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					                                                                   2006 PRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL - DAVIS PRODUCTIVITY AWARDS ANNOUNCEMENT
                                                                                        (by Agency Nomination Number)
                                                                                          Nominations shaded light gray are hurricane relief related nominations
• "Cash," "Plaque," and "Certificate of Commendation" award winners will be invited to attend the award luncheon listed on this spreadsheet (except the Jacksonville luncheon).
• *Due to the limited number of seats available at the Jacksonville luncheon, only "Cash" and "Plaque" winners will be invited to attend.
• A limited number of representatives from Teams, Work Units and Partnerships will be invited to each award luncheon. Agency Coordinators will provide this information to award winning nominations in advance of each
respective award luncheon.

                                         Number of                                            Team, Work Unit or Partnership Nomination Category                                                                                             Award
           Nomination    Nomination                    Number of    "Individual" Nomination                                                                                                                     Award       Total Amount
 Agency                                 Attendees to                                             (Name) OR "Exemplary Achievement of a State                            Achievement Title                                                   Ceremony
            Number         Type                        Nominees              Name                                                                                                                              Category       of Award
                                         Ceremony                                                   Agency" Nomination Category (Name)                                                                                                      Location
                                                                                                                                                   Developed Improved Interpretation Services for Spanish
  DOH          001       Individual          1            1        Alexa L. Doepel                                                                 Speaking Populations                                    Certificate                       Orlando
  DOH          002         Team              5            20                                  BioTerrorism Disaster Recovery Team                  Developed Bio Terrorism Test Site for Disaster Recovery   Cash            $500.00       Tallahassee
  DOH          003         Team              2            2                                   Breast and Cervical Cancer Team                      Exceeded Goal and Improved Workflow for Cancer Program    Cash            $500.00         Tampa
  DOH          004      T - Sustained        5            8                                   Brevard County Health Department                     Sustained Exemplary Performance                         Exemplary                         Orlando

  DOH          005         Team              4            4                                   Broward Quality and Risk Management Office           Developed a Telephone "Hotline" to Improve Safety          Certificate                     Miami
  DOH          006      I - Sustained        2            1        Carol Carney                                                                    Sustained Exemplary Performance                            Exemplary                      Orlando

  DOH          007         Team              4            4                                   Center for Health Policy Research                    Implemented Evidence-Based Policy Program                   Plaque                      Jacksonville
                                                                                              Child Passenger Safety Seat Awareness Task           Increased Child Passenger Safety Seat Awareness and
  DOH          008      Partnership          5            15                                  Force                                                Distribution                                                Plaque                        Orlando
                                                                                                                                                   Developed and Implemented Process Mapping for the Clinic    Notable
  DOH          009         Team              5            13                                  Clinic Flow Process Mapping Team                     Flow                                                         Cash         $500.00       Tallahassee

  DOH          010         Team              4            4                                   Computerization of HIPAA Training Team               Computerization of HIPAA Training                         Certificate                     Tampa
                                                                                                                                                   Created and Implemented an Alternative Dispute Resolution
  DOH          011         Team              5            27                                  Consumer Services Unit                               Program                                                    Plaque                       Tallahassee
                                                                                                                                                   Developed a Self-Study Module for Staff Training in
  DOH          012       Individual          1            1        Diana G. Jordan                                                                 Infection Control                                          Plaque                         Tampa
                                                                                                                                                   Developed Streamlined Records Storage & Disposition
  DOH          013       Individual          1            1        Dianne Forgey                                                                   Processes                                                  Plaque                         Tampa
                                                                                                                                                   Developed and Implemented a Community Behavioral
  DOH          014         Team              3            3                                   Duval County Behavioral Health Services Team         Health Program                                             Plaque                       Jacksonville
  DOH          015      I - Sustained        2            1        Ella Wilson                                                                     Sustained Exemplary Performance                           Exemplary                       Orlando
                                                                                                                                                   Developed and Implemented an Electronic Process for
  DOH          016       Individual          1            1        Emily Crutchfield                                                               Submitting HIV/AIDS Surveillance Information              Certificate                   Tallahassee
                                                                                                                                                   Efficient Streamlined of Application and Inspection
  DOH          017         Team              0            11                                  Environmental Health - St. Johns County Team         Turnaround Time                                           Certificate                   Jacksonville
                                                                                                                                                   Developed Mutual Aide Agreement Between Water/Sewer
  DOH          018         Team              5            9                                   Environmental Health Team                            Utilities                                                 Certificate                   Tallahassee

