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									PeopleSoft Enterprise - CS 8.9 Bundle 11 Relea
Campus Solutions Student Administration
These release notes reflect application updates for PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions Student Administration products in

Product    Category            Incident ID    Reported Problem Description

AV         GP Inquiry              30447004 Designation Donor Filter

AV         GP Entry               671303003 Tribute information from pledge
                                              does not carry over to pledge

AV         Prospect Manager      1309090003 Action Summary Detail page
                                              does not display the action

AV         Prospect Manager      1466278003 Action Details should be like Gift
AV   General            1497659003 AVDESDNR.SQR aborted with
                                    number out of range

AV   Prospect Manager   1572589003 Can not see the Pledge
                                    information of the Action Result
                                    from the Action Detail Page

AV   Prospect Manager   1647324002 Planned Giving Profile has
                                    hardcoded 'Bequest' in its view

AV   GP Entry           1652881002 CR credit card process needs
                                    better audit trail
AV   Manage Orgs        1661667001 Negative service indicators not
                                    appearing on the Organization
AV   Prospect Manager   1670128002 Mass Actions redesign is not
                                    including External Organizations
                                    in MYPROS workset

FA   Perkins Loan       1635253001 Perkins Master Promissory Note
                                    online acceptance stores the
                                    wrong middle initial.

FA   COD Grants         1676787002 Students awarded ACG1 with
                                    NSLDS level U0 - freshman
                                    never attended will fail

SR   Enrollment           41013003 Enrollment component: Need to
                                    prevent type over on class
                                    number field for saved
                                    enrollment rows
SR    Enrollment          1535830001 Link on Quick Enroll Create
                                       Transcript Note throws user out
                                       of system

SR    Combined Sections   1618234002 Hardcoded status values are
                                       displayed on page

SR    Repeat Checking     1652898001 Repeat checking is not working
                                       right if student has topic course
                                       on record

SR    Enrollment          1657251001 Enroll with a Drop if Enroll
                                       (swap) Class specified returns
                                       incorrect Invalid Access to Drop

SR    Class Roster        1670759001 The status, e.g. (Withdrawn), no
                                       longer appears next to student
                                       name on self service Class

SSF   GL Interface        1566640002 EIP: Unable to trigger message
                                       BUS_UNIT_SF_SYNC from
                                       HCM 9.0 to FSCM 9.0
SSF   GL Interface        1623058001 GL Interface Fails With
                                      Duplicate Insert on

SSF   GL Interface        1650416002 Add the ability to
                                      input/modify/display the
                                      chartfields on the item type gl
                                      interface page and
                                      departmental receipts page.

AA    Analysis Database   1587413003 The COBOL process
                                      SRPCTDRB is not populating
                                      the ADB for bigger groups of

SR    Transcripts         1659405001 User can update Transcript
                                      Type Security even in display-
                                      only mode.

SR    Transcripts         1659466001 Transcripts error when External
                                      Organization Transfer parameter
                                      is set to External and Internal
SR    Transcripts   1667974002 Test and Transfer credit (not for
                                 GPA) displays units attempted
                                 differently on transcripts

SSF   Cashiering    1649058001 Cashier Closing Balances Can
                                 Be Updated After Cash Office Is

SSF   Credit Card   1661718002 Hardcoded page title for page

SSF   Posting       1668061001 Campus Solutions updates to
                                 react to Tax Update 07-D field

SSF   Cashiering    1671807001 The same cashiering receipt can
                                 be posted twice by two users.
SSF   Tax Reporting - 1098T   1470748003 Inconsistent treatment in 1098-T
                                          process for students who get no

SSF   Tax Reporting - 1098T   1580833002 Charges that are reversed and
                                          reposted are not being reported
                                          on the 1098T.

SSF   Tax Reporting -         1592567002 Receiving a SQL Insert Error for
      Canadian                            Duplicate Record When Running

SSF   Tax Reporting - 1098T   1597377003 Modify SFP1098.cbl to select
                                          students who have no row in the
                                          citizenship table and no row in
                                          the visa table as eligible
SSF   Tax Reporting - 1098T   1601020002 Payment received 1098T is
                                           picking up canceled refunds in
                                           Box 4.

SSF   Tax Reporting - 1098T   1603800001 Allow flexibility in 1098-T setup
                                           for Universities to determine
                                           who is issued a tax form 1098-T

SSF   Tax Reporting - 1098T   1612133002 1098-T Problems with box 1, 4,
                                           5 and 6 when payment
                                           swapping present using
                                           payments received method

SSF   Tax Reporting - 1098T   1617548001 When a student has no valid
                                           name type for 1098T the prior
                                           students name will be inserted
                                           on 1098-T
SR   NLD - General Admin    1589453001 Field incorrectly hidden on page
                                        SSR_STD_PRG_NLD after CS
                                        8.9 Bundle #6

FA   Perkins Loan           1571530001 Driver's License Missing From
                                        Perkins MPN

FA   Self Service: Accept   1636182001 Wrong/broken link displayed in
     Awards                             Award Summary Page after
                                        viewing MPN

FA   Pkg - Setup            1678283002 Change disbursement protection
                                        default for ACG/Smart grant
                                        item types.
FA   Pkg - Aggregates      1678383002 AE program SFA_ASG_AGGR
                                       abends when FA Item Type
                                       aggregate area and/or academic
                                       level is blank.

FA   Pkg - Miscellaneous   1614971001 Unable to override SAP with
                                       Professional Judgment after
                                       Bundle 8 (Regs 2, 2007)

FA   Pkg - Miscellaneous   1623599002 Repackaging a student with Not
                                       Meet SAP and who has had
                                       loans disbursed is causing
                                       errors in Posting.

FA   Pkg - Award Entry     1676375002 Regs 4 (07-08) ACG/SMART
                                       functionality impacting awards
                                       for 06/07.

FA   Auth/Disburse         1669814002 ACG Disbursements can not be
                                       reversed if there is no grant
                                       eligibility record.

FA   Auth/Disburse         1673573001 Unable to disburse ACG
                                       students 1st year never
SAD   Test Scores/Loads         69129004 ACT Interest Inventory does not
                                          load correctly.

SAD   Matriculation Process   1619955001 Mass matriculation buffer error
SAD   AUS - TAC Loads       1627791001 SATAC Load and Post

SAD   Prospect Processing   1662540001 Unique Constraint thrown while
                                        running SAD_CRT_PGM for
                                        multiple institutions

FA    Perkins Loan          1511697001 Enhancement Request: Perkins
                                        eMPN functionality should utilize
                                        Address Usage table
FA   Perkins Loan           1673060001 Receiving a Microsoft Internet
                                         Explorer error when Request
                                         Paper MPN and student has no
                                         name/address type found.

FA   COD Grants             1677917001 Status field missing from Eligible
                                         CIP Codes for SMART page on

FA   COD Grants             1678962002 New rigorous high school codes

SR   Class Search           1346193001 Class Search enrollment
                                         requirement group description
                                         shows incorrect effdt row

SR   Student Self Service   1512305001 Self service official transcript
                                         request inconsistently displays
                                         term dates

SR   Class Search           1608917001 Class Search SQL errors out if
                                         there one of the search fields
                                         contains an apostrophe.

SR   Academic Standing      1613362001 Academic Standing does not set
                                         code with multiple OR criteria
SR   Student Self Service   1614368002 Hardcoded strings displayed on
                                        page SS_ENRL_VER_RESULT

SR   Schedule of Classes    1628570001 Maintain Schedule of Classes
                                        performance extremely poor for
                                        large courses

SR   Class Associations     1628896001 Cannot attach future effective
                                        dated Requirement Group to
                                        class in Class Associations

SR   Class Search           1648426001 Enrollment requirements on
                                        class search detail is not current
                                        as of term start.

SR   Schedule of Classes    1672105001 Bundle #10 fix to Classroom
                                        Scheduling Interface for 8.48
                                        tools causes schedule of class
                                        peoplecode errors in tools

SR   Gradebook              1504126001 Gradebook calculation incorrect
                                        due to page refresh issue

SR   Student Self Service   1547475001 Self service grading basis option
                                        is including choices from all
                                        effective dated grading scheme
                                        table rows
SR   Student Self Service   1593230001 Instructor name displays on
                                        weekly class schedule when
                                        instructor print is unchecked on
                                        class meetings.

SR   Student Program/Plan   1614352002 Wrongly-defined message
                                        (99999, 99) results in hardcoded
                                        message displayed on page

SR   Student Self Service   1633381001 Student user preferences cause
                                        enrollment problems in a multi-
                                        institutional environment.

SR   Term Activation        1636754001 Batch Term Activation error -
                                        unique constraint
                                        C) violated
SR   Faculty/Advisor Self   1663614001 Design of Term Drop Down
     Service                            Field in Faculty Center

SR   Student Self Service   1676245002 Hardcoded label displayed on
                                        Self-Service Enrollment Pages

SR   Student Self Service   1681316001 Self Service: Term select
                                        problem when student active in
                                        only one term and their career
                                        code has less than 4 characters.
SAD   NLD - Studielink   1620921001 STUDIELINK: Preferred
                                     language (incoming 03-05 and
                                     outgoing 34-45)

SAD   NLD - Studielink   1620929001 STUDIELINK: Exclude careers
                                     from sending to Studielink

SAD   NLD - Studielink   1624293001 STUDIELINK: Disconnect
                                     between studielink and PS
                                     number of accepted name parts.

