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									     Ethical and Environmental Officer Job Description

OF 1. All Elected Officers
All elected student Officers of the Union shall:

OF1.1     Promote and uphold Union Policy as passed by General Meetings, Union Council, or

OF1.2     Uphold the substance and spirit of the Constitution

OF1.3     Take an active role in the relevant decision making and development of the Union

OF1.4     Attend all meetings and training sessions relevant to the post

OF1.5     Undertake such tasks consistent with Union procedures and policy as allocated by
          Council, relevant committee or sub-committee, or as instructed by a General

OF1.6     Promote the positive involvement of students in all areas of the Union’s activities

OF1.7     Actively work to become personally aware of issues and areas of concern within the student
          body, and use this knowledge to inform action and lobbying to improve conditions for
          students through the Union’s democratic structures.

OF1.8     Actively work with other elected Officers to inform the student body about the Union’s work.

OF1.9     Termination of Office

     The period of office of any Officer may be terminated by:

        OF1.9.1    The Officer giving one calendar month’s notice in writing to the Union’s Operations

        OF1.9.2    The Union, without notice, on the passing of a motion of ‘No confidence’ in
                   accordance with the Elections and Referenda appendix of the Union Constitution. If
                   the case invloves a Sabbatical Officer, then that Officer will be deemed to have been
                   dismissed and an ex-gratia payment of one month’s allowance will be paid in lieu of
                   notice, from the date of the ‘no confidence’ motion being passed. Acceptance of
                   such a payment will be in full and final settlement of all or any claim the Officer may
                   have against the Union.

        OF1.9.3    The Officer being found guilty of gross misconduct. If the case involves a Sabbatical
                   Officer, summary dismissal may be justifiable, i.e. without the normal period of

OF 13.Ethical & Environmental Officer
OF13.1 The Ethical & Environmental Officer is responsible for pursuing an agenda for ethical and
       environmental responsibility and good practice in relation to all Union activities.

OF13.2 Individual Responsibilities:
    OF13.2.1     To chair the Ethical & Environmental Committee

    OF13.2.2     To research issues relating to Ethical & Environmental concerns, and to actively
                 work to raise awareness of such issues within the student community.

    OF13.2.3     To run, in partnership with other relevant Officers, campaigns relating to Ethical &
                 Environmental concerns.

    OF13.2.4     To submit, as appropriate, relevant motions to be debated though the Union’s
                 democratic structures, in order to develop robust and comprehensive Union Ethical
                 & Environmental Policy informing day-to-day Union activities and operations, and
                 local and national campaigning objectives.

    OF13.2.5     To work with the Operations Officer to ensure that the Union’s Ethical &
                 Environmental Policy remains relevant and up to date and is properly developed,
                 implemented and upheld.

    OF13.2.6     To, in partnership with other relevant Officers and appropriate Union Staff organise,
                 co-ordinate and promote key calendar dates and events relating to their role, such
                 as Green Week.

    OF13.2.7     To, in partnership with other relevant Officers, lobby for ethically and
                 environmentally responsible policy and action within the University as a whole and,
                 where appropriate, within the wider community.

    OF13.2.8     To work with relevant contacts within NUS & the wider community to inform,
                 support and build national campaigns relating to their role.

    OF13.2.9     To act as a Director of the Union’s trading company.

OF13.3 The Ethical & Environmental Officer shall attend Union Council and Executive Committee
       with full speaking and voting rights.

OF13.4 Key Sabbatical Contact: Operations Officer

OF13.5 Other Key Contacts: NUS VP Society & Citizenship, University of Sussex Energy &
       Environment Manager, University of Sussex Convener of Community Engagement

OF13.6 To nominate yourself and for more info please see the elections minisite

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