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									               Job Description: Veterans Caseworker Assistant
The Veterans Caseworker Assistant will assist the caseworker assigned to veterans’ issue.
He or she will educate eligible veterans and dependents regarding all benefits and
services they may be entitled to under the Department of Veterans Affairs, and assist
them with their case problems as related to VA programs and services. In addition, he or
she will monitor and update the Member and District Director on veterans’ issues; and act
as a liaison to Federal, district and local agencies dealing with veterans’ affairs. Last, he
or she will represent the Member at veterans meeting and provide outreach and education
services to veterans groups on legislation and programs of benefit to these individuals.

Essential Job Functions Required:

   1. Distribute full information to eligible veterans and eligible dependents regarding
      all benefits and services to which they may be entitled under laws administered by
      the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. To the extent feasible, distribute
      information on other government programs (including manpower and training
      programs) which would be beneficial to the veteran.

   2. Act as the representative for the Member within Veterans’ Affairs including
      helping veterans’ with questions and problems with their VA benefits and
      services through meeting and corresponding with constituents, and serving as a
      liaison with Federal, District and local agencies regarding services of benefit to
      the veteran.

   3. Develop proficiency and expertise in Federal agency programs and policies
      specific to Veterans’ Affairs, and attend Federal, State and local agency briefings
      and seminars on VA programs to become knowledgeable in VA services and

   4. Act as a liaison to local, State and Federal officials and other persons or groups
      working with veterans to form effective relationships to assist veterans in the
      district with their concerns surrounding the benefits and services they are entitled
      to under Federal law.

   5. Assess veterans’ casework for problems regarding legislative action and make
      recommendations to the District Director and Chief of Staff regarding concerns
      by veterans in the district.

   6. Provide outreach services to veterans groups through staffing the member at
      scheduled appearances with veterans or taking the Member’s place to educate and
      distribute legislative and program information regarding VA issues.

   7. Continually monitor active VA cases to ensure concerns of veterans are handled
      in a responsive manner.

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