SAD   NLD - Studielink   1634425001 STUDIELINK: Message 06
                                     Address Change issues
SAD   NLD - Studielink   1652327001 Inbound fields should be
                                     validated & Studielink/ Message
                                     log is not detailed enough

SAD   NLD - Studielink   1652344001 Error message appears when
                                     selecting inquiry link in
                                     component SAD_SL_STAGE
SAD   NLD - Studielink          1652350001 Unable to add a runcontrol id in
                                            the component Post Studielink

SAD   NLD - Studielink          1653777001 STUDIELINK: Process Message
                                            31O returns SQL error

SR    Term Activation           1661619001 The Tuition Calc Required Flag
                                            is not being updated when
                                            changes are made to the Loan
                                            Election status

SSF   PELS/FEE Help             1660958002 FEE-HELP Determination
                                            Process Errors With Max Cursor
                                            After Bundle #25

SSF   HECS                      1661383002 HECS Waiver is reversed to
                                            $0.00 when program is active for

SSF   PELS/FEE Help             1662713001 FEE-HELP and HECS cobols
                                            only accommodates OPRID up
                                            to 8 Chars

XCC   Personal Data             1657966001 SCC_CHESSN_CONSENT
                                            currently exists in two tables
                                            causing synchronization

SR    Consolidated Statistics   1494045001 Consolidated statistics cobol
                                            SRPCCONR does not allow for
                                            OPRID length over 8 characters
SAD   AUS - TAC Loads         1654755001 UAC TAC Load and Post

SAD   Matriculation Process   1575473001 Admit Type grays out when

XCC   SEVIS                   1653851002 No error on the J Alerts page for
                                          missing gender
XCC   SEVIS   1658444001 I-20 Template and SEVIS Setup

XCC   SEVIS   1663995002 Impact of Interface with SEVIS
                          5.7. Federally legislated
                          program being upgraded.

XCC   SEVIS   1673021001 Report 1640543000 does not
                          hide values as it is supposed to
                          on SEVIS Event Type Page

XCC   SEVIS   1673532001 When SEVIS master sync jobs
                          run at the same time only one
                          runs successfully
XCC   Communications   1582871002 Secondary Mass Change types
                                    do not include join on OPRID

XCC   Names            1604203001 Delivered functionality for multi-
                                    preferred flag error isn't working

XCC   Events           1649592001 Receive error when accessing
                                    the meetings page after deleting
                                    the corresponding event

XCC   Personal Data    1655371001 Unable to see address linkage
                                    data on address inquiry

XCC   Relationships    1656324001 Cannot add more than one of
                                    the same relationship with blank
                                    EMPLID_RELATED after CS 8.9
                                    Bundle 9.
SAD   AUS - TAC Loads   1652697001 TAC Candidate Data pages - not
                                   all data is returned.

SAD   AUS - TAC Loads   1654924001 TAC Load Posting (Update
                                   Existing ID) is not updating all

SAD   AUS - TAC Loads   1674752001 QTAC Post - Campus &
                                   Academic Load not populated
XCC   3C Engine   1659445001 3C engine process now requires
                              administrative function and
                              event ID after Report id

SSF   Tut Calc    1655024001 Waivers are not calculated
                              correctly when an administrative
                              fee is assessed on withdrawals.

SSF   Tut Calc    1667155001 Tuition Calc Run Times Tripled
                              After Campus Solutions Bundle
SSF   Tut Calc       1668730001 On line tuition calculation fails if
                                   there are multiple rows in
                                   acad_prog on the same date.

SSF   Tut Calc       1673951002 After Applying 656271 Tuition
                                   Calculation process received an
                                   error in

FA    Perkins Loan   1681958001 Phone number is not displaying
                                   on the electronic Master
                                   Promissory Notes (eMPN):
 - CS 8.9 Bundle 11 Release Notes
Soft Enterprise Campus Solutions Student Administration products in CS 8.9 Bundle 11.

             Problem Description                                             Resolution Description

             Add Amount Range to the AV_DES_FLTR panel.                      Modified AVDESDNR.SQR to allow amount
                                                                             range to be specified as part of the run control
                                                                             selection criteria.
             When entering pledge payments the gift entry page does not Added a scroll bar for Tribute View and Tribute
             automatically apply the tribute information from the pledge to Notify View(newly created view TRIB_NTFY_VW
             the pledge payments. This requires users to either already      with base table as AV_TRIBUTE_NTFY)in the
             know that the payments should have tributes or to look up       page AV_GIFT_ENTRY for holding details about
             every pledge to see if it has tributes before applying          Tribute and Tribute Notification.Modified Record
             payments. Ideally, tribute information from a pledge would      Peoplecode
             automatically be attributed to any associated pledge            AV_GIFT_DTL.GIFT_TYPE.FIELDCHANGE to
             payments.                                                       clear the Tribute scroll upon changing the Gift
                                                                             Type.Added PeopleCode to Record PeopleCode
                                                                             GE for populating the Tribute and Tribute Notify
                                                                             details.Modified Record PeopleCode
                                                                             ge to check if Tribute No of Tribute Notify is
                                                                             blank and if so assign Tribute No to it from
                                                                             Tribute Detail.

             The action description does not display on the Action           This will be fixed along with the fixes to make
             Summary - Action Detail page. Users must click on the Edit this a single page with all relevant data
             Action button in order to view the description. Would like to   contained within. Reference Incident ID
             have the action description included on the Action Detail       1466278000.
             It would be great if the Action details page (off the Action    Making the Action Details page a single page
             Summary) looked like the new Gift details page (data            combining all the data from the currently
             sections instead of links to further info). This would reduce   separate secondary pages will solve this. Also,
             the number of clicks to get to information, and facilitate      the contact report details will be added to this
             Printing an Action on one page, which is a much-requested       page.
             feature from our users. If there is an associated Contact
             Report for the action it would be great if there was a print-
             friendly version that expanded the page enough to print the
             whole Report along with the action details.
The Designation Donor List errors out in 8.9. It looks like it is Corrected AVDESDNR.SQR to handle integer
rounding the Constituent Types and in doing so it takes a       value properly.
number defined as a 3 position integer with nothing after the
decimal and creates a "monster" number.

When we click on Detail push button of an Action, then Ask      The scroll areas which display this data are
Information push button, where the Action Result is linked to based on a view which restricts results to
a Pledge, we can't see the Pledge Date and Pledge Amount. effective dates less than 60 days old. The
As oppose to seeing this information when we click on Edit      solution is to based the scroll area/grid on
Action push button. The problem is because it's using the       derived fields and retrieve the correct info via
same view (PS_AV_PLDG_REC_VW) for to different                  peoplecode regardless of the 60 day effdt limit.
   - This view is designed to let you link the less than 60
days old pledges to the ASK only. So all pledges older than
60 days won't show up if you select the view.
   - Now it uses the same view when it's time to show the
Pledge Effective Date and Pledge Amount linked to the
action. So of course, this information is not shown because
it's more than 60 days old.

The Planned Giving components have a hardcoded view             We changed the SQL definition for the
(AV_PG_B_VW) which hardcodes the 'Bequest' value into           AV_PG_B_VW record so that BQST_NAME is
the grid. The field BQST_NAME should replace the                selected instead of the literal ‘Bequest’.
hardcoded value.
The CR credit card process would allow the user to better       A new component for reviewing and producing a
monitor the results of each EP transaction with an online       listing of details about an individual run of the
audit display and a report that can be used to trace each       Electronic Payment (EP) batch process has
time a transaction is processed.                                been created. The process of submitting the
                                                                batch EP transactions will now create a new
                                                                control record (AV_EP_RUN_RQST) that will
                                                                capture the operator, run date and time, and the
                                                                transaction requested. That information will then
                                                                be correlated with any EP transaction log
                                                                records to provide the results of the process.
                                                                Online you will be able to view the overall status
                                                                of the process including whether all transactions
                                                                attempted were successful or not, and details
                                                                similar to the existing Transaction Log Inquiry
                                                                pages. One new feature of the online
                                                                component’s inquiry abilities is to shift from the
                                                                results within a particular process to the
                                                                complete history (by Reference Number) of an
                                                                EP transaction (membership or gift). Finally, a
                                                                new listing has been created titled the ‘Electronic
                                                                Payment Processing Audit’. Similar to the online
                                                                component, the listing provides details about the
                                                                attempt and result of transactions requested in a
                                                                single run of the EP batch process.
Negative service indicators are no longer appearing on the         We added the icon image PS_DENY_ICN to the
Organization pages in 8.9. Positive SIs show fine.                 negative service indicator button on the External
                                                                   Organization header subpage.
MYPROS assignments for external orgs from Mass Actions             Processing was added to process the
are not occurring. All assignees including Responsible             responsible ID, solicitor ID, and the Others
Person, Solicitor and Others Assigned should have the              Assigned ID(s) for MYPROS assignments.
external orgs added to MYPROS when Mass Action is
created. It is working for people.
When a student accepts Perkins Loan money, s/he is                 Fixed the code that was storing the incorrect
prompted to request a paper copy of the MPN or                     value.
electronically sign the MPN. This can be found under SELF
chooses the aid year, accepts the Perkins amount and is
then prompted with the MPN. When the student elects to
electronically signs the MPN, s/he is prompted to verify
information, provide loan references, provide additional
references, review indebtedness, accept rights and
responsibilities and finally click the button sign the
promissory note. On this page (SFA_SS_PERK_EMPN5)
the name displayed shows the middle initial as being the first
initial of the first name. Even if a student has no middle
name the middle initial shows the first initial of the student's
first name. After pressing button to electronically sign the
note the middle initial in ps_sfa_perk_mpn is saved as the
first initial of the first name.

