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       Responsible to the Head Teacher
       Grade: In line with the latest School Teachers' Pay & Conditions Document

       1. Mission Statement & Aims of the School
              “My commandment is this – Love one another as I love you” John 15:12

              Our Christian learning community, which promotes the values of a family life,
              supports the parents as primary educators of their children.

              During the day to day life of our school, and in all aspects of the curriculum,
              we promote gospel values.

              Everyone within our community is encouraged to strive for the highest
              standards of personal, social and intellectual development.

              Our community recognizes that each person is unique and our aim is to
              support each other along our personal journeys of faith.

              Our school and parishes aim to provide opportunities for every member of our
              community to experience prayer, worship and reflection.

              “Jesus says, `Where ever people come together in my name, I am with them.’

              Matthew 18:20

Generic Job Purpose:
The post-holder will:

      in line with our school’s mission and aims, respect and actively support its distinctive
       Catholic character – teaching and leading acts of worship according to the rites and
       teachings of the Catholic Church:

      in line with the latest School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions document, plan and
       deliver high quality, effective, personalised teaching and learning which enables
       pupils to enjoy learning and achieve their full potential.

      actively participate in whole school self evaluation and development against the five
       outcomes of Every Child Matters:
          Be healthy
          Stay safe
          Enjoy and achieve
          Make a positive contribution
          Achieve economic well-being
     Areas of Accountability                      Accountability Statement

Teaching, learning and the          To teach, according to their educational needs and as
classroom ethos:                    a result of assessment for learning, pupils assigned to
                                    you, and maintain discipline in accordance with the
                                    rules and disciplinary systems of the school in order to
                                    enable pupils to achieve their full learning potential.

Standards within and beyond the     To monitor and evaluate the impact of teaching and
class:                              learning of the children for whom you are responsible
                                    for a) own class, b) your year group and (c) your
                                    designated subject area or aspect across the school in
                                    order to plan the next steps in teaching and learning
                                    for children to achieve maximum progress and

Parental links and pupil progress   To engage with and report to pupils and their parents
and welfare:                        on the pupil’s academic progress and personal/social
                                    development in order to maximise the pupil’s progress
                                    and attainment.

Subject/aspect leadership and       To be involved in the review, development and
School Improvement Planning         management of activities relating to the curriculum,
(SDP) contributions:                organisation and pastoral functions of the school in
                                    order to effectively implement SDP actions.
                                    To plan and lead the work of any assigned support
Leadership of classroom support:    staff, students or volunteers – monitoring, evaluating
                                    and feeding back on the impact of their contribution to
                                    maximise the pupil’s progress and attainment.
                                    To actively play a part in the wider life of the school
Wider life of the school:           community and its mission – contribute to the school’s
                                    programme of extra curricular activities / events.

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