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					                                                                                          communications, and concentration that the
                                        The Upstate Referee                               assistant referee can bring to bear.

                                                   A Publication of the                   If there is not much difference between
                                             SC Upstate Soccer Referee Society            where the assistant referee must focus to
                                                                                          handle each different duty then clearly both
                                                  Issue: April 2009                       duties should be attempted. As one duty
                                                                                          increasingly becomes a distraction for the
                                                                                          other, the assistant referee should attempt
                                                                                          to adjust positioning to reduce the conflict.
                                                                                          Where the distraction is too great, the only
                                                                                          solution is to focus on offside, leaving to
                                                                                          other members of the officiating team the
                                                                                          responsibility of covering to the best of
         Elected Officials:                                                               their abilities the less critical conflicting
Chair: Justin Bogner
    864-270-3516                                                                          Among the topics which must be covered                                                                         in the officiating team’s pregame
Vice-Chair:                                                                               discussion is the issue of what the assistant
                                                New Position Papers                       referee should do to resolve a conflict
                                                                                          between offside and such other
Treasurer: Art Smith                                                                      responsibilities as determining if the ball
                                        Assistant Referee Respsonsibilities:
   864-963-2201                                                                           has left the field, which team has                 In a recent professional exhibition match, a      possession, and the occurrence of
Secretary: Josh Stoner                  group of referees, instructors, and assessors     violations which do not involve violence.
   864-275-2106                         was discussing an incident in which the                    assistant referee was faced with a conflict in    Offsides and Interfering with Play:
Past-Chair: Roni Canales                priorities – whether to hang back and
    864-238-9000                        observe the goalkeeper with the ball in case      The first goal scored in the new MLS              the goalkeeper went outside the penalty area      season (New York Red Bulls at Seattle
                                        with the ball still in his hands (a handling      Sounders, March 19, see accompanying
     Other Board Members:               offense) or to move up field to get in            clip) was the subject of controversy based
                                        position for assisting with offside in case       on the argument that a teammate of the
Area Instructor-In-Charge: Art Smith    there was a quick counterattack after the         scorer was in an offside position at the time
  864-963-2201                          goalkeeper released the ball. The                 and had become involved in active play by                  conversation was vigorous, but the matter         interfering with play. The goal was from
Member-At-Large: John Lupisella         should have been easily settled by reviewing      Sounder #17 (Montero) against the Red
  (Assignor, Gvl. Rec.)                 the relative importance of the two possible       Bull goalkeeper #1 (Cepero) and the
  864-288-8243                          violations.                                       Sounder forward alleged to have been                                                            offside was #23 (Nyassi).
                                        A similar conflict in priorities can arise
      Other Area Contacts:              when a team is attacking along the touchline      The following facts are not in dispute:
                                        and the assistant referee must choose                     Nyassi was in an offside position.
Assignor (Palmetto League): Jack        between looking up the touch line to signal
 Kovaleski                              if the ball leaves the field and looking across           Nyassi did not become involved in
  864-967-4404                          the field to monitor whether an attacker                   active play by gaining an                     moves into an offside position. Dividing                   advantage (historically, this is
Area Ref Administrator & State Youth    attention this way is not impossible, but both             only an issue if the ball has
Referee Administrator: Rusty Cherry     responsibilities will suffer.                              rebounded from the crossbar, a
  864-268-0465                                                                                     goalpost, or a defender, which it      The single most important responsibility for               did not in this case).
State Ref. Admin.: Fred Bieber          the assistant referee is making timely and
   803-736-1407                         accurate offside decisions. All other duties              Nyassi did not interfere with an                     outlined in Law 6 are secondary.                           opponent. He did not get in the
State Dir. Of Assessment: Bob Correia                                                              way of a defender, make any
   843-884-6489                         Offside decisions are often “game critical”                movement or gesture which       regardless of their specific result. A                     deceived or distracted an
                                        decision for offside is just as likely to be               opponent, and, most importantly,
                                        challenged as a decision against an offside                did not block the goalkeeper’s line
                                        violation. Whether the issue is offside                    of sight (the attack came in from
                                        position or involvement in active play, if a               the goalkeeper’s left whereas the
                                        goal is called back, allowed, or interrupted               attacker ran from the goalkeeper’s
                                        as a result, the decision will be                          right and was at least several yards
                                        controversial. It must therefore be                        away from the goalkeeper when
                                        supported by the best fitness, mechanics,                  the shot on goal was made).