When running origination for all the ACG/Smart records that        Fixed the logic that checks if the Item Type Level
have been awarded and have eligibility records in 07-08 a          matches the Eligibility record Level. An Eligibility
large number of students failed origination. The reason they       Level of 0 will now match up with an Item Type
failed is that they are freshman - never previously attended.      Level of 1.
That makes their NSLDS academic level U0. However, on
the item type set up for ACG1 for 07-08 only one academic
level entry is possible and I have chosen first year. It turns
out that the ps_aggr_lvl_xref table translates the first year to
be an sfa_asg_acad_level = 1 (=U1 nslds) and the students
who are U0 are not considered eligible.

The Enrollment component lacks an edits that prevents              Modified peoplecodes
users from typing over an already existing class number (to        STDNT_ENRL.CLASS_NBR-RowInit and
change a class enrollment row). When a user types over a           STDNT_ENRL.CLASS_NBR-SavePreChange to
class number in this way, the enrollment totals for both the       disable Class Number field in order to prevent
old and new class are not adjusted to reflect the change, and typing over an existing data.
the CLASS_TBL enrollment total is no longer in synch with
should be display only once a row has been saved to the
This problem occurs when logged into a CS instance                 Increased the pixel size of fields (edit boxes) on
translated to Canadian French, when user retrieves an              ENRL_REQ_NOTE page to accommodate data
existing enrollment request using the Quick Enroll                 in different languages.
component. When the Click Transcript Note link is clicked,
an error message is returned and the user is logged out of
the system.
In the Combined Sections tab, values of field Status               Modified peoplecodes
(ENRL_STATUS) are displayed in English only. Values are            [SCTN_CMBND_4_VW.INSTITUTION.RowInit],[
hardcoded in PeopleCode, preventing proper translation.            SCTN_CMBND.INSTITUTION.RowInit] and
                                                                   by using existing message catalog numbers
                                                                   instead of hardcoding.

Repeat checking is not working right for students who have a Modified logic in SRPCERPT.cbl to bypass
topics course anywhere in their record. When a student has         matching logic of course topics when
a topic course in his history of enrollments the topic's repeat CRS_TOPIC_LINK is zero. This was causing the
rules override the repeat rules from the course catalog on         "matching logic by course" to fail.
other courses as well.
This problem occurs in self-service if the swap action of drop Corrected field size of session code work area
if enroll is selected in SR Self Service set up. It will also      (W-DROP-CLASS-SESSION-CODE) from 1
occur for administrative users, performing the same                character to 3 characters in SRPCEPRD.cbl.
transaction: enrolling in one class, with a drop if enroll class
number specified on the same request. The enrollment
process uses the session code 1 to validate the session time
period, even though the drop if enroll class is not scheduled
in that session, and even if the regular (i.e. code 1) session
has not been defined for the term. So if the student is
enrolling in a 10W session class, and the Drop If Enroll class
is also in the 10WK session, and the Drop time period is still
available an error is returned invalid access to drop
((14641,71). If the same class is dropped using the Drop
action, the class can be dropped without error.

The (Withdrawn) message that is appended onto students             Modified Peoplecodes to handle email link after
names who have withdrawn from a class is not showing up            the names has been formatted to include the
since we applied Bundle 9. The class roster view shows             proper status such as withdrawn, dropped, and
them with STDNT_ENRL_STATUS = 'E' ,                                waitlisted.
CRSE_GRADE_OFF = 'W' and a date in the
ENRL_DROP_DT field. This is working in our test database
that DOES NOT have bundle 9 applied to it.
Unable to trigger the message BUS_UNIT_SF_SYNC from                Added IB publish peoplecode to
HCM 9.0 to FSCM 9.0. The navigation which is being used            BUSINESS_UNIT_SF component
to trigger this message is Setup SACR > Product Related >          SavePostChange peoplecode
Student Financials > SF Business Unit. The component is            (BUSINESS_UNIT_SF.GBL.SavePostChange).
When a customer has multiple business units (usually               Added a new record used to control access to
representing a unique college in their system) and the GL          PS_SF_GL_HISTORY sequence number. New
interface process is run at the same time for these business       logic in SFPGLINT.CBL and SFPGLINT.DMS
units, the GL Interface (SFPGLINT) will fail due to a              will lock PS_SSF_BATCH_LOCK prior to
duplicate insert on PS_SF_GL_HISTORY. The problem                  selecting max(seqnum) for
occurs because another business unit process has selected PS_SF_GL_HISTORY. This will prevent 2
the same max(seqnum) on SF_GL_HISTORY; since both                  batch instances from selecting the same
cannot insert this seqnum to the table, one of the processes max(seqnum).
Provide the ability to input, modify and display the chartfields Added "Abbreviated Display" functionality to all
without having to navigate to the chartfield sub-page.             of the ChartField setup pages. This field allows
1. Item type gl interface page                                     the user to view and update ChartField values
2. Departmental receipts page                                      using a single field located on the ChartField
3. Course Catalog GL Interface page                                Setup pages.
4. Schedule of Classes GL Interface page
5. Cashiering setup

When a Transcript request is created by the SRTSRQST               Added the clause ORDER BY
AppEngine process for a large selection of students and use A.REQUEST_SEQ_NBR in the stored statement
that Transcript Request number to kick off the COBOL               SRPCxxxx_S_RQSTD in srpcgrdt.dms and
process SRPCTDRB, we see that all the students in the              srpctdrv.dms so the SQL will always pull in the
selection log of AppEngine are not processed by the                detail records in the correct order.
User has display only access to the Transcript Type Security Modified the pagefield properties for
page (menu SECURE_STUDENT_ADMIN, component                         DERIVED_CS.ALL_ACCESS to not enable the
SCRTY_TSCRPT_TYPE). However, the All Access button                 pushbutton when the page is display only.
is not grayed out. If the user clicks this button then presses
Alt-1 the user can save ALL transcript type access to
another user. User should only be able to VIEW this security.

The unofficial transcript returns an error after clicking on the   Modified SRCCTHDR.cbl to increase W-HD-
process request push button. The report does not complete. COUNT to 4 digits and increase the OCCURS of
No report results or errors are returned. Error received:          W-HD-DATA to 2000. Modified SRPCTEXT.cbl
DERIVED_CS.REPORT_REQUEST_PB.FieldChange                           to initialize all 2000 entries in W-HD-DATA.
PCPC:407 Statement:4 The transcript type definition is set
with External Organization Transfer parameter checked for
"External and Internal". If that is changed to "Internal
Equivalent Course", the transcript runs successfully.
Test and Transfer credits granted credit showed 0 units         Added fields TRNSFR_CR_SUM_OPT,
attempted on 8.0 transcript, but shows the same number of       TEST_CR_SUM_OPT, and
units as completed units on 8.9 transcript. This doesn't fit    OTHER_CR_SUM_OPT to track how to display
with the idea of ungraded test credit. This issue happens in Non-GPA units in the summary lines. Added
the old transcripts in release 9 also, however, the new         these fields into TRANSCRIPT_TYPE and
transcripts prints the correct test and transfer credits.       modified the page TSCRPT_TYPE_TRNSFR to
                                                                display each of these fields in the appropriate
                                                                section of the page. Modified SRPCTEXT.cbl
                                                                and srpctext.dms to correctly retrieve the data
                                                                and calculate the attempted units in the
                                                                summary lines based on the values of these new

After a Cash Office has been closed the closing amounts on Added Component record peoplecode
the Close Cashier page can still be updated. The Closing        CLOSE_CASHIER_OFF.CSH_BD_CSH_OPEN.
Amounts on the Close Register page cannot be updated.           SavePostChange and
                                                                SavePostChange to gray the respective closing
                                                                balances after closing a cashier or register.
                                                                Added peoplecode to
                                                                to gray the closing balances when the register or
                                                                cashier it belongs to is closed.

