yr of CO2 - about as much CO2 as      for further information.
starting with a simple demonstration          the average passenger car produces in                            by april neilSon

Astrogram                                                        9                                                   October 2007
Ames Contractor Council holds 2007 Charity Golf Outing
    Some 50 ‘hardworking’ contractors
and friends on 13 teams participated

                                                                                                                                                                  photo by Carol Roland
in the 2007 Ames Contractor Council
(ACC) golf outing at The Golf Club at
Moffett Field in late September. The
weather was great, the shots were long
and straight (at least sometimes) and
got better on the 19th hole with the
post-golf BBQ.
    The straightest shots were hit by
Kathleen Starmer and Frank Santos.
They were the winners of the closest-
to-the-pin contests for women and
men. The longest-drive winners were
Elise Taube and Tim Walker. The team
from Consolidated Safety Systems
won the low-gross prize while the
Planners Collaborative team was the
low-net winner. Lewis Braxton, along
with Mike Hill, the director of The
Golf Club, shared some of the plans
and the vision of the club’s transfor-                                    The Ames Golf Club Team, left to right, Barry Sullivan, Lewis Braxton, Duc Tran and
                                                                          Demos Tsairides.
mation. There was unanimous agree-
ment that this year was great and next
year will be even better.                                 representative to the monthly ACC                         include the Excellence Awards and the
    This annual event is a unique                         meetings held the first Wednesday of                      2008 Ames Calendar.
opportunity for Ames center manage-                       the month, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., in the                          Through our successful fundrais-
ment and contractor company rep-                          Jack Boyd Committee Room, in Bldg.                        ing activities, we are able to contribute
resentatives to gather in an informal                     N-200. The deputy center director, or                     to education outreach and other wor-
setting to mix and mingle. Gatherings                     his representative, is always first on                    thy endeavors. To learn more about
such as this golf event foster better                     the agenda with an update about cen-                      the ACC and how it actively supports
working relationships that help both                      ter and agency activities. This update                    the Ames community, visit the Web
the government and its contractor                         is followed with presentations by vari-                   site located at: www.amescontractor-
community achieve success in pursuit                      ous guest speakers, including topics                      council.org
of NASA’s objectives.                                     such as HSPD-12, security, safety and                        by dale StanSbury and chriS JohnSon
    Any company with an active                            new business. The next events coming
contract at Ames is invited to send its                   up that benefit the Ames community

   Mythbusters visits Ames to dispell another myth

                                                                                                                                                    Jamie Hyneman of
                                                                                                                                                    Mythbusters (left)
                                                                                                                                                    explains to Ames
                                                                                                                                                    Center Director S.
                                                                                                                                                    Pete Worden the
                                                                                                                                                    myth they were try-
                                                                                                                                                    ing to dispell during
                                                                                                                                                    their recent visit.

   Adam Savage, above, of the Mythbusters show prepares for his
   flight in the advanced concepts flight simulator to test an aircraft
                                                                                                                      NASA photos by Dominic Hart