        Nyassi did not interfere with                                                and read the posted
         play (no contact with the ball).               ASK A REFEREE                          messages. These messages are the same as
                                                                                               being sent by email or Mobile instant
The assistant referee was well placed, in
                                                                                               messaging.     Main      page      link,
line with the second to last defender, to    Throw-ins and Lines
confirm these essential elements in
deciding for an offside violation.           Question:                                         0e15752/?e=admin_login
Accordingly, there was no offside            If the lines are part of the area that they
violation and the goal was valid.            surround, and the ball is out of play when        The cost to the individual signing up for
                                             the whole ball crosses the whole line, then       mobile instant messaging and email
The debate has been vigorous over the        why is it that a player can stand on the line     messaging is $4.95 per season. However,
last several years regarding the way in      while taking a throw-in? It doesn't seem to       Great news is that the service is free for the
which an attacker in an offside position     make any sense. I would think that if the ball    Spring 2008 season, so there is no reason
can be involved in active play. The          is out of play over the touch line, that the      not to sign up for the service. Only one
definition provided by the International     thrower would have to stand completely off        phone number or email address per
Board regarding “gaining an advantage”       the field, and then throw the ball back onto      account.
is clear and based on concrete               the field.
observable facts. The definition of
                                                                                               How      to    sign    up     for    service.
“interfering with an opponent” involves      I'm sure that there is a practical and
various judgments but is generally clear     historical reason for this, I just don't know     Please print this page before you go any
in its application since the primary issue   what it could be.                                 further to use as a guide to sign up.
here is whether the interference results
from blocking paths and/or lines of
                                                                                               Make sure you have your instant message
                                                                                               ready cell phone, cell phone service
                                             What would be your call?                          provider and your email address available
This memorandum confirms that
“interfering with play” cannot be             Go to “Ask A Referee (USSF Answer)” to           to complete the sign up process.
decided unless the attacker in an offside          see if you would do it correctly.
                                                                                               Using your computer go to
position makes contact with the ball.
                                                                                               website.    Click   on     this    link,
Viewing U.S. Soccer's Referee
Position Papers:
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addition to the's YouTube
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page is the place to get caught up on all
                                             The SCSCL and PMSL leagues use the                you would like to receive notification for
of U.S. Soccer's rule interpretations.
                                           website     for     game     field closing and cancellations. (Hint, As a
     YouTube Page           cancellations of all league matches. You are      minimum you should select all fields where
         (front page)                        not required to sign up for this service but it   you will be playing this fall season, later
                                             is highly recommended. This will be the first     you can add or remove groups as you needs
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         Department Playlist (all referee    are cancelled. Anyone can sign up, players,
         videos)                             parents,              referees            etc.    When you entered all the required
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        U.S. Soccer Referee Position        The service involves 3 ways of notification,      number and your mobile phone carrier,
         Paper: March 25, 2009               email, mobile phone instant message or            click     on       “Create    Account”.
         (Offside - Interfering with         Website message board. The first two ways
         Play)                               of notification require you to log on to the      A screen will now open to validate phone.
                                    and sign up for the service.        You mobile phone in less than a minute
                                             This service will notify you by email and by      will receive an instant message that will
                                             mobile phone instant message. This way you        contain your validation code. Enter the
                                             can get cancellations no matter where you         validation code number in the Validation
                                             may be located. The mobile phone instant          code box. Check that your information is
                                             message is generally broadcast within 1           correct. After making sure all your
                                             minute of the cancellation notice being           information is correct, Click “Validate”
                                             posted         by         the        league.
                                                                                               You will be directed to a new page and it
                                             The third way of notification is that you go      will tell you “You have successfully signed
                                             to the SCSCL and PMSL main page on                up” Now bookmark this page so you can
return     here     in     the      future.    position and therefore no offside violation in
                                               either situation.
You can now log in using the username          This is a difficult play to observe and the
and pass code you established earlier in       purpose of this paper is to raise awareness as
the process. This is the place where you       to its challenges for the officiating team.
can add your email address and change          Referees and assistant referees should also
fields groups to your needs.                   be prepared for actions by the opposing
                                               team to counter the “short corner” tactic,
Having problems contact            including an increased likelihood of an
support located on the tabs at the top of      encroachment violation as opponents
the webpage.                                   attempt to move in closer to mark both
  Offside Offense from a
                                               To view the video, click on the following
       Corner Kick                             link or copy to your browser:
Officials must remain focused and              TdacQ
vigilant in order to make correct offside
decisions, particularly in situations
where an offside violation is not
expected. Such was the case last
Sunday, April 20, in the match between
Kansas City at Chicago when corner
kicks were called in favor of Chicago.