Depending on the component accessed, page                       Labels changed to Massage Catalog entries
SSF_CC_RUN_CNVRT can have two different titles:                 instead of hardcoded text.
Upgrade Encryption or Convert Encryption. Both of these
page titles are hardcoded in the related component
PeopleCode, preventing proper translation.
In Tax Update 07-D the local withholding allowances field       Removed several fields from SFCQBUNT.dms
(LWT_ALLOWANCES) will be increased from 2 to 3 digits.          and SFCQBUNT.cbl, including the field in
The ICE for North American Payroll is 1658686000.               question, LWT_ALLOWANCES.

The field changes are delivered in the following Tax updates:

Tax Update 07-D for HRMS 8.9: Update ID 716885
Tax Update 07-D for HRMS 9.0: Update ID 716886

When Cashiering is setup to use delayed posting two users       Changed SFPQKPST.cbl and SFPQKPST.dms
can access the Student Financials, Cashiering, Post             to add a check against the PAYMENT_TBL for
Receipts page and each cashier can post the same receipt.       the same receipt number. Added new messages
The amount in the drawer will not equal the amount posted       14816, 802 and 14816, 803 for this purpose.
to the students account. Receipts by business date are
correct, as are tender by cashier. Student account will show
duplicate credit, date, receipt number. They will have 2
payment ids in the payment table with the same receipt
If a student withdraws from the term the student receives a       The SFP1098P.CBL program was modified
grade of WF and no 1098-T is generated. If a student simply along with the Run Control page to allow for a
fails all his her classes the EARNED_CREDIT may or may            new bypass checkbox to be selected which
not be set to 'N' depending on the setup in student               enables the user to skip the Academic Credit
records/grading scheme and the student may or may not get validation checking.
a 1098-T.

Per the IRS regulations: Exceptions. You do not have to file
Form 1098-T or furnish a statement for: Courses for which
no academic credit is offered, even if the student is
otherwise enrolled in a degree program; Colleges argue that
academic credit is "offered" to students who fail. Offered
and Earned are two different issues.

If a spring 2006 1098T eligible charge is posted in Dec 2005 Record View SF_1098_CHRG_VW was modified
and subsequently reversed in January of 2006 prior to             to remove a WHERE condition that limited the
running the 1098-T process, the charge will not be reported       number of items processed by the 1098-T
on the 2005 1098T. If after running the 2005 1098-t the           Generation program. The condition ITEM_AMT
charge is reposted in 2006 both the charge and the reversal       <> 0 was removed from the view definition.
will be included in PS_SF_1098_ITEM for 2006 and the net
(zero) will be reported on the 2006 1098-T.

When inserting a CIT record with 0.00 amounts in the              Modified SFGENT4.SQR to check for existence
CAN_TAX_BALANCE table, no check is done to see if one             of CIT record before inserting a new row.
exists before inserting it. This is done within the procedure
Insert-Tax-Balance on line 830 of the SQR. This logic will
only work if all student records from Student Financials that
have T4A information do NOT EXIST as employees in
Payroll. For our institution, we do have students that we do
hire on a part time bases within payroll. Because of this, they
already have a CIT record in the CAN_TAX_BALANCE table.

Modify SFP1098.cbl to select students who have no row in          The SFP1098P.CBL program was modified
the citizenship table and no row in the visa table as eligible.   along with the Run Control page to allow for a
Currently a student with no row in the citizenship table is       new bypass checkbox to be selected which
considered as ineligible. Since it is not required that a         enables the user to skip the Citizenship
school populate the citizenship table many US natives are         validation checking. In addition, the program now
not getting 1098t forms.                                          considers students with no foreign citizenship
                                                                  defined and no invalid US citizenship, as defined
                                                                  on the 1098-T TIN Setup, to be eligible. This
                                                                  assumes students with no citizenship information
                                                                  defined are eligible for a 1098-T.
Using the payments received method for 1098T reporting a        A problem in the DMS for SFP1098P was
payment received against eligible charges will show up in       corrected to consider the refund status when
box 1. If those charges are subsequently dropped and the        determing the amount of prior year adjustments.
amount is refunded in the next calendar year the amount of      The SQL for statement SFP1098P_S_ADJPAY
the refund should be reported in box 4 as a prior year          was modified to include AND
adjustment.                                                     A.REFUND_STATUS NOT IN ('E', 'R', 'X').

When a refund is posted and then reversed it is still being
added to box 4. The refund amount in the Refund header
table is not set to 0 but the refund status is set to R. The
item number is set to 0 in item_sf.

Although not required by law to issue 1098-T forms to           The SFP1098P.CBL program was modified
students who had current year charges AND were enrolled in along with the Run Control page to allow for a
the calendar year some institutions choose to issue forms.      new bypass checkbox to be selected which
They do so for the following populations of students: 1)        enables the user to skip the No Financial
Students who enrolled and were charged in December for          Information validation checking. This new bypass
the following calendar year and had no enrollment in the        will allow students with current year enrollment
current year. 2) Students who were enrolled in the current      but no eligible current year financial information
year, but who had no charges in the current year.               to receive a 1098-T.

When a financial amount posts and forces out a payment          Modified SFP1098P.CBL program and
from a prior year the following errors were noted on the        SFP1098P.DMS to correct an issue with faulty
1098t. Box 1 (payments received) did not include the amt        logic regarding payment shuffling for schools
from a prior year that was reapplied in the current year. Box using the Payments Received reporting method.
4 (adjustments made from prior year) did not included the
amt of prior year payments that were unapplied. Box 5
(Scholarships or grants) contained the amt of financial aid
and all other payments posted in the calendar year. Box 6
(adjustments to scholarships or grants for a prior period)
contained the current calendar years charges. This was true
when there were no prior period scholarships or grants.

Students name is not set to null prior to processing the next   The SFP1098P.CBL program was not re-
student. The 1098-T process selects a student name for the initializing the name information for every
1098-T based on user selections in the SF TIN setup. If a       student. The program was modified to correct
student has no row is ps_names that matches the allowable       this. Now, if a student's name is not found, the
name_types as defined in the name usage table, the name         name fields will be blank on the 1098-T Detail
for the preceding student is written to sf_1098_dtl and         and flagged as an error when the
displayed on the page SF_1098_DTL                               Audit/Validation report is run.
Prior to CS 8.9 Bundle #6, there were two fields on the page The record peoplecode on the
SSR_STD_PRG_NLD (Higher Education Information), Form SSR_STD_PRG_NLD.SSR_SL_STATUS_NLD
of Payment and Authorized for Payment, that always                 field's rowinit and fieldchange event is changed
displayed in a group box at the bottom of the page. With the so that the Payment information may be used by
Studielink changes to bundle 6, Form of Payment is hidden          non studielink participants
unless the Studielink Status field is populated.     This does
not work for schools that are not using Studielink because
they still need to be able to log payment actions on this page
for other processes.

Driver's license information has been populated in Campus          Modified page-field property for driver's license
Community. However, self-service Perkins MPN does not              field on the page SFA_SS_PERK_EMPN1 by
populate the Driver's License field in the Perkins MPN             removing relate-display to EMPLID.
Tracking record when created via SS - we are unable to
update that field in the Perkins MPN Tracking record -
therefore printed Perkins MPN are blank.

Navigation: self-service - review/accept/decline financial aid     Modified Page.Activate peoplecode on
awards - pick the current aid year. After picking the aid year Page.SS_FA_AWD_ACK to check if there is a
to review/accept/decline, you are brought to the Financial Aid value in the Global Variable
Award Summary page. If the student has a Perkins Loan,             &SS_FA_INQ_PAGENAME when determining
after he has accepted the award, he can click on the Perkins which links to display at the bottom of the page.
Loan link and see the details. At the bottom of the Perkins        Modified Page.Activate peoplecode on
Loan Summary page, will be a link to return to the award           Page.SFA_SS_EMPN_VIEW to check if the
summary page, or, if he has signed the MPN, a link to view         value in the Global variable
the MPN.                                                           &SS_FA_PREVPAGE is equal to
                                                                   "Panel.SS_FA_AWD_DTL" and if so, display
After clicking on the link to view the MPN, student is shown       'Return to Award Package' link instead of 'Return
MPN information (date signed, etc). At the bottom of the           to Award Summary' link. Modified Record.Field
MPN, there is a link to return to the award summary page.          peoplecode on
After clicking on this link, you will be returned to the overall   SFA_PERKMPN_WRK.SFA_GOTO_EMPN to
FA Award Summary page showing all the different FA types comment out the statement that sets the Global
(Pell, Stafford, Perkins, etc) awarded. Instead of seeing the      variable &SS_FA_INQ_PAGENAME to blank if in
"return to aid year selection" hyperlink at the bottom of the      the Accept/Decline Awards component. There is
page, you will see the "return to award summary" hyperlink.        a difference between Return to Award Summary
However, you are already at the award summary, and when            link, which takes you back to the View Financial
you click on the link, an error message is received.               Aid - Award Summary page vs. the Return to
                                                                   Award Package link, which takes you back to the
                                                                   Accept/Decline Awards - Award Package page.
                                                                   The appropriate return link is displayed
                                                                   depending upon which page the student
                                                                   navigated from to get to the View Perkins
                                                                   Promissory Note or the Sign Perkins Promissory

The default value for Disbursement Protection should be 'Y'        The DataMover script upd723471_01.dms sets
for all FA item types used for ACG and Smart grant                 the field DISB_PROTECT = 'Y' on
processing.                                                        ITEM_TYPE_FA for all Financial Aid Item Type
                                                                   with Federal ID = 'ACG' or 'SMRT'.
AE program SFA_ASG_AGGR abends when FA Item Type                Modified the Application Engine program
aggregate area and/or academic level is blank.                  SFA_ASG_AGGR, Section UPDTDISB, in
                                                                Step02, so that the first subselect for Aggregate
Process ABENDED at Step                                         Area should include the following criteria in the
SFA_ASG_AGGR.UPDTDISB.Step02 (SQL) -- RC = 8601                 WHERE clause: B.AGGREGATE_AREA <> ' '
Insert of NULL is not allowed.