Astrogram                                                                                                                                                  October 2007
Taking a tour inside the NASA Ames Protective Services Office
continued from page 3
gency situations, lost or found items,      Night celebration. Planning frequently    are handled by two special agents in
and suspicious letters or packages,         involves collaborations with other        Protective Services.
and monitor an array of alarm systems       law enforcement agencies. Silver-             "Having a good working relation-
at Ames.                                    man's team also works with the Secret     ship with the U.S. attorney's office is
     Each security officer and security     Service and FBI whenever the presi-       critical to effective prosecution of any
police officer must pass a rigorous         dent or other U.S. or foreign dignitar-   serious crimes that transpire at Ames,"
background investigation, psychologi-       ies visit Ames or land at the airfield.   Silverman noted.
cal testing and a medical examina-          These duties, as well as follow-up            In an upcoming issue, we'll take
tion. In addition, every Ames security      investigations of crimes committed at     a closer look at some other, lesser
police officer must graduate from a         Ames, liaison to outside police agen-     known, Ames security management
recognized police academy or have           cies and to the U.S. attorney's office,   functions.                by ann Sullivan
worked as a reserve officer with a
local police or sheriff's department.
Although security officer requirements
are less stringent, they nonetheless
meet or exceed the requirements set
for private guards by the state of Cali-    NASA Mars rover software
                                            leads to virtual globetrotting
fornia. Security officers and security
police officers at Ames are employees
of SecTek Inc.                              continued from page 2
     After being hired, each law en-
forcement officer must take and pass a           In partnership with Charmed Labs,    GigaPan images such as the backyard
160-hour NASA 'federal arrest au-           Austin, Texas, the team has begun a       scene, permit users to look back in
thority' course at the Kennedy Space        public beta test of 400 GigaPan robotic   time and study, for example, a bird's
Center. Security officers must pass an      camera mounts. Team members say           nest being built.
80-hour course. The curriculum for          they also will provide a simpler design       The GigaPan system is already
both courses comes from the Federal         for the device so ambitious photogra-     finding more uses. The Pennsylvania
Law Enforcement Training Center             phers could build their own GigaPan       Board of Tourism has created Giga-
at Glynco, Ga., the same center that        robotic camera mounts.                    Pans of Civil War sites. There are plans
trains law enforcement officers for              NASA Ames provided expertise         for children from schools in the United
more than 80 federal agencies.              in panoramic image stitching, camera      States, South Africa, Trinidad and
     During training, security police       calibration and interactive graphics.     Tobago to use the GigaPan system to
officers learn federal laws of arrest,      Another key NASA Ames contribution        examine each other's environments.
search and seizure, constitutional law,     to the GigaPan project is the NASA Vi-        The NASA Ames Intelligent Robot-
self-defense, arrest control techniques,    sion Workbench application, explained     ics Group in 2006 used GigaPan as a
high- and low-speed driving tech-           at this NASA Web site: http://ti.arc.     visual inspection tool during a robotic
niques and officer ethics. Officers also    nasa.gov/visionworkbench                  field test at Meteor Crater in Arizona.
receive in-house training in CPR and             The GigaPan system is part of the        "High-resolution panoramas are
first aid, hazmat response, firearm         Global Connection Project. Its goal       important and useful, particularly for
qualification and legal updates. Every      is to help people learn about other       understanding scientific phenomena
other year, each officer must complete      cultures and environments across the      in context," said Fong, director of the
at least 40 hours of refresher training     globe                                     Intelligent Robotics Group at NASA
to stay current with federal laws and            "An ordinary photo makes it          Ames.
NASA regulations.                           possible to cross language barriers,"         Scientists also think GigaPan will
     Located in Bldg. N-241, the Ames       Nourbakhsh noted. "But a GigaPan          help researchers communicate among
dispatch center is a certified 9-1-1 cen-   provides so much information that it      themselves and with the public world-
ter that operates 24 hours a day, seven     leads to conversations between the        wide. Other uses may include helping
days a week. Dispatchers handle all         person who took the panoramas and         managers examine natural disaster
police and fire-related calls at Ames.      the people who are exploring it and       scenes remotely.
Each dispatcher must meet the same          discovering new details."                     "The possibilities with GigaPan are
requirements as city police dispatch-            Since 2004, an early GigaPan sys-    limitless," said Fong. "We have only
ers and attend the same state-certified     tem has been recording panoramic im-      begun exploring how it can be used
training course as do city and county       ages every 30 minutes of a backyard.      for education, entertainment, science,
dispatchers.                                According to scientists, time-lapse       engineering and a myriad of uses we
     Ames' security management team         digital photography combined with         never dreamed of."
                                                                                                                 by John bluck
also is responsible for developing and
implementing security plans for spe-
cial events, such as last April's Yuri's