2006 Pru-DPA Winners - DOH                                                                                                   1                                                                                                                    3/14/2006
                                                                                                                Developed Chart, Productivity and Statistical Tracking
  DOH        019      Individual   1   1    Erika Brooks-Craige                                                 Database                                                     Plaque                     Tampa

  DOH        020        Team       4   4                            Facilities Hurricane Recovery Team          Expedited Clinic Rehab Following 2004 Hurricanes            Certificate                 Orlando
  DOH        021        Team       5   5                            Florida Board of Nursing Management Team    Reduced Processing Time for Nursing Applications              Cash        $500.00     Tallahassee

  DOH        022      Individual   1   1    Gina S. Sanders                                                     Reduced Agency Cellular Telephone Bills                      Plaque                      Miami
                                                                                                                Developed and Implemented a Process for Reducing
  DOH        023        Team       2   2                            Growth Hormone Therapy Authorization Team   Growth Hormone Drug Costs                                    Plaque                   Tallahassee
                                                                                                                Created a Risk Communication/Education Computer             Distinguis
  DOH        024      Individual   2   1    Harper Simpson                                                      Program                                                     hed Cash      $1,000.00      Miami

  DOH        025        Team       5   7                            Hudson Health Department Team               Streamlined an Outreach Primary Care Clinic for Indigents    Plaque                     Tampa
                                                                                                                Developed and Implemented Hurricane After Action Review
  DOH        026        Team       5   5                            Hurricane After Action Review Team          Process                                                      Plaque                   Tallahassee

  DOH        027        Team       5   53                           Hurricane Clinical Services Response Team   Implemented Critical Outpatient Services Post Hurricane      Plaque                     Orlando
                                                                                                                Integrated, Improved and Expanded Services to Pregnant
  DOH        028        Team       5   16                           Improved Pregnancy Outcome Team             Women                                                       Certificate                 Tampa
                                                                                                                Developed Indigent Care Program for Putnam County            Notable
  DOH        029        Team       2   2                            Indigent Care Support Team                  Health Department                                             Cash        $500.00     Gainesville
                                                                                                                Developed, Implemented and Administered County-wide
  DOH        030        Team       5   85                           Influenza Vaccination Response Team         Influenza Response                                           Plaque                     Orlando
                                                                                                                Implemented Heights and Weights Screenings of
  DOH        031      Individual   1   1    Irmatine Bealyer                                                    Elementary School Children                                   Plaque                   Jacksonville

  DOH        032      Individual   1   1    Joan Bartleman                                                      Increased Vaccine Accountability to 100%                    Certificate                  Miami
  DOH        033      Individual   0   1    Joan Schendorf                                                      Proposed and Implemented the Butler Paging System            Mention                    Orlando
                                                                                                                Developed Electronic Lab Specimen Processing for Health
  DOH        034        Team       4   4                            Lab Module Team                             Departments                                                 Certificate                 Tampa