After applying CS Bundle 8, users are no longer able to         The packaging engine (program FAPPKENG.cbl)
override SAP using professional judgment. If the SAP value      was modified in Section 1100-HOUSEKEEPING
is 'Not Meet', the award fails validation regardless of whether with additional conditional statements that
the PJ override flag is on.                                     preserve a Professional Judgment (PJ) award
                                                                even though the 'Not Meet' SAP condition is set.

When the award is re-validated, the Offered and Accepted        Modified FAPPKCTL.cbl (AT123-LOAD-
amounts are reduced to the Net Disbursement Amount for          FACPKPKG-DISB, AT153-LOAD-FACPKPKG-
the Loan, but the Offered and Accepted amounts are not          DISB, AU123-LOAD-FACPKPKG-DISB, AU153-
reduced on the Disbursement tables. This causes the             LOAD-FACPKPKG-DISB, AU173-LOAD-
Posting process to error with Error: DATA CORRUPTION:           FACPKPKG-DISB, and AW213C-LOAD-
AWARD TOTAL <> SUM(DISBURSEMENTS)                               FACPKPKG-DISB), removing logic associated
                                                                with CUSTOM-LOAN-FEE.

When validating an ACG/SMART award for 06/07 the award Extensive modifications were made to the
is cancelled with an error message related to HERA Acad         packaging engine (program FAPPKENG.cbl) to
level, etc. Because the user can't create the ASG eligibility   allow Hera ACG/SMART Federal Source ID Item
record in 2006-07 recommending that they run the FA             Types awards be repackaged in same manner
Inbound process is not valid.                                   as in prior regulatory releases during Aid Year
                                                                (A/Y) 2006-2007. These are awards that were
                                                                generated prior to the recent Regs 4 bundle
                                                                release. That is, prior awards posted during the
                                                                A/Y 2006-2007 will now be processed with
                                                                "legacy" ACG/SMART treatment, and the
                                                                awards will not be recast with the new Hera term
                                                                based functionality that was effective with in the
                                                                A/Y 2007-2008 release of Regs 4 bundle.

If a student is awarded and disbursed an ACG award, then is Redesign the authorization program to allow
found to be ineligible and the award is reduced, the            previously disbursed ACG awards to be
disbursement authorization process will not process the         processed when the student becomes ineligible
student if the current eligibility status is not 'Eligible'.    and the awards has been adjusted.

Unable to disburse ACG students 1st year never attended. It Modified the authorization to treat eligibility
gives the following error: Student's HERA Academic Level        record grade level of zero as one to align with FA
on Item Type FA does not match ASG eligibility table.           Item Type setting.
Interest Inventory is stored under 6                              Modified the starting position of inventory fields
categories(Science,Arts,Social Services, Business Contact,        in file layout SAD_ACT_LAYOUT.
Business Operations, and Technical). Information in each
category is stored in a 4 position field. Based on the
information I received from ACT organization, the first 2
positions are blank and the last 2 position hold the score.
Currently, the blank fields not the scores are being picked up
by adactlod.sqr.
After the mass matriculation process is run a "No matching        Modified admpgpgs.sqr, added Procedures -
buffer found for level" message is given when trying to view      Select-Institution, Select-Attend-Mode, Insert-
a matriculated record in both Maintain Applications and           Prog-Aus, Select-Funding-Src and Insert-Prog-
Student Program/Plan. However, the record can be viewed if NZL to write to SAD_APL_PRG_AUS AND
the Include History checkbox is ticked in the search page.        SAD_APL_PRG_NZL records.

The buffer error is caused by a missing required field for
Mode of Attendance in the tables used in the page display.
This field is an attribute in the sibling tables
(formally ADM_PROG_AUSA and ACAD_PROG_SUS in 7.6
respectively). The former table is used in the maintenance
display and the latter in program/plan page display.

In the mass matriculation process, records are added to the
application, sibling and enrollment tables that are involved
the actual matriculation, program update and term activation
procedure. In the program update process, it appears that a
procedure to write out the information to the sibling table
SAD_APL_PRG_AUS was not included. The missing
information is cascaded to the term activation process since
it relies on this and the other application tables to construct
the enrolled tables.
"Update SATAC process for 2007 SATAC Specifications.             The SAD_TAC_LOAD Application Engine
Include File Layout for HEIMS Load File.                         Program peoplecode was modified to include the
Revised Applicant File Layout for changes to field length for    processing for File 13 as well as changes were
address data and additional fields applicant type, applicant     made to the existing logic catering to Files 6 and
check indicator and DEST E493                                    7. New fields were created and added to various
Passport Name is parsed Incorrectly for Applicant with only      records and pages. Hardcoded severity values
first and last name eg ""Bob Smith""                             were removed and a new function was created to
Error on Load - FACT File - incorrect field name referenced      read the severity from message catalog.
for FACT Data TAC_DETYA_QUES instead of
Applicant surname loaded and posted in Upper case - should
be Sentence Case
State Prompt on current and residential address is prompting
on Country of Contact address and Address State is
attempting to post from contact address for current address
SQL update error for load file 2 and 4 - qualifications
Error on load file 6 and 7 on field SAD_TAC_COURSE_CD -
occurs when TAC program code is 6 characters.
Offer and course switch on Run control not filtering load data
Suspense message details are not consistent with error
scenario in some cases.
Purge Process errors for load files without

User invoked process SAD_CRT_PGM twice. The two                  The App Engine program SAD_CRT_PGM was
invocations were meant to process prospects for different        modified to limit the creation of 3Cs to new
institutions. A specific emplid was present in both sets of      prospects who were created in the current
data. SAD_CRT_PGM failed in step                                 operator id and runcontrol id. This will allow
SAD_CRT_PGM.3Cs.Step02 with a unique constraint on               multiple processes of SAD_CRT_PGM to
table PS_SAD_3CS_TMP. This was because the emplid was execute in parallel.
found twice in table PS_SAD_PRS_EMPLID. The second
insert failed. The process will not run in parallel

We are testing Perkins eMPN and do not use the permanent Modify Application Package = SFA_SS_MPN,
address type in PeopleSoft. We keep HOME addresses and Class = SFA_Student.Modify
always use that as permanent. The eMPN process will not          SFA_SS_PERK_EMPN1.PageActivate
allow the student to continue because they do not have a         PeopleCode. Replace references
Permanent address. We use HOME as our LOAN_PERM                  PS_HCR_PER_ADDR_I to
address usage setup for loan processing but it does not          PS_LN_PERM_ADDR_VW,PS_SCC_PERNM_N
appear the eMPN is allowing us to indicate which address         P_VW to LN_NAME_VW,PS_
type to use.                                                     HCR_PER_PHONE_I to PS_LN_PHONE_VW
The electronic MPN process provides a means for student to Modified Application Package
request a paper MPN. There is a need to fix the error            SFA_SS_MPN:SFA_Student (added No Name
messages when system is unable to find appropriate name          logic to default to SS name).Modified Page
or address type, based on the usage logic.                       Activate PeopleCode for
                                                                 SFA_SS_PERK_EMPN1 (added None(&Name)
                                                                 logic to default to SS name). Modified
                                                                 (added coming from SS logic to default to SS

In the Bundle 10 documentation it states that on the Eligible    Status field is added to the page.
CIP Codes for SMART page (Setup SACR, Product Related,
Financial Aid, ACG/SMART Grants, Eligible CIP Codes for
SMART) there should be a 'Status' field. There is no 'Status'
field on the page.
Add the four new rigorous high school codes to the ACG           New rigorous high school codes
state program codes table.                                       MO6001,NH6001,SD6001,WY6001 have been
                                                                 added to the ACG state program codes table.
Enrollment Requirement Group Description on Course               Modified application class
Catalog detail is not displaying the row that is in effect at the SSR_STUDENT_RECORDS.SR_ClassData.Enrl
start of the term. The most recent effdt description is          Reqs to display requirement groups effective as
displayed even if that effective dated row on the enrollment     of the start of the term.
requirement group was not valid as of the term start.

A student logs into self-service and navigates to the official   The hide/unhide properties of the Grade Posting
transcript request from the student center. Instead of           and Degree Confer Date are not being set
immediate processing the student selects degree confer or        properly when option field is changed.
grade processing option. If the student then changes the         Modified the peoplecode to hide/unhide these
processing option again and re-selects the term, the term        fields correctly.
date does not display. The date associated with the Select
Term should appear in all cases.

