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									                                  MARKETING MANAGER

EDGE Tech Corp. ( is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of
RAM-based computer memory upgrades, in addition to Flash cards and computer-related
consumer devices, including our cool line of DiskGO™ portable storage devices. The company
seeks to fill the position of Marketing Manager. To become a candidate, simply submit your
resumé to, and list the position you are applying for in the
body of your message. We accept attachments in any MS Word, Adobe Acrobat, and common
text (.txt) format.

Marketing Manager Job Description

The ideal Marketing Manager for EDGE Tech Corp possesses two to four years experience in the
marketing field, as it relates to advertising, communications—including internally and externally—
via public relations, design, organizational planning strategy, research, development, and
execution of creative marketing ideas into EDGE’s technology channel and internally. A
communications, advertising, or marketing Bachelor’s degree is a plus. A can-do attitude is a

Position Overview

The purpose of this position is to grow sales by implementation of successful internal and
external marketing programs and profitability. By maximizing the productivity, efficiency, and
effectiveness of the Marketing Department, the Marketing Manager must assist Director of
Marketing, proactively supporting the Sales Department, and work closely with established
partners in growing existing accounts. This position reports to the Director of Marketing. Duties
include partner relationship management, marketing team training and development, bid/quote
negotiation of marketing materials, collateral concept, creation and production, initiative of partner
programs, including incentive programs and events, and other marketing department duties.

Essential Job Functions

The Marketing Manager will have responsibilities including, but not limited to, the following:

Partner Marketing
     Communication: Assist Senior Account Managers in all areas including Partner Marketing
        fulfillment. Ensure that requests are accurate and well thought through, follow budget,
        and executed in a timely manner.
     Creating and proofing marketing materials in conjunction with all accounts.
     Marketing initiatives for ASI account
     Partner Promotions: Develop, execute, and maintain promotions and incentive programs
        for EDGE channel partners. Programs/incentives should be researched, planned,
        outlined, discussed with and approved by Director of Marketing before execution.
        Scheduling of debrief meeting after promotion/incentive is done.
     Expense Control: Ensure that marketing department expenses are within budget.

    Advertising: Assist Director of Marketing in execution of advertising performance and
     materials including accuracy, consistency, expense control, timeliness, and clear
     communication among all parties involved.
    Public Relations: Serve as EDGE liaison in communicating with media, channel partners,
     and other press. Write press releases, ensure that news and events are accurately
     published. Send product evaluation requests, and ensure they are returned in a timely
        manner. Develop media list and maintain accuracy. Represent EDGE Tech Corp in a
        professional, knowledgeable manner.
       Internal Promotion Coordination: Effectively initiate, develop and execute internal sales
        promotions; keep them top of mind during promotion.
       External Promotion Coordination: Effectively initiate, develop and execute partner and
        ASI sales promotions; and keep them top of mind during promotion. Produce monthly hot
        sheets for teams according to outline promotions running.
       Production: Coordinate production of all printed literature and promotional materials. This
        function includes vendor interaction, expense control, and inventory management.

Marketing Operations
    Production: Oversee media-buying and marketing purchase activities. Use expertise in
        print production and media purchasing to ensure best price is obtained, etc.
    General: Work with Marketing Coordinator on projects as needed while serving as the
        main point of contact for internal and external sales requests.
    Supervise marketing team, delegate tasks to appropriate team member(s), adhere to
        budget, and meet weekly with Director of Marketing.

EDGE’s Marketing Manager will ideally have experience in and possess the following skills and/or
      Research
      Graphic design
      Communication conceptualization
      Technical writing
      Planning
      Preparing reports
      Photography of special company events

Ideal candidates for Marketing Manager will display the following personality traits:
     Ability to multitask
     Direct communicator
     Positive attitude
     Leader
     Team player
     Organized


EDGE Tech Corp. is a fast-paced, entrepreneurial company with a positive outlook and great
corporate culture. Our workplace includes a trendy environment along with fun and exciting team
members. Our team environment is one of achieving results with a “can do” spirit. Remember: “If
you want things in life you’ve never had before, you have to do things you’ve never done before”.
Benefits include one week paid vacation first year, two weeks in the second year, with three
weeks beginning in third year of employment. Medical insurance is provided for employees;
dependents at your option/expense. 401K plan. “Open Book Management” philosophy with
financial numbers shared company-wide each month, plus a “Net Profit Game” profit sharing
plan. Depending on performance and other factors, stock options may be granted at the end of
the second calendar year of employment. Hours for this position are 8am to 6pm, Monday
through Friday. If you share our drive, spirit, and fast-paced thinking and working habits, then
kindly submit the following to:

- Your resumé
- Compensation history and current compensation requirements (be honest).
- A single paragraph detailing why you’d be an excellent addition to our team

NOTE: Applications not including the above information, or which are auto-generated responses,
contain long unexplained gaps in employment, or demonstrate an unexplained history of “job-
hopping” will not be reviewed seriously. Thanks.

Candidates will be interviewed and based in EDGE Tech Corp’s Dallas office. EDGE Tech
Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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