Astrogram                                                           11                                             October 2007
 Ames Ongoing Monthly Events Calendar
 Ames Amateur Radio Club, third Thurs., of         Environmental Forum, first Thursday every          Ames Model Aircraft Club, flying radio-con-
 ea. month, 12 noon, N-T28 (across from N-255).    other month, 9 a.m. - 10 a.m., T20-G conference    trolled aircraft at the north end of Parsons Ave.
 POC: Michael Wright, KG6BFK, at ext. 4-6262.      Rm. 129. URL: http://q/qe/events/EHS-              on weekend mornings. POC: Mark Sumich,
                                                   series/ POC: Stacy St. Louis, ext. 4-6810.         ext. 4-6193.
 Ames Ballroom Dance Club, Classes on
 Tuesdays. Beginning classes meet at 5:15 p.m.     Ames Federal Employees Union (AFEU) Mtg,           Native American Advisory Committee Mtg.,
 Higher-level class meets at 5:50 p.m. Held in     First Wednesday of November (7th), noon.           fourth Tuesday each month, 12 noon - 1 p.m.,
 Bldg. 944, the Rec. Center. POC: Helen Hwang      First Wednesday of December (5th), noon.           Bldg. 19, Rm 1096. POC: Mike Liu, ext. 4-1132.
 at helen.hwang@nasa.gov, ext. 4-1368.             Bldg. N-247, Rm. 109. Beginning 2008, third
                                                   Wednesday each month, same location. Guests        Ames Nimble Knitters Club, every Tuesday
 Ames Bicycling Club, every third Wednesday        welcome. Info at: http://www.afeu.org. POC:        at 11:30 a.m., Bldg. N-241/Rm 237. POC:
 of each month, 12 noon - 1 p.m., Bldg. N-245      Paul K. Davis, ext. 4-5916.                        Rosalyn Jung, knitfan2@yahoo.com or Diane
 Auditorium. POC: Julie Nottage at jnottage@                                                          Alexander at ext. 4-3140. URL: http://knit.arc.
 mail.arc.nasa.gov, ext. 4-3711.                   The Hispanic Advisory Committee for                nasa.gov
                                                   Excellence (HACE) Mtg., first Thursday of each
 Ames Bowling League, Homestead Lanes on           month, 11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m., Bldg. N-255, Rm.   Ames Safety Committee, third Thursday of
 Thursday nights at 6:20 p.m. Seeking substitute   101C. POC: Eric Kristich, ext. 4-5137 and Mark     each month, 10 a.m. - 11 a.m., Bldg. N-237,
 bowlers. Questions to sign up: Mike Liu at ext.   Leon, ext. 4-6498.                                 Rm. 201. POC: John Livacich, jlivacich@mail.
 4-1132.                                                                                              arc.nasa.gov, ext. 4-3243 or Terry Reichert,
                                                   Jetstream Toastmasters, Mondays, 12 p.m.           treichert@mail.arc.nasa.gov, ext.-4-0375.
 Ames Child Care Center Board of Directors         - 1 p.m., Bldg. N-269/Rm.179. POC: Miwa
 Mtg., every other Monday, 1 - 2:30 p.m., Bldg.    Hayashi, ext. 4-1397, mhayashi@mail.arc.nasa.      Ames Sailing Club Mtg., second Thursday
 N-262/Rm 180. POC: Sally Miller, ext. 4-5411.     gov. Web: http://jetstream.freetoasthost.com       of each month (March through Nov), from
                                                                                                      12 p.m. - 1 p.m., Bldg. N-262, Rm. 100. URL:
 Ames Contractor Council Mtg., first Wednes-       Ames Mac Support Group Mtg., third Tuesday         http://sail.arc.nasa.gov/. POC: Becky Hooey,
 day of ea. month, 11 a.m., Bldg. N-200, Commit-   of each month, 11:30 a.m.to 1 p.m., Bldg. N-262,   ext. 4-2399.
 tee Room. POC: Chris Johnson, (650) 938-8017.     Rm 180. POC: Tony ext. 4-0340.