Class Search SQL error when an apostrophe is used as part Modified application class peoplecode
of the search criteria on search criteria fields instructor      SSR_STUDENT_RECORDS.SR_ClassData.Cla
name, course number and course description.                      ssSearch to properly handle apostrophes used in
                                                                 class search criteria.
When creating a rule that has the conditions of a Cumulative Modified cobol program SRPCEASC.cbl to
GPA less than 2.0 OR a Current GPA less than 2.0, the rule handle OR conditions on the academic standing
is not triggered by students with a Cumulative GPA greater       rule.
than 2.0 and a Current GPA less than 2.0 or visa versa. It
will only set the value for a student who has BOTH a Current
GPA and Cumulative GPA of less than 2.0. The rule does
seem to work if only one of those conditions are met.
Two strings remain in English on this page when logged as a Added new message catalog nbr 14690, 220 for
non-English user: 'Enrollment Verification as of' and 'SSN'.   string “Enrollment Verification as of”. Modified
These strings are not defined properly in the Component        peoplecode
PeopleCode resulting in hardcoded strings displayed on the     [SS_ENRL_VER_REQ.GBL.ENRL_VER_PRT_H
page.                                                          D.RowInit] by using Nid type lang table in case of
                                                               current session language different from base
                                                               language.Also modified srccenvr.dms

Saving changes to class sections for courses that have large Modified various peoplecode to improve
numbers (hundreds) of sections takes a very long time          performance.
(many minutes).

Cannot attach a future effective dated Enrollment              Modified page CLASS_ASSOC_RQS by
Requirement Group to a class via Class Associations even       removing fields RQS_CAT_WRK.EFF_DT and
though the date of the Requirement Group is the same as        RQS_CAT_WRK.RQRMNT_GROUP (both fields
theTerm/Session Begin date.                                    on level 1) from it.
The class search details is displaying the requirement group Modified application class
that is effective as of the current date instead of the        SSR_STUDENT_RECORDS.SR_ClassData.Enrl
requirement group that is effective as of the start of the term. Reqs to display requirement groups effective as
Navigation is Self Service > Class Search/Browse Catalog       of the start of the term.

The FUNCLIB_SR.CLASSROOM_SCHED Field Formula                   Modified the peoplecode
peoplecode for Classroom Scheduling Interface delivered in     FUNCLIB_SR.CLASSROOM_SCHED.FieldForm
CS Bundle #10 appears to be PeopleTools 8.48 specific. It      ula and message
contains the IsOperationActive msg reference that did not      CLASSROOM_MEETING_UPDATE
exist pre tools 8.48.

Grades are not calculating correctly in cumulative page when In the page activate peoplecode for
the exclude from calculation flag is checked due to a page     LAM_CLAS_GRADE_TOT, code was added to
refresh issue.                                                 calculate the grades of students when the
                                                               Exclude from assignments flag is checked for
                                                               the optional assignment and also to reflect the
                                                               same under the assignment category in
                                                               Cumulative Grades page.

On page SSR_CLS_DTLOPT, the drop down for grading              In the page activate peoplecode for
basis (Field: Derived_cls_dtl.ssr_grade_basis_ss) is           SSR_CLS_DTLOPT, the function %EffdtCheck
displaying wrong student selection choices. The effective      was replaced with a subselect in all the SQL
date logic of the fill statement in peoplecode location        code that retrieves the grading basis choices.
(SSR_CLS_DTLOPT Page Activate Grading Basis) when
the course career is the same as the student's career is
returning historical values along with current values.
If a class has no meeting pattern defined but has an          The field SCHED_PRINT_INSTR was added to
instructor assigned, the instructor's name will show up in the views CLASS_INSTR_VW4,
Meeting Information Not Available group box for               CLASS_INSTR_VW5 and INSTR_IND_C_VW so
unscheduled classes even when instructor print is not         that the code that displays instructor information
checked on the Class Meetings page. It also occurs on         in the student self service pages can access this
several other schedule grids: wishlist, swap pages, etc. Also information. The following peoplecode were then
in the Meeting Information Not Available group box only one modified to check the flag: function
TBA section appears.                                          Show_Instructors in FUNCLIB_SR.
                                                              WEEKLY_SCHEDULE. FieldFormula, page
                                                              activate for SSR_CLS_DTLOPT, and application
                                                              package SSR_STUDENT_RECORDS:
                                                              SR_ClassData: ClassInfo.

On page PROGRAM_PLAN, when you do not enter an                The message (14630,118) existed in the
Academic Program, an error message is displayed. This         message catalog and the peoplecode was
message (9999, 99, "Please enter an Academic Program for modified in
the student.") doesn't exist in the message catalog, so it    DERIVED_CS.QUICK_ACAD_PROGRAM.Field
displays in English-only when logged as a non-English user. Edit .

When a student enrolls in classes through self-service the    In page SSR_CLS_DTL_WRK, subpage
enrollment pages are looking at their user preference         SSR_CLSRCH_LV0_SBP was relocated from
settings instead of the college and term they selected when   the top of the page to the bottom. This will
they attempted to enroll. Add class pages are missing data    prevent the class search work fields that use
and classes cannot be selected.                               operator defaults from overriding the other level
                                                              0 values in the component buffers.

When running Batch Term Activation, a unique constraint       In SRTRMAC.sqr, hecs-info-array was included
error is generated for the above table and the program        in the list of arrays that get initialized for each
errors. There are existing rows in PS_SSR_HECS_ELEC,          student being processed. Conditional logic was
but NOT the row that belongs to the corresponding student     also added so that procedure process-hecs-info
that appears in the log file.                                 is executed only if the student being processed
                                                              has an existing row in SSR_HECS_ELEC.
This incident is an extension to the scope of incident            This is the continuation of the changes for
1623227000, which addressed an issue with the design of           1623227000, which was delivered in 8.9 Bundle
the term drop down field in self service enrollment. The          10 / 9.0 Bundle 3. At the request of some
current design, according to several customers, lends itself      schools, we are redesigning the way by which a
to error in that students are unaware of the requirement of       self-service user changes the keys on a page:
selecting the Change Button after picking the term from the       instead of selecting from a dropdown, the user
drop down field. The original incident included only the          will now be transferred to a page that lists the
Student Center and data contained in the Student Services         key values on a grid.
Center when accessed by Advisors under the View My
Advisees function of the Faculty Center. This incident carries The following applications were modified as part
forth the scope to include the Faculty Center and Gradebook of this fix: Faculty Search, Learning
components in Faculty self service.                               Management Systems, Faculty Center and
                                                                  Gradebook (for Instructors).
Incident 1623227000 - An issue was raised with the design
of the term drop down field in self service enrollment. The
current design, according to several customers, lends itself
to error in that students are unaware of the requirement of
selecting the Change Button after picking the term from the
drop down field.

The design change will also resolve incident 1626528000:
Change button issue on Faculty Self Service Advisement
and Drop in Advisee View Enrollment Appointments. User
Default value of Term is set to blank. In Faculty Self Service,
when selecting the detail option to view the student's
Enrollment Appointment, current self-service term is
retrieved and the user receives a message that the "Advisee
has no enrollment appointment for this term". But the student
does have an enrollment appointment for this term. In order
On subpage SSR_SSSCHED_SBP, the title of the GROUP4 In function LoadStdntTermGrid
grid is partly hardcoded preventing proper translation. The       (FUNCLIB_SSTS_PL.
"Class Schedule" part is hardcoded in Record PeopleCode.          SSR_STDNT_TERM_KEY. FieldFormula), the
This occurs on Wish List (890 only) Shopping Cart (9.0 only) code was changed to assign message catalog
add, drop , swap and edit pages.                                  entry (14690, 438) as the label for
Students who are enrolled in careers with 2 or 3 characters       The code in SSR_ENREQ_SRCA.
only and who are active in just one term are brought to the       ENRL_REQUEST_ID. SearchInit and function
SSR_SSENRL_TERM page when they click on Add a Class LoadStdntTermGrid (FUNCLIB_SSTS_PL.
in the Student Center. There is only one term listed in the       SSR_STDNT_TERM_KEY. FieldFormula) were
grid and when the student clicks the Continue button they         modified to use the key values from the record
are just brought back to the SSR_SSENRL_TERM page. If fields instead of the arrays as operands in the
the left hand navigation is used to access add a class the        comparison logic.
student is brought right into the SSR_SSENRL_ADD page.
Navigation is Student Center > Add a Class.
The language code is not displayed on the pages whe use         Created a new setup page for language code,
for student information (Campus Community). It looks like it    altered table SSR_STUDENT_NLD and page
only is displayed on the personal information page that are     SSR_STUDENT_NLD, Modified the application
used for HRMS (Workforce administration) which we don't         package peoplecode for inbound 03, 04 and 05
use. Besides we can not see the information because the         and for outbound 04, 34 and 34C messages.
HRMS pages have row security which we don't use for CS
8.9. and because it is student information you would aspect
that it show on a campus community page where we can
update it because it is a requiered field

We have careers where students do a not regular program.        Included the record peoplecode in
These students are not considered regular students by IBG       SAD_STD_APP_NLD.SSR_SL_STATUS_NLD.s
and will never be registered as such by IBG. Is there a         aveprechange that checks the career setup prior
possibility to stop a Message34 and all other messages          to creating the work table record for message 34
related to changes to the student from automatically being
sent to Studielink Basically it is dependant on career. We
know that a user can do it manually per student but that is
not user friendly and very error sensitive. What we need is a
setup where we can ad which careers have to go to
Studielink or which careers must be excluded.