Twice, in a set play often referred to as
a “short corner”, Chicago players (#21                 ASK A REFEREE
Mapp and #10 Blanco) committed                             (USSF Answer)
offside violations which were not
detected by the officiating team.
Referees must remember that Law 11             Throw-ins and Lines
states there is no offside offense if a        Answer:
player receives the ball directly from a
corner kick. However, once the corner          We, too, are intrigued to know the answer,
kick has been taken (i.e., after the ball is   but we were unable to find anything in
kicked and moved), all play occurring          writing. However, a noted historian of the
afterward must be closely monitored for        Laws of the Game suggests that a practical
a possible offside offense and all the         reason for requiring the thrower to stand on
usual requirements of Law 11 must be           or outside the touch line is to help localize
applied.                                       the point where the ball left the field. It is
The accompanying video clip highlights         intended to discourage a throw from several
how a corner kick can develop almost           yards away from the line and the ball
immediately into the sort of play where        entering the field far from the correct entry
an offside offense can occur. The              point.
referee and assistant referee should have
been alerted to this challenge by the          As a further contribution to the historical
presence of two attackers close to each        side, the two-handed throw-in from the
other at the corner, a team tactic which       touchline developed after a compromise
has become more common in recent               settlement between varying sets of rules,
years. The corner kick taker plays the         some of which allowed single-handed
ball to this nearby teammate. The              throws. This occurred at the first IFAB
teammate stops the ball to allow the           meeting in December 1882, and resulted in a
kicker to play the ball again or may           two-handed throw in any direction. In 1895
even play the ball back to the corner          throwing distance was restricted by a rule
kick taker. However, the moment the            compelling the thrower to stand with part of
teammate makes contact with the ball,          both feet on the touchline. The rule was
the assistant referee must quickly             changed so that the thrower's foot had to be
determine if the basic conditions of an        outside the touchline (1925) or on or outside
offside position exist regarding any           the touchline (1932), which is the rule today.
attacker but most particularly regarding
                                               For further information on the throw-in and
the corner kick taker.
                                               other items related to the Laws and customs
If at least two defenders had been
                                               of the game, see "Ward's Soccerpedia," a
standing on the goal line at the moment
                                               history of The Lore and Laws of the
the Chicago attacker stopped the ball
                                               Beautiful Game, by Andrew Ward.
which he had received from the corner
kick, there would have been no offside
                                             When in doubt, keep the                            SENDING OFF OFFENSES:
                                                                                         SFP – Serious Foul Play
2009 SPRING MEETING                          flag down!                                  VC – Violent Conduct
                                                                                         S – Spits at opponent/person
     SCHEDULE                                                                            DGH – Denied Goal by Hand
                                                                                         DGF – Denied Goal by Foul
                                                                                         AL – Abusive Language
 All meetings will be on Thursdays at                                                    2C – Second Caution
6:30. The dates are as follows: Jan 22,
  Feb 12, Mar 5, Apr 2, and Apr 30                                                       PLAYER’S NAME, NUMBER, TIME &
All meetings, unless otherwise stated,             CAUTIONABLE OFFENSES:
                                            UB – Unsporting Behavior (Need to explain)
                                                                                               TYPE OF OFFENSE.
  are conducted at The Pavilion; 400        DT – Dissent
    Scottswood Road; Taylors, SC.           PI – Persistent Infringement
                                            DR – Delay Restart                           Please report ALL incidents and
                                            FRD – Fails to Respect Distance (Explain)    confrontations with parents and/or
                                            E – Enters/re-enters w/o permission          coaches to, Jack Kovaleski (Classic) and
                                            L – Leaves w/o permission                    John Lupisella (Greenville Rec). We
If you have not joined the SCUSRS                                                        want to stop the parents and coaches
                                               REPORTS FOR SEND OFF’S &/OR
Yahoo Group yet, please click on the                                                     from intimidating “our referees".
link below, then click on “Join Group”.
                                                                                         Also, new referees, please get the                Next meeting:                   “proper”      uniforms    and     look
RS/                                                                                      professional. Sources for uniforms are
                                                      Thurs. Jan 22 at 6:30
This “group” is for the discussion of                   at The Pavilion!       ,
various game situations you may have
questions about, or just general soccer
questions/comments.                                                                      Remember: “The job is not finished „til the
                                                                                                  paperwork is done!”