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    Business Plan
           Business Overview

 Summarize what your business will do – how it
  will provide consumer benefits sought in a new
  and unique way.
        The Management Team

 List CEO and key management positions by
 Include previous accomplishments to show these
  are people with a record of success and requisite
  skills and experience.
 Summarize number of years and/or types of
  experience in this field.
             Corporate Entity

 (Type of corporate entity – flow through or tax
  paying, .e.g. LLP, LP, S Corp, or C Corp)
                 The Market

 What is the market for the product?
 What is the size of the market and its potential?
 What are the growth prospects of the market?
    Show past growth trends.
 Who are your target customers?
 How are the target customers now being served,
  if at all?
                 The Product

 What product or service are you offering that
  meets a need in the market?
 What are the unique differentiating features of
  your product?
    Screen shot of a website, e.g.
 What are its advantages over current
 What are the benefits of the product to your
    How will it make their lives better or easier?
              Business Model

   How will you make money?
   Revenue streams
   Expenses
   Profit potential/margins
        Strategic Relationships

 Who are your customers?
   Existing relationships
 Who are your consumers?
   Existing relationships
 Who are your suppliers?
   Existing and potential relationships
      Exclusivities?

 List at least two major competitors and
  summarize what they do.
 What are their strengths and weaknesses?
    Financing
    Management
    Brand image
 How are you going to beat them?
    Vulnerabilities
              Marketing Strategy

   Publicity
   Promotion
   Advertising
   Direct selling?
            Barriers to Entry

 What are the barriers for new competitors to
  enter your business?
 What advantage do you have that they don’t?
            Financial Overview

 Financial plan summary that defines your
  financial model, pricing assumptions, and
  outlines yearly expected sales and profits for the
  next three years.
    Does not substitute for spreadsheets, which
     are distributed separately in a handout.
 Use no more than two slides to summarize this
  information appropriately.
 Include revenue and profit forecasts in your
  financial plan.
             Use of Proceeds

 Technology/production/design requirements
 Personnel requirements
 Space requirements
 Financial requirements
    Technology/production/design, personnel,
     space, marketing, distribution, etc.
 Training
         Capital and Valuations

 How much cash do you have?
 What are your capital assets?
 What is the value of patents and trademarks, if
 How are you valuing your business – how much
  is it worth now?
 If your financial projections are met, what will
  your company be worth in three years?

 (How much money are you asking for?)
                Next Steps

 What more do you need from us?
 May we have a commitment? (ask for the order)
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