  Ames emergency
  announcements                                      Protective Services monthly activity
                                                     A statistical summary of activities of the Protective Services Division’s
  To hear the centerwide status record-
  ing, call (650) 604-9999 for informa-              Security/Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Services units for the month
  tion announcements and emergency                   of September 2007 is shown below.
  instructions for Ames employees. You
  can also listen to 1700 KHz AM radio                                         Security/Law Enforcement Activity
  for the same information.

         Safety Data
     NASA-Ames Occupational
       Illness-Injury Data for
    Calendar Year-to-Date 2007
    Jan. 1, 2007 - Sept. 30, 2007

                      Civil Contractors
                                                                                         Fire Protection Activity
  First aid cases          10         12

  Lost Workday cases 0                  2

  Recordable cases          1          3

  Restricted duty days 0               1

 Above data are as of Sept. 30, 2007.
 May be subject to slight adjustment in
 the event of a new case or new informa-
 tion regarding an existing case.

Astrogram                                                                                                                                October 2007
Ames Classifieds                                           Exchange Information
Ads for the next issue should be sent to astrogram@                                                                Incline Village, Forest Pines, Lake Tahoe condo, 3
mail.arc.nasa.gov and must be resubmitted for each         Information about products, services and oppor-         bdrms/2 ba, sleeps 8, fireplace, TVs/VCR/DVD,
issue. Ads must involve personal needs or items; (no       tunities provided to the employee and contractor        stereo w/CD player, microwv, W/D, jacuzzi,
commercial/third-party ads) and will run on a space-       community by the Ames Exchange Council. Visit           sauna, outdoor pool. Walk to lake. Close to ski
available basis only. First-time ads are given priority.   the web site at: http://exchange.arc.nasa.gov           areas. Visit web site for pictures: http://www.
Ads must include home phone numbers; Ames exten-                                                                   ACruiseStore.com $135/night spring and fall,
sions and email addresses will be accepted for carpool     Beyond Galileo Gift Shop N-235 in                       $173/night summer and winter (holidays higher)
and lost and found ads only. Due to the volume of          the cafeteria , 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., ext. 4-6873           plus $125 cleaning fee and 12 percent Nevada
material received, we are unable to verify the accuracy                                                            room tax. Charlie (650) 743-8990.
of the statements made in the ads. Caveat emptor!          Don’t forget to purchase your baby shower, birth-
                                                           day, holiday gifts at Ames’ two gift shops!
                                                                                                                   New York, 5th Ave., one fully furnished bedroom
                                                                                                                   apt. in 24 hour security fbldg. overlooking
Transportation                                             Visitor Center Gift Shop N-943                          Washington Square Park, $1,000/week or
                                                           M-F, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., ext. 4-5412                     3,000/month, negotiable. Call (650) 430-6977.
‘03 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Utility (SUV).
Only 51,000 miles. Automatic, 4 cylinder, 2WD,             NASA logo merchandise, souvenirs, toys, gifts and
                                                           educational items.                                      Paris/France: Fully furnished studio. 5th arr, Latin
4 door, red and in excellent condition. $9,950.
                                                                                                                   Quarter, Notre Dame and Lie-St. Louis, $1,400/
Call R. Smith (408) 926-4747.                                                                                      week, negotiable. Call (650) 430-6977.
                                                           Tickets, etc... N-943 outside the main gate,
Miscellaneous                                              10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., ext. 4-5412 and Beyond
                                                           Galileo, 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. ext. 4-6873                Santa Cruz townhouse, 2 bedrooms plus study,
The Ames Cat Network needs help finding                                                                            2 baths, decks, totally furnished, 3 blocks from
homes for cats trapped at Moffett. They range                                                                      beach, available July, August, September; $1,600
                                                           Mega Bites Cafeteria N-235, 6 a.m. to                   per month. Call (831) 423-5777 (H) or (831) 277-
from feral to abandoned/lost pets. Tested,                 2 p.m., ext. 4-5969/Catering ext. 4-2161
altered and inoculated. Call Iris at ext. 4-5824                                                                   8476 (C).
if you or someone you know are interested in               See daily menu at: http://exchange.arc.nasa.gov
fostering or adopting a cat.                                                                                       Lake Tahoe cabin rental in Agate Bay, North Shore.
                                                                                                                   4bd/3ba tri-level, AEK, cable TVs, fireplace, BBQ,
