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									                  Adobe Systems Incorporated
                  345 Park Avenue
                  San Jose, CA 95110-2704
                  Phone 408 536.6000
                  Fax 408 537.6000

                                                                    Partners By Design
                                                                Student (PBD) Representative
                                                                      Job Description

                           Overall and On-Goinq:
                               •	   Promote	the	Adobe	Design	Achievement	Awards	(ADAA)	to	faculty	and	students.		Hang	posters	
                                    and	distribute	ADAA	postcards	on	campus.
                               •	   Promote	and	inform	the	faculty	about	all	Adobe	training	events.
                               •	   Communicate	Adobe	company	and/or	product	information	to	faculty.
                               •	   Inform	school’s	faculty	and	students	about	the	Partners	by	Design	web	site	along	with	User	ID	and	
                                    Password	and	promote	use	of	the	site.
                               •	   Communicate	with	your	school’s	Primary	Contact	(their	main	faculty	contact).
                               •	   Include	the	Adobe	Representative	Leona	Guidace	at	on	any	email	or	
                                    correspondence	relating	to	the	promotion	of	Adobe	programs	or	products.
                               •	   Obtain	or	verify	information	concerning	the	Partner	by	Design	Program	on	behalf	of	Adobe	
                                    Systems	(i.e.	Names	of	faculty,	course	descriptions,	location	of	installed	software,	etc.)
                               •	   Log-on	to	the	Partners	by	Design	web	site	and	be	aware	of	postings	of	new	information	and	
                                    updates	in	the	Program	and	Contest.
                               •	   Check	email	on	a	regular	basis	(minimum	of	once	a	week)	and	follow	up	on	Adobe	related	email	
                                    questions	and	inquiries.
                               •	   Communicate	to	faculty	that	you	are	the	Adobe	Student	Representative.

                               •	   Meet	with	Primary	Contact	and	go	over	the	week’s	activities	and	discuss	the	following	week‘s	tasks.
Adobe                          •	   Carry	out	any	duties	or	tasks	assigned	by	the	Primary	Contact
Partners by Design             •	   Submit	a	weekly	report	detailing	the	Adobe-related	activities	that	you	have	performed.
Advisory Board:
                               •	   If	you	choose	to	receive	a	weekly	paycheck	submit	a	timecard	for	approval.
Sean Adams
Adams Morioka                  •	   Communicate	any	Adobe	related	needs	to	your	Adobe	contact	Leona	Guidace	(
Michael Bierut
Pentagram                  Monthly:
Hillman Curtis
                               •	   If	applicable,	send	in	a	list	of	students	who	have	submitted	entries	for	the	ADAA.
hillmancurtis, inc.
                               •	   If	scheduled,	participate	in	monthly	conference	call	with	Adobe	and	other
Richard Doust
Royal College of Art           •	   student	reps.
Gloria Lee                     •	   Set	aside	hours	and	make	known	to	faculty	and	students	to	be	available	for	questions	or	some	
University of Texas                 other	Adobe	focused	event.
Laura Silva
Art Center College         Optional:
of Design
                               •	   Help	students	familiarize	themselves	with	the	Adobe	products	that	have	been	donated	to	their	
Howard Simkins
Sheridan College                    school.	Help	load	software	in	your	school	computer	lab.
Institute of Technology        •	   Attain	ACE	(Adobe	Certified	Expert)	Certification.	Visit:	htttp://
Richard Weinberg                    Partnersbvdesian/benefits/main.html	for	more	information.
University of                  •	   Represent	Adobe	at	events	where	Adobe	products	are	featured.
Southern California
Meg Young
College of Art

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