  DOH        035      Individual   1   1    Linda Brannon                                                       Developed a Process for the Caring Hands Award              Certificate               Tallahassee
                                                                                                                Developed a Screening Process for Family Planning            Notable
  DOH        036      Individual   2   1    Lisa Corey                                                          Medicaid Eligibility                                          Cash        $250.00     Gainesville
                                                                                                                Improved DOH Staff Recovery Through Critical Stress          Notable
  DOH        037      Individual   2   1    Loretta Goggin                                                      Debriefing                                                    Cash        $250.00       Orlando
                                                                                                                Adapted/Implemented Adjusted Work Schedule to Increase
  DOH        038        Team       5   19                           Manatee County WIC and Nutrition Program    Participation                                               Certificate                 Tampa
                                                                                                                Developed the Chemotherapy Program for Uninsured and        Distinguis
  DOH        039      Individual   2   1    Marilyn "Duke" George                                               Indigent                                                    hed Cash $1,000.00        Tallahassee
                                                                                                                Developed a Comprehensive Mycobacteriology Result File
  DOH        040      Individual   1   1    Mary T. Cook                                                        for A G Holley Hospital                                      Plaque                      Miami

  DOH        041        Team       3   3                            Minority Health Outreach Team               Provided Health Outreach Services to Minority Communities Certificate                 Gainesville
                                                                                                                Developed Quality Improvement System Aligned with
  DOH        042      Individual   1   1    Molly Gladding                                                      Strategic Plan                                            Certificate                    Miami
                                                                                                                Promoted Improved Birth Outcomes for Medicaid-Eligible
  DOH        043        Team       4   4                            MomCare Team                                Women                                                      Plaque                     Gainesville

2006 Pru-DPA Winners - DOH                                                                          2                                                                                                        3/14/2006
                                                                                                                        Developed and Implemented a Learning Management
  DOH        044        Team         4   4                            MQA Trak-It Training Administrators Team          System                                                     Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                      Office of Public Health Nursing Preparedness      Developed Train-the-Trainer Course for Emergency
  DOH        045        Team         3   3                            Team                                              Preparedness Education                                     Certificate   Tallahassee

  DOH        046      Individual     1   1     Pankaj Doshi                                                             Reduced Costs for Food and Streamlining Staff               Plaque         Miami

  DOH        047        Team         5   6                            Path Clinic Team                                  Increased Access to Free Medication for Indigent Clients   Certificate    Orlando
                                                                                                                        Achieved State/National Recognition for Immunization
  DOH        048        Team         5   17                           Pediatric Team                                    Excellence                                                  Plaque        Orlando
                                                                                                                        Developed Multimedia Education for Prenatal Hepatitis B
  DOH        049        Team         4   4                            Prenatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program Team      Prevention                                                  Plaque         Tampa

  DOH        050        Team         4   4                            Physicians In-Training Survey Team                Surveyed Physicians In-Training for Compliance             Certificate   Tallahassee

  DOH        051     Partnership     5   6                            Primary Healthcare Joint Monitoring Team          Implemented Joint Primary Care Contract Monitoring         Certificate     Miami

  DOH        052        Team         5   13                           Prosecution Services Unit Nursing Team            Increased Nursing Final Actions and Revenue                 Plaque       Tallahassee

  DOH        053     Partnership     3   3                            Puffer Fish Alert Team                            Developed Puffer Fish Poison Prevention DVD                Certificate    Orlando
                                                                                                                        Implemented WE CARE Core Values Improving Client
  DOH        054        Team         3   3                            Rockledge Clinic WE CARE Team                     Satisfaction                                                Plaque        Orlando
                                               Sandra Schoenfisch,                                                                                                                 Sustained
  DOH        055     I - Sustained   2   1     R.N., Ph.D.                                                              Sustained Exemplary Performance                            Exemplary     Tallahassee

  DOH        056        Team         5   8                            Satellite Network Application Team                Developed Online Distance Learning System                  Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                                                        Developed Systematic Approach to Increasing Child
  DOH        057      Individual     1   1     Sheila Diane Roberts                                                     Immunization Rates                                          Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                                                        Developed an Unprecedented Multi-Agency, Coordinated
  DOH        058     Partnership     5   9                            Special Needs Shelter Inter-Agency Committee      Approach to Special Needs Sheltering                        Plaque       Tallahassee