Name Parts: StudieLink accepts from 3 to 5 part names (a        Added a code in the WriteStagingData function
partname is a segment of a name, for example the First          of the application package peoplecode for
Name is one part, the Name Prefix another, the Surname          messages 04, 34 and 34C.
another, etc). When data on the PS side contains 6 parts
(which is possible) the message will fail to be processed on
the StudieLink side. The PS side of the integration could
merge some part names so that it does not exceed the
maximum of 5.

STUDIELINK: Message 06 Address Change issues                    Created an Equation Engine ADDSLMSG06 to
                                                                send address changes to studylink.
Description The message log of the application engine           Included peoplecode in the application package
SAD_SL_IN is not specific enough to solve the problems that SAD_STUDIELINK for all the inbound messages
occur.                                                          to validate the inbound fields and also modified
                                                                the suspense page SAD_SL_SUSP_MGMT so
Inbound application Engine should validate fields which need that the errors are displayed in detail.
to be validated. Example:

When an invalid royal prefix is entered in Studielink the
application engine process ends in error. The message is not
set to suspend and remains unprocessed. This concerns
message 03.

When the inquiry link is selected a peoplecode error            Modified the pageactivate peoplecode for the
message is displayed. Field does not exist -                    page SAD_SL_03_ENQ_SEC.
When adding a new runcontrol id an error message appears. Set default OPRID in the
Highlighted fields are required.                                 SAD_SL_RUN_IN.OPRID.FieldDefault event and
                                                                 SAD_SL_RUN_OUT.OPRID.FieldDefault event
                                                                 and removed it from the saveprechange and
                                                                 rowinit events.

When generating a message 31O (Phase change) the                 Changed the sql definition for
application engine process (SAD_SL_OUT) ends with an             SSR_SL_SEL_PRVSEQ_ACAD_PRG_NLD by
SQL error.                                                       assigning %DateIn for EFFDT
In 7.6, changes to both the student's liability status (within   Modified peoplecode
term activation) and enrolment records triggers the              SSR_HECS_ELEC.SSR_HECS_XMPT_STAT(S
'PS_STDNT_CAR_TERM.TUIT_CALC_REQ' flag to change                 avePreChg) by adding code to set ‘tuition calc
to 'Y'. In 8.9, changes to the loan election in the term         req’ field on HECS status change.
activation page will not change the flag to 'Y'. The flag
changed to 'Y' when changes are saved in the
SSR_HECS_XMPT_STAT field on page
FEE-HELP Determination process errors with a Max Cursor          Added code in XA300-DISCONNECT-
error after applying Bundle #25. The dms statement that          CURSORS section of SFPCFHLP.CBL to close
appear to not be releasing it's cursor is                        the cursor for the SQL Statement buffer S-
SFPCFHLP_S_ENRLREQ.                                              ENRLREQ.
Tuition calculation reverses the HECS waiver when a              Modified SFPCHECS.DMS at statement
program has been discontinued for the student after the max SFPCHECS_S_CARNBR by using ‘last date for
program effdt for the term (max program effdt = term begin       activation’ as effective date to select career
date).                                                           number. Also modified SFPCHECS.CBL
The FEE-HELP Determination (SFPBFHLP) and HECS                   Modified SFPBFHLP.CBL and SFPBHECS.CBL
Reconciliation (SFPBHECS) processes need to                      such that the length of field variable - OPRID in
accommodate an OPRID longer than 8 chars. The FEE-               both the programs is
HELP Process will error with message "FEE HELP                   changed from X(08) TO X(30).
Determination Run Control Missing" if it is run by a user with
an OPRID longer than 8 characters.
The field SCC_CHESSN_CONSENT is on both the                      Scripts are run to move the data from
PS_SSR_STDNT_DATA and PS_SCC_CHESSN_HDR                          PS_SCC_CHESSN_HDR to
tables. This could create data inconsistency when it is          PS_SSR_STDNT_DATA.The record
changed at one place and not the other.                          PS_SCC_CHESSN_HDR is deleted. Modified
                                                                 the Record field
                                                                 SSR_STDNT_DATA.SSR_PERM_RES_CD to
                                                                 take on a default value of “0”.
In PeopleSoft, the OPRID can be up to 30 characters. But in SRPCCONR.cbl was modified to accommodate
COBOL, it seems to handle only 8 characters.                     30 characters in OPRID.
Updates for UAC load and post to cater for following issues:        Modified File Layout -
Add CHESSN and Ordinary SLE Usage to file layout for load SAD_TAC_UAC_SUS_LAYOUT
file 1                                                              App Engine - SAD_TCPSTANZ.ChkDeflt.Step 05
Add UAC Translate values for SAD_TAC_CIT_CD                         SAD_TCPSTANZ.InsPers.Step01 PeopleCode,
                                                                    SAD_TCPSTANZ.ChkDeflt.Step04 SQL,
File Layout has incorrect field lenght for                          TAC_POST_LIB.Adm_Data.Step03 Peoplecode,
SAD_TAC_COURSE_CD - should be 6 not 5.                              TAC_POST_LIB.PRC_SBJ.Step01 PeopleCode,
                                                                    TAC_POST_LIB.MntPflDt.Step02 SQL,
Display Residency page on TAC Suspense and Candidate                TAC_POST_LIB.MntPflDt.Step03 SQL
Data components for UAC - data is loaded and displayed on Pages - SAD_TAC_CD_BIO,
this page                                                           SAD_TAC_SUD_RES
                                                                    Records- SAD_TAC_CD, SAD_TAC_SUS,
Address data is loading and posting incorrectly for applicant. SAD_TAC_DEF_AET
Country Code needs to be mapped. City is being assigned             Field Translate Values - SAD_TAC_CIT_CD
to both address 2 and city. State code is not being                 Component PeopleCode -
populated for Country AUS.                                          SAD_TAC_CD.PostBuild,
Numeric Country of Birth is not mapping to appropriate              Record PeopleCode -
country code.                                                       SAD_TAC_WRK.SAD_TEST_COMP_TAC.Field
                                                                    Formula - Procedure- UAC_LOAD_FILE1 and
Citizenship Code is not being mapped to TAC Citizenship             UAC_LOAD_FILE2
mapping on load - resulting in incorrect citizenship assigned
to applicant.

Country of Citizenship should be AUS

Residency code is not being populated on load from TAC
Citizenship mapping, resulting in blank value on post.

Suspense message details are not consistent with error
scenario in some cases.
Matriculation causes the Admit Type on the Application Data Modified RowInit PeopleCode to allow
page to gray out. Unlike the other grayed out fields this           correction/update of Admit Type.
cannot be corrected on the Student Records side.

Gender is a required field for J Students and if it is not filled   Modified CCSEVDS.SQR to catch this situation
in then the batch will fail with S0013 error. The Alerts page       and generate an error message.
needs to show an Error when processing the student to
indicate that this field is required. This is also the case for J
Visa Dependents - A gender must be indicated - Male or
Female. Unknown is no longer accepted.
When using the lookup on the I-20 template on the                 Corrected SEV_TMPLT_PL_VW.
Academic Program/Plan level only academic plans which are
coded as majors are available for selection on the
SEV_TEMPLT_PL_VW. When we reference Peoplebooks
SEVIS setup documentation it appears that you can setup
different fee codes for all types of plans. Furthermore, in the
Peoplebooks section regarding the SEVIS setup page it
states "For each academic career, select the academic plan
types for the SEVIS alerts process and the I-20 logic to use
to determine the primary and secondary majors."      This
suggests that each institution is able to select appropriate
values associated with minor and major, based on
institutional policy regarding the definition of those academic
plan types. However, when setting up the I-20 template you
are unable to choose academic plans that are coded as
anything other than major, even if the SEVIS setup page
contains the values of Major, specialization and emphasis in
the Major section. Our institution considers "specialization"
and "emphasis" as majors.       The logic which populates
majors in to the SEV_TMPLT_PL_VW view does not seem to
be connected to the SEVIS setup page, eventhough
Peoplebooks implies that it is connected. Finally, the
As part of Immigration and Customs, SEVIS is being                Modified various SEVIS components to embrace
upgraded by the federal government - release 5.7. June 29         the Federal requirements associated with SEVIS
is the expected release date by the Federal Government            5.7.
making this an urgent issue.
In testing incident# 1640543001 it states that the SEVIS          Corrected RowInit PeopleCode.
Event Types page (SEV_EVENT_TYPE) has been modified
for the SEVIS - Dependent - Reactivate event so the only
Default SEVIS Status is Active and it is hidden on the page.
However, when user goes to the page it still has the option of
either Active or Initial and it is not hidden

