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                                  Revised Versions

Dear friends,

It is a pleasure to announce that a revised version of the generic Fairtrade standards for Small
Farmers Organizations (only the environmental part) and Hired Labour (all parts) will be
available on our website ( the next coming days. Translations into French and
Spanish will be available a week or maximum two weeks later.

The new generic standards will apply from 1. Jan 2006. Existing certified operations needs to show
compliance during 2006 gradually. For more details see the introduction notes (for Hired Labour) of
the standard and the deadlines mentioned in the environmental parts. Those deadlines will be further
specified by implementation policies of FLO-Cert.

In any case, applicants and certified operations alike need to download the documents and make
themselves familiar with the requirements. To help with this task we have listed the main changes
compared to the existing versions. You will find this document in English language also on the
website. Translations are also planned for a little while later.

It is important to note that also all applicable product specific standards have been revised to
bring them in coherence with the generic standards. You will find the revised versions also on our
website the next coming days, again Spanish versions will be available only a little while later.

Regarding content of Hired Labour, FLO Standards Unit followed the directions of the FLO Board that
requested to “strengthen the Hired Labour standard”, mainly related to requirements of parts A1
(social requirements) and A2 (economic requirements). The process started end of 2004 and finally
led to the reviewed version as of December 2005, approved by the Standards Committee (SC) on
NOV 22nd, 2005. Overtime several consultation rounds were held with main stakeholders. Feedback
was built in as appropriate and as endorsed by the SC.

Environmental requirements (part A3) have been reviewed also generically, both for Hired Labour
and Small Framers Organizations. The process took into consideration the environmental standards
earlier approved by the FLO Board and looked also at coherence with the environmental requirements
in the existing product specific standards. After approval by the SC on NOV 22nd, 2005 this section
has been incorporated into all the generic standards

Due to the fact that generic standards cover already (for Hired Labour) and will cover (for Small
Farmers Organizations) more pages is was decided that those generic standards will be dissociated
from the product specific standards. Applicants and certified operations therefore need to download
first the applicable generic standards AND second the product specific standard(s) they applied
/ are certified for.

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Those processes led to improved standards which are more closely in line with the aims of Fairtrade.
However, reality will always be wiser than a standard setting process. This is why FLO through its
producer networks, NIs, PBU and FLO Cert will gather all comments and suggestions for
improvement. Your input will be appreciated and taken into account at the next review of the Fairtrade

We stay at your service and are wishing you a prosperous and happy new year.

FLO Standards Unit
(Andreas Kratz, Director)

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