                                                           Moffett Field Golf Club with ‘Tee minus                 deck, sleeps 10. Closest skiing is Northstar, Alpine
                                                           1’ Grill and Sports Bar. Call (650) 603-8026.           and Squaw. Rates are $375 a weekend, $1,000 a
                                                                                                                   week. Call (408) 867-4656.
 EVM award to be pre-                                      RV Lots Available Call to reserve a                     Florida west coast vacation in St. Petersburg,
 sented at PM Challenge
                                                           space at (650) 603-7100/01.
                                                                                                                   beautiful 2bd/2ba condo, fully equipped kitchen
                                                           Civilian/Contractors, $50/mo; military $25/mo           and furnished, sunset views, 1/4 mile from St. Pete
                                                                                                                   Beach, monthly or 2 week minimum rentals only.
      The NASA Office of Chief Engineer is                 NASA Lodge (N-19) 603-7100                              Call (703) 299-8889 or e-mail: jdgoehler@aol.com
 sponsoring an agency-wide Earned Value                    Where to stay when you’re too tired to drive home?      Monterey Bay vacation rental at Pajaro Dunes, 20
 Management (EVM) Award of Excellence                      What about the lodge?! Two types of rooms: Bldg.        miles south of Santa Cruz, 3bd/2ba beach house
 to be awarded at the PM Challenge Confer-                 19 (43 rooms), rate: $55/night ($5 ea add’l adult);     with distinctive architecture. Beautiful ocean and
 ence in Daytona Beach, Fl., on Feb. 26, 2008.             Bldg. 583 (150 rooms), rate: $45/night ($5 ea. add’l    valley views, only 150 ft from the beach, first-class
 The purpose of this award is to recognize                 adult)                                                  tennis courts. $700/wkend, $2,100/wk including
 leadership, excellence, innovation and agility                                                                    cleaning by the maid service when you depart.
 in the application of EVM in our projects.
                                                           Ames Swim Center (N-109) 603-8025                       Call (408) 252-7260.
      The award is intended for both NASA                  The pool is heated year round! The pool is cur-
                                                                                                                   South Lake Tahoe large cabin surrounded by
 in-house EVM applications as well as NASA                 rently available for lap swim, pool parties and
                                                                                                                   protected forest, 8 miles from Stateline Sleeps 12
 projects that actively use their contractor               special events. POC -Chana Langley, Pool Manager
                                                           (650) 603-8025. Memberships: single member-             comfortably, 4 bd/3ba. Hot tub/pool table/65” TV
 EVM deliverables to improve the manage-                                                                           Matt (408) 482-5286
                                                           ships: $40/yr. Family memberships: $60/yr. After
 ment and forecasting of their contracted
                                                           purchasing a membership, there is an entrance fee:
 activities. All NASA projects that fit these              daily entrance fee - $3/day or lap pass fee - $40 for   South Lake Tahoe cozy home backs up to large
 guidelines are encouraged to apply.                       20 uses. Platinum membership - $360/yr. (no daily       open meadow, one mile from Heavenly Valley.
      For details on the application process,              fee). Special events: include military training, swim   Sleeps 11, 3 bd/2.5 ba. Large deck with hot tub.
 visit the award Web site located at: http://              team events, kayak role practice, etc. The cost for     Matt (408) 482-5286.
 evmexcellence.gsfc.nasa.gov/ or contact Jahi              special events is $50/hr.
 Wartts at: Jahi.O.Wartts@nasa.gov or Phoebe
 Wescott at Phoebe.L.Wescott@nasa.gov.                     Ongoing Vacation Opportunities                          Astrogram deadlines
                                                           Lake Tahoe-Squaw Valley Townhse, 3bd/2ba, View          Please submit articles, calendar and
                                                           of slopes, close to lifts. Per night: $250, plus $145   classified advertisements to astro-
                                                           cleaning fee. Two night minimum. Includes linens,       gram@mail.arc.nasa.gov no later than
                                                           propane fireplace, fully equipped. Call (650) 968-      the 10th of each month. If this falls on
                                                           4155, DBMcKellar@aol.com.                               a weekend or holiday, then the follow-
                                                                                                                   ing business day becomes the dead-
                                                           Bass Lake vacation rental, 4 mls south of Yosemite.     line. For Astrogram questions, contact
                                                           3bd/1.5 ba, TV, VCR, MW, frplc, BBQ, priv. boat
                                                           dock. Sleeps 8. $1,050/wk. Call (559) 642-3600 or
                                                                                                                   Astrid Olson at the aforementioned
                                                           (650) 390-9668.                                         e-mail address or ext. 4-3347.