Customer encountered cases where 2 extract and master             Modified CCSEVEXT.SQR and
sync jobs ran exactly the same time. One ran successfully         CCSEVEXJ.SQR to not allow for concurrent
and the other ran unsuccessfully for grapping the same            processing of SEVIS extract jobs.
batch id. Although the extract step failed, it went ahead
executed the master sync step successfully. As a result, we
do not have a good xml to send to sevis (it is actually an
empty xml file) yet the master table has updated marking
each records inactive waiting for the batch to come back
from sevis.
Secondary Mass Change type - 'Secondary - Citizenship'          Added additional where clause for the SQL
and 'Secondary - Ethnic Group' do not include in SQL            sequence 2 & 4 For the Mass Change Type ID =
Statement Execution Seq 4, Record Sequence 2, the               Secondary – Citizenship, Secondary - Ethnic
Additional Where Clause: "and ADM_TMP3_MC.OPRID =               Group and delivered an import script and a dat
$$OPRID$$". This additional "where clause" is included in       file for these changes.
many, if not all, other Secondary Mass Change Types. The
result of this missing "where clause" is that when the insert
to PS_ADM_TMP2_MC is performed, records from
PS_ADM_TMP3_MC which have a different OPRID are
inserted into PS_ADM_TMP2_MC. The possibility exists that
records PS_ADM_TMP2_MC which have a different OPRID
could be included in the insert to the Communication table.

When you go to an add/update page and check multiple            Unchecked deferred allowed property of
phone types as preferred the page does not give you an          PREF_PHONE_FLAG field and write logic in
error message. PS actually chooses the last phone type in       Fieldchange event to implement one preferred
the list and allows the save (not saving multiple preferred     flag at a time . Impacted objects:
phone types) .                                                  SCC_PHONE_SBP, SCC_PERS_PHN_H,
                                                                PREF_PHONE_FLAG, SCC_EMAIL_SBP,
                                                                SCC_EMAIL_H, PREF_EMAIL_FLAG,
                                                                PHONE_PERS and E_ADDR_PERS
Define a Event with Event meeting details. Then define the      Added the Component Record Peoplecodes
meeting details such as the facility id, meeting timings, etc   CAMPUS_EVENT.GBL.EVENT_MTG.RowDelet
and save. Navigate back to the events component and             e,
delete the event meeting at level 1 using the delete button     CAMPUS_EVENT.GBL.EVENT_MTG.SavePreC
and save. When trying to access the meetings page now           hange and Record PeopleCode
there will be an error saying matching buffer not found.        CAMPUS_EVENT.PRIMARY_MEETING.RowInit

In 8.0 our customers were able to view the address linkage      Modified the page SCC_ADRHST_INQ_SEC and
data using the address inquiry. In 8.9 the information is not   created a new secondary page
showing on these pages. It does show on the add/update          SCC_ADRLNK_INQ_SEC. Added the
page.                                                           Component Record Field PeopleCode
                                                                AD.ADDRESS_LINK.FieldChange and modified
                                                                the App Package PeopleCode

Since we installed Bundle #9, we are not able to add more       Added one more check to verify if the
than one of the same Relationship to a record if the            EMPLID_RELATED field is not blank in
daughter with no EMPLID_RELATED, you receive an error if LE_RELATION.FieldEdit
you try to add a second daughter with no
EMPLID_RELATED. I tested with a number of different
Relationship values, and this problem is consistent.
Pre-existing data in the candidate tables cannot be retrieved, DATE_LOADED field was included in the SQL
only the most recent entry is retrieved. Records can be seen View and its Key property was checked. The
by SQL. It is not uncommon for an applicant to apply through SQL was modified to include this field in the
a TAC more than once. The component is SAD_TAC_SRCH select clause.
view and it has been suggested that by adding a
'DATE_LOADED' it may fix this.

When posting TAC data via an "Update Existing ID" the          Modified the SAD_TCPSTANZ Application
updated values sent in a file are not reflected in the Maintain Engine logic to allow the update of following
Applications page. Fields such as the name, gender,            personal details
birthdate, addresses and phone are not being updated as        a. Date of Birth
per the candidate data page. In other words, the underlying    b. Prefix
data tables behind the maintain applications page are not      c. Last Name
being updated.                                                 d. First Name
                                                               e. Middle Name
                                                               f. Address
                                                               g. SSN
                                                               h. Phone
                                                               i. Email
                                                               j. Ethnicity

The QTAC Post process uses the TAC_POST_LIB App                Modified App Engine -
Engine Library to insert into Application and Australian       TAC_POST_LIB.Adm_Data-Step 03 People
specific records. The                                          Code
TAC_POST_LIB.Adm_Data.Step03.OnExecute step inserts
into the ADM_APPL_PROG record. However, the SQL
insert statement references CAMPUS and
record which is not populated. The values should come from
the SAD_TAC_INT_AET record which is populated in
Running 3C engine in the past never required either field.       The following PeopleCode are changed:
We ran it to process all event ID's by simply specifying         1) Component Record PeopleCode -
Institution. This was useful as we could load events to the      RUN_CNTL_3CENGINE.GBL.RUN_CNTL_3CE
trigger table from various sources, and then have just one       NG.SaveEdit.Remove the earlier validation code
run control and recur to process every event.                    for Institution, Admin Function & Event 3Cs ID.
                                                                 2) App Engine PeopleCode -
Now we will need at least 32 separate run controls as well as 3CENGINE.MAIN.GBL.MO4.OnExecute : Added
32 separate Recurrences to process all the events we             new code to build the where conditions based on
currently process in batch. We already have a proliferation of whether the user has entered the Institution or
Recurrences especially, as PS delivers more processes that Admin function or Institution and Event Id.
we have taken advantage of. Additional Recurrences make it 3) App Engine PeopleCode -
ever more difficult to determine what is running when, and       3CENGINE.CHKLST.GBL.Step01.OnExecute:
how to schedule our jobs sequentially.                           4) App Engine PeopleCode -
                                                                 5) App Engine PeopleCode -
                                                                 6) App Engine PeopleCode -
                                                                 7) App Engine PeopleCode -

                                                                 In all the places where the SQL_TEXT1 &
                                                                 SQL_TEXT2 have been referenced they are all
                                                                 replaced by Global Variable &WHERE1 and

Under certain setup a waiver does not calculate correctly        Modified COBOL program SFPFECAL.cbl,
after term withdrawal. When the adjustment calendar used         TM100-GET-TERM-FEE-TOTAL section to pick
for the withdrawal processing has an administrative fee for      up the right term fee total instead of the admin
withdrawal tied to it the waiver calculates incorrectly on the   Fee.
administrative fee, not the remaining tuition amount. When
no administrative fee is present on the adjustment calendar
the waiver applies to the remaining tuition amount correctly.

Changes to the SFPFECAL cobol program, introduced in             Modified Tuition Calc COBOL program
Bundle #9 appear to have drastically increased the run time      SFPFECAL.CBL. When calling the Equation
for tuition calc. FAPEQURUN* statements appear to be             Engine FAPEQRUN.CBL, the RETAIN-
where the increased time is occurring. The increased             CURSORS-AT-END is always set to TRUE and
response time is occurring in the online and batch tuition calc INIT-VARIABLES-AND-ARRAYS is set to true
processes.                                                       the very first time and RETAIN-VARIABLES-
                                                                 AND-ARRAYS is set to true afterwards. Also
                                                                 Equation Engine will be called at end of each
                                                                 student’s calculation with a blank Equation Name
                                                                 so Equation Engine will stop all the cursors.
If a student changes their program and campus on the date     Modified Component PeopleCode
they are term activated (2 rows in ACAD_PROG with the         TUITION_CALC.GBL.DERIVED_CS.CAMPUS.Fi
same effective date and 2 effective sequences) the online     eldDefault. Changed SQLExec's SQL Statement
tuition calculation process will fail. The message number     to select the max effective sequence row.
14810, 152 and the message is 'Unable to calculate tuition
and fees while business unit is missing'. The batch tuition
calculation process is successful.

After applying SA 8SP1 Bundle 19 tuition calculation process Added the missing fields in SFCFATRM.DMS
fails inserting into STDNT_FA_TERM. Stored statement          and copy book SFCFATRM.CBL:
SFCFATRM_I_FATERM in dms script sfcfatrm.dms does not SFA_ASG_AC_LVL_BOT,
include the new fields added to STDNT_FA_TERM by this         SFA_ASG_AC_LVL_EOT, OVRD_ASG_BOT,
bundle. The missing fields are                                OVRD_ASG_EOT, SFA_ASG_AC_LVL_BCL,

There seems to be an issue with the home phone. It does       Fix for ICE 1511697000 covers ICE
not seem to be displaying on the Verify Personal Information 1681958000. Address, name and phone are
Page. When a student clicks "Click to update phone" the       selected based on Loan Usage. Phone is
phone number is already there. Because it doesn't display     selected from PS_LN_PHONE_VW.
here it also doesn't display on the note.

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