  DOH        059        Team         4   4                            Special Needs Shelter Task Force                  Developed an Electronic Special Needs Shelter Database     Certificate     Tampa

  DOH        060        Team         5   5                            Titusville Teen Family Planning Clinic            Developed an Evening Teen Family Planning Clinic           Certificate    Orlando

  DOH        061        Team         4   4                            Violence Intervention and Prevention Program      Provided Domestic and Sexual Violence Program Services      Plaque         Miami
                                                                                                                        Reduced Turnaround Time for Processing Death
  DOH        062        Team         5   9                            Vital Statistics Task Force                       Certificates                                               Certificate     Tampa
                                                                                                                        Conducted Live Satellite Broadcast "Making Nutrition
  DOH        063        Team         5   6                            WIC Nutrition Education Team                      Education Fun"                                              Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                      DOH Division of Disease Control - A.G. Holley
  DOH        064    State Agency     5   200                          Hospital                                          Developed Internal/External Emergency Response Program      Plaque         Miami

  DOH        065      Individual     1   1     Thomas R. Belcuore                                                       Commanded Health & Medical Branch Task Force                Plaque       Gainesville
                                                                      Broward County Health Department Hurricane        Coordinated Public Health Hurricane Response for the
  DOH        066        Team         5   262                          Wilma Response Team                               Broward County Community                                    Plaque         Miami
                                                                                                                        Implementation of Preparatory Procedures for Responding
  DOH        067     Partnership     5   8                            Environmental Engineering Water Program           to Catastrophic Events                                      Plaque         Miami
                                                                      Fast Track Medical Clinic for Hurricane Katrina   Planned and Established Fast Track Clinic for Hurricane
  DOH        068        Team         5   9                            Victims                                           Victims                                                     Plaque       Tallahassee

2006 Pru-DPA Winners - DOH                                                                           3                                                                                                 3/14/2006
                                                                Hillsborough County Health Department Disaster Mobilized Teams for Deployment During Hurricanes Dennis,
  DOH        069        Team       5   23                       Response Teams                                 Katrina and Wilma                                          Plaque     Tampa
                                                                Information Technology Disaster Preparedness
  DOH        070        Team       5   9                        Team                                           Responded to Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma                  Plaque   Tallahassee
                                                                                                               Improved Epidemiological Response to Disasters through
  DOH        071      Individual   1   1    Barry Inman                                                        Hurricane Katrina Deployment                               Plaque    Orlando
                                                                                                               Developed Multi-Agency Operation Supporting Katrina
  DOH        072     Partnership   5   35                       Katrina Assistance Center Team                 Displaced Persons                                          Plaque     Tampa
                                                                Manatee County Health Department Disaster      Responded Without Hesitation in Response to Hurricane
  DOH        073        Team       5   6                        Deployment Team                                Katrina                                                    Plaque     Tampa
                                                                                                               Provided Crisis Intervention Counseling to Employees
  DOH        074      Individual   1   1    Jerry Wayne Payne                                                  Involved in Hurricane Disasters                            Plaque   Tallahassee
                                                                                                               Managed and Improved an Unprecedented Coordinated
  DOH        075        Team       5   9                        Regional Special Needs Shelter Coordinators    Approach to Special Needs Shelters (SpNS)                  Plaque   Tallahassee
                                                                                                               Developed Prescription Assistance Program for Hurricane
  DOH        076        Team       2   2                        Rx Assistance for Hurricane Katrina            Katrina Victims                                            Plaque   Tallahassee
                                                                WPB Children's Medical Services Hurricane      Provided Hurricane Support for Pediatric Special Needs
  DOH        077        Team       5   52                       Response Team                                  Population                                                 Plaque     Miami

2006 Pru-DPA Winners - DOH                                                                   4                                                                                           3/14/2006