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                           JOB DESCRIPTION
JOB TITLE:                 Finance Officer
JOB PURPOSE                To oversee the Union's £11 million turnover.

1.   Monitor all Union expenditure, reporting regularly to Student Executive
     Committee, making recommendations on any significant variance from

2.      Have specific responsibility for all student focused budgets, covering
        the work of the Student Officers, Students’ Union Council, Committees,
        Societies, elections and referenda;

3.      Represent students’ views and interests on all matters relating to
        commercial services (the bars, clubs and shops of the Union), ensuring
        that effective procedures for market research and customer feedback
        are in place;

4.      Work with the managers of the Union for ongoing development of the
        Union’s commercial services and also through their business plans and

5.      Ensuring that the Alcohol and Responsible Retailing Policy is adhered
        to by all outlets and staff.

6.      Ensure that Union Finance Committee prepares a budget in advance of
        each financial year, for submission to Union Council in the second

7.      Support the Commercial Services Committee by promoting and
        developing the Committee, attending regular meetings and sustaining
        their relationship with Union Commercial managers;

8.      Ensure that all Committees, clubs, societies, Officers and officials of
        the Union comply with the financial regulations;

9.      Responsible for the Ethical and Environmental policies within the
        Union, including ensuring the Union's Fairtrade status is maintained;

10.     Ensure that all relevant Commercial and Financial decisions are
        brought to Union Finance Committee on a monthly basis and to chair
        all such meetings;

11.     Responsible for overseeing the Marketing and Communications
        Department, and ensuring the Advertising policy is adhered to.

12.     Responsible for overseeing the Communications initiatives and
        strategies from within the officer team.
13.    Responsible for overseeing the Entertainments Department.

14.    Responsible for liaison with NUS Services Ltd and all other external

15.    Represent all students on the University Finance Committee,
       submitting budgets and final accounts; Represent all students on
       Senate Budget Committee to scrutinise and make recommendation of
       the budgets of the University; and act as a deputy to the President on
       University Council.

1.  Represent students of the University to local and national bodies,
    organising campaigns in support of student interests.

2.     Represent students on University bodies, producing reports which shall
       be presented to the relevant Union Committees.

Liaison with other Union Officers, Union staff, students and University staff
forms a vital part of this role.

HOURS OF WORK: 35 hours min per week
DURATION OF CONTRACT: 12 months + 3 weeks as officer elect
SALARY: Annual salary £17,606
HOLIDAYS: 25 days pa plus public holidays + customary closure days

CLOSING DATE FOR NOMINATIONS: 12 noon, Friday 12th February