                                                           Big Sur vacation rental, secluded 4bd/2ba house
                                                           in canyon setting. Fully eqpd kitchen. Access to
                                                           priv. beach. Tub in patio gdn. Halfway between
                                                           Carmel and Big Sur. $175/night for 2; $225 for 4
                                                           and $250 for more, plus $150 cleaning dep. Call
                                                           (650) 328-4427.

                                                           Pine Mountain Lake vacation home. Access to golf,
                                                           tennis, lake, swimming, horseback riding, walk
                                                           to beach. Three bedrooms/sleeps 10. $100/night.
                                                           Call (408) 799-4052 or (831) 623-4054.

Astrogram                                                                           13                                                                    October 2007
Teams compete for votes at Ames annual chili cook-off
     In early October, 18 teams com-
peted in a culinary cook-off. Lots of
people were out to sample the awe-
some chili which began at 11 a.m.
     This year’s theme was sports and
all the booths were decorated to the
hilt. Participants got to enjoy their
skills in the batting cage, golf radar
driving range, speed pitch cage, 3
pointer football and slap shot hockey.
The free peanuts, cracker jacks, cot-
ton candy and ice cream cups were a
smash hit.                                                                                       Ames employees participating in the recent chili
                                                                                                 cook-off held recently at the center.
Chili cook off awards went to:                             NASA photos by Jon-Pierre Wiens
Peoples choice
   1st place team - Asani (Code TI)
   2nd place team - Surfin Slugs on
     Steroids We Sizzle! (Code D)
                                                                   Aeronautics Technical seminar held
   3rd place team - Chili Colorado                                                                           Another presentation in the Aero-
     Buffalo’s (Code RCM -                                                                                   nautics Technical Seminar series
     Leo Magazu)                                                                                             was given recently by Richard
                                                                                                             Jehlen, director, Planning and
Judges Choice
                                                                                                             Procedures Air Traffic Organization
   1st place team - NFAC is Back                                                                             System Operations Services, Federal
     (Code U)                                                                                                Aviation Administration (FAA),
   2nd place team - Hog Wild                                                                                 left, and Chief National Airspace
     (Code RM machine shop                                                                                   System Architect Diana Liang. This
   3rd place team - Knockout Chili                                                                           tied directly to key research issues
     (Code YS)                                                                                               currently being explored by NASA’s
                                                                                                             Next Generation Air Transporta-
Best Presentation                                                                                            tion System (NGATS) Airspace and
  NFAC Is Back (Code U)                                                                                      Airportal projects.
5 Alarm
   Knockout Chili (Code YS)                                          NASA photo by Eric James

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